“Where is it!” She screamed into the Archives Hall as she was pulling books from the shelves to look behind them. “How could it just be gone?” she turned to look towards the ottoman that was following her. “Did you hide it?” When it shook itself in the manor that meant no she sighed. “I know of course you didn't. I just can’t believe I lost it. I never lose anything.” She muttered to herself as she sighed moving to a map of the city looking it over. “I should use a locator spell to find it.” She said as she moved to pick up the dagger. Cutting her hand open as she repeated the words in latin watching her blood make a trail from the library past Evermore borders to a town that seemed just beyond the border.

“How in the hell.” She muttered softly before she picked up her bag after wrapping a cloth around her hand and tossed her things in her bag. Without much thought to let him know she was on her way. She porteled herself into Wyatt home. In his kitchen as she looked around and called out. “Wyatt! I need your help!” She called out as she pulled out the map and placed it on the counter there. “Something bad has happened!” She called out hearing the pounding of his footsteps she knew he was here. She raised her other hand to her lips and bit down on her thumb nail.

When she heard his foot step closer she dropped her hand forgetting her other one was cut open as it was bleeding through the cloth wrapped around her hands. “So there is this Artifact that Malva asked for and when I started to look around the hall for it I couldn’t find it. So Locator spell naturally and well.” She pointed it out. “It was stolen from the hall somehow and seems to be just outside of Evermore. Will you come with me and help me get it back. Then maybe help me figure out how someone got into the hall without me knowing.”

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Wyatt ported into the Archives as only a handful of people could do. He appeared inside of the room Penny and him would often hang out in. It was a sitting area far and away from the rest of the hubbub of the building where others were milling about doing their research or stowing away their magical items in their assigned rooms. The lounge had once been a place he and Winston would sit for hours talking about their travels around the world, including all the artifacts the older man would've sent him to try and track down and keep safe in the Archives. Now it was a place for the former keeper's daughter and Wyatt to continue on.

He strolled over to the small refrigerator they kept in the room and paused for a few moments to decide on water or beer. Beer won out pretty quickly. He placed the bottle to his aching head, enjoying the coolness against his skin. "Hand's okay," he replied as Penny came over to inspect him. Wyatt lowered the bottle once she was near and eyeing what her handy work did, noting her eyes moving to his neck which was undoubtedly sore. "It was worth the pain and I've hit guys with tougher skulls." He smirked for a brief moment and held the Helm out to her quietly while the thoughts of what might've transpired between her and Fred played out in his mind. Thinking about what he might've made Penny do without her realizing it was worrying. It was also making him furious all over again.

"Owe me?" he scoffed and shook his head, walking over to sit down in the worn, brown leather chair that was melded to his figure now from sitting in it for so many years. "You don't owe me anything. Well, maybe some more time helping me with translations, but..." he trailed off, jokingly. "I've been helping to keep the Archives safe for a long time. You know I'd do anything to make sure everything inside of it remained out of the hands of jackasses like Freddy. Even so, I'd hope you know I'd do anything to help you out, Archives related or not." 

He didn't exactly know if bringing up the topic on whether or not she was as lonely as Fred had mentioned was right just then and instead of trying to find the words, Wyatt used the bottle opener that he attached on the side table next to his chair, tossing the cap in the glass bowl that had become a decorative piece with dozens more inside. Taking a drink eased his sore throat and was more refreshing than he realized he needed. "Do you remember anything? He could've gotten more out of the Archives. You may have literally handed artifacts over with a smile and never knew what you were doing. You might not even know they are missing."

Penelope reached out and touched the bruising that was forming along his neck and gave a gentle frown on her lips. She was disappointed with herself, and the fact she let her weakness lead to him getting hurt by her nonetheless. She gave a pathetic chuckle at his words knowing he was trying to sooth her worries and upset over  what she had done to him. “I’m sure you have. I really know how to pick out the weak ones huh?” Taking hold of the helm she moved to place it on the table staring at it for a long moment. She had so many questions to ask but knew all would be answered once the library downloaded Fred consciousness. She knew there was a worst case scenario but was sure that it hadn’t gone that dark. Her protection charms were still intact on her bracelet.

