Dakota was generally a busy person, her day job was as a teacher and that was always her first love, she enjoyed coming up with lesson plans and thinking about new and interesting ways to teach the kids things, she would spend hours of her free time planning out ideas and inventing clever ideas to engage the different kids in her class. Some of them worked well with orthodox ways, some of them needed her to be more inventive. She loved her job. But it also came with a lot of downtime, considering schools weren’t always in session and there were scattered breaks throughout the year.

So in the time that she had off, she often liked to get herself involved in volunteer work. The Diviner wasn’t the kind of person who liked to stay at home all the time when she had vacation time, she preferred to spend her time keeping busy and while planning lessons for the new term always kept her pretty busy, she wanted a reason to get out of the house. She had signed up with Everheart animal shelter a few months earlier in the year and it had been a lot of fun working with them, mostly she helped with the general care of the animals and because she was a good speaker, she had worked her way into helping with the adoption pairings where potential owners were paired with dogs that fit their lifestyle.

Today was special though because the shelter was holding an adoption rally this weekend which meant several of the volunteers got to take some of the animals out to setups around the city to try and get them adopted. She had driven around to the shelter and registered before being given 3 dogs and a cat to bring out to her setting. It was a lot to handle but she’d gotten used to transporting the animals around by now so she drove them over to the parking lot where the rally was taking place and unloaded them from the car, leading the three dogs on leashes and carrying the cat in its carrier. By the time she got over to the tent she had been tied up by a leash at least three times and been pawed at by the cat but she had a smile on her face as she came to greet the other girl who would be working her on the adoption rally today.

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Dakota did raise a good point; no matter how they felt about the adorable creatures-they were helping them find forever homes, even if saying goodbye was sometimes hard. “Let’s hope your roommate, is an animal person then.” It would be rare, to find someone that wasn’t an animal person. Hopefully her roommate, wasn’t allergic either; or Dakota having a pet would be hard again. “That’s true.” Jessa smiled softly. At least Dogs usually guard their territory.

The young Initia listened intently; as Dakota shared her own experience about college and what path she eventually settled on. At least, she wasn’t alone in the indecisive boat then. “I’ve always admired, anyone that decided to go into the teaching profession.” Jessalyn said honestly. Knowing not all children were sunshine and happiness; so it was no doubt tough having to deal with some of the bad behaved children. “I imagine, it takes a lot of patience trying to teach someone.” Or hopefully Dakota was lucky, and she had a good bunch of students; that didn’t give her a hassle like some.

Of course, she’d think the young Initia had her ways of bribing. She just held up her hands; showing her she was free of anything on her; as she laughed. But it was good to see the progress that was slowly unfolding in front of them. Whilst the Donations would help the shelter; Jessalyn felt the excitement building; as the first potential adoptive family for the animals was here.

Hearing what Dakota told the parents, Jessalyn quipped in for a few moments. “Whilst,Cassie and Brody are very attached to each other. I think, they’d be the best choice for your family.” Jessalyn smiled at the parents warmly; letting the young girl play with the two elder dogs. “Not to mention, your little girl has quite an adorable bond with the pair already.” And it was clear, that the elder dogs loved the little girl back already. It was sweet to see.

At parents were a little quiet at the prospect of adopting two dogs; let alone one. But seeing their daughter with Cassie and Brody; it did warm them towards the idea more. And they did feel a pull towards the elder dogs too. “The more the merrier.” the young male finally said with a smile. The couple agreeing to adopt the two elder dogs. Why not? At least, the two dogs would keep each other company, so the other wouldn't be lonely without the other one around. Plus, two dogs would make the house more lively and fun. And Cassie and Brody did indeed seem like the perfect pair for the family; so they couldn't say no to having the both of them.

Success. Jessalyn smiled, as the pair agreed to take Cassie and Brody. Giving them the adoption papers to sign.

