it is a thread  where five people go camping, but everything goes  wrong  ( disasters up to  people involved in the thread )

The sun dawned on a clear day as Edward arrived back at the manor to find the items he had ordered had arrived sometime before his return as his memory began to recall what he ordered a canopies survival food, torches lights, sleeping bags and hiking rucksacks as he noticed a white backpack which reminded him of the white of his templar uniform as he took the instructions and began to pack his satchel as was shown in the diagrams for this camping trump to work he needed to have at least three people to let the trip go ahead but four people ideally.

An hour or so later  Edward  walked back into the hallway as he places a note on the table  stating   the map coordinates and  his cell number if he was needed for  any business in an emergency as he put the letter down he heard  a honk at the front door as a door slammed shut   a d a voiced called out “ do you want the items in a taxi “ Edward called back as he made his way out to a bright yellow  people carrier “ please I am guessing you’re the squire  that is taking me to the start point  in the forest “ he watched as the guy nodded as Edward  closed the  door behind him as he made his way into the  open exit of the cab

15 minutes later  they were off   driving slowly  out of the city watching the  grey  stone buildings  turned to long green trees  of the woods as Edward thought about the flyer  saying  to meet at camp point omega and to bring clothes in a waterproof  bag and anything  they deemed essential as the cab pulled up getting out of the cab quickly he handed over the cash to  driver as he began to  take the  rucksacks out of the  cab which drove off as soon as  the door was closed  Edward gave a  quick wave as he took  bags  over to an oak  table   placing the rucksacks  at the legs as he took a seat  looking at his watch  seeing he had  over an hour before anyone  was due to arrive 


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Evalyn had spent the past few days bored so decided to go see what was happening around the city. As she walked down a hallway she saw a note on the table with map coordinates on. "Hmmmm..." Evalyn thinks to herself wondering if she should go join or not to see what it was all about. "Maybe, I'd meet some more new people if I went?" she thinks to herself. Evalyn reads the flyer into detail to see where the meeting place was and what things she should take. "Lets just do it" she says out loud without realising. Evalyn wanders back to her place to grab some stuff.

Once Evalyn arrived home, she grabbed a waterproof bag and popped some clothes into it quickly and all of the other essentials she thinks she will need. Once Evalyn finished packing her stuff into a waterproof bag she rang for a taxi to take her to camp point omega. She could walk but probably would get lost on the way there so decided a taxi would be better. Once the taxi arrives she locks her door and gets into the taxi with her waterproof bag. Evalyn was so excited to see what the adventure would bring she zoned out. "Here we are" she heard a voice say. Evalyn shakes her head and looks at the taxi driver dazed. "Oh sorry!" she exclaims and hands the money over to the driver and gets out of the taxi. 

Once Evalyn had grabbed her belongings out the taxi and the car had drove away she turned around to see if anyone was there. Evalyn saw the guy who had left the flyer over at an oak table. She smiles and walks over to the table. "Heyyyyyyy, you probably don't know me but you might do I don't know! I am Evalyn Martin and I saw your flyer in the halls. I hope you don't mind but I thought it would fun to come and join in" she says to him with a smile hoping it was ok to be there.

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