Dakota was generally a busy person, her day job was as a teacher and that was always her first love, she enjoyed coming up with lesson plans and thinking about new and interesting ways to teach the kids things, she would spend hours of her free time planning out ideas and inventing clever ideas to engage the different kids in her class. Some of them worked well with orthodox ways, some of them needed her to be more inventive. She loved her job. But it also came with a lot of downtime, considering schools weren’t always in session and there were scattered breaks throughout the year.

So in the time that she had off, she often liked to get herself involved in volunteer work. The Diviner wasn’t the kind of person who liked to stay at home all the time when she had vacation time, she preferred to spend her time keeping busy and while planning lessons for the new term always kept her pretty busy, she wanted a reason to get out of the house. She had signed up with Everheart animal shelter a few months earlier in the year and it had been a lot of fun working with them, mostly she helped with the general care of the animals and because she was a good speaker, she had worked her way into helping with the adoption pairings where potential owners were paired with dogs that fit their lifestyle.

Today was special though because the shelter was holding an adoption rally this weekend which meant several of the volunteers got to take some of the animals out to setups around the city to try and get them adopted. She had driven around to the shelter and registered before being given 3 dogs and a cat to bring out to her setting. It was a lot to handle but she’d gotten used to transporting the animals around by now so she drove them over to the parking lot where the rally was taking place and unloaded them from the car, leading the three dogs on leashes and carrying the cat in its carrier. By the time she got over to the tent she had been tied up by a leash at least three times and been pawed at by the cat but she had a smile on her face as she came to greet the other girl who would be working her on the adoption rally today.

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Dakota talking about swimming in open water, reminded her of England. And particularly how some British people could be fussy about how cold the water could get. Jessalyn didn’t mind it really. It could really give one a wake-up kick. “Until you get used to it, then yeah...it is a bit cold. But I always found it refreshing. I think, I just always liked that you have more room to yourself in open waters. And possibility of diving and seeing the waterlife, if you’re swimming in the sea.” Young Jessa had always liked seeing the fish and picking up seashells. That was the kind of beauty, you didn’t get in swimming pools. Listening to Dakota talk, about the spots she found; made Jessalyn smile. It seemed like the two girls had a few things in common. “I always love going to the mountains or the river banks in the summer. There’s a few waterfalls and small lakes, up in the mountain.” That was probably Jessalyn’s favorite spot.

“I suppose you’re right. I think, the only people I ever saw enjoy physical activity, was actually the new teachers that taught it, at my school.” She remembered, a few girls having a crush on the male sports teacher. That teacher had been quiet young and attractive; which was probably the main reason why her friends at school, always fauned over him. But more often than not, he taught the boys of their year, rather than them. They were always stuck, with the less fun female teacher, in their year that taught sports. Hearing more about it from Dakota’s perspective, was somewhat amusing. Especially as she talked about, how interesting it could get. It sparked her curiosity, as to what actually went on. “I take it, you like a little competition?” she rose a slight eyebrow.

With the afternoon still ahead of them. Jessalyn was hoping for some good news. It’d be a shame to bring Patch back home, to the shelter. Especially  before the holidays. Just like the others, he deserved a home. The young Initia could understand Dakota’s tactic; especially since she was a teacher. “Yeah, I can see why that’d be helpful.” And frankly, she should think of doing that more often.Even if she was no longer studying. 

“I guess you can say that.” Jessalyn said with a soft smile. “Mainly places around Europe. We even visited Japan, China and Korea for a while.” It made her elemental studies all that much harder. Considering the fact, that when she got settled with a master, that was teaching her. She found that she and her siblings were moving on to their next destination. But despite it all; she finished her first element.  “Have you ever travelled anywhere?” Jessa asked. Finishing off her first sandwich. Jessalyn listened to the Diviner talk. As Dakota talked about the little T quirk, it caused the young Initia to laugh softly. “Yeah, I guess, I can’t shake off the natural habits.” Back in England, she always spoke proper. And it stuck. Taking the last few sips of her cold coffee; before she grabbed another sandwich. “Do you get a lot of foreign students?” It was nice, that Dakota had a student from England. Jessalyn imagined, It kind of made it easier for her to recognise the little quirks she had. Not many could pick up on it, that easily. Some didn’t even notice, if they didn’t pay attention.