“I’m not sure I could trust someone who isn’t an animal person” she admitted witb a soft laugh, while her ex-husband hadn’t been able to have a pet of his own thanks to allergies, he had always loved animals and she fondly remembered them going to the local animal sanctuary a few times, he enjoyed them from afar while she got to interact with them “I mean how could you not fall in love” she commented as she looked down at Patch who was brushing up against her leg and she gave him gently scratches behind the ears, absolutely adorable.

She smiled gently when Jessalyn expressed her respect for someone who was a teacher, it wasn’t often that her profession got the recognition the Diviner thought it deserved so she was glad for the commented “It’s definitely a big commitment I’ll admit that much” she spoke softly thinking about the pressures that came with her work, she was shaping the minds of a future generation after all and she felt a responsibility to do it well “But it’s also really rewarding, seeing kinds slowly come into their own” and she taught at quite a transitional age too which only added to it.

Their attention became mostly focused around the young couple who seemed very interested in a potential adoption. Kota had to admit she was surprised to find anyone so early in the day considering these rallies usually took all day and even then they didn’t always manage to get every animal adopted. Though in this case, they did have some very good-tempered animals who shone in their own lights and maybe people were seeing that.

It took some convincing and some raw interactions between the two potential owners, their young child who was utterly smitten by all the animals around them and Kota and Jessalyn providing them information. When they seemed interested in Cassie and Brody she had explained their story and how they had come to the shelter, how they seemingly had found solace in one another since then and essentially how relaxed they were. An older dog was usually a better choice for a first-time owner because they already had most of their training, which meant they got to skip straight to the enjoyment of having a new family member.

She broke into a wide grin when they finally came to the decision to take both the dogs and she helped them as they completed the adoption paperwork, she got the feeling the parents were a little overwhelmed by the sudden choice so she explained expectations they should have and explained a few tips for them while they were completing and then before long, they were ready to send off two of their pups to a loving and very excited family. By the time they were walking away with them on leashes she was breathing a sigh of relief because today had already been overwhelming and they were only an hour in “Coffee?” she asked Jessalyn, jerking her chin towards the cafe which had now opened “You can keep an eye on these two rascals right?” she definitely wanted some caffeine.

There were professions that the young Initia felt, like people didn’t appreciate as much sometimes. Teachers was one of them. People often overlooked them, for other high powered careers such as lawyers, or something more exciting like the celebrities and their lives. “I can imagine, what grade do you teach?” she asked curious. It wasn’t often, that she met someone whom taught at school.The only teachers she had known; where the ones from her schools. But none of her friends...new or old, had been in that profession. Dakota was the first.

It was a pleasant surprise; they had such good luck so early on in the day. But Kota had been right. It was impossible, to not fall for the adorable creatures; they were trying to find forever homes for. But the two girls seemed to a good team; when it came to giving the young couple all of the information needed and in persuading them to take on both of the elder dogs.

Jessalyn gave Dakota a wide smile; as the parents of the small girl were signing the papers. Their young daughter was so excited; that she gave both Jessalyn and Dakota big hugs. Before also hugging the new additions to the family. Making Jessa smile. The young girl looked so happy. It was an endearing sight to watch. And it made her feel good, knowing that Cassie and Brody, would have a loving family. Fingers crossed, the rest of the day would be a success.

“Coffee would be great.”The young Initia could use some caffeine too. “Black, 1 sugar.” she said softly. “Yeah, I got them don’t worry.” she assured Dakota with a nod. What could go wrong, right? A few minutes alone, shouldn’t be a problem. Or so she thought.

As Dakota went to get them coffee; Jessalyn stayed by their station. Giving Patch a treat; for being so good. Whilst Charlie was still occupied in trying to get his own treats from the toy she brought for him earlier. A few people stopped by, to look at the remaining animals. A few petted them, and gave them more donations. A few of the passers by, accepted the flyers on Everheart, or one of the little souvenirs they had on the table. Her vision was on the little rascals; and they seemed to behave. But one moment, Patch had somehow managed to sneak out of the make shift pen. Slipping past Jessalyn unknown. The Puppy was curious and wanted to explore.

