After her tiring extra works she spared herself for the past month, Celia just wanted to do nothing more than to land face first against her pillow and shroud herself with her blanket, maybe even take a hibernating period of this time for a few years… or decades. Because of how much she’s done 3 days ago, she finally got her leave permitted by the hospital board, a 2 day leave, nothing too much, it’s not a long period, nowhere near a vacation worthy period but it meant everything to the Valkyr, considering she’s slowly going crazy and annoyed from smelling the sterilized hallway of the hospital every time she passed them. As a result, the Italian brunette had been spending the second day of her leave wisely. Yesterday, she visited an exhibition in Manhattan and did a side shopping to destress herself. If there was one thing that Cecilia Laterza likes to pride herself into doing, it was probably shopping, even when she probably wouldn’t have enough time to flaunt those new clothing when she’s just going to be stuck inside her office at the hospital nowadays, but still, a little fashion never hurts.

 She had also gotten a few blonde highlights in her hair and trimmed them slightly so it wouldn’t look as bushy. The first thing Ce found herself doing the moment she woke up from her slumber was to reach out for her phone at the bedside table, checking the time displayed across the screen with her eyes squinted before yawning a few times. She allowed herself to bask in the good rest she’s gotten before climbing out of her bed and head over to the bathroom. She may have also had fun yesterday that resulted in a tiny hangover, nothing she couldn’t fix after a cold shower and a few aspirin. Much to her surprise, Celia didn’t party while she was in New York, she only stopped at a few bars to drink and maybe sink her fangs into one or two but she didn’t bring anyone home. So that was something. After spending half an hour in the showers, she came out with a towel wrapped around her hair and body, checking over the plans she had made today, it wasn’t until she saw the invitation to a charity gala on her bedside table that Ce finally remembered she was supposed to attend that one gala in Berlin.

 She went over to her closet to see if she had anything that was formal enough or half as worthy to wear but returned to her bed with a frown, “New dress…” she muttered to herself and decided to drop by a certain boutique today to get a dress tailored. She’s never been there before but rumor has it, the Celestial Wayfinder is managing it so maybe she’d get to have a little chat on the way too. Once the Valkyr dried her hair using the blow dryer, she styled them using the hair curler but the prep for her hair didn’t take as long because if there was anything the Italian Valkyr knew to take care of, it’s also her hair. Dressed in a navy blue blouse and jeans, the female made a quick dash to grab her bag and tucked her phone in as she hummed to herself a soft tune, walking down the hallway and exiting the residence soon enough.

 The engine was started before long and the Valkyr only had a coy smile gracing her burgundy lips as she drove the car to the city center, eyes glazing over the address she had keyed into the GPS a few times. It went on for a while until she caught sight of the boutique across the block after a few minutes of searching. After quickly parking her car, she noticed that two people just exited while giggling to themselves, she wondered if this was the right boutique and contemplated for a while as she entered. That’s when she saw the Wayfinder working behind the counter, “Are you busy or should I come another time?” she exclaimed coolly. "Though I am in a desperate need for a dress..."

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Starting a business had been a big leap for Ophelia, for all of her life she had avoided settling into a place enough to feel an attachment to it. It was better to take a small and insignificant job she could leave behind rather than feeling herself get really attached to it only to have to give it up when she needed to run from the place she was in to the next. But Evermore had become her and the other star’s chance to start over, to build a real life. And for her, that meant uncovering her passions for making dresses and turning it into something real.

It hadn’t been easy and at first, she was lucky to get any work at all but with months of hard work and dedication, she was finally starting to see traction and interest in her work. Especially in the past few months because she had been working on the prom season, sewing and fitting custom dresses the girls could wear on their special day. After the first few had come in, before long she was getting more and more orders as they shared the experience with their friends. It was fun, talking to each of the girls and getting a feel for their style before designing and making them the perfect dress.