“I always see those adverts for the places in like Iceland with the perfect clear blue water lakes and they look so peaceful” she noted with a smile, she had definitely always enjoyed swimming as a way to relax, especially because it was something you could do on your own and didn’t feel like it was a time-limited activity, if she got tired then she could just float in the water a while “The only problem with swimming in the sea is when you're in the waves for so long that it feels like you’re still bobbing up and down when you get out” she laughed, though that was probably down to seasickness if she was honest “Snorkeling is a lot of fun if you ever get the chance to try it” she added with a nod, the way it allowed you to breathe while underwater and watching all the marine life was really beautiful. “The real gem of Evermore has to be the hot springs up in the mountains though, they’re just such a pain to get to” she laughed softly “Evermore sure is blessed when it comes to natural beauty huh?” she hadn’t been up to see the waterfalls yet but she had definitely heard of them.

“I’m sure that enthusiasm wore away before long too” she laughed softly, teaching in middle school she was responsible for more than one subject so she had to teach her class everything they needed to know and while that made her job very interesting and varied, it did mean she had to do the things she disliked too. Her main gripe was with art just because she wasn’t that great at it herself, but thankfully she didn’t need to be, most of the time it was just giving the kids the equipment they needed and sending them on their way. “Oh, just a little” she responded with a wry smile when she asked if she was competitive “It’s mostly because there’s certain groups of teachers who seem to think and act like they’re better than everyone else, it’s kinda fun to show them up sometimes” she didn’t really let anyone else dictate how she did her job, as long as her kids were happy and getting good grades, she was happy.

“One of those things in life you never want to do but it always ends up creeping up on you, adulting” she grinned slightly as she leaned back in her seat and took a sip of her coffee “I do my best to keep up with life but I think we’re all guilty of forgetting things here or there or slacking on the to-do list which we hide from” she chuckled softly, it was natural to just want to forget your problems and relax sometimes but unfortunately responsibilities were always waiting for you after you were done.

She smiled softly at the way she described her travels throughout the world “That must have been a lot of fun” she responded with a grin “Did you get to see the cherry blossoms in Japan? I’ve always wanted to see them” it was just one of those things you always saw really beautiful pictures of and so you wanted to see it in person, much like the Aurora Borealis or Niagara Falls. “I’ve not really been far” she spoke softly and shrugged “I went to Australia when I was much younger, it was pretty much the trip of a lifetime for my childhood but I haven’t got around to much since then” mostly because she was focusing on work and marriage and all that. “When she asked about her students she smiled softly “Depends on the year really, sometimes more, sometimes less but usually around 3 or 4 in a class of 20” she smiled softly.

“They do always make it look magical.” she agreed, having seen something similar to what Dakota was talking about. Jessalyn couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her, as she spoke about still bobbing up and down after exiting the sea. “I can’t say. I ever felt like that.” Unlike her, she wasn’t sea sick. Luckily. “I do come out, bit wrinkly...that’s always a bugger.”But luckily, it wore off quickly. She took a note of that. Whilst she liked to dive and explore a bit. It was a hassle having to come up for air often without a snorkel. “Funny you mention that. Any time I attempted it...somehow, the snorkelling equipment got left in the car...or my siblings were hogging it...so I just made do...with having to come back up every few moments.” Try getting the snorkelling stuff off your elder siblings. Nightmare. Now the Hot springs were new to Jessalyn “I don’t think, I’ve ever visited the Hot springs.” The young Initia nodded smiling. “Indeed. But I think, I always manage to find the beauty, wherever we went travelling.” Even if they were lucky with Evermore having so many natural beauties around.

She was probably right. “Most likely. If so….they did it well...at least from what I remember.” Teachers probably had to keep up face. Or students would look bored as well. But it was rare to see, a teacher as passionate as Dakota; that would get involved with pretty much everything her students did. “That’s a good reason to be competitive.” At least, it put certain people in their place, when other people showed their skills of being capable at certain things.

Finishing her next sandwich. Jessalyn nodded whilst she listened to Dakota. “Yeah, I am sure we all complain, about adulting, at one point or another.” Most of the time. Jessalyn was responsible; of course if silly pranks between her and siblings were involved. “I can imagine, it must be bit hard to go out and enjoy yourself sometimes, with so many responsibilities for your work.” Imagining that the Diviner she was talking to, was quite busy most of the time.