As she settled back down her fingers moved to the set of bracelets that were around her wrist as she played with the charms in her thought. “Translations I can do in my sleep.” She said as her eyes seemed far away, not really looking at him as he tried to ease the tension with his jokes. She would welcome them any day but today there was a sinking rock in her gut. Finally she let her eyes move to him, the underline topic was there. It wasn’t something she ever truly planned on talking about, especially with him. “What in my life isn’t Archives related?” She said with a shrug of defeat of her shoulders. “Can’t even…” She trailed off as she looked off down the long hall that seemed to go one forever.

“Yeah I know you are there for me.” She finally said as she gave a huff before moving across the room to pick up a large book from a podium. Crossing the room to the table she had sat across from him before placing the book down on the table. “I am downloading his consciousness as we speak.” She said in a matter of fact manner that was cold for the usually boho free bird that she was. “I know, which means it's Inventory time. Which is something I had been putting off. Which is very unlike me.” She felt a sharp pain in the back of her head as she tried to focus on why she had been putting it off.

“Stupid.” She muttered to herself as she sighed moving to sit on the table with the book opened to the first page. “I can’t believe I let human needs get in the way of what my father protected for the world.” Her face held an expression of anger and upset but towards herself. “I…” She said as her head hung in defeat for a moment. “Dad would be so disappointed.” She said softly before reaching into the book pulling out a screen that held every magical item the hall held in what seemed like a never ending list.  Becoming quiet her eyes started to glow red as a second form of herself that was an illusion and fully red started to move towards the first item on the list.

Wyatt remained quiet while she stepped into the untouched waters of the subject that seemed to be something she had no intention of talking to him about. Still, she danced around what she was really feeling. He tried not to take it personally, as this wasn't about him, but he had always thought Penny would confide in him about anything. Everything. He supposed that was stupid though. Everyone had their own personal things they never shared with others no matter how close they were. Maybe he really wasn't around enough like he originally thought, way too caught up in his own shit that he'd forgotten to check in with one of the only people that really mattered to him. 

He watched as Penny moved about the room, going into Keeper mode. When she finally stopped was when Wyatt decided to move. The diviner stood, eyeing the projected image of Penny moving about the library to begin the inventory she had apparently put off. He quietly moved in front of her and placed his hand on hers. "Hey Batsy," he said quietly, waiting for her eyes to become their normal pastel green again and focus on his. "Your father would not be disappointed in you. He would be so proud of everything you've done here and what you continue doing. Hell, he'd be giving me the earful for not watching out for you. We're supposed to watch out for each other, right? You and me."

He sat next to her on the table with the beer in his hands, looking down into the darkened glass. "This place," he began, looking up finally and glancing around to a portion of the enormous collection that spanned only this section of the building in wonder. "It's a living, breathing thing. It takes a lot of fucking work and time. It's a huge responsibility, which your father knew." His gaze came back to hers again. "He hated the idea that he never got to have you in his life. It was his biggest regret. He would never put this place above you and he would never want you to not have a life of your own. It took him years to get a hang of this place, Pen. No one is expecting you to master it overnight or even a thousand nights. Not me, not Malva, not your dad. You can have a life and still be a Keeper. I'm no Winston, but your pops did trust me to hold down the fort when he wasn't around. You need to give yourself a break. Breathe some air beyond this stuffy place sometimes. It's the only way you'll really still feel sane and love this place like I know you do for years to come."

Wyatt slid off the table and took a sip of the beer before smiling to her. "Plus, I'm not really giving you much of a choice here either. Seriously. I'll babysit the Archives a few days a month while you go off and do whatever or whoever it is you want." He glanced down at the screen for a moment. "And I'm gonna crash here more too so you'll be so fucking tired of me that you'll want to go out just to get away from me." Kissing her on the head, he backpedaled to find the next item on the list. "Also, you seriously use too much magic for mundane things. You're like a Nazi for walking now." His smile grew wider to her before turning to go rifle through some tomes on the wall which were next on the list.

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