Katrina was a midwife and she wasn't one to boast but she was a pretty good one. She had quite a few years on her side ever since she fell from the sky she had been helping people when she found out how people populated the planet.

Time was Katrina's friend and enemy it went always too fast but she always had time so she knew she could take on many different things. Katrina had been planning on trying to go back to school to become an OBGYN and help people on a wider scale of female's health.

Katrina decided she would take a walk along the river bank and enjoy the sunshine while it still existed. Katrina would have called Sapphire but she was busy and they had lots more dates to plan in the future. 

Katrina was walking and enjoying the peace of the river bank. She noticed other people soaking in the sunshine and she knew she made the right choice. She noticed that a woman was huffing and puffing on a park bench. She seemed to be alone and the curiosity that came with Katrina made her walk over quickly.

"Hello? What seems to be going on?" She looked at the woman who seemed to be expecting her breathing slowed and she finally faced her. "I think I am in labour." 

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Cecilia continued doing what she’s good at; healing people, hunting their own kind down and put a stop to the stent in their community globally. By doing the latter, it means that the silver-tongued female had a hand in incinerating them just as well, which doesn’t always sit well her, since she still wishes to save them, but how could she? So what she did was that she turned a blind eye and deaf ear to their whimpers and pleadings, knowing it to be nothing more than deceit and lies, before delivering the ultimate blow, securing a permanent residency in the afterlife for them. It reminded her of what she could become, no, what she did become, one time ago. Just because she couldn’t stop her blood drive that grew stronger each day. A pathetic excuse, really. 

But she had successfully managed to keep that conscious off her chest by continuing to work as a healer. Even though she was mostly occupied with the numerous reports from her brokers situated at every continent in the world, Celia still wished neither were as bad to force her own hand. The last thing the Italian Valkyr wished to do was intervene. She was confident some of her brokers could do what needed to be done. Ce had more pressing matters in hand here in Evermore. Once the clock struck the 12, she let out a relieved sigh because her shift was over and that means she could get some outside work done; preferably wanting reports from her brokers. Celia tossed the doctor coat on the rack before wrapping her own, making sure all the lights were closed as she locked the door to her office and make her way downstairs. The hospital was as busy as ever, the chattering were endless. And everywhere.

 The ride down from the elevator took her less than 3 minutes and before she knew it, the cold breeze of the morning was already greeting her. But the breeze wasn't the only thing she could smell, apart from the new paint from across the block. The aromatic coffee she favored, at the small cafe just around the block. Thankfully, it was still open despite the hours. The brunette was quick to go get her fix, god knows that's what she needed after a tiring day. Her plan was just to go home and sort of the paperwork needed to secure another patient transfer tomorrow, but that was going to go through a bit of a delay. Why? Because she was just passing through the park, deciding to take a bit of a detour so she could enjoy the breeze of the day in peace, only to come across a woman who seemed heavily pregnant, holding her stomach securely. She lifted the cup a bit and blinked at the scene before her, this was unexpected. 

But still, her maternal instincts kicked in and before long, she was already by the woman's side, and another who seemed to know what was going on. Front he glow that she emitted, Cecilia was going to guess the other one is a Celestial. "Uh, I'll call 911" She wasn't experienced in labor, so there was nothing she could do but call the paramedics. Unfortunately, the line was busy and by the time she called it the third time, the line was cut. "I'm sorry but I couldn't seem to get ahold of them… and the hospital is a bit far from here" She's been walking for a while after all. Despite her stature, it was clear that Celia was panicking. 

Katrina looked at the woman who had arrived by her side. "Yes, that sounds like a good idea." She said looking at the woman placing her hand on the woman's back she gave a small smile. "I am Katrina O'Sullivan. I am a midwife would you be okay if I did a check?" She said as she looked at the young woman.

The woman gave her a nod of her head and she carefully took the underwear down and covered her in a way that no one could see anything taking a look no check had to be done. "The baby is crowning. You will have the baby soon." She said looking at the woman and when the person said that they weren't picking she looked at her.

"I am a midwife, names Katrina she is crowning, this baby is coming. We should get her as comfortable as possible in a few pushes baby should be here." She said looking at the woman beside her hoping she could have her for a hand.

"Do you have something we can put under her so she can lie comfortably? Something to drape over her so no one sees her and gives her a bit of privacy? As much as possible for a park of course." 

