Katrina was a midwife and she wasn't one to boast but she was a pretty good one. She had quite a few years on her side ever since she fell from the sky she had been helping people when she found out how people populated the planet.

Time was Katrina's friend and enemy it went always too fast but she always had time so she knew she could take on many different things. Katrina had been planning on trying to go back to school to become an OBGYN and help people on a wider scale of female's health.

Katrina decided she would take a walk along the river bank and enjoy the sunshine while it still existed. Katrina would have called Sapphire but she was busy and they had lots more dates to plan in the future. 

Katrina was walking and enjoying the peace of the river bank. She noticed other people soaking in the sunshine and she knew she made the right choice. She noticed that a woman was huffing and puffing on a park bench. She seemed to be alone and the curiosity that came with Katrina made her walk over quickly.

"Hello? What seems to be going on?" She looked at the woman who seemed to be expecting her breathing slowed and she finally faced her. "I think I am in labour." 

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In all her life, Celia has never been one to stick by when a person is giving birth so the sight before her is a new one. Even in the hospital, despite her occupation as a doctor, she strayed away from the OBGYN section and hall just for the sake of not having to endure all the screeching. Very tactless of her, yes. But nothing surprising. "You hear that Anna? She said your baby is going to be here soon and you should be fine and awake to greet them, right? So you have to stay strong" she gave a reassuring squeeze and a small smile. That's the least that she could do at the moment. Cecilia wasn't maternal in any sense, she never thought about wanting to have a baby, and it wasn't as if she could actually have one, can she? So the thoughts about it just windled away, leaving no trace of it behind. 

Even before she died and became a Valkyr, the Italian never thought about it. She was always busy with her work. Ironically, she  did work herself to death. Thankfully, it was not something she regretted. So when Katrina told her she was doing a good job at helping, she felt a sense of accomplishment. She was glad she could help, even if it was purely minimal. A few moments went by and with Anna's chest heaving, the baby finally cried out and greeted the world. The crying sound coming from the baby made the brunette glance back as her gaze fell on the small bundle of joy, she was cute. "I'm going to leave you to have a moment with your girl" she whispered gently before making her leave to the side, washing her hands due to the blood she got over her earlier. 

"It was the least that I could do really… I'm not experienced in any of that. Believe it or not, every time someone was going to give birth, I usually ran away before I could even hear them screeching. Not sure if that's a trauma or something" Considering how she remembered the story on how her mother gave birth to her, Ce was sure it had something to do with that. "I gave the address, so they should be here in about 10." She rolled up her sleeves neatly and leaned against the table, "How are you not freaked out? I mean even if you are a midwife… still."

Katrina smiled at the woman, seeing the birth of a child was such a spectacular sight, no matter the millions of babies she had witnessed their birth it seemed to be the most magical thing on earth and that was a lot coming from a celestial. Katrina loved children, she loved babies and she loved birth. Being this passionate about her work was important as it gave her the chance to help people. This woman was alone and she had helped her where she was needed. 

"All the power was in you Anna, you did an incredible job!" Katrina looked at the woman who seemed to nervous about the entire thing and when the baby was held in her arms she noticed how the women both left Anna to be alone for a minute with their child. "Run away from such an incredible thing, may I ask why? Its normally such a beautiful thing, especially with today's medicine if there ever was an emergency."

Her head returned to thought of some of the more uncomfortable births she had attended. Back in the day they didn't have the medicine or the knowledge on pre-eclampsia or gestantional diabetes that got out of hand. Sometimes they lost the baby or sometimes they lost the mother. She snapped out of it when she was asked about not being freaked out.

A chuckle escaped her lips and a smile curled before answering the young woman. "Let's just say I have done this for a very long time. In the beginning, I remember looking like you. My very first birth was such an incredible experience, but I was equally terrified. I didn't know this sort of thing happened and thought it so strange but it seemed like magic as this mother was going through so much pain and had taken such a long time to carry this little human and right after the birth she cried tears of joy. She was so happy to meet this baby, this thing that caused all of it. I don't know after all this time I find it the most magical thing in all the world. And that is saying a lot, isn't it?" 

Though Celia has never been one to show much emotion to a lot of things until it served her a purpose or any beneficial right, the birth of the baby earlier did make the Valkyr wonder if things had gone well, would Cassie see the same sight? If things didn't crumble, perhaps she wouldn't be such a cold person after all. But all of that was quickly dissolved once she shook her head, attempting to get back to the state of reality. So when she had the chance to run away from the sight of a happy mother with her child, she took it. It wasn't until Katrina came to her side and asked why she ran away from that situation that Ce finally cleared her throat awkwardly, "I… I don't know how to react, I guess. I'm a doctor but not OBGYN so… there's that. And I haven't been much of a fan of kids" her voice sounded tinier than usual because honestly, Celia was flustered she was even asked this question. 

