"Who even needs these many photo frames in their house? There should be a law against sentimental keepsakes I swear!"

Tori cursed as she removed the pictures, none to gently to cast them aside in a box. If this was what it took to settle in a place, she'd rather not move for the next 30 or so years. It was the weekend and the two sisters had decided to unpack their things and get settled in properly. Val had taken all the possesions she needed and asked the girls to do whatever they'd like with the rest. The prospect had intrigued them at first, but looking at the plethora of frames in the box, Astoria wasn't quite that certain now.

The concept of a home still felt foreign to her. Unlike others, she grew up in a shady club so it felt strange to finally have a place they could officially call their own.  Especially a place as big and bright as this one. Astoria knew that she definitely had a selfish purpose in agreeing to Val's plan. It wasn't much the thought of helping out someone, but the thought of finally wielding power and being in control. Having had to live under people's eccentric whims all her life, this suggestion was almost too good to refuse. And so, here they were.

She did feel like an imposter though. Leading a faction was something that was completely new, plus there were all these people who now looked at her, some curious, some suspicious and perhaps some downright hostile. Not to mention, the other species around the city that Val mentioned, some completely unknown to her. Astoria didn't know how she was to manage it all. A part of her feared, they'd soon be kicked out of the faction and they'd have to seek a new place. It was what had made her rather reluctant to completely unpack. But Lake's arguments had won over and here they were.

Wanting to check on her sister's progress, Astoria stomped across the room and climbed the steps leading to the main bedroom that had belonged to Val. Expecting to see Lake packing up the dress, she was amused to see her trying them on instead.

"I'm offended! You decided to do a fashion show and didn't invite me? You're doing the dishes tonight sis" Tori teased, flopping on the bed before inspecting the clothes strewn about. "Found anything good here? Ohh I like this hat. It suits, doesn't it?"

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By now Lake was used to moving around, that's all her and Astoria have been doing for years ever since Astoria had first found and saved her. They both decided to go and travel the world together. She’d missed out on many years of her life, Lake knew she didn’t want to lose out on any more years. That's when she chose to go and follow Astoria to wherever. Almost irseptable. Lake was surprised when Astoria told her that they were moving to some random city in Colorado. She was more surprised to learn her sister was taking up a leadership position at that too. In a city full of other supernatural creatures. The concept of that alone was frightening to her. Still after years she was still frightenined of the creatures that kept her locked up and tortured for years. Astoria knew of her fear but supported and helped her to heal. Lake knew she didn’t want to let her fears stop her sister from following her dreams. So she wanted to make sure that she’s there to support and stand by her sister. Knowing that her sister will need to load it, with how strangers were coming in. Taking over and taking charge. They were already to guess that not everyone will be so happy about the idea. It’s going to take time and quite a lot of conciniving and swaying of people. Something she’s always reminding her sister, not wanting to take anything to heart. Knowing that Astoria was already worried if she’d let others down and Valeria down, but Lake knew that Valeria wouldn’t have chosen her sister if she didn’t think she was right or ready for it all. 

So here they were in someone elses home. It weirded her out a little that Valeria left the whole place for them to live in. She’s even more surprised that her sister had agreed to it. Really Lake thought it was just an easier way for her to be done with the whole city and place rather than the process of waiting and selling it all. Seeing how they were left with all the things the blonde Dhampir didn’t want to keep. It surprised her to see how many things were left with. Today they were supposed to be unpacking all their bits but were left with having to clear all of the old possessions that were left behind. The Dhampir always did like to look through other people’s belongings. Always having an inquisitive nature. She couldn’t help herself to snoop through other people's things. It couldn’t hurt to see or try on some bits. It would be a shame if she didn’t. There were so many nice dresses inside of the massive walk-in closet which was now Astoria’s. How she decided that it should be her sisters rather than hers. As she tried on one of the dresses almost instantly she had fallen in love with it. Normally she stuck to jeans and t-shirt, only wearing dresses on night outs of special occasions. All these dresses that were left in the closet were so nice. Whilst she was looking at herself in the mirror she caught the reflection of her sister coming into the room, catching her in the act. “We’ll be ordering take out tonight anyways, the kitchen is still in boxes” She teased, reminding her sister, looking over to see her having picked up a hat. “There’s a lot of expensive things in here that she’s left, we can see who wants what” She’s already made a pile of what things she wanted to keep before her sister could have dibs. 

Astoria never could have imagined that she'd have a family, albeit a small one, but a family nonetheless who would care and stick around. When she had first heard about Lake's existence, the fact of having a half-sister hadn't really mattered to her. Her experience with people was disappointing to say the least and all she had wanted to do then was to rescue the girl, understanding just how ruthless and dangerous her captor could be. Tori had expected Lake to simply move on with her life once they had gotten out, but to the dhampirs astonishment, she had stuck around and weeks turned to months, months to years and Lake was still there, despite everything.

She wasn't really vocal with her feelings or rather expressive, but Astoria was absolutely grateful for Lake's presence in her life. Granted, she still didn't trust people or her emotions, but with each passing day, she had slowly let Lake inside her heart and now, there was nothing she wouldn't do for her sister. 

