Dakota was generally a busy person, her day job was as a teacher and that was always her first love, she enjoyed coming up with lesson plans and thinking about new and interesting ways to teach the kids things, she would spend hours of her free time planning out ideas and inventing clever ideas to engage the different kids in her class. Some of them worked well with orthodox ways, some of them needed her to be more inventive. She loved her job. But it also came with a lot of downtime, considering schools weren’t always in session and there were scattered breaks throughout the year.

So in the time that she had off, she often liked to get herself involved in volunteer work. The Diviner wasn’t the kind of person who liked to stay at home all the time when she had vacation time, she preferred to spend her time keeping busy and while planning lessons for the new term always kept her pretty busy, she wanted a reason to get out of the house. She had signed up with Everheart animal shelter a few months earlier in the year and it had been a lot of fun working with them, mostly she helped with the general care of the animals and because she was a good speaker, she had worked her way into helping with the adoption pairings where potential owners were paired with dogs that fit their lifestyle.

Today was special though because the shelter was holding an adoption rally this weekend which meant several of the volunteers got to take some of the animals out to setups around the city to try and get them adopted. She had driven around to the shelter and registered before being given 3 dogs and a cat to bring out to her setting. It was a lot to handle but she’d gotten used to transporting the animals around by now so she drove them over to the parking lot where the rally was taking place and unloaded them from the car, leading the three dogs on leashes and carrying the cat in its carrier. By the time she got over to the tent she had been tied up by a leash at least three times and been pawed at by the cat but she had a smile on her face as she came to greet the other girl who would be working her on the adoption rally today.

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As the saying went, curiosity killed the cat. Her elder siblings would always warn her that some day, her own curiosity about things might get her in trouble. After all, not everyone was open to these sorts of conversations. But that was Jessalyn for you. Young and free-spirited, something asking questions on a whim. Jessa wasn’t sure what to expect from the older female. But her answer seemed like Dakota was a believer. Jessalyn nodded slightly. “Makes more of an interesting answer than science.” Maybe it was because she was a super herself, or all the myths and legends she read growing up; that made her more of a believer than some people. But she was.

A light laugh escaped her. “Well, they’re rich from it all. So good on them, bad for us.” she shook her head, amused. But Dakota did have a good point. “Although, with how good a lot of things taste, we can’t stay mad for long right?” Talking about food, actually was making her crave dinner. Trying to think about something else for the time being, or she’d starve herself just thinking off what to cook for dinner when she’d get home. “That is the sad reality.” she agreed with a sigh. The world was full of cruel people. There was no shortage of those, that was for sure. “I think you’d need a much much bigger home, for all of those adorable fluff-balls.” Jessa smiled softly. But if she could take a lot of them home herself, she would. Although she was sure, Cedric might have a few words to say about bringing home so many pets, without talking to him first.

It was a happy sight, watching The pet store owner take Patch away with her. The adorable fluffballs, would make the new owners/families happy for sure.

Jessalyn nodded hearing Dakota. She didn’t think it’d be that big of a success, but it was. “I had fun, even chasing after our little furball of a friend.” It added more to the excitement  of the day. The mention of dinner was making her stomach slightly rumble. The young woman slowly began to tidy away their station. “I couldn’t agree more.” They did make a good team. And it seemed like she found a new friend in the process. Jessa nodded softly. “I’d like that. Who knows, we might even run into each other at the shelter, when we’re there next.” But she would keep an eye out for Dakota, after today. Making sure to check the donations. The young Initia began to count how much people tossed into their donation box; to put it down onto the finishing checklist, when closing down their station. “150.” Jessalyn was surprised. “I didn’t even think people were donating so much.” Seems like they did good on both fronts, getting all the pets adopted and some money too.

She shrugged and smiled slightly “Science can’t explain a lot of things in this crazy world” but she didn’t mind the idea of there being a little mystery out there, it meant there was always more things to learn and as someone who taught others for a living, she liked the idea that knowledge was almost limitless and there would always be new things to discover. “I want to complain but then I remember that things like cake exist and I feel conflicted about it all” she grinned slightly and shrugged her shoulders a little.

“But the good news is that now everyone is, I mean look at us” she smiled at the younger girl, she had met so many good people through the shelter who loved animals from the bottom of their hearts and wanted to do whatever they could to care for them. It did give her some hope that things could get better and they could help to educate people. Plus she had seen plenty of people come over and leave a donation in the box today, which was helping even in small ways. “Yeah I know, I’d need a full mansion so they could have a room each” she chuckled under her breath, there was no way she could care for that many but she wished she could because she wanted them all to have happy lives “Maybe I’ll just start with one” she responded with a sheepish grin.

“They sure keep you on your toes huh?” she commented with a wry grin, they had a lot of fun today getting to play with the animals and generally having a good time while doing something which she felt good about, all those animals got to go home today with good new families who would love them and care for them. She grinned slightly when she said she would like to work together again and so she pulled one of her volunteer cards from her pocket and offered it out to Jessalyn “My number’s on here, let me know if you need any help with any fundraising or even if you just want to chat” Dakota was a friendly person but she didn’t tend to have a lot of close friends but she hoped they all knew she would be there for them “Damn that’s quite the turnover” she responded and grinned “I’ll take it back to the shelter after we pack up as it’s on my way home” before long they had managed to clear down nearly everything and the money was neatly tucked away into an envelope.

“Thanks for making today so fun” she spoke as she gathered the last of her things and waved her off before heading for her car.

“I am pretty sure, everyone feels conflicted about cake.” Jessalyn said with a laugh. “Well, unless they don’t like cake, then I think they’re crazy.” It was rare for her to meet someone that didn’t love cake. What was there not to like, right?

The Initia returned the warm smile, nodding in agreement. “That, would be one interesting mansion.” she said with a soft giggle. And probably well suited for pets. “Kind of reminds me of that film, the hotel for dogs.” At least, the way Dakota talked about the mansion for dogs, that comparison came to mind. But at least, she’d be helping the lot out. Nodding. “One sounds more reasonable. Sometimes, I am tempted to take a few of those fluffballs home myself. But I am sure, I’d give my big brother a heart-attack, if I brought them all home without a warning.” Plus, she wasn’t so sure if Ced’s cat Persephone would take lightly to more pets around.

“Oh yes.” Jessalyn nodded with a warm laugh. “Especially Mr Hoodini. I think that might be the new well known nickname for him from now on.” She didn’t count on that little exercise earlier in the day. But it was a good day. The pair seemed to enjoy it, along with the company they kept each other and of those cute furballs, that got rehomed. When Dakota gave her the card. Jessalyn glanced at the number, nodding as she took a mental note of it. “I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.” Tucking the card into her bag for safe keeping. Jessalyn then slowly gathered the rest of her stuff, now that everything was packed away. “Yeah, generosity of the holidays I suppose.” But hopefully the shelter will be happy with their well done. It made her wonder how other volunteers from the shelter had done, with their own adoptions. Hopefully some success there too.

Jessalyn nodded, with a warm smile. “You too. Have a good evening Dakota.” Waving back to the elder female. The Initia went her separate way. Stopping by one of the shops on her way home, for a snack. She was feeling peck-ish and needed something to nibble on, during her way home.


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