He settled pretty fine in college, that’s how Jihoon thought would go. But god was he wrong, at the moment he’s trying his best to escape from this dispute between Seojun and the dance team because both were arguing and somehow, the poor valkyr got stuck while he was supposed to bake a few cakes. Yesterday, he remembered heading over to the cafe just in front of the university’s entrance because he wanted to get a cup of coffee before resuming his shift at the bakery that he got a part-time job at. He wasn’t sure what it was about the very bread that’s been popular for the past week with the students, but Seojun got into an argument with Ryan, who’s the president of the dance club, over a loaf of bread. Okay, it’s not just over a loaf of bread, it’s the last stock of the chocolate bread he had worked with Freyja. 

He didn’t think people liked it that much that it sold out for the first three days and now his grumpy roommate who was ready to tear the other guy in shreds is also one of the many who’s fighting for it. “Cats are so sensitive…” he muttered, Seojun reminds him a lot like Dae. Speaking of which, he missed the niveis. He lifted his head up from the couch where he found himself sleeping on, after spending the entire night finishing the cakes. He supposed he could've finished them much earlier if it wasn't because of the incident yesterday but he was glad he could diffuse the tension between the two. 

Jihoon craned his neck and stretched out his arms "I really shouldn't sleep on the couch overnight…" he groaned, the ache was very much there but it's bearable. He took a quick shower and changed out of his work clothes into something more casual before heading out with the cakes in the containers. He promised to give Yeon and Dae the first taste, and the valkyr intends to keep his promise. Perhaps he was daydreaming about how delighted Freyja would be if he came visiting with another cake because the last time he surprised her at the cafe while she was doing her work, she took the cake pretty well. He ought to bake her another next time, just the thought of seeing that face light up with happiness and excitement is more than enough for a payment.

Of course, while he was walking down the pavement with the containers in his hand, daydreaming about his crush, the last thing he'd expect was a bike was heading his way.

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It had been a pretty busy week at the cafe the last few days, it felt like the time was practically flying by each day because there would be customers pretty miuch constantly and he would be dashing around here, there and everywhere to keep things in order. At first he thought he’d hate the work there but it had grown on him in time, he had good colleagues there which made the long days feel shorter and aside from the odd pushy customer here and there, mostly people were polite enough.

It had been a crazy kind of morning shift where he’d barely been able to process anything but the next order he was handling before he headed to check on the next table. Thankfully it was only a short shift for him and before long he was gathering his things and getting ready to head out of the restaurant, he tucked his uniform into his bag and headed to walk the distance towards Han’s place. It was quite a long trip for him but he never minded taking the scenic route most days, he liked having time to himself.

He had his headphones on, a catchy rhythmic song playing to keep his mind off all the people around him. Everyone was heading out to lunch he was sure. He looked up from his phone for a moment just to see a cyclist speeding down the path, swerving in and out of the pedestrians and almost knocking down people as he went. Realizing it was about to collide with a guy wandering on the path he quickly moved to nudge the unsuspecting male to the side, stumbling a little to keep his own footing as the cyclist narrowly went past him, not even uttering a sorry as they continued on their way.

Sunmin grumbled and dusted himself off “Asshole” he cursed before turning his attention to the male he had knocked out of the way who seemed to have fallen oven in the whole ordeal “Anything bleeding?” he questioned.

Cake. That's the first thing that went through bi's head when he stumbled on his steps and totally hit someone else. He didn't care what happened to him, okay maybe he did care what would happen to the person who bumped against him, but not himself, that's for sure. Not when the cakes he made after staying up the whole night are at risk. He was cursing at himself for not seeing the bike heading his way but it took him a few seconds for everything else to register because his cakes… his precious cakes. 

Jihoon was staring at the pitiful state of his crushed cakes when the stranger who helped him earlier by tipping off about the cyclist, asked if there was anything bleeding. "My heart… if you're counting that one too" he whined and sighed heavily, putting his head into his hands as he groaned in response, he couldn't believe he had been so reckless and ruined what he stayed up all night for. "I stayed up all night to make this… Now it's oh my god it's ruined…" It obviously couldn't be saved anymore. "I feel like a whole year worth of work just went out the window… I was supposed to share this with my friends… what am I supposed to tell them now…" 

Judging from his erratic and tired state, it was clear that the valkyr really did spend an amount of work on them. He picked up the container and looked up at the younger male "You don't happen to be a baker… right? A really really good one at that too?" The look in his eyes was hopeful because he can't recreate this on his own...

Sunmin was looking over the other male for any signs he was hurt but it was evident he was far more interested in the box he had dropped on the floor, the young star raised his brow wondering if something priceless or breakable was inside. He scoffed when the other male worded that his heart was bleeding before gesturing to the box, which upon closer inspection seemed to contain a bunch of smooshed-up cake “Won’t it taste the same?” he commented but it was clear from the male’s expression that he was really disappointed by the turn of events.

So much for helping someone, it seemed like the other male wasn’t hurt at all but not even a thank you? He shook his head slightly “You could tell them that a psycho cyclist and a walking zombie collided to create crushed brains?” he commented sarcastically, really he should have been paying more attention to where he was going so this didn’t happen in the first place. Still, Sunmin knew the feeling of staying up all night and working hard on something only for it not to turn out the way you hoped so maybe he did feel a little pity for him.

