Months have passed yet Sofi only found herself thriving. She’s gotten more acquainted with the tribe members, especially the youngsters who were yet to choose their path between the mastery or diverse life. Everything was well now, but the busy life was something the Psychic Master couldn’t escape from, not that she was looking forward to it or even expected it. But, wouldn’t anyone who was working diligently want a break too? Sofi wasn’t excluded from that. A few months ago, she heard that plenty of people were looking for her, mostly for her services that she could provide; psychology. At least her PhD wasn’t wasted away. Whilst Sofi enjoyed her life as an Initia, that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy her life as a person too. And Sofi Zahara loves working as a psychologist, or in her case right now, a neuropsychologist. 

She had her own office at Evermore General but she also reserved a place nearby, an office where she could lead her clients to a more reserved setting without worrying about confidentiality. Not everyone prefers to go to a hospital. Some may just prefer to see a psychiatrist and not a psychologist. Wasn’t her mission to help people? To do her best to heal them? The blonde was halfway pulling her blouse on her because she just got out from her sparring with Eirik. After all, a few sparring sessions here and there wouldn’t hurt, especially when the partner was someone she knew very well. As she was stretching out to warm up for the evening as she was about to clock out for today, she noticed the clock had indicated that it was late enough for her to keep herself inside the office. Her clients grew in numbers and it’s been taking a toll on the psychologist, but it was nothing she couldn’t handle.

 Sofi closed the last of her patient’s file, pushing it aside as she neatly placed them in the cabinet, before promptly locking it using the lock she had around her keychain. “That’s more than enough for today” she murmured and grabbed her bag before locking her office and bidding the receptionist a good night before exiting the premise. Since it was located nearby, anyone could seek her out if they wanted to do so. A man went past her which she paid no focus to, though it did strike her as weird considering she was already going home so she wasn’t going to be available for any services. She probably should’ve just gone about her day and headed over to her car that was parked around the next block but she just remembered she forgot to take one certain file home. 

“Goddammit…” she cursed under her breath and head back to her office but before she could go pass the entrance, she heard a commotion in the alley next to their building, and Sofi being Sofi couldn’t avoid her instincts acting up so she went to check, only to find her receptionist pressed against the walls with another figure towering over her. Honestly, it looks like whoever it was, was ready to pounce on her like a prey, especially with the aura she detected emitting from her, “Hey, back away from the lady” she warned, but the figure didn’t seem to budge.

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Dead Ends.
They happened to everyone, no matter what branch of life you choose or career you pursue, a dead end will always crop up. They make a person feel unworthy, angry, frustrated, all of the above. Dead ends more often lead to more dead ends, like a domino effect, block after block, with no light at the end of the tunnel. Dead ends lead to ruts...And Everson Echo was in a rut. 

Everson, usually a calculated, well presented individual, now sat on the floor of his office, desk and compute pushed against the wall, rug thrown to a corner and paperwork surrounding him in a circle. Barefoot, in nothing but grey joggers and a black tee, the Human twisted around and around, grabbing at papers and throwing them aside, then shifting sheets into piles before spreading them back out. Everson Echo had entered this particular rut a week ago. He stopped turning up to work in suit, he stopped sorting his hair on a morning, stopped eating...He sat in this circle of papers looking for answers that were not there, as if new words would appear on the papers he'd read a hundred time over. 

"Head of Intel" Everson thought outload, his tone dripping with venom. "Head of Intel..." He repeated, his anger building and bubbling. He didn't know anything, he didn't have a clue. His breathing was heavy now and his hands dragged over the pine wood floor, sweeping the masses of documents away in one fail swoop, Pages flying into the air, jumbling and covering the corner of the room leaving the section of wood before him empty aside from one profile...The name on the page was Sofi Zahara. Grand Master of the Initia Faction, Master of the mind, 78 years old. Picking up the sheet, his hands still shook slightly. Intia...He hadn't been to them yet and the only information they had on this girl was half a page. 

Dragging himself up Everson checked the time, then his computer and clicked a few pages before finding the Initia's location, a private rental Office in the city...He chewed on his lip as he wondered his best approach strategy before huffing and going to change...