The last thing she expected to find today was a woman who looks as if she was just about to curse the world for the agony she was experiencing, no doubt caused by the fetus inside her womb. Of course, it wasn't exactly someone's fault, Celia was pretty sure the female chose to have this child and she just so happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time for contractions to start. At least, that's what she thinks is happening. The Italian was not well-versed in this, at all, nor did she even bothered to venture all the way to the OBGYN level where all the maternity care was at. She's not exactly good with… babies. When the Celestial introduced herself, her brain felt like it was just jump started, "Uh, I'm Celia. Cecilia Laterza. Yeah sure, this is far from my expertise so please, do what you must" she murmured and crouched near enough, taking the mother's hand in hers to measure her pulse. 

It was not as steady, probably due to the anxiety she was suffering from the current situation, but it was decent for someone who was going through childbirth. You will have the baby soon, that's what Katrina said and Celia swore her heart just jumped so high she was trying her best best not to flee the scene. Okay, this is not her area. At all. "Wait wait, shouldn't she be going through a contraction or something before the birth? Are you telling me she's been here in pain for god knows how long? And nobody noticed? Or bothered to give a hand?" Unbelievable. Her eyes searched the area quickly to find somewhere secluded and far from the public eye, "Um… there's a restaurant not far from here. Just around the block. And if I wasn't mistaken, they must have a spare room. She can't give birth in a park… it's not even sanitized here. If we can get her there, it'll be better." 

She may not be a midwife or an OBGYN doctor, but sanitization is always the number one factor in everything. It doesn't take a genius to know that either. "And I only have my coat with me… I would feel more secure if we can go there instead of leaving her to give birth here." Nobody wants to see someone giving birth at a public place like this either, though public decency is far from what she could think about, at the moment. 

Katrina looked at the girl. "Cecilia is a lovely name." She said looking at her gently. The woman seemed nothing but nervous and she wondered why. Maybe Katrina was too well versed in birth and that made her the calmest person ever when it came to these things. She looked at her and gave a small smile.

"Never seen a baby be born before? It's going to be fine." She said assuring both mother and her newest assistant. Katrina took the chance to listen to what she was saying. "Yes, she has been having this happen for a little while. Can you tell us anything that we should be concerned about ma'am?" She asked the woman.

"We could try to move her if we had a gurney or something but we have nothing to move her in. She can't walk there. Not with a crowning head." She said looking at the woman beside her. She looked young and innocent like she hadn't seen many things like this happen before.

"I should ask if you are faintish of blood? Will I have to be worried about two people?" She said with a small smile looking at her. She wanted to make the woman feel a bit calm as she could use a hand and this woman seemed to be the only one who cared enough to look in on the woman as well.

The Italian Valkyr spared her a small smile in thankfulness when she complimented her name, she’s heard plenty of people say that to her, Cecilia was as much as a foreign name as foreign as one person could be. It depicted her Italian heritage a lot better without having to explain more to it. “Thank you, I could say the same about you, Katrina sounds lovely just the same” She would never have thought to find herself here, panicking halfway through because a lady is about to give birth right in front of her without any proper tools or even a sanitized location, and the Celestial mid wife seems to be too calm for situations like this. But then again, they were meant to be calm, or else, they wouldn’t be able to deliver the baby, right? Still, for a Valkyr who was nowhere near versed in childbirth, Celia was honestly panicking internally.

 It was fortunate to see her standing on both feet without emitting a distress signal. When she was asked if she’s never seen a baby born before, she quickly shook her head in response, “No… not really… I’m not sure how to say this. I’m a doctor, I work at Evermore General, but as a cardiothoracic surgeon… “ So her office level and surgery room level was nowhere near the maternity section. Her area of expertise were respiration and cardiology, pulmonology too, not this. Whatever the woman was trying to tell Katrina, all Celia could put her eyes on was how heavy her breathing was taking in, her pulse was quickening and she wasn’t sure if it was from the surge of adrenaline rushing in or the opposite. Surely, there wouldn’t be any childbirth complications here, right in front of her, right? God please no.

 “No, we don’t have a gurney… but I can carry her” She’s a Valkyr, they have enhanced strength and honestly, carrying a pregnant lady in the midst of giving birth is the least she could be doing. The good thing was that, despite her bloodlust history, Celia did well controlling it and keeping them at bay through all her years of working as a doctor. You can’t expect her to get nauseous every time she comes in and out of a surgery room, after all. But really, if she could take her eyes off more blood than usual, that would be very much appreciated too, especially if she still hasn’t had her quick fix for the week yet. “No, not faintish… I’ve had my fair share of blood… both ways” she murmured silently, keeping a Valkyr near a bleeding lady was probably the last thing anyone should ever do, but then again Cecilia’s been alive longer than most beings on earth, she had her fair share of control too. 