Did she dislike kids? No. If she could recall it properly, the Italian likes to play and make fun of them when she gets the chance. They were little devils, she'd say in a jesting manner. "Maybe I just didn't want to make things awkward so I excused myself." Yeah, that was it. When she said she has been doing this for a long time, Ce wondered how long exactly, the glow around her told the Valkyr all she needed to know easily; Katrina is a Celestial. She was hardly the first Celestial the Italian has stumbled across. She met her Wayfinder and had somewhat a good relationship with her too. And in all of her long life, she was hardly someone surprising. "How long exactly? I know you've lived for a while but… how long? If I may ask…" she didn't want to impose or sound rude. Hearing the way she described childbirth to her made the Valkyr chuckle, how amusing.

 "My mother probably had a hard time carrying stubborn little me" Flora didn't have the best life, even though she was supposed to be given exactly that. Which made the Valkyr resent a few aspects to mothers in general. Her family did abandon her mother after all. "There's a lot of magical things in the world we live in but yes, I do admit childbirth is… magical." After all, she was born that way too. Like most people.

Katrina looked at her for a moment before shaking her head in disapproval for herself. Placing her forefingers on the bridge of her nose and squeezing it. "I apologize, the way I worded that sounded so insensitive. I shouldn't have asked anything like that... I truly apologize." She said realizing it sounded so rude. When listening to her answer she placed her hand gently on her shoulder and gave it a quick squeeze.

"That's totally understandable, again I am so sorry I asked something like that." Listening to her continue she shook her head in more disapproval of herself, she felt blushed with embarrassment that she would ask such an impersonal question. "I am so sorry to have put you in a position you gelt you needed to explain yourself. I think I am running on very little battery life." When she asked about how long she couldn't help but chuckle. The woman seemed to know what she was and she smiled gently at her.

Washing her hands she looked down at the water before looking at her as she dried them on a towel. "Past two-fifty years." She said in a hushed tone thinking back on it all. She had 'lived' 26 years on the earth before she was able to find a village and when she did they needed help and helping that woman at her birth was amazing. Turning her attention away from her thoughts and on her little comment, she smiled. "Sometimes it is easy, other times it isn't." She said with a look at her.

"Since we obviously just had a baby together. I feel like I deserve to treat you to lunch. Once the paramedics and her significant other come would you like to?" She asked the woman with a chuckle at her joke. She wanted to get to know the woman better. Since she rarely admitted how old she was and Sapphire being the one woman to truly know her ancientness. 

"If not for your assistance at least for the fact that I asked such an awful question?" 

She noticed the change in her body language and reaction afterwards, upon realizing what was happening, Ce shook her head and reassured her it was nothing major, "Don't worry about it, I know it happens. You have no need to be so worried about offending me" she should've known better anyway. "But if it makes you feel any better, apology accepted" she had a genuine smile on her burgundy lips, it was nice to meet someone who was considerate enough like Katrina. There weren't a lot of those type nowadays, Ce would know. Now and then, things wouldn't really change for the better. People would still be the same. "Well everyone can be a little curious sometimes so it's really nothing. You're not the first to ask me that and I'm pretty sure you won't be the last either" Honestly, Cecilia just needs to get used to things. 

There was no point in acting as if she didn't know what she was, the glow she emitted was very visible to the Valkyr, and had she not have a Volakiri of her own for a while now, the Valkyr would probably have run away from the mere sight of this glow Katrina had. Thankfully for her, Ce was pretty well versed in matters of Celestials considering she was also the first to initiate the Volakiri bond. She knew all about it because she learned about it afterward. "250 huh? That's quite the number" she chuckled softly, it should be baffling to the Valkyr to find people who were only a few centuries old, but then again she shouldn't really speak on it since she's the one who's really one of those ancient ones. Childbirth takes a lot of bravery and she couldn't fathom how she does it. But it's impressive.