She had just finished off the final touches on a beautiful red ballgown when the girl had come in to collect it today, she was extremely excited to see it and they had gone through a fitting to ensure that it fitted as expected. It looked beautiful and the girl and her mom had just left with wide smiles on their faces, excited for prom and for everyone to see the beautiful work she had made. Ophelia was proud, while she didn’t have hundreds of customers, seeing the excitement people had when they tried on her gowns never got old and things seemed like they were only going up from here.

She was busy sorting through the paperwork of the last sale when she heard the door “I’ll be right with you” she called out but she was surprised and popped up her head when she heard the voice of none other than Cecilia Laterza. She was surprised to see her “Ce! Hi” she exclaimed and smiled, they were kinda friends now, after the other girl had helped her see off that guy in the alley that night. She came over the counter and smiled “Well then you’ve come to the right place” she spoke softly “Do tell me more, what are you looking for?” she had to admit she didn’t expect her friend to be coming in as a customer but she was more than happy to help "Those highlights look really great by the way" she complimented noting she had changed her hair a little. 

Judging from the look of the daughter and her mother that just exited the boutique with a bag in their hands and smiles etched on their faces, Ce had to guess that whatever Phe did, she impressed them. Greatly. She tried to peek in to see if this was the right place at first, before she came inside, but she didn’t want to be painted as a weird person who was trying to sneak a peek from outside so without further ado, she pushed the door and entered the premise with ease. The first thing she did was smile knowingly when her hazel hues fell on the dark-haired female figure standing behind the counter. She seemed to be busy doing something, quite possibly the paperwork, so Ce held her stance and tilted her head slightly to the side as she stood her ground, only willing herself to move forward once the Wayfinder took notice of her. 

The Italian gave the other female a small wave when she called her name, “Hi Fifi” she quipped softly, the nickname she gave that night still stayed, and it was not going anywhere. The Celestial certainly looked good, she seemed carefree and at peace with her surroundings, maybe she was having fun handling her own boutique, after all. “I had hoped so” she teased when Phe told her she came to the right place. Celia walked over to the couch placed nearby, with a glass table in between, taking a seat on the plush cushion, “Thank you, I pampered myself yesterday in New York” she chuckled, it was always good to change something on you, though she preferred to keep her hair in it’s dark and ebony color, a few bright highlights wouldn’t hurt. 

“Can’t picture me going full blonde though… I love my hair too much to bleach them” That’s why they’re the way they are. She’ll just settle for actual blondes instead of being one herself. Placing her bag on her side, Ce crossed her legs and leaned against the couch with a smile on her lips, “I’m invited to a charity gala in Berlin next month and I need something to fit me for that event. It’s a very important event, plenty of politicians will be there, I need to make a good impression but I also don’t want to be trampled on. I think they have a theme…” she took out the intricate invitation card and gave it to her, “Victorian.” Classic. “So how’s you? Anything interesting lately?” 

Phe had to admit she was surprised to see her because honestly, the celestial had her pegged as someone who wore designer clothes and therefore not necessarily in the market for a normal boutique such as hers. Of course, there were quiet dreams in Phe’s mind about one day being able to have a label of her own but those were just dreams for now. Her reality was this little shop. She had to laugh when she called her ‘Fifi’ “Currently still regretting giving you permission to call me that” she quipped playfully as sh came out from behind the counter to sit down with her, sketchpad in hand in case she needed it “Well them pampering suits you” she laughed playing with her hair and wondering what it would look like with blonde highlights “I’ve had mine the same so many years it seems...odd to imagine it any other way” she shook her head in amusement.

“ have the dark-haired beauty going on” she commented and smiled softly “Plus with hair that healthy it almost seems like a crime to go near it with bleach” she giggled as she made herself comfortable and sorted through her sketches to open up a new page. “So you want something elegant but not too showy” she nodded thoughtfully but she practically lit up with excitement when she said the theme was Victorian “Oh I adore Victorian-style dresses, corsets and large skirts are unfortunately mostly a thing of the past now” she looked over Ce’s shape for a moment before beginning to sketch what she imagined a Victorian style dress might look like on her. She definitely had a nice bust which would pair well with a corset.

