"3.45am  at least you had a few hours Ronan " he muttered to his self " he looked up to the ceiling as he sighed missing the smell of lavender he often awoke too crawling out of the bed. He put on  a black jacket that went with his tracksuit bottoms as he rubbed his face  a tear drop ran down his cheek as  he recalled what had woken him" It's over Ronan " he sighed " new life new family you will not  let this family fall". Ever since that night Ronan struggled to. Sleep  since that night  he didn't know. If it was anger or grieve  that caused him to wake  as he turned to look out at the window he saw the illuminated  Evermore city  his father had always told him of the Dhampir Coven  lead by Astoria. But since arriving in Evermore  he was given the address and  name of Donovan as the new Dhampir leader .

 Grabbing a pair of black nike trainers Ronan slipped out of his room quietly making his way through the darkness of the hallways  stopping  every now and again as he stopped and hid to make sure he wasn't followed before making his way out of the front door .

Stepping out side reminded Ronan  of home. The breeze and the night being so cold he could see his own breath.  Taking  it in he saw two  stars in the distance  just like the. The night he and Jasmine had met.  He stopped for a moment before he ran off at sped down the walk way .

The night  was cold.  And clubs were throwing out for the night and pubs were either closing or setting up for the day  swaying threw the crowds one question ran threw his head constantly " why didn't you look for us " he  kept running  till he was north of the city before stopping for a breather  as he looked up he saw the street sign. He was so close   to the address he continues to run in the opposite direction." You have to know. Ronan " he turned in his heel as he ran  towards the address arriving a few minutes later  at the address  freezing at the door  he took a deep breath  before knocking 3 times firmly . 

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✧ Why Weren't You There ✧

The club had become the home outside of the Dhampir community where he could give into his desires of singing and producing music. He loved the home he had made inside of Evermore City yet there was still a part of him that longed for the home he had once had with his family. He truly didn’t appreciate his family the way he should have when they were all alive. Yet he also knew he couldn’t live in the past, which is why he was focused on a future with the Evermore City coven and his club.

His duties as Dhampir leader was spreading him a bit thin at the moment though as he found himself bouncing to the Dojo in the early morning hours spending all his free time there then coming back to the club just before opening, thankful for the wonderful team he hired to keep it running. Truly if he was alone the club would have closed the first week. His home just above the club made it so the crashing after close was easy enough. That was where he was at that moment, ready to pass out when he heard the knock upon his door that was the front door access. He groaned out thinking he could just ignore it.

Yet something told him he should answer the door. So he yawned and moved down the stairs to the landing where the door was. His hand wrapped around the handle and he pulled it open slowly, taking in the male he had never met before in his life. “Can I help you?” he asked as he slowly opened the door wider realizing the male was in fact a Dhampir, but he had yet to come to the dojo. “You know if you just wanted to meet the leader of the coven you could do that during Dojo hours right?” Giving another yawn leaning against the door he held open.

Ronan stared at the man as he opened the door“ excuse me I'm looking for Astoria  I was told I could find her here“ he Irish accent  stuck out heavily“ can I come in“ he kept looking around  eve though  he wasn't aware his brother  wasn't in Evermore he could not be more careful“ he looked at the make as he replied about wanting to see the leader of the coven“ he wanted to  give his standard smart ass answer but his fathers words  echoed through his head of respect “if you were in fact my leader  I would  but respectfully your not my leader   he was“ he closed his eyes as he looked down“ he was killed by a rogue Dhampir  the  duel with his brother  flashed  before his eyes before the  opening his eyes as the strike he thought would  kill him struck Ronan grabbed his chest where the wound would have  been  as he took a breath   be fore focusing back on where he was .

 Ronan turned to Donovan“ I know you are the new leader Donovan, but you mean no disrespect, but I need answers from her and to ask for her help like she promised my father  the leader of the Irish Coven, he stopped  as he  would have thought  the massacre would have hit   every coven's ears by now   he pulled  back his sleeve to reveal his Irish coven   tattoo “ I was the last of the coven   and I need answers “he stepped forward to indicate he wanted to come on, and he wasn't taking no as an answer 

✧ Why Weren't You There ✧
“Astoria hasn’t been in Evermore for a few years now. She needed her time away from the Dhampir community, I have been the leader for a while now. Name is Donovan, can I help you?” Donovan pulled the door closed slightly more as his eyes narrowed towards the man who was more forceful in his tone. “Not till I understand why you are on my doorstep.” He could simply be a Dhampir in need but he seemed aggravated.