The young Initia nodded. “It was. I suppose one of those once in a lifetime things, to get to see so much of the world. Just settling down was a bit hard. A few times, I was settled/attached to a place...and we were off again.”But she supposed that was the nature of travelling. So she tried not to be too sad about leaving certain places behind. The memories were worth it. “I did...we just arrived when they were in full bloom.” She smiled warmly. “I don’t think I ever seen anything so magical. They also smelled wonderful.” If she was right, she had tons of pictures of her with the Cherry Blossoms in Japan, back home. “I think a few of my favorite things, would have to be the Japanese Temples. I don’t think I seen anything so intricate and beautiful in design.” It was clear, she had fond memories of Japan. “I think Sensō-ji and Tōdai-ji, were few of the most interesting one’s I remember from my time there. Both have rich history. Tōdai-ji is actually one of the most powerful seven great temples.” The young Initia had good pronunciation of the temple names. Maybe it was the fact, she had a knack for different languages whilst travelling; that helped.”I remember, a Geisha dancing around one of the temple gardens. I sneaked off, to go and watch her for a while. When the temple was crawling with people.” Too many people in a temple, made it hard for her to properly look around. It was better, when less people were around. At least in her few. When Dakota mentioned being in Australia, she smiled. “That sounds amazing. Did you get to see any Kangaroos, Koalas or Wild cats, when you were there?” As Dakota mentioned how many exchange students she got. Jessalyn nodded in understanding. “Not a bad number.” she smiled. “It probably makes it easier for the exchange students, if they got someone else with them...that’s in the same boat, than being alone.”

“Only problem is when you actually arrive and you realize most of the adverts are doctored to make them look better than they are” still, most people came home from a vacation having achieved what they hoped to, whether that was seeing new sights, finding the time to wind down or experiencing new activities. If she were to choose her own path she’d like to make a list of sights to see and tick them off a list one by one. But vacationing like that would probably mean she needed to take a gap year from her work because flights and travel, in general, were always more expensive when the schools weren’t in session. “Oh no! You really must get the chance to do it some time, it’s a completely different experience from only seeing it with your eyes” because of the mask you got this really clear look at what was beneath rather than the watery glaze you would usually see things through “They’re about halfway up the mountain, or I suppose it must be a dormant volcano if it has hot springs” she shrugged “Definitely worth the trip if you just need an afternoon to relax” she smiled, much cheaper than flying abroad to go sunbathing too.

“There always seems to be something special about Evermore when it comes to nature, I imagine that would have a lot to do with how well it’s inhabitants take care of it” by that she meant that the Initia and Diviners tended to be very kind to nature because it was the greatest source of their power and with that tender care it was given, the place thrived, plants grew taller and lusher, the water was cleaner and fresher and even the air felt different at times. She chuckled at the talk of the other teachers “I didn’t get into this career to have to prove myself to a bunch of expectant old-timers but” she laughed and shrugged “I can hardly let them show me up in front of my class can I?” if that happened then who knew what the kids would think they could get away with.

“It can be hard yeah, you kinda get into this routine where you come home every night and you work on marking or the next lesson plan and before you know it, it’s 1 am and you need to be at school the next day at 8 am” she gave an exasperated sigh “But I am doing better at saying enough is enough and giving myself breaks lately” she needed them if she was honest, otherwise she would end up tired and grouchy and that definitely wasn’t a good way to start teaching kids. She smiled and nodded gently as she listened to Jessalyn talk about the way she lived her life, it was clear she saw it as a good opportunity but also a lack of stability which the Diviner could understand “As long as it’s worth it then everything worked out in the end” she nodded slightly “Are you planning on staying in Evermore or is this another stop on your world tour?” she jested it with a slight grin, it actually sounded really exciting to her to see so much while still young.

“If I made a list I think seeing them would definitely be the top of it, the idea of just seeing an entire street full of bright pink trees just kinda resonates with me” she couldn’t even really explain why, it just seemed like it would be stunning to see the magnitude of it all. Hearing her talk about her adventures in Japan made the Diviner smile, it definitely sounded like she got to experience a lot “You know I’d love to do the whole temple exploring thing, the artwork and the way the buildings are crafted kinda fascinates me” she pressed her lips together “But I’d also probably end up getting sucked into the shopping side if I went to Japan because I swear everything there is basically cute” she gave a slightly sheepish grin, so what if she had a weakness to cute things and plushies right? “Did you get to try any of the weird vending machines they always talk about online?” she pursed her lips curiously. When she asked her about Austalia she nodded “I actually got to hold a Koala, I swear I went to heaven for a small moment, completely blanked it and thankfully had a picture to jog my memory” she sighed contentedly “Though I do remember suffering in the heat and thinking how crazy it would be to live there” she almost felt ablaze right now just thinking about it. “Do you have a place to tick off the list you haven’t got the chance to you?” she raised her brows wondering what it could be.