“I’m good thanks...busy...when I started this place I was expecting to get maybe 2 or 3 orders a month but it has quickly become much bigger than that” she was still sketching, glancing up to her for a moment and then back to the paper “What about you? Hopefully, you haven’t had to save anyone else on the streets of Evermore recently” she pressed her lips together thoughtfully between her drawing “Have you thought about what sort of color you’d want to go with?” she was sure the Valkyr could pull off almost any color though.

She didn’t have friends to go shopping with, it wasn’t because she had none. Celia generally doesn’t like to keep people near and have her own circle of friends, for those who knew her as a friend, they’ll know how much they were worth to her individually. Besides, there was nothing better than to shop alone. Nobody to bother you and if she needed any help, there were always the staff looming around. Admittedly, Ce was used to shop at high end shops and wear designer brands, but she wasn’t picky. If it’s pretty then she would wear them. And maybe, just maybe, she decided to opt for this boutique because she knew Phe looks very creative, creative enough to give her a dash of something else she needed. Maybe Phe had something the other modern designers don’t. “Oh please, you knew what you’ve started the moment you allowed me to call you that. It’ll take me another few centuries to let it die down, Phe” she chuckled, though she’s still considerate enough to only call her as such when they’re in private. 

At the moment, there was nobody else in the boutique, only the Celestial and her. “I suit a lot of things, I know” she sent a playful wink and twirled a strand of her own hair, it still looked shiny, and the highlights looked like it was blended well.  “Well, maybe we could have a spa day one of these days and we’ll take you to some pampering too. It’s so stressful to live the modern days, Phe… I swear if I wasn’t already forever young, I would’ve had so many grey hairs now.” Admittedly, her occupation is in a stressful field but the point still stands. When she complimented her for being a dark-haired beauty, Ce couldn’t help but to smirk at the Celestial, with one hand perched on the side of the couch and her chin placed on top of her palm while staring at Phe in a bemused manner. “I like blonde… but not on me. I think I’ll just stick with actual blondes I can stare from a distance” Elegant but not too showy? It made her peer closer and hummed to herself, “Victorian covers us up… not a sight for a skin” she murmured, Ce wasn’t used to that.

 Though she was used to dressing herself in blouses, they were either never fully buttoned or they were still fine enough. But then again, she’d need to impress the politicians there, which meant she’d probably have a few nights of drinking and the likes. “Large skirts I’m okay with but corsets? I absolutely detest them, I swear I was always halfway tempted to burn my own back then…” she huffed, it was too restricting, though she can’t say she didn’t like others wearing it. She noticed the way her eyes glazed over her body, no doubt to sketch, which made her grin because Ce was confident enough with her body and even if it was for sketching purposes, she felt flattered. “Not on the streets, no. But the hospital is bustling with patients losing a lot of blood lately… I think we may need to hold a blood donor event, because we’re running out. I had 2 days off… tomorrow I’ll return to work and hopefully… things would not be as chaotic.” What color would she want? “Red? Or emerald green?” Since they’ll be in Berlin, she was more likely going to find herself partying. “Do you have any dress design in mind? It depends on their figure, right?”

Phe laughed softly and nodded “Yeah I know what I signed up for now” she shook her head in amusement, it definitely wasn’t the worst thing she had ever been called and at least it was in good spirits. Ce was a very confident and fun person to be around but her personality was very different from Phe’s, it was taking some getting used to but she was enjoying getting to know here. “There’s that confidence” she commented and chuckled “I’m curious to know how someone can be so unbothered about everyone’s opinions of them, like you are” she was making conversation between work because she was sure it would be very boring for Ce if she just sat there in silence sketching.

She looked up and smiled when she said they should go for a spa day or something of the sort “Unfortunately between managing this place and an entire faction I’m afraid I don’t have much time for pampering days” she admitted with a soft smile, perhaps she would be able to make some time at some point but lately when she had free time she wanted to spend it at home. “You aren’t wrong about stress though, it’s one of only times I’m glad I don’t age” she shook her head in amusement as she continued to sketch out Ce’s figure, she was taller than most, with long legs, she was slender but she definitely had good curves too “Is there any physical trait you don’t find attractive” she commented with a chuckle because it seemed like she complimented a lot.