When Everson reached the building, pulling up in his blacked out Audi, He'd changed into black jeans and a black short-sleeved shirt. His bright blue eyes searched the outside of the building before spotting a shedding of blonde hair. That must be her. Climbing from the car, he approached slowly, his boots surprisingly quiet against the tarmac. He was hidden, until he noticed her shout towards a dark alley. The human slowed his approach, hearing a woman in distress and Miss Zahara shouting at the figure who didn't seem to flinch. 

The anger that bubbled from the male figure made Everson come to a halt, Even as a Human, Everson felt a cold shudder run down his spine. This wasn't normal...Quickly approached the Initia, Everson held up a hand "Wait!" He shouted and stopped just short. "I don't think...I don't think he'd fully himself right now." He said, urging the ambassador to understand. The news of the Diviner had spread pretty quickly through the factions of the City, the way he somehow manipulated emotions, how he turned innocents to murderers or kind people to assault their friends...He didn't know if the girl squeaking in the alley was aware, but his eyes bore into Sofi's, his brows raised, urging her to understand. 

"I can put him down." Everson said, dipping his hand into his pocket and pulling our a small silver sphere with little helicopter blades. Throwing the Drone into the air, he pulled his phone out to send it closer the male in the alley...

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When she came back to retrieve Nadiya's file, she didn't expect to stumble across such a situation that was currently unfolding in front of her. It wasn't exactly the last thing she had expected to see but still, the sight of her receptionist pinned against the wall in the alley next to her office building irked her. Sofi hated seeing powerful people misusing their authority or abilities on the weaker one. It made her even more annoyed because the poor victim just so happened to be her receptionist too, a person she's known for a few months and easily a close friend of hers.

 When the stranger seemingly didn't budge from where he stood despite her incessant yelling earlier, the blonde was halfway tempted to step in, until another voice interrupted her. Turning her head around to search for the source from where the voice came from, her gaze fell on a male standing not far from where she was, who might this be? Another stranger? He doesn't look to be complicit with the stranger from before though so Sofi didn't tense herself as much as her eyebrows furrowed, "You think?" it came out harsher as she scoffed but when she returned her sight on the other male, she couldn't help but to think maybe he was right. When he said he could put him down, once again, the Initia raised her eyebrows questioningly and was about to ask what he meant by that and how he was going to do that, until she saw what he brought out. 

She is in a good relationship with the human ambassador, Sariah, after befriending her one casual night, besides, as a newcomer, she ought to know about the Organization too. So yes, she knew exactly what kind of technology it is. Deciding not to press any further, she narrowed her blue hues on the male towering above her receptionist and urged for her to come to her instead. It was easier said than done, of course. Because he didn't allow her to do that. "Whatever you're doing, do it fast." She wanted to ask who he was but that can be reserved for later. 

The situation began to get more heared, the male in the alley was tugging and yanking at his victim. The blue eyed human knew this wasn't normal behaviour, and so he knew not to interfere himself. When he approached, the ambassoder scoffed. Scoffed, actually scoffed, Rude. He could'nt believe for a moment that she spoke to a stranger like that and was slightly taken about.

When she said about doing whatever her would do fast, a smirk lifted the corners of his lips and he pulled out his phone and clicked the screen a few times. The little drone like machine flew over and delivered a major electric shock to the male attacker. A frown tugged his features down as the assailant didn't drop immediately, so Everson turned up the watts and zapped the attacker once more, which made the male drop to the ground with a dull thud.

Bringing the small machine back, he caught it and pocketed it before the receptionist truly saw. Approaching, the crying femae streaked past him and he dodged the girls flailing arms to approach the assailant. Crouching over the males body, The human let out a short huff and turned his attention back to the Ambassador.

"What does the great Miss. Zahara make of that?"

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Sofi took care of her employees, there were not many of them considering it's a private building and she is mostly at the Evermore General whenever they need a neuropsychologist to help them with whatever neurosurgeons they had in the department hence why she only ever went back to her office a few times in the week. Her protective instincts were activated almost instantaneously when she saw how her receptionist was cowering in fear, god how much she hated it when someone used their power as their advantage to bully the weak. With her eyes still leveled on the poor girl, the blonde took a moment to glance back at the said human and watched as the scene before her unfold. 