They had both been lost in some sense, without really a permanent home or any direction in life. They'd had their careers, but for Tori, there was no heart or passion in it. She did it because she was good and it gave her the money needed to survive. It was why, when Valeria had called her to offer this position, she had taken it without too much thought. It was a shot at a new start, something both the girls were really craving.

It was only after landing here and being faced with the reality of the situation that Tori found herself apprehensive. She hadn't really spoken of her feelings to Lake, but the thought of leading an entire faction and not messing it up, freaked her out completely. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too bad and worse comes to worst, maybe Lake and her could make a run out of it. 

Slumped on top of the bed, Astoria took a moment to study the expensive mess of the room. Dresses, clutches, scarves and other clothes and accessories were strewn about and from the looks of a small pile forming in the corner, it didn't seem likely that they'd be giving any if all away.

"I see how you've been busy here" she teased back, grabbing a pretty-looking bag from the floor and inspecting it before tossing it beside her. "I can't believe Val didn't want any of this. These are so expensive-much be the french side of her. Do we have any perfume bottles around?" 

It was no secret to her sister that Tori absolutely loved perfumes. Her own collection wasn't that large, just 3 scents she had picked up and wore often. She'd certainly welcome any to add to it, however. "Speaking of take-outs, do we even know which places are cool around here? I know Val had left some menus around, but I was thinking that we should probably head out to the city and explore a bit tomorrow. If we get something done today that is" And stating thus, she picked up a top and playfully flung it in Lake's direction. "Just so you know, whatever belongs to you, also belongs to me. So...that pile over there? That's all mine too" With a teasing grin, she flopped back on the bed, resting her head on the soft pillow, wondering just how she'd even manage to lead anyone, when her own life seemed utterly without any direction or sense of purpose.

The whole moving process had taken them both by surprise. It seemed that Valeria didn’t give Astoria much time to make her mind up before landing it all on her to pick up the pieces. Luckily for them they didn’t have many belongings of their own. Both her and Astoria liked to pack light having spent the last few years travelling around. There were more belongings left of Valeria's in their new place then there were of their own. If you had to ask her, Lake thought that the ex-ambassador left all the stuff she didn’t want as an easy way out. Lake still thought it seemed a bit weird for suddenly out of the blue for a change in leadership. She had heard from some of her contacts that it’s quite common for different ambassadors coming and going in this city. Many leave who couldn’t handle the pressure, thinking maybe thats what happened here or for Val wanting to make a quick escape and leave everyone in the lurch. Lake could sense that on the outside her sister wasn’t worried but she knew when she was lying. Even if she didn’t want to admit out load how it may be all out of her comfort zone. That everyone be wanting to watch for any slip ups, so Lake knew she wanted to make sure to be there to help out. To stand by Astoria’s side through it all. Whether if they’d make it through all this unpacking that is. Lake started to find herself getting distracted, trying on the clothes left behind rather than putting it in piles. Seeing how her sister quickly caught her slacking wanting in. 

“Aren’t I always busy” She teased softly seeing how her sister was already snooping through the things she’s already been through. “Some people have money to throw away huh?” Lake muttered sarcastically, shaking her head seeing how much of the things that were left in the place were worth a lot but not enough for Valerian to take with her. “There’s some on the dresser, I’ve already taken a few but there’s plenty left for you. Don’t worry” Motioning over to where the expensive perfumes were left. They both knew how much Astoria loved perfumes. Each birthday or Christmas she’d always make sure to give the brunette Dhampir her favourite scenes, enough to keep her covered for a while. Whilst for her she wasn't that fussed only when she ran out. “Even some much up too” She piped up a little yet unsure if her sister was that desperate to run second hand makeup but knowing she might. Both of them were so new to the city, not knowing what places to get food from. Fish out of water. “So what are you in the mood for chinese, pizza or something else?” Seeing what Astoria wanted knowing her , she went for pizza like always. Lake was eager to explore, she always liked to find her way around new surroundings whenever they moved somewhere she knew. Almost to map it out in her head, she was weird like that. Lake watched as her sister threw a top at her direction, she’d managed to catch it with her reflexes, throwing it back to her. “You’re just lucky we’re all the same size” She teased rolling her eyes, not knowing what her sister would do if it all would have to go to waste. “Have I ever said how much I had moved?” Winging a little as she tried sorting through whatever was left so they could start moving their own stuff in. 

Astoria ambled over to where the perfumes were stored, almost giddy when she discovered that many were her favourite scents and some almost new unknown ones. Growing up, she never really had any luxuries. They one lip-stick she owned had been a gift and second hand or cheap makeup had been the only thing she could afford. It almost felt surreal to imagine that she was now a lawyer with a decent income and a rent-free house and a faction to run and manage. "It's crazy, isn't it?" she replied looking at the expensive bags that Val had left.  "Some of these would actually cost more than rent money. I love pretty things, but I could never buy something that expensive, no matter how much money I had. It seems...so wasteful." Val's loss, however, was their gain and she began looking at dark navy blue purse with silver decorations.  "This is like Christmas come early. I don't know about the make-up, but knowing Val, she'd certainly have some unused eyeshadow or lipstick around. It almost boggles my mind, why she left in such a haste. You don't think there is something wrong with the city, do you?" 