"I still can't believe how easy you make it all look" she mumbled and shook her head, yeah she could see a lot of things over the years, but she could never get used to that; the most natural thing a woman does. It was one of these times when Ce is pretty grateful she had her bloodlust in check or else she would've gone into a frenzy the moment she saw the amount of blood pooling. "Gosh you make it sound so wrong" she chuckled and shrugged casually, "But sure, why not, I am famished anyway" in the other way too yes. "It's not really that awful of a question, don't worry, but you should get some food too, it must've exhausted you greatly." She waited for the paramedics to get here and thankfully the city might have given an easier way than usual because a few minutes after that, a few of them came through the entrance door and she led them to where the woman was earlier. "There… job done. Shall we?"

Katrina was particular about her behaviour being alive for a good a hundred years plus does that to a person. It keeps you on your toes and makes you watch for signs in people. One thing Katrina always tried to keep was the rule of do unto others how you wish to be treated. Something like that agreed and she was glad she didn't upset the woman. She let a sigh release from her exasperated lips and smiled. "Again, I apologize, it wasn't very kind of me."  With the previous apology accepted she nodded her head as a thank you.

"What can I say, my looks can be deceiving." She stated with a small laugh as she found it interesting that the woman herself didn't seem to be that of human like the counterpart may have been who just had given birth. When she spoke about how it looked easy, she shook her head slightly.

"I have just done it a long time, each birth is different and unique but each birth has its own rudimental ability that it's all the same in the end. Just like all weddings that are unique and different, like every operation too, I am assuming?" She stated with a smile when she said about the poorly joke she laughed once more.

"When I am tired I guess I don't make the right type of judgement my apologies once more. Since they are here, I do agree. I would love to have lunch with you." Grabbing her small amount of things she had and gave a smile to the woman. "Congratulations and if you need me, here is my number I want to help in anyway I possibly can for you." She stated with a smile as she brought the small card with her number towards her.

When she made her way near the door she smiled looking at the young woman who had assisted her. "So how are you doing after it all?" 

Ce wasn't the type to apologize, unless you count her apologies made as a doctor of her patients or those done for the sake of formalities to her "superiors'. Katrina was clearly the opposite of that so it was almost amusing to the Italian to see her apologize for something so trivial. It wasn't even that much of a big deal yet the Celestial seemed to think of it as one. If she wasn't trying to assure her that it was all fine or dismiss her apology by telling her it's okay, the seductress would've been on the floor by now wiping it down with her own laughter. "Looks can be deceiving yes" she chuckled, she would know that firsthand too. After all, she used it. A lot. 

Most people seemed to fall victim to her charms and ploys, it made them so easy for her to go forward with whatever she has planned. Most of the time, it ended up with a more sinister thought but Cecilia Laterza is notorious for getting her hands dirty without flinching or hesitating. Before this, she was known as Gideon's right hand and lap dog, who would literally do anything to preserve their society. It wasn't a title she was ashamed of, but rather something she was proud of. It was interesting to hear Katrina's input on how each birth and delivery were different. She would never have known anything about it if not for today's incident so perhaps there was a silver lining somewhere in between this situation she found herself in. 

"Yes, you're right, every operation and surgery are done in different manners depending on the individuals from both parties. What I do is certainly different from what my other colleagues do and my patients are different just as well." It was not the analogy most people would use but still, the Valkyr commended the female's use to make her understand it in a lighter humor. Today has been quite the adventure but Celia had a feeling she has learned more than she would admit. Empathy, for one. She wasn't cruel but she's not that open with giving such generosity either. "It was... wow. With all due respect though, I wish I would never have to come upon something like that ever again. It was nerve wracking I have no idea how one can remained calm and unfazed in front of a woman giving birth. That's another level of brave."

Katrina was a people person and loved the feeling of getting to know someone. She liked to hear the stories and just take a moment to see their side of the river compared to hers. She enjoyed her life and had her rough patches but she knew that her ability to understand others and hear their trials and tribulations kept her grounded. 

"It's because we are all so different. Different bodies, different lives, different personalities, different abilities. We are all so unique and special. I love hearing stories and getting to know people. If you haven't figured me out already I am a people person. I like knowing what I am going to do and keeping busy." She explained and couldn't help but chuckle.

"Its not for everyone. There are ones you hope to forget because it was just such a horrible situation but we have a wonderful birth that happened here. It could have been very different from what she imagined but mom and baby are both safe and that's one of many important things when it comes to birth. I am glad we were there for her so it wasn't very traumatic or anything." 

She smiled and gently patted the girl's shoulder. "It's understandable. I just have seen this a lot of times and believe me the times when I was panicked or not very calm, it didn't turn out to great. You have to have confidence and that will radiate through them. They got this." 

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