The young Initia made a slight face. “Yeah, that’s not so good. I’d definitely have an issue with that…” It would be disappointing for sure, if something was so different and not so appealing like the ads made it look like. It did put a bit of a damper on some holidays; but if you got other things done on your list, it was probably worth it. But she didn’t think going on holiday would be so easy for Dakota, since she was busy and school holidays, were usually busy; when lot of people went out and about. Unless they found a good deal, somewhere by a miracle. “I’ll have to get to it one day.” It generally sounded like a lot of fun, and she’d love to be underwater longer and see things more clearly. She made a mental note of where the hot springs were. It sounded like worth the hike, just to relax by them. “Yeah, I’d imagine it’d be something like that. But it sounds nice.” She mused with a smile.

The young Initia was always a lover of nature; and animals. And it wasn’t just because of her species, but generally her persona. “I agree...if only other people took care of the world better...it’d be a much nicer place altogether.” It always saddened her, when she saw how many birds and sea-life got caught in plastic and all sorts of rubbish, that ended up in the sea. Not to mention how people mis-treating forests endangered so many animals. It wasn’t fair. “I’d think, it’d defeat the purpose if that was the reason.” She didn’t think, Dakota was that type of person to get into that career for that said reason, from talking to her. But it helped her be strong role model for her students. “True, don’t need rebels in your class.” she added, with a giggle.

The conversation between them seemed to be flowing naturally; between talking about their jobs/hopes for careers and travelling. It helped time pass by quicker. “Yeah, like anything planning can be time consuming.” She remembered, how much her sister always spent at work, sometimes coming home later than she wanted; just so they could afford a roof over their head. Of course, her other siblings worked too...so it was a joined effort. But she supposed, the family fortune had been a privilege, which allowed them to travel, as much as they did. “I think Evermore has grown on me. It’s home...so whilst I am leaning towards staying here for a while. Who knows, I might go travelling again one day, to see a bit more.” Jessalyn smiled warmly. She needed a bit of stability right now. So she wasn’t planning on heading away any time soon, right now.

“If you ever get a chance to travel. I’d recommend Japan for sure.” She had a feeling Dakota would love it. “I have to admit, all the Japanese don’t do any of it real justice.” Sure, it looked magical on the films. But it was so much more amazing and exciting in real life. “If you are a fan of History, then you’ll also enjoy the history behind the temples...it’s quite rich in culture.” It was probably one of the reasons why Jessalyn had liked it there so much. New things to see, explore and learn about. She giggled, as Dakota talked about getting sucked into the shopping side of things. “I’d avoid going shopping the week-end when there...it’s mental.” She still remembered, how hectic it was at the shopping centres in Japan. Mainly foreigners shopping over the week-end. When she asked about the Vending machines, Jessalyn laughed. “Oh god, those things...I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so...odd. I swear, one took me like an entire hour to figure out.” It was a bit of a complicated, whacky system. “Although, their Ice-cream vending machine, was pretty awesome. They had all sorts of different, unique ice-cream flavours. I have to admit...if you ever want to go for dessert, Cream Anmitsu...is a top favorite. It’s with anko, cubes of agar, mochi, fruit, chestnuts and usually topped with ice-cream. I know...sugary heart-attack in a bowl. But it’s sooooooooooooooooooo delicious.” Jessalyn probably enjoyed that more than she should have, but it was just to die for. As Dakota told her about Australia, she just smiled. “Awwe, That’s amazing...I bet, those things were so cute and adorable, up close.” The Diviner must have been so lucky and over the moon, to have held a Koala.

Hearing her question. Jessalyn pursed her lips in thought. “Mhh, I think New Zealand has always been on my list. They have a real life Hobbiton there.” Yep. The young Initia was a Lord of The Rings and the Hobbit Fan. But because New Zealand generally had beautiful scenery. “But Dubia or Florida, would next on the list. I’ve always wanted to go swimming with the Dolphins. I’d love to tick that off of my list one day. Aswell, as seeing the Carribean Islands.” She was practically excited as she spoke about it. To see such amazing places. “What about you? What places would you like to tick off your list, if you ever get a chance to?”