She was listening to Ce as she complained about some of the gripes she had with Victorian-style pieces and she nodded slightly “Well luckily we’re living in 2020 so I think we have a little room for some...changes” she smiled softly as she looked up for a moment “Sleeves are pretty much a must for a piece to fit the era but we could make it from a sheer material which would help to accentuate” she gestured generally in the bust area and then laughed when she complained about corsets “As for a corset, there’s many, much less painful alternatives nowadays, don’t worry” as long as they did the desired effect of pushing up and making the waist look smaller then it was fine. She began to sketch out the idea in her head, a piece which had sheer sleeves which became a plunging, somewhat sexy top and then a layered satin skirt. It was a good blend between modern and flattering but also still just about met the theme.

“Wow...that must be exhausting” she commented as she explained about her work “I can’t even imagine how stressful it must feel to have added concerns you need to think about when you’re already trying to save someone’s life” she imagined it must be a lot of work for her. The colors she suggested made the Celestial smile softly “Very bold...though absolutely fitting” she commented as she looked up at her again and then back to the sketch. “I do...but first, if you wouldn’t mind..I’d like you to try a few of the dresses I have for display purposes you’re quite tall so I’d like to see how the different necklines work on you” she smiled politely as he got to her feet and headed to the rack, picking off a few of them which she thought would work “There’s a changing room in the back” she spoke softly.

“See, even you knew what you signed up for” she even stuck her own tongue out, which was something that was quite uncharacteristic for her to do but who cares? They were the literal opposites but sometimes, she could see that’s what made their interaction amusing, Phe would often get surprised by her antics and the same would happen for her too. “It takes a lot of skill” she teased, admittedly, she had to train herself to be nonchalant about everything. But that was all easier to her when she grew up like that too. “I’m not sure about everyone else, but I grew up being either the center of attention or the outcast you don’t wanna know about because she’s disgusting” she didn’t mind saying those words, in her defense, it happened. But it’s the past and she hardly cared anymore. When Phe said she won’t have the time needed to pamper herself, she pouted, “You should make some time, Phe, just a bit, no?” Ce knew she wouldn’t exactly know the pressure of leading a faction like that so she couldn’t impose on it but she could try to ease it if possible. 

“Hmm, I doubt you’ll look any older than you already are, you do have quite the lasting beauty” she cooed, Ophelia is really pretty, even Ce could see that and she was sure anyone else with a pair of eyes would be able to see that too. “Even if you go for a bleach path and dye your hair grey, I think you’d still be able to rock it all the same” she couldn’t picture the Celestial in another color aside from dark though, not yet at least. That’s because Ce prefers to call her raven-haired beauty a lot. But she was sure once Phe showed her how she looks in blonde or so, maybe that’ll change. A part of her also wished the other female wouldn’t cut her hair short, there was something else that just radiated from her, seeing the way she dressed herself. Even though it was just for sketching purposes, it doesn’t mean Ce couldn’t feel a swell of pride in her when she saw the way the other female would gaze on her body, she does feel flattered, even if she was being narcissistic. Which wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. 

“Nope, I find every woman beautiful in their own way. Sometimes they don’t see it, so I have to make them see it. It’s almost a part-time job that I take gratification from.” It wasn’t very far from the truth, Celia did appreciate every form of beauty that are females. “What about you? Do you have a certain taste?” she didn’t expect Phe to say all the things she liked in a person on the spot but it was worth a try to converse about something. Her eyes lit up considerably when Phe told her they have a room for a few changes, “I like where you’re going” she quipped humorously and tried to picture the kind of dress she had going on. She is good at her work, she could tell. There was a certain creative flow from the Celestial. “You’re a lifesaver, I think others would still try to make me wear a corset but it’s inevitable, if it’s less stuffy, I guess I could give it a try” maybe she could spare some time on that. 