As she handed the menu to her sister, stating her preference for a basic tomato, basil pizza, her gaze rested across the vast expanse of land noticeable through the window. It was jarring to think that, even for a short while, the whole thing belonged to her, and that strangers would have to pledge their loyalty to her as she would have to assure protection to them. It felt surreal, like landing in a novel plot and unable to understand what the next move was. "Do you think there'd be major drama within the faction? And also among others? Can't believe this is like a whole city of supernatural. Almost feel sorry for the humans, but then again, perhaps they are unaware."

Relaxing on the bed, her eyes took in the neat arrangement that Lake had created in the closet. "It's organised and pretty, but you're slow. Very slow. You should see the kitchen and downstairs. There is some pretty cutlery too, that almost seem like a decoration than a functional object. And don't even get me started on the paintings and artefacts. Almost seems like we are living in a museum!" But Tori knew that they certainly couldn't get too comfortable in their position. Being always pragmatic regarding their finances, it was important that they look out for well-paying jobs in the city. The thought of another interview made her groan and bury her head in the pillow. "We'd have to look for a decent job too, especially if we plan to stick around for a while. So much to do Lake, and I'm already exhausted" 

Both her and Astoria didn’t have much to their name. They weren’t well off but they weren’t the other way either. Always been able to make do with all they had. How they are able to pack up all of their belongings in a few boxes, most the sustainable bits and pieces that had since finding each other. All the memories they had made with each other, ones they wanted to cherish forever. To have all expensive things wasn’t their main goal, all that mattered was having each other. Yet it didn’t mean that they didn’t dream of living a life in luxury. Seeing how all the things that Valeria had left behind that she didn’t want blew both of the sisters away. With so many expensive brands and things that mean a lot to people yet have nothing to the ex-ambassador. “I think we’ll be stocked up for a while sis, don’t you think?” She grinned looking back to her sister knowing she was just as giddy as her. Lake could see them unpacking was going to take more time than they had first thought, how they were meant to be unpacking. Instead they were going through all of Valeria’s things she didn’t want to see which one wanted what. Luckily for them both they weren’t so selfish, able to split things fairly without causing a big fight over it.

 Part of her wished that they found each other sooner. What if they grew up with each other. Yet she knew that's not how things worked, but both sisters made sure to make up for the lost years. “Same like how can someone think things like these are trash?” Both of them were in disbelief with how much more they saw was left behind. “I do love myself a designer handbag if I have to so myself” The Dhampir quickly went to grab the black Prada handbag she had her eye on since first sorting through the closest. “You gotta be careful with makeup sis, we’re not that hard up” Lake pointed out, she loved free things like the most but she took the stand at second hand make up. Hearing Astoria she stopped in her tracks a little as the conversation sounded a bit more eary. “I don’t know sis, like we both said it was weird for her to drop all of this on you out of the blue and not stick around till you were settled in” She too felt how this was all a bit too weird, how it all happened so quickly. Knowing that Astoria didn’t have much time to properly think about it all, and now they were here. Lake knew that wherever her sister goes that she’d follow and stick by her side. 

Lake rolled her eyes at Astoria hearing her basic yet favourite pizza order, how her sister never changes it up for any other toppings. For her she would go for one with mushrooms on it so it had something more to it. Looking at the menu she saw that they deliver through one of the delivery apps making it more easier, which she liked rather than having to spend a while on hold. “I’m going for one with mushrooms. Do you want any extras? Chips? Cookies? Coke?” Knowing that Astoria was a suker for adding more to their takeaway order. “I don’t know sis, I hope not. Most Dhampir are cool with each other '' She started to say looking out of the window of the city not yet taking it all in. “I know one thing that I'll be staying well clear of the Valkyr” Lake emphasised how she was still not healed from the demons of her past. Still living in fear of any Valkyr’s how it all reminded her of what happened to her. That she probably will never be properly. 

It was true how she was slow at tidying at the best of times yet alone now. “You know me I get distracted easily” Sounding a little bit insulted, before she pulled out a dress that Astoria had been lying in. Pulling from under the brunette to spite her a little for her teasing. “Guess we don’t need to do much buying for this place then, huh?” Yet she would still like to do some shopping so they could put their own personal touches on the place, not wanting to live in someone's shadows. At the mention of finding jobs, Lake had almost forgotten to tell Astoria how she already was on top of that. “About that, I’ve already gotten myself an interview at the Evermore Hospital. For a nursing job in the ER” With all the moving, she had forgotten how she had been one step ahead when it came to planning. How the moving felt rushed, wanting to make sure she had a job lined up, not wanting to leave it till the last minute and there would be nothing left. “Will do go back to being a lawyer or you think you’d just stick to the Dhampir Ambassador role keeping you busy for a while” Curious to know what her sister had planned, how they had not spoken about what they were going to do. Both of them tended to fall back into their same old jobs that they’ve always done and been trained for rather than to explore a different working field. 

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