She nodded somewhat solemnly as she thought about the state of the world and how people didn’t seem to take care of the world they lived in, she tried her best to do her part, she always cycled to work rather then use a care because it would help to save energy and a couple of times she had helped with local cleanups where they went around the city and did cleanups “Unfortunately some people don’t realize there won’t be much of a future to look forward to unless we do something now” she spoke it softly, it was sad, seeing the awful things humans had done to the world around them “Animals rely on us to look after their world and right now we are failing them pretty badly” which was a very sad thought, every time she watched the news it only seemed to feel sadder if she was honest.

“True” she responded when she mentioned how time-consuming planning would be “I usually spend 2 or more hours planning for a short lesson, the planning usually takes much longer than the actual delivery” she shook her head slightly, of course, it was worth it to be able to deliver what she wanted to teach to the kids but she did spend so much of her free time working on these things and while she could reuse some of it from previous years, it had taken her a long time to get to the point where he content was able to be repeated with ease. “I always think to myself that there is something special about Evermore but I still haven’t managed to think of how exactly to explain it or even categorize it" she supposed to her it just felt like home and that was the description, it was a place she didn't see her wanting to leave, even after all the crazy things that had happened in her life lately.

She smiled softly as she listened to the way the other girl gushed about all the different aspects of her trip to Japan and it was clear to the Diviner that she had really cherished the experience and done her best to remember every little detail and moment of it. "I always hear a lot about how it's such an interesting and surprising experience, given the culture differences and how everything was very tech central for them" she raised her brows for a moment as she mentioned the ice cream machines and the absolute dessert monstrosity she described which honestly made Kota really interested to try it, she had always loved sweets, especially ice cream and she was practically drooling at the way Jessalyn described "Gosh now you've made me crave ice cream and I'm probably gonna have to buy some for dinner" she teased it with a soft laugh, she was weak for food she had to admit.

She laughed when she said her reason for wanting to go to New Zealand was because they had a real Hobbiton “That’s the best reasoning to go to New Zealand I have ever heard” she laughed softly “I know they have a lot of good scenery and that’s why so many movies shoot there, good for the panoramic shots and the likes” they always had really good views of the skies and then there were the mountains and rolling hills filled with sheep. Though it was pretty cold there so she imagined that caught a lot of people off guard “Dubai and Florida are very different climates from New Zealand” she noted with a laugh “I think everyone dreams of doing Florida as a kid though I’m not sure if it would be the same as an adult” she admitted with a sheepish smile “For me, I’d like to go and see a few countries in Africa and see the animals in their real environment, that would be an amazing experience” she nodded as she got to her feet and packed away the Tupperware back into her bag “Right, we should probably keep advocating for Patch so we can get this troublemaker his home” she smiled softly with a renewed sense of determination.

The young Initia nodded slightly, as she listened to Dakota explain how many hours she spent planning, on a lesson. It was decent timing, for 45minutes-1 hour lessons. “Yeah, I suppose trying to piece together ideas and context of lessons does take more time, than the actual lesson itself.” She spoke in agreement. But it was clear, that the Diviner enjoyed doing what she did. So Jessalyn could tell it was worth it. She smiled softly, at what Dakota said about Evermore. “Yeah, I suppose it has a certain...magical pull, that draws everyone in sooner or later.” That was one way Jessalyn could describe Evermore. Not just because of all the different factions around the city, but because it’s natural beauty, in a way was magical too.

Jessalyn always had an eye for detail; sharp memory. And travels around the world; that was something she always tried to remember, as much as possible. So many fond memories. “That’s one way to look at it.” Jessalyn mused, as Dakota mentioned the technical aspect of it. “But what country isn’t very technology involved now-a-days?” It seemed to be a thing everywhere, around the world lately. Apart from the very poor countries of course. As Kota mentioned craving ice-cream, Jessalyn giggled. “It probably wouldn’t make the most healthiest of dinners, but a good dessert for sure.” she smiled softly. Jess could tell, that her new found friend had a bit of a sweet tooth too. She had yet to meet someone, that didn’t love Ice-cream. 