Sunmin arched a brow when she asked if he was a baker “I don’t think your luck is that good” he responded and shook his head slightly “Just because I make a few cakes at the cafe doesn’t mean I’m going to be making anything remotely near that….fancy” he could see the cakes were iced in some fancy way and he was sure the ingredients were expensive.

His heart felt like someone just took it and stomped on it a few more times for a lasting effect. He stayed up all night to make that for Dae and Yeon, in a way. For a baker such as him, to see the sight of a smashed cake like that is enough to send him in a whirlwind. He narrowed his eyes slightly and pouted when the other male gave a sarcastic remark, admittedly it was his fault for not looking where he was going. Perhaps if he had, he would've noticed there was a cyclist recklessly going his way and this wouldn't have happened. But still, he still needed to find a solution to this problem and there was no way he could make a new one on his own as soon as possible. 

His ears perked and his eyes lit up when he heard the mention of Sunmin baking a few cakes at a cafe, that's more than enough. "You bake? At a cafe too? You see, that's more than enough for qualification… originally I was just gonna ask even if you've made just as much as instant noodles…" He murmured and gave him his pleading eyes "Can you please… please help me? I really need to make a new one, I promised them I would let them have the first taste and now it's ruined… but I can't do it without help… please? I'll get the ingredients, hell, I swear we still have enough to make one more from what I left… what do I have to do to make you agree to this?" It was clear that Jihoon was utterly desperate and there was nothing separating this man and his cake.

Sunmin eyed the other male for a moment, noticing the way he was practically mourning the cake he was holding like it was some prized possession. He couldn’t begin to understand how important it must be to the other male but he did feel a little bad when he saw the way he pouted in response to his words. Was it really that valuable? He furrowed his brows a little in thought, Sunmin wasn’t really a good samaritan kind of person but he wondered if maybe he could learn a thing or two, it wouldn’t hurt to try and gain some new skills, perhaps then he’d get that raise he was shooting for.

The moment he gave an inch the other male was ready to take a mile though, he frowned for a moment but it was hard to be harsh with someone who just seemed so hopeful and excited “You’re really going to marry this cake one it’s finished aren’t you?” it was somewhat amusing to the younger male, he had always wondered what went into to making something elaborate like this, he’d never even been able to buy himself a cake that fancy before, let alone make one for himself.

He pursed his lips for a moment “Fine, I’ll help…as long as you let me take a small cake home for myself” he bargained in return, that seemed like a fair trade right and he was meeting Astraea to work on the garden tonight so he figured he could treat her “And it has to be strawberry” he added to the demand before looking at him sternly to see if he would agree to it.

A ruined cake wasn't a foreign sight for the baker. No no that's not the problem. To Jihoon, he can easily wrap something up in less than an hour if he screwed things up. But this particular cake was one he had already spent hours on prior to the accident. He literally spent an hour on thinking about the decoration alone, much less the whole process of it. So when he accidentally bumped into someone and his carelessness resulted in his pretty cake being destroyed, it felt as if he spent hours of no sleep for nothing. 

The valkyr was a naturally positive person though so of course he would try his best to find a solution to this. He would try to find a way around this and that's exactly what he's doing. He stared at the young celestial in front of him and pursed his lips "That's an exaggeration… I wasn't going to marry the cake excuse you… it's just a cake I made for special someone's…" He murmured, he really wanted them to try the cake. One he has worked hard on. He raised his eyebrows when Sunmin said he'd do it, as in he'd help him with the new cake as long as he gets to bring something home.

Judging from his reaction and body language, it's clear that it's for a special someone too. Which was tempting Jihoon to tease him about it. "Strawberry cake? Yeah sure, that's easy. I had new fresh stock from two days ago anyway…" Strawberries came easy to the baker mostly due to the fact that he had a really good friend who owns a strawberry farm and supplies to him directly. He beckoned for Sunmin to come and follow him back to the bakery he was working at. "Is the cake for your girlfriend? You seem pretty adamant and clear about how the cake must be strawberry. Or maybe your little sister? Someone's birthday?"

He got the impression that Jihoon was one of those people who could spin around nearly any situation to make it turn out in their favor, he wasn’t sure whether to feel immediately exhausted or envious because it really did take sheer determination to be able to put on a smile after something disappointing happened. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you two have privacy you need…wouldn’t want to get in the way of your relationship” he jested, still he couldn’t be too mean because it was clear the whole situation was important to him.

“So is it for your girlfriend or something?” he questioned wondering if that was the reason he was so bothered about it being broken, after all, if he was trying to impress someone then showing up with a smooshed cake probably wasn’t a good start. Sunmin nodded slightly when he affirmed it wouldn’t be too hard to add a strawberry cake to the order, if he was going to spend his time on this, it had to be worth something for him too right.

He followed behind the other male, still shaking his head a little in disbelief about how ridiculous all of this seemed but regardless, he’d let himself get roped into it so he was the real fool here “Not girlfriend…just my best friend, she’s…a big fan of sweets” and he knew she would be so touched upon him bringing a cake for them to share. “Strawberry is her favorite” he reiterated and nodded his head, yes, it had to be strawberry. Before long they reached the bakery and Sunmin followed him inside, heading into the kitchen and naturally picking up an apron without being prompted. Habit he supposed.

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