“It’s ironic that a Valkyr like me, continued to go on a path which includes being a doctor. You think I’d like to run away from the sight of blood daily.” Sometimes she does, sometimes there was just too much blood and it overwhelmed her more times than she could recall, but she wanted to put her skills to good use too, aside from wringing other more ‘questionable’ people in her acts. Taking the lives of others and replacing them with the lives she could save, it sounds like she was playing both sides. When she told her to change into a few dresses, Ce was already up on her feet and headed over the dressing room with her beckoning the Celestial to follow, it was hardly ‘appropriate’ for her to change out in front but it shouldn’t be a problem once they’re away from where any customer could come in. The Italian pushed the door open and didn’t even bother to close it before she started stripping, obviously that’s been the way she’s done her fitting. 

Phe listened attentively as the other girl talked about her upbringing and the life she had led til now and she supposed given the situation she was placed in, it would go one of two ways, either the person would adapt and gain the confidence they need to thrive in the spotlight or they would crumble because they couldn’t handle the attention “I guess we all have different experiences which make us who we are huh?” she laughed under her breath. She gave half-smile when Ce said she had lasting beauty, perhaps it was shallow but she did enjoy the fact she never had to worry about losing the way she looked “I’m not sure I’m brave enough to change it, I’d probably scare myself when I look in the mirror” she mused with a gentle laugh.

It was definitely interesting to her, that Ce was so open about her own attraction to others, whether it was for males or females “So what you’re saying is that you’re basically a dealer of compliments?” she laughed softly, Phe would admit it was nice for someone to say nice things about her, it did make her feel special. When she asked her own taste she shrugged slightly “I guess I’m drawn to people I shouldn’t want” she laughed thinking about her track record and how she had ended up falling for people which led to heartbreak in the end “But physically.... Nice eyes and smile is always a draw” she was still sketching away as the two of them talked, she was pretty good at multi-tasking and she was actually liking how this design idea was coming out so far.

“As someone who has worn corsets for far longer than any person probably shouldn’t, I can definitely relate to your need for comfort” she laughed under her breath before grabbing a red coloring pencil so she could test out different shades on the page. She looked up at her when she talked about how her being a valkyr should probably mean she wanted to avoid blood at all costs “I’ve read a few books which talk about how fear is best tackled by facing it rather than avoiding it, if you don’t make blood something to be afraid of, them I’m sure you can handle it right?” of course it wasn’t as simple as that but she was sure there was a certain application of the practice which could be done in daily life.

She was just about done sketching as Ce got to her feet, taking the dresses she had pointed out and headed towards the dressing room. She seemed to want the celestial to stay close so Phe got to her feet and edged closer towards her, taking a seat on the waiting bench and putting her attention back to the paper. It was hard to miss the view she was given though because with the mirrors surrounding them it was kinda hard to ignore. She tried to avert her gaze but her throat felt a little dry as she caught sight of her figure. What was wrong with her? She wondered as she scratched the pencil against the paper only for the lead to snap because she pushed too hard against the page.

Ce has never been embarrassed about who she is. Of course, to everything, there must be an exception and while there wasn’t much of that when it comes to the Italian, the only person she could ever recall feeling embarrassed over, would be with someone who knew her the best; someone who is long gone, yet she still refused to forget about her until today. But she was only embarrassed by her habits, the amount of blood she has spilled over the many centuries without feeling any remorse over them, even if she said she did it for the better good. Nothing can truly excuse one’s actions, at the end of the day, anyway. She laughed when Phe said she wouldn’t be daring enough to change the way she looked because she would most probably scare her own self when seeing her reflection in the mirror, “Honestly, I was afraid to change my own physical appearance back then. I haven’t been a Valkyr long then, only a few years give or take. It took me a while to even grow out of the usual braids I usually wear my hair in. At some point, I grew tired of denying myself the change that would bring a new wave of confidence to inspire myself and here I am today.” 