Seeing Patch making his way across the courtyard; her eyes widened. Asking the nearest stranger to mind the station and Charlie. Breaking into a run. “Patch!” she called after the puppy. “You little cheeky, puppy..” she called after him, half laughing. Whilst trying to catch him. Okay, chasing after an adorable pup, in the morning hours. Hadn’t been on her list. And so for the next few minutes; the pair seemed to be going in circles. A few passers by; were amused at the scene. Before one kind stranger joined in the hunt for Patch, to help out Jessalyn. So the Puppy wouldn’t escape out of premises...as Jessalyn didn’t exactly want to chase around the entire city after the young pupper.

Kota really enjoyed her job but it was definitely a lot, you never really switched off from a teaching job because there was always more to do, lessons to plan, homework to read and grade and trips to organize, but it was also rewarding, seeing the way the kids changed over the course of year “7th Grade mostly though I did teach 8th one year too” she smiled softly, she found around age 11 to 12 was a good age for actually being able to teach the kids something meaningful but also keep variety to her work “Right about when the kids start to get a little bit of attitude unfortunately” she grinned because she just took that as a challenge really.

It was nice to see some success for once, a lot of these rallies were good for getting donations but the adoptions were far more difficult, though perhaps they could call it a Christmas miracle for Cassie and Brody considering the holiday was only a few weeks away. Either way, it was endearing to see the little family walk away with the newest members of their group with a massive smile on her face. She was on a high but the early morning was definitely getting to her so coffee seemed like the next logical port of call.

Kota nodded remembering Jessalyn’s order before she headed over to the little cafe on the corner of the square and headed inside. She headed up to the counter and requested her two coffee orders before asking if they took charity flyers. Which thankfully they did so she slid one of the Everheart papers across the desk with a thankful smile before heading to the waiting area and taking in the warmth as she watched the drinks being made. When they were done she paid and tossed some of the spare coins from her purse into the tip jar as thanks for the flyer.

She was carrying the two coffee cups, one in either hand as she headed out into the square again, looking around a little confused because there was a random guy standing around the desk with a slightly clueless look on his face as he guarded Charlie from being able to get out of the pen and Patch and Jessalyn weren’t in sight. She quickly dashed over to the pen and thanked the guy for watching over the cat while she set the coffee down on the table and he quickly explained that the puppy had gone runaway.

She looked around for a moment, asking the kind stranger if he was okay to watch the desk as she went to help out and she quickly coaxed Charlie into his cat carrier and closed the latch so they wouldn’t have a second runaway on their hands before she headed off in the direction of where she heard yelling. She saw the scene before her, the crazy little pup darting in and out of the people who kept trying to grab him before he disappeared back into the crowd, she saw the younger girl chasing after him and another stranger helping to block one of the exits so she decided to stay where she was so she could guard this other one “Hold still and see if you can coax him over” she called out over the crowd, she’d met Patch before and he could get a little flighty when he was excited or scared of which he might be a little of both right now.

By the time Dakota was back with the coffees, Jessalyn still was trying to catch Patch. It wasn’t exactly, how she was hoping the morning would go; having a little run-away incident; hadn’t been in her books. But yes, added some more excitement and bit of exercise into the already emotional morning. Yet, it also added in worry. Jessalyn didn’t want to be responsible for losing one of the shelter’s animals; if Patch escaped and was loose all of the city. That would just spell out unwanted trouble.

The young Initia suddenly heard Dakota calling out to her. Seeing her blocking the other exit luckily. Deciding to try her technique. Jessalyn stopped and kneeled down slightly. “Come on boy...come on Patch, it’s okay. Come on.” she spoke softly, coaxing the run-away puppy towards her. At first, it didn’t seem to work so well; as the Puppy kept twisting, turning; wanting to dart away. But the more, Jessalyn tried to coax him towards her. It finally worked. Patch eventually came to Jessalyn. Rubbing against her hand and leg.

