Katrina was a midwife and she wasn't one to boast but she was a pretty good one. She had quite a few years on her side ever since she fell from the sky she had been helping people when she found out how people populated the planet.

Time was Katrina's friend and enemy it went always too fast but she always had time so she knew she could take on many different things. Katrina had been planning on trying to go back to school to become an OBGYN and help people on a wider scale of female's health.

Katrina decided she would take a walk along the river bank and enjoy the sunshine while it still existed. Katrina would have called Sapphire but she was busy and they had lots more dates to plan in the future. 

Katrina was walking and enjoying the peace of the river bank. She noticed other people soaking in the sunshine and she knew she made the right choice. She noticed that a woman was huffing and puffing on a park bench. She seemed to be alone and the curiosity that came with Katrina made her walk over quickly.

"Hello? What seems to be going on?" She looked at the woman who seemed to be expecting her breathing slowed and she finally faced her. "I think I am in labour." 

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She wasn’t exactly wrong per se, she is a doctor and has been one for quite some time. Ever since the beginning, honestly. Even when she was just a human, she acted well as a healer, working her way up the ranks with her talent alone because her family name wouldn’t help her gain admission to the most renowned medical institution back then, not when she’s an illegitimate child. Well, at least her uncle doted on her, at some point. She wasn’t sure if it was due to the immense guilt he carried but she did love him back too. “Human bodies fascinate me, the biological system gives you new information the more you dissect it” she chuckled, the way she had talked probably warranted others to think she was in the coroner section when she was far from it.

“You really like helping people out that much?” Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Ce has met genuinely good people but still, they must have had something they wanted too, right? Was it possible to meet someone who didn’t have their desires clouding their judgment every once in a while? It doesn't feel normal when there’s none since humans act on their impulses and instincts more often than they do not, and that also applies on supernaturals. Though, maybe not the fallen stars. Maybe not. They were more detached from the world than others unless they fell a long time ago. “I’m not surprised you didn’t have your own volakiri yet, it’s not something familiar to both our species until recently. The concept was only introduced in these early years, and most are still not used to it.”

As far as she’s concerned, only she had the experience of initiating hers over 900 years ago because she just so happened to fall for a celestial and wanted to protect him. What good that turned out to be. Centuries of betrayal and heartbreak, more like. “Do you have any valkyr friends? Initiating this bond with the one you choose would ensure you both have better… opportunities to tap into your potential. They both help each other. That is, if your partner is also in it to help, of course. Can’t do much if they don’t seem to be the type to do so. Though choosing a volakiri is like choosing your bride or groom so… it needs a lot of careful consideration poured into it.” She chuckled when the fallen star said she was starving, “Famished…” They walked into the entrance and were led to a booth at the end of the restaurant, where they sat down.

Katerina thought the creature beside her most interesting. She was someone that was different and Katerina was a force to be reckoned with when it came to differences. She loved learning all about people and as the woman stated she learned more as they directed. "Its a fact, honestly." She said with a slight laugh at the thought of someone overhearing their conversation.

Discussing taking people apart. When the woman asked her if she liked helping people out that much she nodded. "I always knew I was different. When I first fell there was no one, and it just was so different my story compared to others, so I stopped telling it, not to get the looks. Didn't want them thinking I was a witch, you know how they were persecuted. Regardless, I wanted to have a reason, if I was meant to come here, maybe it was to help someone. I don't know its just how I always felt about things." 

When she began to talk about the Volkiri and how it was something familiar to both species till recently. She listened carefully. Taking in everything. "I don't really do friends to often." She said with a slight laugh. "My girlfriend is an Aliward Guard. I've met Initias but to say I have known anyone who was a valkyr. You would be the first." She calmly spoke as she looked around the room, taking in the different people and then back at the woman with her.

"I'm sure it is. So we both just help each other and get better in the bindings that make us different from humans?" She said quietly, trying not to speak to loudly for those passing by. 

“If anyone were to hear our conversation right now and not know we’re working towards the medical field, they’d think we’re a bunch of psychotic serial killers.” She could understand where that comes from honestly. If she was in their shoes, she’d think the same. The Italian nodded in understanding, she could see why Katrina was being cautious, it’s an extremely valuable trait for you to have if you value your life and survival. Especially in a world like this, and centuries ago, they were pretty much still moving around the concept of understanding different people from different civilizations hence why so many were persecuted because of people’s ignorance.

“Hell, I don’t think we could even escape a fate such as that should people find out the same these days. At least… nowadays we know where to go to seek refuge.” Evermore is a good example of that. Unfortunately, Celia couldn’t say the same about the rest of the world. “So you believe you came here because you have a purpose… that doesn’t sound too far-fetched.” She did too, at some point. But now, she just lived her life the way she wanted to. Of course, she knows how to keep things at arm’s length. She’s tired too but she also doesn’t want the world to burn. “You’ll be surprised to know there are so many of us roaming around undetected” she chuckled, it should be something she’s proud of, maybe. It meant a lot of them have mastered the art of keeping it low-key, which is good for the community and her faction overall.

“But wow, an Ailward Guard for a girlfriend? And you’re a Celestial? That’s bold.” Assuming their history between the two species, it was ironic. “You can put it like that, each individual has different perspectives on how they see that bond. Some can feel this way and some can feel that way, I couldn’t describe it generally what it’s supposed to mean because my experience would be far different than yours. However, I can explain what it’s supposed to be.” She could tell Katrina truly wished to understand more about this. She ordered her food and while waiting, she decided to explain a bit about it. “Imagine having twins… you can somewhat feel what the other is feeling, right? It’s like that, only it’s a bit complex where you exhibit their telling traits and you transfer some of yours to them.”

She laughed at the way the conversation was going. Cecilia was a wonderful person for company and if the girl could stand her, she could see eventual friendship. Looking out at everyone then back at her companion for lunch she nodded. "Well... what can I say... maybe we are, maybe we aren't." She said, feeling lighthearted about the current subject at hand.

When the woman mentioned the past and escape she listened intently not daring to interrupt. Katerina had felt one thing in her life and that was worry, for her own life and others. She had seen childbirth get to a scary part, she knows so much more now then she did then. But the idea of fearing for your own life, she had it almost feel selfish. 

With the mention of her girlfriend, she couldn't help but chuckle. "It didn't start out as that, originally we met singing Christmas carols, and well, I got a bit bold one evening and one thing led to another. What can I say? I didn't even know I was interested in women persay. It just happened." When she mentioned connections like that she listened intently. She placed a hand under her chin and listened when she explained it like twins. "That is so very interesting, would you feel comfortable if I asked if you've experienced it before?" 

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