She giggled slightly, at Dakota’s comment. “Well thank you.” she smiled. “I have always loved the scenery in any movie, that was shot in New Zealand. I think the worst reason I ever heard, was from an old friend; she was all like...you know, it’s green and stuff.” Jessalyn shook her head in amusement. “Pretty sure, she could find beautiful greenery elsewhere, not just there.” As she mentioned the climate change, she nodded. “Very true, but I suppose seeing different countries, you get used to different climates.” Some countries she had been to, where colder than others, others were warmer than England and what she had grown up in. Now Africa would be an amazing experience, she had to agree. “That sounds like a good thing to have on a bucket list.” she smiled, warmly. “I think I’ve heard of special programs, where you can travel to places like Africa, and work with the wild-life rescue team for a short period of time. It sounds pretty amazing, the work they do. Especially when it comes to helping preserve natural habitats and helping endangered species.” It was probably something that would appeal to them both, since they were both animal people. But it was a question of time and being able to afford the long trip there, since it sounded pretty expensive.

Smiling at Dakota’s determination, she nodded. “Indeed. Who wouldn’t love him?” Jessalyn stood up from her own chair. And moved back to their station, putting away the sign. With it being after lunch time. More people were out and about in the city. Hopefully, they’d have someone come up to them soon. She took out the water bottle, pouring Patch some more water into the bowl.

Jessalyn soon spotted someone familiar walking over to them. The lady from the pet store she had spoken to earlier in the morning, was making her way over towards their station. “Looks like you girls have done well.” she said softly, when she spotted they only had Patch left up for adoption. “And who’s this cutie?” The lady asked,as she bent down to pet Patch, whom was happily wagging his tail at getting attention.

She laughed and shrugged “You have no idea” she had to think about the cohesiveness of the lesson and who was going to be in the lesson and how best she could capture their attention, there wasn’t a single way to deliver it and she found certain groups of children learned better one way and others another which meant she needed to be clever about the way she made her decisions “It’s rewarding though when all your prep comes together and you see how much the kids have learned” it was especially so when you got to teach them something they’d never gotten to see before and got to see their faces light up in wonder. “You know there are a lot of theories about Evermore being a beacon for magic, myths and legends say angels roamed the earth here once upon a time” it was pretty fascinating to her and it made her wonder why Evermore, why this specific city.

“I mean I can name several off the top of my head” she responded, thinking about less developed countries who were still yet to adopt technology because of lack of funding and technical focus. But the world was definitely becoming more and more connected which she saw as a good thing, it meant you could easily make friends from all over the world and broaden your experience with other cultures and types of people without even leaving your home. “Let’s be real, nothing healthy is ever the thing you really crave to have” she laughed, it was always the things which were the absolute worst for you that you wanted, probably because you knew you weren’t supposed to have them.

She nodded slightly, maybe once she managed to save up some money she would take a year out from teaching so she could experience the things she normally didn’t get to, now she was single she was finally able to put herself first and not constantly think about what her husband might think of her choices. It was a really freeing thing, to be able to just go and be happy for herself and not feel tied down by anyone else. “That does sound amazing” she spoke softly, her eyes widening a little because that honestly sounded like the kind of experience you saw in movies, not in real life. “I saw a really interesting project relating to elephants where they were working to build natural barriers to prevent them wandering onto farmland or property” it was pretty great work and helped to ensure the elephant families stayed together.

She giggled slightly when she asked who wouldn’t love him. She actually found the puppies were usually the first ones to be adopted on days like these, so it kinda surprised her to see this particular rascal here as the last one waiting for his forever home. But then again, a lot of people had experienced his little runaway fiasco earlier which may have made them think he was hard to handle. Which frankly wasn’t wrong, he was going to need someone with the experience to ensure he got the right care he needed. She had been looking through the papers from earlier when she noticed the elder woman making her way over to investigate and she smiled softly seeing the way she was gently approached him and the pup happily jumped up into her lap “This is our resident Houdini who should be tired out from running circles around everyone but apparently he’s very happy to see you” she grinned slightly as she watched them together for a moment.

“I remember, some of my teachers going over their plans between lessons, when they had a few minutes to spare.” Maybe it was a helping technique of sorts; she had no idea, as she wasn’t a teacher. Jessalyn nodded as Dakota spoke about the city. “I’ve heard that too. Apparently the Angels lived in the castle. I’ve always liked mythology and legends of sorts.” So it struck the young Initia as something off an interest. Wondering if there was any value to it. But like everything, it had to have some sort of a purpose, right? “I always hear, stories of fallen stars roaming around the city. I can’t say, I’ve ever met one before.” Of course, she had met one. But she didn’t know the young woman she had met, was actually one; since Miyaza had kept that a secret. “It always struck me something from a movie or nighttime story.” she said honestly, when thinking of Celestials. “But in this city, I bet anything’s possible.”