Once upon a time ago, Ce couldn’t even cut her hair, much less change the style of how she wears them. She has come a long way since then. “No need to rush yourself for a change, since it’s not exactly detrimental to your state but don’t deny yourself that either. You’ll be surprised to see the sweet discovery in those things” she whispered softly and winked, it’s always better to grab the chance when the opportunity presents itself but she knew not everyone can amount the same. “Something like that” she purred and nodded in affirmation, who doesn’t like compliments? Definitely not her. When the Celestial said she was attracted to the people she shouldn’t want, Ce found herself raising one eyebrow in a questioning manner, “What’s that supposed to mean? You mean to say that you don’t think you should have free will over who you choose to like?” There were only two sides to this, as far as she’s concerned; those who tell themselves it’s bad to want this and those who really shouldn’t like the other because it’s detrimental to their character development. 

“Unless the people you’re attracted to are psychopaths who kill people for fun, or do bad things… then I hardly think it’s right for you to judge yourself. It’s fine to admit you like what you like, no point in shying away from it, you’ll only deny yourself the access you wished you had.” Nice eyes and smile, cute. “Like I said, the person who invented corsets should not exist. Assuming it’s singular instead of plural…” she grumbled, she really did hate them, there wasn’t a moment where the Italian doesn’t look at a traditional corset in disdain. The only form she could probably dismiss them in were if people used it in lingeries. “Fear is the best motivator, mhmm... I worked around blood for so long I developed a better resistance to them. Besides, I had to make good use of all my years of experience, no? It had to take more than just tempt me into bloodlust just to take me down… but nonetheless, a Valkyr’s biggest fear is to be defeated by that of what we cannot control. Just like anyone else.” In their case, it’s blood. Cecilia is nothing if not confident, she manifested that a lot, one example being shown right now where she casually discarded her clothes until she was just down to her undergarments, in front of the other female without a care in the world. “Which one should I try out first?” she asked and turned around to face Phe, looking unperturbed by her own actions.

The raven-haired Wayfinder watched the other girl carefully as she talked about the way she saw herself in the mirror and offered a soft smile “I think a part of me actually prefers trying to hold onto the person I used to be” she admitted with a shrug “I like to remember where I came from but it seems like I might be becoming outdated” she laughed gently, she would still be wearing her braids and headpieces if she could get away with it but in this modern world you only really wore those if you were getting married or attending an important event so she was slowly adapting to the more modern way of living. She ran a hand through her hair “If I cut it shorter then I feel like I wouldn’t be able to do as many interesting things with it” back then she had learned all sorts of ways to wear it and it seemed a shame to let that go “Though I’ll admit, you’ve adopted the modern look almost flawlessly” and perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to follow suit a little.

She nodded slightly when she suggested she should try a change eventually at her own pace “Maybe I’ll start with a bit of a trim...maybe get it...layered as they call it” she grinned slightly, that was a small enough step for her liking. She laughed when the other female quite boldly agreed that she did like to give out compliments to others and did so quite freely, sometimes it was nice to receive a compliment though often she feared people weren’t sincere in their intentions when giving them. Ophelia laughed when she seemed confused by her statement that she shouldn’t feel a limitation on who she liked which made her shrug “Well...I don’t have the best track record in choosing men who are good for me, let’s put it like that, one abandoned me, another sided with his family and locked my people up and..” she paused, the last one still stung her “The last one abandoned me too” she sighed slightly “The world has gotta be trying to tell me they’re people I shouldn’t want right?” perhaps it was trying to remind her she was the Wayfinder and her people should come before love.

She laughed shaking her head in amusement “No doubt it was a man, no woman would have put on one of those things and thought it was a good idea to market it for the masses” she sighed and winced slightly, they were painful and tight and probably not a good thing to wear to stay healthy either “Then again, people in the modern era like to wear leggings as pants so who knows” she grinned playfully. Hearing Ce talk about her fears when it came to blood was interesting, the thing she needed to keep her sustained became a point of fear of losing control “I guess learning to exercise control over the blood makes it feel like it has less control over you back” she noted nodding her head slightly. She was doing her best to avert her gaze quite literally anywhere other than the valkyr because had just stripped herself down without a thought. She glanced over for just a moment to point out the neckline she wanted to try first “Let’s try an off the shoulder first” she responded, pointing out a satin blue dress she was holding.

