It's a week before Christmas and Macie wants to make everyone happy by delivering Christmas presents to everyone. Will it go her way without a hitch or will there be drama along the way? Will anyone help put a smile on people's faces or will Macie be left to face it alone? Open to 2 others


It was the week before Christmas, everywhere was lit up and the ground was covered in snow. Everywhere you looked was full of Christmas cheer, people were rushing around doing last minute shopping, kids were playing out together chucking snowballs at each other and building snowmen, people were singing christmas carols and people were doing random acts of kindness for each other. 

That day Macie was sitting in her restaurant wrapping up lots and lots of Christmas presents. She didn’t really know anyone in Evermore City but her plan was to deliver presents to people in the city just to make them smile. Macie loved wrapping presents and didn’t care, she didn’t really know people to give presents to, she just liked to see people happy. There was a wide range of presents from vouchers to The Blacks’ Restaurant, to Pyjamas and slippers, to Cookies, to Gift Sets and more. Once she had finished wrapping the presents she sat down to write Christmas cards to go with the Christmas Gifts.

“ To Residents of Evermore,

I don’t know you, but this is just a little christmas present to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoy this little gift and here is a token to come to The Blacks’ Restaurant for a free Christmas dinner on the house! The Blacks’ Restaurant will be open over Christmas for anyone who wants to stop by whether it's for a drink, a meal or just for someone / somewhere to chill.

Hope to see you over the Christmas period.

Kindest Regards,

Macie Black”

Macie had no intentions of closing over the Christmas period. Mainly because she had no friends or nobody to spend Christmas with and she wanted her Restaurant to be open for anyone else who may be lonely like Macie. Once Macie had finished Wrapping all the Christmas Presents and Writing all the cards she pops back up to the apartment to get changed. She wanted to look nice to deliver presents. Macie puts on a red and white christmas dress with some white snowflake tights. Once Macie has finished getting dressed she curls her hair, puts on a Santa hat and puts on a black leather coat to keep a bit warmer. When she finished getting ready she went downstairs and grabbed the first lot of presents and headed out of the restaurant. As Macie headed out the restaurant she bumped into someone and dropped the presents by accident. “Oh! I am so sorry I didn’t see where I was going” she exclaimed as she bent down to start grabbing the Christmas presents again.

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Aiden sighed as he looked out at the snow-covered city but the weather brought no happiness to him the last time he was happy in the snow all his coven was alive as he closed his eyes he turned on his heel as he made his way towards his desk taking a seat as he looked at the paperwork before taking out two checks writing one to  Ms S. Hale and Colton before sliding them into envelopes and sealing them shut as he looked at the 2 charitable funds he helped with as he wrote out 2 checks one for  Macies Restaurant and a children’s charity.

Aiden rose from his seat with the envelopes as he walked to his private lift as he began lower down the floors reaching the ground floor he walked out into the street as the Christmas crowds went about there business. as he orientated his route he began to walk to where the restaurant was as he looked around he couldn’t understand what made people so jolly about the season it did nothing for him as he walked up to the nearest post box he sorted the letters out as he placed them inside before making his way further down the street all of a sudden he was  knocked into by a series of presents and a girl apologizing for a little annoyance grew on his face  grew before he sighed  helping her lift the  presents “ let me  carry them to where you are taking them save  being dropped again

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