The Diviner had a good point. “True, with the third world countries and all.” Those were the one’s excluded from the technology world. It probably still had mixed views; if it was a good or a bad thing. But she saw the pro’s of it. Especially with online Media; you could talk to someone in foriegn countries with one click. “Well unless Berry fruits count, they’re healthy.” Jessalyn countered with a giggle, and often found herself craving different berries; cause they were her favorite fruit. “But it’s true, it’s always the unhealthy stuff you want and the healthy stuff, most like to avoid.” But, they had to eat it anyways. Jessalyn tried to keep a healthy diet. Unless of course she was else-where, and all the foreign goodie, heart-attacks on a plate, called to her. But treating oneself, on a vacation was normal, right?

“It is.” Jessalyn nodded smiling. “If I remember the website, or youtube link. I’ll have to send it to you.” Few people had shared their own experiences on the website about the project and it was just, something out of this world. “Although, I imagine, the ticket would be expensive, if you wanted to fly over there.” Unless, it’d be paid for, by the company that was hosting the said project. As Dakota spoke about the Elephant project, it made Jessalyn smile. “At least, people care about protecting those creatures. Sounds like good works, goes into keeping the Elephant families safe.” she acknowledged. Anytime, she wanted nature programs; it saddened her with so many wild animals going extinct, or getting hunted for their fur, or tusks like the Elephants. It was hard to watch. But that was life; not everyone had pure hearts to take care of the wild animals and help them; like the good people doing these amazing things.

Jessalyn smiled, as Patch was getting moments of attention and affection from the lady in the store earlier. “Guess, he has endless energy.” Jessa pointed out, with a giggle.

The shop-keeper lady laughed softly. “I thought, I saw some chaos from my shop window earlier on.”She rubbed behind Patch’s ear. It was hard not to fall in love with the trouble maker; as he was adorable. “Young pups can be like that, lots of energy.” she smiled. It had been a while, since she had a puppy at home; but she had been looking for a new companion. Plus she had good experience, with energetic dogs, from before.

Jessalyn smiled at the way the shop keeper, was with Patch. “Hopefully, we can find a good home for him. It’d be sad to see him head back to the shelter, before the holidays.”

“With some training, he should calm down. I’ve had energetic puppies before, it just takes some skill to calm them down.” The elder lady spoke, as she looked at the two girls with a warm smile. “I’ve been thinking of getting myself a new companion, and he’s just utterly adorable.” She had fallen for the young pup in her lap.

Jessalyn smiled over at Dakota; as it seemed they found Patch a new owner too.”In that case, he may just be the right companion for you.” knowing that the shopkeeper had experience, she could handle Patch.

“Yeah they don’t warn you about how much of your free time goes into work” and you didn’t get paid for that either but it was more than pay for her, her job was to ensure that young minds had the best opportunities and futures and there really wasn’t a time price on that. She widened her eyes a little when she mentioned how angels lived in the castles once upon a time which pretty much confirmed to Dakota that the other girl knew about the supernatural “Sometimes it’s hard to pick out myth from reality huh?” she gave an effort at a smile “But one thing is for sure, there’s definitely something magical about Evermore” and in turn, there was something magical about herself given that she could quite literally wield magic.

She grinned slightly when she pointed out that she liked berry fruits and that those were good for you “Yeah fruit is that one thing which tastes really good and is also pretty good for you” but there weren’t many things like that “But then all the baked and fried goods which taste so amazing are most definitely not” she snickered slightly under her breath. She smiled, nodded as Jessalyn pointed out the good work charities did to protect animals in the wild “It’s a shame really that animals need protecting from humans at all but at least there are some good people willing to do so” which was exactly why the two of them were here today she was sure, not wild animals but these dogs and cats were equally in need of help and love.

Dakota remained at a distance as she let the elder lady experience Patch first hand, he was definitely a troublesome young man but it was only because he was naturally excitable and curious, she was certain he would mellow out, especially when he had the chance to go on long walks with his new owner and play with other dogs at the dog park. She just smiled softly because it seemed like Jessalyn was good at this whole convincing thing and before long their friendly pet shop owner seemed completely smitten by the little pup which was playfully pawing at her. It didn’t take long before she was looking over the adoption papers looking like she needed a little nudge to say yes.

