Something that intrigued Katrina was this city. Scotland was such a different country and land. She sometimes missed what she was used to but this place had people that knew her species that was a certain species. She liked the fact about that.

Fewer humans and more of the different species. She enjoyed her home and the quiet atmosphere to it. But the walks around town really caught her eye. She began her stroll around town and was hoping to aim to a quiet part. She would love to try to get people to get to know her. She thought maybe a nice day at the library would be worth it.

When she was there she would meet some new people. If not there would always be a good book to read. As she walked into the library she saw it full of people bustling. 

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Katrina watched as someone walked into the library. She kept her head peered in the book. She was a bit more to herself but after years in Scotland following the same practise she had a hard time changing it. She didn't live at the castle and still lived in her own house.

She had been staying there once in a while to check in on how things were going and to try to get familiar. As she sat quietly on a chair she heard a French accent with the mention of her name. Placing her book on her lap she looked up at the beautiful girl before her.

"Hello, Do we know each other? I apologize but I am terrible with names." She said looking at the young girl. 


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