Sighing in relief. Jessalyn rubbed Patch’s head. “Goood boy.” she smiled. Eventually scooping him up into her arms. Jessalyn scratched behind his ear. The puppy looking more content at the affection he was getting; as it helped him calm down in her arms. Thanking the few people, that had been trying to help her catch Patch. Jessalyn made her way over to Dakota, with Patch in her arms. Sighing slightly. “Talk about, exercise.” she said with a slight laugh. “Thanks for the tip.” she gave her a soft smile. Thank god, Dakota knew Patch more than she did; otherwise she would still be chasing after the puppy like a mad woman.

Once they got back to the station. Jessalyn put Patch back into the makeshift pen. Getting in there with him; to assure that the puppy was calmed down properly and that he wouldn’t make a bolt for it; the second she’d step out of there, again.

“I am sorry, about that. But thank you so much, for looking after our station.” Jessalyn apologised to the stranger, that had been looking after their table; whilst the whole fiasco had been going on.

She had to admit, in all of her years of volunteering and doing these rallies, she’d definitely worried about the possibility of a runaway before but she’d never actually seen it happen til today, thankfully there were plenty of people around to help them ensure that the troublemaker didn’t manage to get too far. She breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Patch finally begin to calm down and then eventually shuffle his way into Jessalyn’s arms and she smiled brightly, thanking the people around who had helped them to catch the little runaway.

She had to laugh when Jessalyn said that was quite the workout “Oh yeah they’ll really make you work for it if you let them” she grimaced slightly as they got back to the station and watched as she set the pup back into the pen “I think we should probably put a leash on him so it’s easier to grab him if he makes a run for it again” she went through the collars and leashes they had for purchase as part of the donation stall and picked out a blue pair which she held up to show “I think he’d look pretty handsome in these don’t you think”.

The stranger who had taken care of the donation box and stock came over to greet the young pup after Jessalyn had thanked him for his help, he shook his head in a humble manner insisting anyone would have done the same and placing a donation into the box before he was on his way. “Well that’s my faith in humanity restored for today” she quipped it with a grin and then went back to the cat carrier to let Charlie back out of the cat carrier.

It was about then she remembered the coffee sitting on the side of the desk and picked up Jessalyn’s to offer it out to her “I’d say you’ve earned yours tenfold, you’re quite the speedster” she commented with a laugh as she took a long sip of her own drink leaning against the table for a moment, it was getting into mid-morning now and the people were bustling around them, lots of people came to greet the animals and ask questions about their work which Kota was more than happy to talk to them about and explain how they could come into the shelter and find their perfect pet.

After a while she noticed a young woman, probably in her early 20s, cradling Charlie in her arms and swinging him a little, she had been there quietly fussing the city for a while and noticing her she shot Jessalyn a look implying that they seemed to have an instant bond. They were about halfway through the day now and it looked like they had another potential adopter.

The young Initia was a little out of breathe. It had been a while, since she had run all over the place like that. And being bundled up in warm clothes for the winter; restricted her movements slightly, and now had her feeling bit sweaty and hot. But nonetheless; she had managed to catch Patch. Thank gods, the puppy did not escape from one of the exists; or they would have been toast.

“He’s just really sneaky.” Jessalyn retorted with a giggle. Otherwise, she was sure; she would have been fine. As Dakota suggested putting him on a leash; she nodded. “After this little...run. I think a leash might be needed.” she admitted. At least, Patch wouldn’t get far, with a leash on. Rubbing behind Patch’s ears to keep him happy and content; she glanced up towards the leash that Dakota held out for examination. “I think it’s just his color.” With a smile; she held out her hand. Taking the blue collar and leash from Dakota. Before putting it around Patch; securing the leash around a leg of the table;so he wouldn’t be able to run that far off. But still left him enough space to roam around.