Donovan cocked an eyebrow at his aggressive tone about how he was not his leader, “Well then I am not sure what more I can help you with if I am not your leader, is there a reason you have sought out the Evermore Dhampir leader? Do you want access to the Dojo?” He questioned, wondering why his sleep was being interrupted by this rude ass man. Watching him grab his chest he moved out of the door thinking he was hurt but didn’t reach out to him as he turned back towards him.

“Well like I said before Astoria isn’t here.” He closed the door behind him to keep this stranger from wandering in. “Astoria never lived here either, as this is my home above the club I own. So coming into my home would do nothing for you. I am sorry to hear about your Coven, as someone who recently lost their own. Shit happens. You want answers but I am not sure what more I could say to answer your pained questions.” How was he supposed to provide answers for his friend who was no longer the leader of the coven, he had no idea where Astoria had disappeared to either. “What do you want me to do?” He asked clarification not allowing the man into his home, he was prepared to fight him if he had to.

Should not be here" Ronan closed his eyes as he took a deep breath" last thing I  remember was my wife being slaughtered in front of me and my home my coven in flames at the hands of my brother "My father my sister done everything a true  Dhampir would do " for the first time since there passing tears ran down his cheeks the memories the heat was a fierce as the night it happened, " my father said even though it never existed called me the coven cosantóir it means protector     I watched any dhampir that decided to travel into the city or lived in the Dublin community to make sure they were safe or if they needed assistance " he smirked a little " its how I met my wife she was being followed and I  intervened and since that day before we got together she would stop by the spot I saved her and gave a pray to the angel that saved her till I decided to show myself".

Ronan reached into his jacket pocket as he held the note "Since I arrived in Evermore I wanted to find out why no one was sent to investigate well I thought you did if I was honest by where I was when I woke up " Ronan pulled out the note as he handed him the note "      We have watched you for a long time Ronan,  and how you choose to defend your kind and the human race , and we are sorry for your loss when you are ready come to  Evermore and ask for a friend at the manor.   Ronan sighed as he took a  perch on arm rest of a chair " I thought that you or Astoria sent a scouting party to  to find out what happened and look for survivors  but the minute I arrived in Evermore  I was met by a  man called Edward he looked like he could have happily cut me down like a tree" he chuckled  and I was taken  to  the manor  where I would meet you or Astoria but I was  wrong" 

Ronan looked down he sighed " I do not mean to offend but I  need to know why no one was sent but I need to understand why no one was sent  to look for me or recover the dead " He wiped his face  as he took a breath " That note I thought all my fathers babbling about how  we are a strong  community  that  back up  had arrived to help us  but a girl called sapphire found me why was someone else  found me then  someone of my kin and most of all  has there been sightings of  him "   Romans voice drew cold as he said the word even though it was his brother  he wanted him dead for what he did "and I need help" he took a breath as he felt pleased he finally admitted one of the reasons he was there 


✧ Why Weren't You There ✧
Donovan gave the man a confused look as he was giving his sob story on his doorstep. While he felt for the man, he wasn’t the only one to lose a coven in their times. It was all about grieving your loss and finding a way to move on. Maybe he was jaded in that sense as he had to live through death of his own kind. It was hard for him to remember. Sometimes not everyone understood there was no point in lashing out on others when you lose those you love. “Listen mate, if you want to join the coven you are welcomed but we do so at the dojo not my door steps.” He sighed because one he was tired and just ready to go to bed, and two if this guy was going to give his whole sob story he would need lots of alcohol.

Donovan reached out towards the note and gave a shrug of his shoulders. “Dublin isn’t anywhere close to Evermore. There are a multitude of other covens closer so it would make sense that one of them would be more likely to check in on you guys. Evermore also had a bubble around it for a long while so not many people left when it was around the city. So depending on when all that happened we had our own shit going on.” He looked over the note giving a shrug of his shoulder. “Not me or Astoria sent this. I’ve only been back about a year now dealing with my own shit. The manor, though, sounds like the Ailwards. They may want you to join their guard.” He handed the note back to him. “I don’t remember their handwriting besides Argent.” mumbles to himself that.

