The river banks had become one of Hana's favorite places to be. It was one of the very few places in this city she'd been able to find peace with. When Hana reach for solace, here was where she'd find it. The way the water flowed over the different colored rocks, and splashed against the side of the bank, was just something that soothed the human. Hana didn't need for much in life, but lately her peace of mind had been interrupted by the shady dealings her parents had been involved in. Sometimes Hana didn't know where to go, or who to turn to, because putting anymore weight on Ha-joon's shoulder than what he already dealt with, was just something she couldn't bare. So often times, Hana came here, and during the night time, so that she could be alone, as the day time usually brought others out to this very spot. 

Hana brought her ipod along for the music, and after finding a relaxing beat to listen to, the human lied back in the comfort of the grass and gazed up to the sky which glowed brightly because of the many stars scattered across it like a blanket. Hana smiled contently, and sighed happily before closing her eyes, allowing the music in her ears to take her somewhere entirely different, which would turn out to be the worse idea she's had tonight. 

At first, Hana figured she was hearing small noises because of where she was. It was nighttime, and animals lurked everywhere but especially in little isolated places like this. Deciding to brush it off, Hana closed her eyes once more, but she knew for a fact this time, that she was not alone, and it was not an animal out here with her. The faint glow of a red lazer beamed through the trees, landing perfectly in the center of her chest. The petite female began to breathe heavily, and complete panic consumed her. Doing the only thing she could, Hana rolled as fast as possible, and once the laser disappeared from her chest, she got to her feet and began running. By the time she realized she couldn't even walk another inch, due to the illness she had with her lungs, she'd luckily seen a building. 

"Hale Construction were the only two words she could make out, and since it was dark, and home was too far away, Hana ran inside, and locked the doors. The building was nice, almost beautiful from what she could see.. but she wasn't here for sight seeing. Hana walked further in so she could hide herself, should her attackers have been able to follow her quickly enough.. and found herself collapsing on a bench that rounded a huge water fountain in the middle of the floor. Hana wasn't away she'd passed out until she awoke to the angered sound of a woman. The woman stood alongside two police officers who were asking Hana to get up and come with them. After being put in the back of a cop car, and escorted to a jail cell for breaking and entering, the human feared this couldn't get any worse. 

Infuriated, Hana began to pace. She hadn't been given a chance to even tell the woman back at the building, that she had only ran inside the first place she seen, because she had been running for her life, literally. After leaning against the cold metal bars that trapped her inside of her cell, the human gazed out "I know how this works, and I need to make my one phone call" she said as calmly as possible. The officer had stood, she assumed to let her make her call, but before he could get over to the door with the keys, another officer entered with a man she had never seen. "You have a visitor" 

Hana looked to the male (Aiden) with widened eyes full of fear. She had never been to jail before, and the fact that she was here now for the reason she was here, was just pathetic, and she had no idea who this man was, and why he was visiting her. Either way, Hana was allowed out of her cell with handcuffs, and led to another room where a round table sat, for her and her 'visitor' to sit and talk. After taking a seat, Hana hesitantly looked to him "who are you? and what do you want from me?" she asked curiously. She figured her day couldn't get anymore interesting. 

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Aiden awoke to the ringing of his cell phone as he pressed to answer “ this better be good “ Aiden wasn’t much of a morning person as he rose out of bed rubbing his face as he pulled on a pair of blue jeans as a female spoke through the speaker “Well Mr Hale we have found a saboteur at the new property you brought yesterday “ Aiden rubbed his face as he pulled on a  white T-shirt “ text me the station therein I will be there shortly “  he pressed to end the call as he grabbed his cell phone and jacket as he made his way down the stairway before going straight on into the garage.

Aiden walked into the garage as he looked at the rack of  keys by the door as he ran his fingers over the  individual keys as  he pressed the key thob as the orange lights flicked on the  silver convertible as he got into the driver’s seat as  the garage door open he set off into the street into the city centre  as his console came to life saying 21st district as he began to speed up heading onto the motorway arriving  sometime later  as he got out of his car  he noticed a coffee stand walking over he purchased an americano before ascending the steps  into the precinct 

Aiden walked up to the  desk “ Im here to see the  one found on Hale construction  properly “ he took out  a card proving his identity  he watched as the desk sergeant   lead him through to the  cells as he stopped folding his arms as he stared at a girl not much older than his sister Scarlett as he took a sip of his coffee  his face remained emotionless as he opened his mouth “ Good morning  you can start with why I got a phone call from my secretary  saying you had broken into one  of my properties  “ Aiden leant back against the wall as he watched her “ and secondly who sent you their builder co ?”  he placed  his coffee on the window ledge as he waited for an answer  as his mind wandered over how he would react if it was Scarlett  in this position


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