"You can leave the braids on, hair is usually easier to style, not everyone can work this angle or that. Maybe you can start by trying out several hairstyles that might suit you. For the clothes, lay off the dresses, no offense but we have modern dresses and skirts these days, I’m sure you can try out a few things and then make your own. You’re a fashion designer, no? Innovation is always going to be running around for you” she teased. When she said she adopted the modern look flawlessly, the Italian chuckled, “Thank you. I need to adapt with the times if I am going to do it well.” She saw a lot of things go and end, and Ce generally likes to be fashionable whenever and wherever. “Layered would look good on you” she nodded, she could picture seeing the long hair with lighter highlights too, “Maybe get some blonde highlights?” Hearing Phe tell her about the history of men she had in his life made her scoff, it does seem like those people always end up being a disappointment at the end of the day, “If I had a dime for every single time I met my share of disappointment in every single male I came across, I would be quite rich” where was the lie in that? 

It wasn’t as if all men were bad, but the ones she had to handle? They were quite the people. “There’s no shame in wanting the people you think you shouldn’t want, Phe… if that’s how things are, then the term forbidden love would never exist. And if you give up every single time you are about to do something, then there’s no point in working for it.” She knew she was not one who could give any advice about relationships because it was not something she’s well-versed in, “I’m the last person who would give you any advice about relationships but, sometimes you have to be sure which one you can wait for and which one you should let go of.” With that being said, there was nothing wrong liking someone. “Right, of course it was a man… Why am I not surprised? If I could go back in time, I would really go after him.” God knows how much she hated those things back then and was more than happy to know they no longer have to wear it anymore. Not if they don’t wish to do so. 

“Hey, leggings are nowhere like those corsets” she stuck out her tongue to retaliate, “”At least they highlight your legs…” It wasn’t often that she would talk about such sensitive and personal things with people, but Phe gave her the impression that she was trustworthy, besides, the last time she talked to her, they had quite the conversation together. “Mhmm, if you know your fear and you can understand it, then it wouldn’t really be bigger than it already was. We are so used to fearing things we don’t understand, it’s about time we make an effort to understand it.” That didn’t mean she would be able to resist the temptation altogether, but perhaps with more practice, Celia would have a better control over herself than she did yesterday. She loves seeing the way Phe tried to avert her gaze away due to her current look but boy did it stroke her ego when the Celestial bit her own lip, it was nice to know she finds her attractive too. “Alright” she quipped and grabbed the said dress, unzipping the back and getting herself into it. By the time she wore it, she could see the appeal in off  the shoulder tops, “How do I look?” she even twirled around dramatically. “It’s a bit snug around the hip area though.” 

Phe pouted her lips a little in response, she knew she needed to move forwards with the times but she still didn’t really like hearing about all the changes she would need to make “I think that sounds like way too much change in one leap for me” she responded with a chuckle, though she was glad it was still acceptable to wear your hair in braids because honestly, that would be such a skill gone to waste if not. “You’re right though, I’ve been studying modern dresses and looking for ways I can put timeless touches on them” she nodded thoughtfully “I guess you could call it innovation” though she was still learning as she went, it was fun. She tried to picture what her hair would look like layered but honestly, she couldn’t pinpoint it “If it went horribly wrong I can always blame it on a snap summery decision” she laughed softly.

She giggled softly when Ce mused about how disappointing men could be “Oh is that so?” she prompted wondering if she would be more specific about what she thought was disappointing about them. She let out a long breath and sighed “You see that’s the problem, I don’t give up, I don’t give up to the point I will cling onto any little bit of hope that someone will dangle out for me” he gave a half-smile “I hold on even when I know I should be letting go” she nodded a few times, it was definitely something she needed to work on. She looked up at Ce and gave a half shrug, she was okay, she wasn’t falling to pieces on the ground because of some guy, she wasn’t that person, but she was sure the valkyr could tell it had done some damage to her trust in others. She laughed when Ce said she would go back in time to go after the man who hurt her “Well I can go back in time and even I could tell you he wasn’t worth it” she shook her head slightly “Maybe the world is just trying to remind me that I’m a leader first” she responded and shrugged, things didn’t work out but she always had her people.