“Oh so you know about the manor.” he gave a huff from his nose, then why was he on his doorstep. “Again, Evermore isn’t like some Royal Dhampir coven. There are other covens closer to yours that would have made more sense to come looking for you as your people. Did you send word to Evermore specifically? Did you send word out at all? I mean how would anyone know your coven fell unless word had spread?” He crossed his arms and looked towards Ronan with an annoyed look. “The Aspects and their guards know more about what is going on in the world than others. That is like me storming your door asking why you didn’t save my family in Africa when they were murdered. I don’t blame my kin because no one came to their aid. Maybe just be thankful that Sapphire and the Aspects were able to help you at all.” He shot back clearly annoyed by this attitude and the notion that one community across the world was meant to save the whole world.”

“We are just one community of a whole world's worth of community. To come to my doorstep and demand answers from me on why I didn’t save your people, thinking just how it eats me up I didn’t even manage to save my own family. We all need help sometimes, the world doesn’t really care. Sometimes you luck out and have someone come and save you. But believe it or not it's not others jobs to save us. Maybe look into yourself and ask why you weren’t strong enough to keep them all safe.” The anger had gotten the best of him yet all he could see was himself in front of him, an angry male with his family gone.

Ronan closed his eyes he took a deep breath before looking towards the male “My apologies I didn't mean to cause offence I am here to report the loss of my coven as the last of the coven“ he did not want to mention his brother the one who brought  his home to its knees “he gripped the side as he looked at  Donovan as he offered his hand “ Im Ronan Winters “ he offered his hand” with your permission when i need to  would I be welcome  to your Dojo” he looked to him as he waited ,He  waited  as his fathers words echoed in his head  on how to act and what to do  next as rubbed his temple with his free hand  before lowering his  again " 

Ronan looked to Donovan then his surroundings " nice home you have, " he nodded politely " I apologise for going off at you   you are the first  Dhampir ever seen since  arriving in Evermore"  he looked at Donovan ashe tried to change the subject as he hated feeling like this he prefered to benumb like he was while on patrol   he listened  to Donovan's  replies " If i knew it was going to happen i would  of disregarded  my fathers orders and stayed to  get  my people out alive " he  closed his eyes  as he took a deep breath "but like a good little soldier i followed my fathers orders and went  into Dublin to check on the Dhampirs  that chose to lived there" he looked  at Donovan " if my father  knew this was gonna happen i wish he could of told me even  if it got my boy ,lilly even  Jasmine " that  name stabbed at his heart like fine sharp blade  as  she was  his kindred spirit  andlike he was told there was only ever one of them .

Ronan reached into his pocket  as he pulled out a photograph of his family apart from the scratched out  image  of Rowan as he held out  the photo " if you  want to save me take this photo destroy it   hide it do as you wish " he stared at the Dhampir leader as  held back the tears  knowing it was what he had to do " I know im a Ailward but i need help  from my kin  as ive never felt anything like this and i hate it .

✧ Why Weren't You There ✧

Donovan was a patient man, a peaceful man. So the fact that this man just showed up accusing him of things he didn’t know a thing about; caused a heated rise out of the current Dhampir leader. Donovan's gaze narrowed at the male as he apologized. “I am sorry for the loss of your coven.” He just replied, he knew about loss better than most. After a moment of Ronan hand hanging there he reached out and gave a shake of his hand. “The Dojo is open to every Dhampir even passing through or ones that just wanted to test out the city.” He gave a strained smile.

“Thanks.” He said as he raised an eyebrow. “Good thing you came across me and not one of the other Dhampir. Some would probably not use their words.” He was being honest, he knew there were a few hot heads among their ranks, god forbid Ronan had run into the Ailward Guard’s before him. Though the thought of Argent putting him on his ass did make a chuckle build in his throat. “Well you can’t go back and change it. All you can do is live a life that your father would be proud of. You aren’t a shoulder anymore, not here.” He said as he cleared his throat for a moment. When he talked of his family he understood the rage that leaked from him.

“I am sure your father didn’t know or he would have sent them with you.” He said, trying to sound softer. “Evermore has a way of healing wounds, it happened first hand with me.” He said trying to offer some kind of peace of mind. Looking at the photo he took it from Ronan's hand and gave a nod of his head. “I will keep it till you come back for it when you are ready.” His mind was reeling over the events of their meeting when all that came out was a laugh. “You are an Ailward Guard? That…I…” he shook his head for a moment. “I’m surprised you didn’t go to one of the Aspects and ask them to help you. Also just an FYI maybe don’t go around telling everyone you are a Guard. The Aspects are trying to keep under the radar from my understanding.”

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