“Where is it!” She screamed into the Archives Hall as she was pulling books from the shelves to look behind them. “How could it just be gone?” she turned to look towards the ottoman that was following her. “Did you hide it?” When it shook itself in the manor that meant no she sighed. “I know of course you didn't. I just can’t believe I lost it. I never lose anything.” She muttered to herself as she sighed moving to a map of the city looking it over. “I should use a locator spell to find it.” She said as she moved to pick up the dagger. Cutting her hand open as she repeated the words in latin watching her blood make a trail from the library past Evermore borders to a town that seemed just beyond the border.

“How in the hell.” She muttered softly before she picked up her bag after wrapping a cloth around her hand and tossed her things in her bag. Without much thought to let him know she was on her way. She porteled herself into Wyatt home. In his kitchen as she looked around and called out. “Wyatt! I need your help!” She called out as she pulled out the map and placed it on the counter there. “Something bad has happened!” She called out hearing the pounding of his footsteps she knew he was here. She raised her other hand to her lips and bit down on her thumb nail.

When she heard his foot step closer she dropped her hand forgetting her other one was cut open as it was bleeding through the cloth wrapped around her hands. “So there is this Artifact that Malva asked for and when I started to look around the hall for it I couldn’t find it. So Locator spell naturally and well.” She pointed it out. “It was stolen from the hall somehow and seems to be just outside of Evermore. Will you come with me and help me get it back. Then maybe help me figure out how someone got into the hall without me knowing.”

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Taking a few steps back, Wyatt flexed his fingers and worked out the now dull pain in his knuckles after punching Fred with a great deal of satisfaction. Seeing that he was the cause of Fred's split lip was the cherry on top. He took another sip from his bottle and waited while Penelope coaxed the truth potion down their prisoner's throat. Oddly enough, he didn't put up much of a fight which made Wyatt's brow lift. Normally, most people wouldn't be too thrilled with the idea of being forced to drink something unknown while being held against their will, but it was almost like Fred knew what it was in that vial and wanted to spill his guts when it came to what it was he and his co-conspirators were up to. He was so fucking smug that he probably would've folded in telling them whatever they asked eventually just because he was so proud of it all.

Wyatt waited as the first question was asked. It was one he was dying to know as well, but the answer that came their way made his jaw relax, his lips parting slightly from the surprise. His eyes cut over to Pen momentarily at this revelation before looking back to Fred who continued on. His words made Wyatt's fist clench again as anger blurred his vision. Normally, he was very good at covering his tracks when it came to finding any magical artifacts and bringing them back safely to the Archives. How would Fred even know Wyatt would be the one to watch when it came to finding Penelope?

Perhaps a client? His mind drifted away for moment while he tried to remember all the people who had hired him recently to find something or maybe whomever he might've procured an item from. Maybe it somehow tracked back to him and they knew the Archives would be a place diviners from the area would store their things which would in turn lead to possibly finding Pen. He internally cursed at himself. 

Though he'd been concentrating more on backtracking where he might've been found out, Wyatt's mind whipped back into full focus with Fred's last statement. The clenched fist had found its target again as he crossed the space, connecting with the human's nose, and knocking him sideways once more. Sure, there were plenty of magical offensive strikes he could use against Fred, but there was nothing like hitting someone with a closed fist who truly deserved it. "Keep it up, smart ass, and it won't be just my right hook marking up that pretty face of yours." 

Wyatt glanced over to Penelope who seemed at a loss just then. They wanted the truth and now they were getting it, however difficult it might be to hear. "So you were hired. By whom?" The diviner's eyes began to glow a dim and threatening bright blue as indication that all the colorful commentary wasn't necessary, lest Fred wanted to graduate from getting punched to creative magical attacks. 

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