Phe scrunched her nose and laughed when Ce defended the leggings as pants trend “I mean they also highlight the underwear people are wearing too...a little too much for my taste” call her a prude but she did like to dress modestly, she thought you could be sexy without literally going around in your underwear. “It’s still pretty brave though, to take the thing that scares you and put yourself right in the middle of it, the outcome might not have been positive” but she supposed that was the risk that Ce had been willing to take and it paid off. She did her best to keep her gaze averted but it was hard when Ce was quite purposely standing out in the open, she pursed her lips before she asked how it looked. She came in a little closer to inspect the neckline of the dress “Yes, as I thought, the V neckline works well with your stature” she came closer taking out a measuring tape before looking at her for the okay before measuring her, wrapping the tape along her arms and shoulders “You’re taller than most of my clients” she responded with a sheepish grin “You need wider hips so support your long legs” she commented and smiled before stepping back “I like the off the shoulder but I’d like to see the halterneck for comparison” she pointed out the red dress she had given her earlier.

Cecilia let out a light-hearted chuckle in response to Phe saying how all of that sounds like one big leap of change for her, "Start small huh? That works" she shrugged, everyone had their own uniqueness she suppose, and honestly even though the Celestial Wayfinder wasn't adept with the modern days, she still retained that classic air about her that even made the Valkyr find attractive. Perhaps it was those long dark locks that kind of just tempts you to touch. "You do that, even though the modern day is talking about evolution, saying they have evolved from the past, one thing I can agree is some of their dresses really need to go." Sometimes they were too short and didn't entice people's eyes. You could get away with wearing a plain white dress that had nothing special about it simply because of its brand. Despite having her own personal preferences on wearing high end brand items, Ce focuses more on the details on said clothing rather than their brand only. "If it goes horribly wrong, you can always save it with extensions" she winked playfully and cleared her throat afterwards, "you do know what extensions are… right?"

 Don't blame her, she wanted to know how far Ophelia's modern day knowledge stretches out to, so she could help her some other time maybe. "Yes, sometimes I don't even expect them to be that charming but when they couldn't even do the bare minimum, it really annoys the hell out of me. Maybe that's why I prefer women, they understand you better and aren't as fussy about their ego." Admittedly, plenty would dare to refute that claim but Ce was just saying things because she has experienced them. "You know those days when they just tell you not to bother them because some guy pissed them off by parking horizontally? Yeah." She really couldn't be bothered. It was cute how Phe tried to hold onto hope. "I should tell you that it is extremely unhealthy for you to keep holding onto that hope even though the best possible thing for you to do is let it go but… based on personal experience, I know it must mean a lot if you couldn't do that. Just think more about your priorities, Phe. You deserve to think about yourself and put yourself first sometimes."

 It was probably hard for her to get that since she's a faction leader but Ce said what she wanted to say. "You can be a leader first and understand your people's happiness doesn't always have to come with the expense of your suffering." She patted her reassuringly, Ce felt like that was one miserable way to live one's life. "I like them when they highlight just enough" she chuckled to herself, she would admit they show too much in the public than needed but the Italian Valkyr could also be a prude sometimes so she likes what she likes. "I had to take the risk if I wanted any result" it was hard but it had to be done at some point eventually. Was she liking the way Phe was trying her best to avert her gaze elsewhere while she was standing before her half naked? Very. Cecilia Laterza is anything if not a tease. So when she stepped closer to inspect her, Ce was smirking the entire time because she was enjoying her reactions, "Oh yes they call it the model height. Which doesn't really work when I'm a doctor working in a hospital and not walking down the runway but another attractive trait is only another sweetness to my bucket" she purred in delight, she was clearly confident in how she looks. Or else she wouldn't exactly be a seductress. "Your wish is my command" she winked teasingly and went over to change into the red dress next. "Do you always do this to your customers? Measure them this closely?"

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