As the man gave them some donations; Jessalyn smiled softly. Kind soul indeed. Wishing him happy holidays before he left. “Every little helps.” In this case; that man had been more of a bigger help than expected. Looking after their stall and even donated for the cause.

Climbing out of the pen; Jessalyn tossed a small treat to Patch; to keep him occupied. When Dakota spoke, she smiled. “Guess having been on the school’s running team paid off.” The young Initia was quite sporty; Jessalyn had a variety of hobbies; and she always liked to try out new things; sports included. She had been quite a good runner; when in combat. She used her element of air, to help aid her in speed. Not that she relied on that, during this instance. As magical help wasn’t needed, per say. Thanking her for the coffee; she took hers. Holding the warm cup in her hand; before taking a long sip. The coffee felt good. And after the morning they had so far, it was needed.

With the crowd picking up; the young Initia was feeling hopeful that they might be able to find Charlie and Patch, their forever homes also. It would be a happy ending for all. It seemed like someone had took a shine to Charlie. Giving Dakota a smile and a nod. Jessalyn turned to the young woman that was fussing over the purring kitty. “Have you thought of getting a pet? I think Charlie really likes you.” she told the girl with a warm smile. “He’s very playful and energetic. But seems like you two would make a good match.”

Just then, the young woman began to tell them how she indeed had been wanting a pet. And that Charlie reminded her, of a cat that she had as a young child. That story, made her heart swell. When the young woman announced that she wanted to adopt Charlie. Jessalyn smiled warmly, sliding over the adoption papers for Charlie and a pen.

“I’m sure in any other situation that would be charming, he probably wanted to play” she laughed softly, most of the dogs she had helped to get adopted tended to be older than Patch, the young pup had been turned in after the owner had found out their dog was pregnant and hadn’t realize. All of Patch’s littermates had already found their forever homes but this one trouble maker still needed to find his perfect family. She nodded approvingly as she put the leash and collar on him “I’m sure the new owner we find him today won’t mind a free leash and collar” she snickered slightly knowing that sounded confident but she had a good feeling.

She laughed softly when Jessalyn said being on the running team had helped her out “And then some, I’ve never been big on running myself, I get out of breath too easily” she laughed softly and shrugged her shoulders slightly, she did cycling mostly for her exercise and enjoyed the odd hike up the mountains when the weather was decent. “Do you still do any sports?” she asked curiously, she’d thought about trying squash or badminton a few times before because those seemed like fun but it wasn’t the kind of thing you could just show up to and do, normally you needed to bring a partner and hire and court and the likes.

She had to admit the girl looked really sweet with Charlie in her arms and the little kitten seemed perfectly content in her arms which was surprising considering that she had always found Charlie to be a little wriggly and restless. Some people and animals just clicked instantly she supposed and before long the girl had filled out the adoption papers and listened to her rundown of care before heading out of the square with a massive smile on her face.

“And then there was one” she spoke softly with a wry smile sitting herself down on one of their chairs and changing the sign to ‘sorry we’re away’ because it was now lunchtime and she was hungry “Did you bring lunch? If not I made far too many sandwiches” she opened her bag pulling out the Tupperware she had brought and set it down on the table before grabbing one of the cheese sandwiches and snacking away on it between taking sips of her coffee “Hopefully the other stations are doing as well as we’re doing, would be really nice to come back to an empty kennel” well a little sad admittedly but happy too because all those pets found new homes.

True. If it was any other situation; Jessalyn wouldn’t have been so worried and would have let Patch run around. But they were in the city. They couldn’t afford to let him loose like that. “Either that, or he wanted to go for a little run.” Patch was probably getting impatient; in that make-shift pen. It had been a long morning so far. “Hopefully not. It’s probably not every day, someone gets a free leash and collar, to go.” she said smiling.

