Dominic had his back against the wall outside of the warehouse, his boots crossed at the ankles as he leaned there nonchalantly. He brought the bottle to his lips and took a drink of the cold beer, watching as the small black  waves of the river lapped about. In the distance and across the water was the city with the sporadic lights of the tall buildings making up the skyline for miles. It would make for a serene spot for someone to spend some time with their thoughts if not for the loud music coming from inside the warehouse. The bass was thumping so furiously, he could feel the vibrations on his back and under his feet as he stood outside on the pier. 

There were at least a couple hundred people out here tonight. Evermore had set up a warehouse and bonfire party to raise money for some such thing he wasn't particularly interested in, but it definitely brought the crowds in. Currently the DJ was playing lots of EDM to keep the people dancing until the next live band came out on stage to play. A few street vendors were lined up along the docks for the occasion and when he turned his head, Dom could see they were beginning to set up for the bonfire further towards the end of the row.

Normally this wouldn't be his scene unless he was working the event for extra cash as a bouncer which he hadn't really done in a long time, but he was there because the Ailwards wanted to make sure that huge gatherings like this wouldn't be a prime target for the person responsible for the weird events going on around the city. He personally wanted to be here tonight because one, it was a perfect setting for something off to happen, and two, he'd like a little revenge for what had personally happened to him after being possessed by one of those things from the void. 

It was normal though, at least for now. People were enjoying themselves inside and outside, dancing and walking along the piers. The Guard continued to remain vigilant though, being the proverbial fly on the wall and watching for anything that might appear out of the ordinary. It didn't hurt he got to drink a bit either. 

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