Damarco had gotten off to a pretty rocky start with the whole 'find your purpose' here in Evermore,  now that the Aurazin's were forced to call this place home, without a clue as to when they'd go back to their real homes. Unfortunately, Damarco was very hyper naturally and annoyed people without even realizing what he was doing. Naturally, he was a curious guy.. which was what had ultimately led him into EOD training. It had been a bitter sweet goodbye to his loved ones, but, joining the service had been everything he could have ever wished for... but he didn't exactly wish for death, and that's exactly what he'd gotten. 

Damarco retraced that day throughhis mind hundreds of times every day. He still tortured himself by the what if's. He still saw Ashleigh's tears falling down her cheeks as he waved goodbye, and his parents proud smile. He often wondered how they were all doing, even if he was forbid to see them. It hurt more than he could express. Damarco had a wide variety of options before him with a high school education and a little bit of training in several different fields. He wanted to know how his parents were doing, and he missed his old job, so with that, Damarco had gotten himself an interview at ECPD to become a full time profiler and part time special agent. He figured it would allow him to check on his family and loved ones without seeing them directly. No rules broken, right? Damarco had nailed his interview.. and he would begin his new job by the end of the week., With his nerves going haywire over it, he figured getting some fresh air was just what he needed. 

As Marco walked the streets with a slow melody playing on his ipod, the Aurazin took out his camera, one he had bought just to make a "memories book" with,for his time on earth. He snapped pictures of the scenery of the park,and the enormous buildings until he got into the Aurazin's part of the city, where the shortgrass prairies were. It was here that he felt most content, the most connected with himself. He saw a small shop just ahead and couldn't help but to go inside. After putting his camera away, Damarco took one of his earbuds out in case anyone spoke to him,and began looking around, realizing this was an antique store. This could go pretty badly for the curious male. He'd never been in an antique shop before, and already he was seeing cool items that he couldn't help but touch. "So this is  where all the fun stuff is?" he asked out loud before reaching out, and pulling the antique guitar off the shelf. 

Damarco had no clue how to play guitar, only that he liked the way they sounded when other people did. But what the hell, he was already this far ahead of himself? Before he knew it, Damarco began strumming the strings and singing the song he had been playing on his ipod out loud. His voice probably carried through the entire shop, no doubt alarming who ever owned it. Now that he was singing and strumming the guitar, the Aurazin had completely forgotten his surroundings until the unfamiliar voice of a female approached from behind. Startled, Damarco turned around quickly, knocking something off the shelf beside him with the guitar, and gasping as he watched it fall to the floor to break. "I take it you're the owner here?" he asked,  clearing his throat awkwardly while putting the guitar back on the shelf. "I'll clean that up...." he then said, hoping she wouldn't be too mad over  whatever it was he had broken.

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