As Dakota told her, she wasn’t big on running. Jessalyn smiled. “If you stretch yourself, the first time round, then it makes sense. You gotta take it easy at first.” Like anything, know your limits and slowly take it one thing at a time. That’s why Jessalyn started off slow, before she eventually run longer distances; when she got used to it. But she always liked running through the park, or by the river. Jessalyn nodded. “I still jog on occasion. But with winter season. I haven’t run in a while. I got into Horse-back riding a few months back. I also like swimming and play frisbey on occasion.” Clearly, she liked to keep in shape; with various activities. “Do you do any sports?”

Jessalyn had to admit; it felt a bit more quiet and less chaotic with only Patch left. But all of the animals came to loving homes. So even if it felt a little bitter-sweet, having to say goodbye. They would have a happy life ahead of them.

“Hopefully, it’ll be a full 4.” It would be amazing, if they could find Patch a home also. Fingers crossed, other stations were having some luck today too. As Dakota mentioned lunch. The young Initia looked unsure. “I think..” looking into her bag...she mentally slapped herself. “Nope..looks like I forgot my lunch on the counter, back home..” Jessalyn admitted with a slight laugh. She had been in a bit of a rush, that morning; that she forgot to take her lunch with her. Taking a seat. Jessalyn stretched her legs slightly, sipping her coffee. “I think you’re a bit of a life saver, on this occasion.” Jessalyn spoke, as she saw how many sandwiches Dakota pulled out of her bag.

“He’s probably restless, you know what puppies are like, so full of energy that they’ll run you ragged given half the chance” thankfully they got a little easier to handle when they got older and some of that energy burned off a little, though there were still some breeds who needed just as much walking and exercise for their entire lives, all depended on which pup you chose. “Not sure if there’s a rule against rewarding them after they totally break out but” she reached for the treats and grabbed a couple before tossing them over to the pup “He’s too cute to resist” she admitted and scrunched her nose slightly.

She nodded slightly “Oh yeah I know that you have to build stamina, I just don’t have the willpower to get there” she grinned slightly, the whole idea of running just disagreed with her she supposed or anything which involved feeling extremely breathless or sore “Swimming is pretty fun, though I think I’d much prefer an outdoor pool which isn’t really an option this time of year” she laughed softly “I walk mostly, I take a lot of hikes on the weekend and then I cycle to the school and back” she had built exercise into the necessary actions in her life “I also usually get involved in whatever physical activity the kids are doing that week, which believe me can get crazy tiring” especially when it was something like basketball.

“Would be a bit of a Christmas miracle” she commented in return, thankfully this time of year was where a lot of families were looking for new members to add, it was after the holidays that things tended to get really intense at the shelter, with people getting animals they can’t afford to care for. As she made herself comfortable and started tucking into her sandwich she laughed gently as Jessalyn admitted she forgot to bring hers “Well then I guess it was meant to be, I make too much, you forget yours” she laughed softly as she sipped at her slightly cold coffee and pushed the box over towards the younger female “Help yourself” she smiled softly.

“So were you born in Evermore or did you move here from somewhere else?” Kota had noticed her accent sounded American at times but also sometimes a hint of British so she wondered if she had moved here from England a while ago.

“Very true. Suppose few kittens get like that too.” Of course, cats were more independent than dogs. But she had known a few very playful cats and kittens; that could make you work for it too.. At least in their younger years. When cats got older, they were more happy, being on their own, doing their own thing.The young Initia figured, it was all to do with personality. Each animal had their own character traits. Like people. So it was always interesting/amusing to watch them. Jessa couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her, at Dakota’s comment. “That doesn’t even sound legit, of a rule.” she shook her head amused. “I agree, he is a cutie. Plus...hopefully...it’ll keep him distracted.” Fingers crossed, Patch was feeling a bit calmer now. Or, they’d be after him a second time. Even if he hadn’t broken out. They’d probably spoil him a bit.