The celestial had done this so many times. Seeing women give birth was a passion of hers. It all started back in Scotland when she first fell she seen almost a month after she came how actual humans had children. How the line of people were continued. The work that the female had to do to give birth intriguiged her. She always felt sorry for the woman giving birth after all this time she never did have a child herself but she learned more and more with every birth and after almost one hundred years and seeing how things changed she was fascinated with it all.

"A doctor, well that's good. I thought with your full training as a medical student you train in a little bit of it all. Regardless. If you can carry her, we should then try to make a move on it. Since it won't be too long now before that baby is here." Turning to the woman she looked at her. "Would you be comfortable with Cecilia carrying you to a place for a bit more privacy when the baby comes?" She asked the woman. Through a grunt and a quick nod she looked to Cecilia.

"You will have to make it fast, those grunts are the determination that she is bearing down. This baby is coming and maybe in the next ten minutes." She said as she wished she had all her medical supplies but unfortunately she didn't and she knew that babies were born without it long ago. She had seen it but it had been a long while since she had done it the old way.

Only she knew what the thrums of her heart was indicating at this moment, the sight of the woman in labor wasn’t what bothered her and honestly, neither was the blood too. She’s been around people who've had to give birth at some point of her life, back then, she was still just a healer and every healer needed to know a bit of everything, without whatever tools the technology today has graced them with. But still, she was no midwife level, even for the big mighty Valkyr that she was, the sight of childbirth scares her to oblivion because she wouldn’t even know if the mother would survive. A millennium ago, she wouldn’t have worried as much because the probabilities weren’t weighing any scales, it’s always up to the fates of the world for what would happen to the patient in question. 

But that method or mindset can no longer work today in the modern days. If anyone heard her thoughts right now, she would be sacked honestly. Celia nodded in affirmation when Katrina said her medical training would have prepared her for the worst case scenario wherever and whenever, there was no lie in that, especially considering her long years in the field itself. “I knew a little of the basics on what to do in every situation but without proper procedures and tools, I can’t even do much” Her specialty was far from aiding a woman in labor, after all. “Though, in all honesty, you would find me more valuable and helpful if she was suffering from a cardiac arrest or having to cut her chest open… than this” she murmured and nibbled her lip in apprehension, yes, it was extremely nerve-wracking for the Italian Valkyr.

 Before long, as soon as the female gave her word of yes and consent to being carried by Celia, she was quick to swoop her in her arms as she hurried over to the place she had suggested. It was not that far away, not for Celia. Her legs were moving very quickly, every step meant everything to her. It was important for her to deliver this woman to the said venue for her to deliver her baby safely. The grunts were only fueling her to take big steps as the time progresses, “It’s just around the block right there” she beckoned at the place nearby, thankfully they didn’t need to cross the road or wait for any traffic lights whatsoever so she they were able to skip over that part with no problem. 

The sign appeared in her peripheral vision as she pushed the door using her shoulder, her eyes were wildly searching for someone in charge, perhaps the manager, “Please I require a spare room for the lady, where is your manager?” she exclaimed hurriedly and the staff said they will call the manager while leading her to the spare room at the back, where she placed the woman who was already breathing heavily. “Alright, what do you want me to do?”

Katrina looked at her and smiled. "Well, don't worry I have been doing this for a very long time." She said not wanting to divulge just yet that she was celestial and had been alive for more than 100 years. She watched as Celia took the woman. Walking with her as fast as possible she tried to keep up going to the restaurant.

When she arrived she realized that they were in the room already. Turning to the person at the counter she smiled. 
"I am gonna need hot water, some clamps of some sort if you have a clip and scissors. The water should be BOILED as hot as you can get it and if possible some towels as well. Celia is helping me so please give it to her." 

Smiling she went into the room and looked at her. "I asked for some stuff from the gentleman. We should get her to the hospital after the baby is born in case the baby has any troubles but I think when she wants to start pushing she can now. You hear that ma'am." She said turning to the woman and placing her hand on hers. 

"You have got this, Celia and I are here for you. Do you want Celia to hold your hand or sit behind you and support you?" She asked the woman. 