“Take it from our experience with him today, he’s going to brighten up your life and have you laughing over and over again” she grinned over to Jessalyn because it had been a rather eventful day but they had spent most of it chatting away and enjoying themselves and that was all thanks to the shelter and the animals they brought with them here today, it was the icing on the cake to see each of them go home with a loving family today and not have to even consider taking them back to the shelter. It made Dakota smile extra wide as she watched her sign her name at the end of the form and scoop her new best friend into her arms, snazzy new leash and all.

The young Initia caught how Dakota’s eyes widened slightly. Maybe it was just the new knowledge she shared with her, that surprised her. “I suppose so.” she nodded. “But It’s half the fun. Who knows, what exists right?” Maybe it was the old tales, or the fact she was a supernatural herself, that she took interest in other supernaturals to a degree. It was interesting to learn about others, and how special they were. Smiling with a nod. Magical was one way to describe Evermore. “Are you a believer?” Jessalyn asked curiously, before catching herself. “I...urgh...sorry, bold question.” Sometimes her curiosity did get the better of her.

A light giggle escaped her, nodding slightly. “Yeah, I suppose not everything can be good for you. Even if you like it.” If a person kept a good balance, then it was good. But it wasn’t always easy, that was for sure. The two girls agreed on many great things; the way people treated animals was one of them. “I know, it’s sad.”she sighed slightly. “It always makes me wonder, how people think they can get away with it.” But the good people, where the saviors of those poor creatures. So at least, some good was being done for those animals that needed protecting and were slowly becoming extinct. Not just those, also the poor homeless pets; that they took care off at the shelter. It made her feel good, knowing that she and Kota, could help find homes for the poor creatures that needed love and affection.

Today went extremely well. 4 furry friends finding their forever homes. “He’s also a sucker for treats. I suppose all pups might be, but you might want to watch him, that he doesn’t eat the whole bag at once.” she joked. If Patch could have, Jessalyn was sure; the entire bag of treats would be gone, if she and Dakota didn’t hide it, after giving him a few.

The pet shop owner laughed lightly. “Can’t let him get chunky, on those.” She’d keep an eye on him. As she held Patch she smiled. “Have a good rest of your day girls, and thank you. And well done today. Looks like you’ve done a wonderful job.” With her feeling generous, she also gave the girls some extra money into the donation box. Patch was trying to climb on her, licking at her face. After saying goodbye. The two young women were left alone; no more animals to give homes too.

“And then, there was just us.” Jessalyn said as she looked at Dakota. But she was smiling brightly, feeling proud of them both. “Feels a little quiet without our furry friends.” But knowing they were all safe, happy with forever families. Made her feel good.

When Jessalyn asked her if she was a believer in magic she gave a slightly sheepish grin, of course, she was considering that she was a magic wielder herself but she couldn’t say that outright to someone until she was sure they knew about it, besides, until a few weeks ago she was living a practically magic-free life and she never really relied on it, but now she was learning how to get her powers under control “I think there are definitely things in life which can only be explained by that” she spoke it softly, if she was suspicious then the way Dakota worded it seemed like she believed in it but didn’t have a direct connection to it which seemed pretty harmless.

She gave a soft sigh “The sad reality of life, it kind makes you curse the people who invented all these unhealthy foods because they’re setting us up for failure” she grinned slightly, but then could she really be mad about those inventions when she loved the taste of them so much. “If there is one thing I’m sure of about the world, it’s that humans can be pretty cruel” she spoke it softly, biting slightly on her bottom lip, she could never understand how people could be so heartless when it came to animals but she liked to think she did her part when it came to showing them love and care “I wish I could adopt them all” she admitted with a sad smile.

She looked between Patch and his new owner, noting the way the two of them seemed to bond almost immediately and she felt a sense of relief and happiness that they had managed to find good and friendly families for each of the pets which they had brought with them today. It would seem almost empty to drive home without them but she was glad in the knowledge they were in warm, loving homes, most likely getting lots of hugs and love.

She looked over at Jessalyn when she noted they were now down to just the two of them “Today went better than I even expected” she spoke with a bright smile appearing on her lips, she wasn’t expecting so much success if she was honest “And we should even be able to make it home in time for a well-timed dinner too” she laughed softly and shrugged her shoulders slightly as she looked over the table “It seems like we make a good team though, I might ask if you could join me again for another rally” she smiled softly “If you’d like to that is” she nodded slightly.


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