“I admit...it does take a while.” It had taken her a while to build up stamina too...and even more so motivation, to do so. But she found that running/jogging, could be quite fun. And she seen some nice spots, on her runs. Jessalyn did miss swimming out in the open. The indoor pool wasn’t the same.  Feeling like it was a bit too crowded; especially with kids and families heading for a swim, more often. “Yeah, I always preferred the sea, or lakes.” But she didn’t really want to freeze, in the cold waters. It seemed like Kota did plenty of different physical activities too. “I bet, you’ve found plenty of nice spots whilst Hiking?” Nodding as she mentioned, joining in with whatever the kids did at school. “I remember, some of my old teachers hating anything physical like rugby, and basketball. Unless they taught Sport as a subject of course.” It was quite amusing. As some didn’t want to be involved...but had no choice, when sports day came really. As teacher support from all classes was a must.

“I think, we need a bit of a Christmas Miracle.” Jessalyn said with a soft smile. It was a wonderful time of the year after all. Hopefully, something good would happen for Patch too. “I guess so.” she nodded.But was thankful, that at least someone had made enough lunch for two. “Thanks.” she gave her a warm smile; before grabbing one of the sandwhiches from the box. Taking a bite. “Remind me, to double check things...even when rushing.”

Jessalyn didn’t sometimes realise; that her accent came and went. Over the years of living in Evermore; she had picked up on an American accent. But often, her British accent would come true. “No, I was born in Surrey, England. I only lived in Evermore, for the last 3-4 years.” She said with a soft smile. “Me and my siblings travelled around Europe and few other countries, before they moved out here first. But I was finishing off my studies; before eventually coming here myself. I guess, I picked up on the accent, but sometimes my English one comes through huh?” she said with a giggle.

She nodded a few times in agreement “Yeah they’re young and full of energy” she nodded a little, that would become lesser with time as they settled into their lives and got past the need to constantly play but taking on a young pet could be quite exhausting she imagined. “We can hope” she commented when she said she hoped they could keep him busy with treats, she wasn’t sure either of them had the energy to be running him down yet again. “Open water swimming is the best” she agreed with a laugh “Cold, but the water feels different somehow” plus you didn’t have to worry about getting chlorine in your eyes which was always a plus. She nodded enthusiastically when she said she was sure she had found some good spots in the city “The woods and the mountains especially have some great views” she responded with a nod of her head “And if I’m feeling lazy I just take a walk by the river which can be nice, especially when all the kayaks are out on the water” she smiled softly, now that was something which looked fun.

“I mean I don’t think any teachers actually enjoy the whole activity thing and contact sports can definitely get….interesting” one polite word for it, they insisted on putting them in the curriculum but the kids didn’t really hold back which often meant they got hurt if she wasn’t watching them carefully, she much preferred things like basketball or even cross country training “Besides I have to show the other teachers how it’s done” she grinned slightly, she was a little competitive she’d admit that much.

“I agree, it would be nice to go home with some good news” there was still a month until Christmas and they tended to stop allowing adoptions too close to the date because of the fear people would adopt pets as presents but not take any real consideration of what they were committing to, January was the worst for new entries to the shelter and that always broke her heart a little. “Yeah I have to plan everything in advance to avoid me forgetting when I’m rushing, I always pack my bag before bed while my head’s in the right place” she chuckled softly, it was easy to forget or overlook things when you were tired in the morning, especially if you were running behind.

She had to admit that she was surprised she had only been in America a few years because she had picked up on the American accent pretty well, then again she was very young so she imagined it was easier to pick up “Oh so you’ve been a little bit of here there and everywhere huh?” she raised her brows curiously, she’d never actually made it outside of America but she’d love to one day. She chuckled when she said her accent comes through “You sound American but sometimes you speak the words a bit too fully for an American” she grinned slightly “You pronounce your Ts too well” not that it was a bad thing, she just recognized the little changes “We have a girl in my class who transferred from England recently so I’m used to the little quirks” she explained as she finished off her first sandwich and grabbed another.


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