A part of her felt slightly relieved when she heard Katrina was someone who has been doing this for a while and that she was at least experienced in that part because Celia had no idea what to do whatsoever. Not one thing at all. So she tried her best to head over the restaurant as fast as her feet would take her, which wasn’t hard considering carrying the pregnant lady didn’t even take quarter of her energy, much less half of them. Once she had rushed over to put the lady on the metal table, she ran her fingers through her dark locks and placed them on her hips to watch what Katrina was planning next. She excused herself out to go and see if the worker by the counter would know what to do, the first thing she did was boil the water to the maximum temperature and collected every single thing Katrina asked earlier.

 “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this…” she grumbled and shook her head, it felt like she couldn’t even believe this on her own. Was she actually aiding someone to give birth at a spare room in a public premise such as this? “Can you call 911 and request for paramedics here?” she asked and the guy nodded before rushing over to call, leaving the Valkyr to hurry over to the room with all the things in her grasp. She placed them on top of the table nearby and rolled up her sleeves upon discarding her coat. “I’ve told the worker to call paramedics, and I’ll send a message to one of my friends at the hospital, she works in the OBGYN department, I’m sure she can get something done” Celia fished out the phone and typed a few words quickly and hit the send button, hopefully she would read it fast enough for her to get this poor lady to the hospital. 

She was ready to hold her hand but honestly, she wasn’t afraid that the lady would hold out her hand too tight, it’s the opposite. God knows how she would handle this, she may actually be the one crushing her hand. “Hey, what’s your name? I never recalled hearing any name from you, I’m Cecilia, you can call me Celia. This is Katrina.” At least she could try to help, right? By talking? “Is it really safe to be doing this here?” 

She looked to Cecilia who seemed to still panic a bit.  As Cecilia went and got supplies she cleaned her hands quickly washing them well and putting her hair up and out of her face. When she brought the stuff she placed the clamp and the scissors in some of the water to clean them well and make them as sterile as possible. 

"Thank you but this baby is going to come any minute now. She has held off well but you can push now if you like." She looked as the woman turned her attention to Cecilia. 

"Anna. Nice to meet you." She said before grunting and letting a small push start. She looked at Cecilia and watched as Anna grabbed her hand. She had seen many babies come into the world but it was always a special time.

As she pushed she looked at her gently. "You are probably going to be feeling the ring of fire soon. Breathe down the pain, relax your shoulders." She said as she looked like the base of the head was there already. 

Of course she wasn’t fine with this. It’s the opposite of being fine for Celia. It was the kind of situation she never expected to find herself and considering what kind of life the Italian actually led, it was a big thing to admit that. She’s handled a lot of things before, from taking care of a body to treating one, but this was new. So she could only follow whatever instruction Katrina gave her and paid the pregnant lady going into labor with the utmost attention. She basically had her focus from the beginning. Apparently, her name is Anna. At that moment, Celia couldn’t help but scoff internally because well Anna sounded like an ironic name given the current circumstances they were facing. 

When the Celestial told the female she was free to push then, Ce swore her breath hitched, gosh this was really hard. Deep breaths, Ce, you can do this. It honestly felt like the one giving birth is her. Anna really gripped her hand hard, she could feel the pressure of her nails digging in, though it wasn’t halfway enough to warrant Ce to wince, she still stared at the scene before her with labored breaths while clasping another hand over hers, in an attempt to calm Anna down. That’s when she started pushing and she felt like Anna may well tear the roofs over their head with how loud she was yelling and screaming.

 It was unnerving but Celia tried her best to assure she’s doing good as the part of the baby’s body was finally out, “Come on, you can do this” she encouraged and wiped the sweat off her forehead using the spare towel on her side. “What else can I do? I feel like there must be something else I can do” she was at the verge of panicking but managed to push that moment aside. 

Katrina smiled at her for a moment. Celia and the woman Anna looked like they could use a positive smile. "Your baby is going to be here soon. You are doing just amazing. Wait till the next contraction and then you can push again!" 

No matter how many births Katrina had witnessed it never got old, it was always so new and breathtaking to see how life came into the world. This always gave her the hope that one day she might have a child.

Katrina looked at Celia. "You are doing great Cecelia! Don't worry you are helping a lot!" It was one more push and Katrina held the bloody infant in her hands. Placing the baby on moms chest she rubbed the towel over the body to wipe away some of the blood. "You have a baby girl! Congratulations Anna." She looked at Cecilia and smiled. "You were amazing, she really drew on your strength you were giving her." Katrina said before washing her hands in the warm water.

"When did the ambulance say they were going to come?" She asked the woman who was assisting her.

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