The first attack didn't seem to go as planned because the guy was still on his good two feet. The second one came and that's when it was finally it. The moment the assailant finally fell down on the ground with a thud, she raised her eyebrows as she acknowledged what just happened. Well, that was convenient, indeed. Color her impressed. "Give me a second" she murmured to the said stranger and went back to comfort the girl who looked as if she was seconds away from fainting. 

"You're gonna go home and forget this ever happened" she whispered, now Sofi wasn't able to make them forget what happened, not deliberately. Her powers were more complex than just click and done, though she is more than capable to manipulate them by making them want to forget unconsciously which is what she is currently doing. Within minutes later, the girl went away and Sofi returned to the male from earlier who was standing over the assailants body. "You know me?"

Everson watched the Ambassador as she approached the scared victim. The woman stepped close to the body of the fallen assailant and she whispered something human ears couldn't quite get at this distance. His steely eyes staid upon the woman as she walked away, then shifted back to the ambassador he'd come to see.

"Of course." He said simply. Everson wasn't a man that gave much  away, he didn't like people knowing as much about him as he did about them. The human gestured to the body in the alley and shook his head a little. "It shouldn't have taken that much Wattage to put him down. There is something afoot here."

He turned his full attention back around to the Initia and cocked his head to the side. "I need to talk to you about whatever effecting the people around the city....and I think you and your mind abilities might be able to tell me something I don't already know." He approached his car once more, standing besider the passenger door, swinging it open.

"If I promise not to kidknap you, will you come for a drive?"

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She didn't like the idea of her worker feeling shaken by what just happened earlier. She tried her best to keep her away from all the supernatural stuff since her receptionist is just a human, one who knew about the supernatural world sure, but aside from that small information she had on the other world, she didn't delve too deep. Sofi told her a few times not to dig too deep, fearing she would find the truth to be more bitter than what she expected. Still, what happened earlier was something she didn't want her to remember so she tried influencing her to forget this ever happened and pass it off with another excuse of her being too tired. The blonde hated that she had to do that but sometimes you had to do things you don't want to for the sake of the situation itself. 

Once she had left, Sofi averted her gaze onto the male lying on the ground after being rendered unconscious by the shock earlier. He wasn't human, that's one thing for clear and judging from how he was about to pounce on his victim earlier showed his hunger. "He was either going to feed on her… or just rip her apart for fun" she exclaimed bluntly, kicking the body to the side as she expected him closer. "Looks like a Valkyr." When the other male told her his concerns regarding the mind abilities she had, Sofi narrowed her sapphire hues onto him, "Do I want to know how you know that?" She knew the humans had what they call the Organization but still, she didn't know how far the people working under that knew about the ambassadors.

"I don't know what to tell you, because truthfully, I have no idea what's going on in the city" of course she knew what's happening, she wasn't stupid but it didn't mean she knew to a dot. Doesn't mean he had to know she had that knowledge. Not until he gives her a reason to trust he is who he is. "If you promise not to kidnap me? That's a low bar to keep my standard to, what makes you think I can't defend myself should that situation ever arise?" His aura showed her signs of distress but he wasn't lying. "Also… what were you planning to do with the body?" She pointed towards the unconscious body still laid on the ground. 

Eversons piercing gaze stayed upon the ambassador as she kicked at the limp body of the Valkyr. “The Valkyr here don’t go rogue, That's what you ambassadors are around for, to dispel the myth that they can do whatever, whenever...And all follow those rules in this town...mostly” The last word he mumbled, knowing that is wasn’t that easy when it came to species mixing. There were species in this city that had been enemies for years, too long to call peace now, but still, they behaved. 

As she asked if she wanted to know about where Eversons knowledge came from, a mocking frown tugged his brow down as he sucked in a breath between clenched teeth. “Yeah...Probably not.” He uttered simply before flashing a dazzling smile. “I have my ways, let's leave it at that.” 

As she said she didn’t know, Eversons hand raised and he wagged a finger, tutting some. “Now...I think you know that I'm fully aware that isn’t true.” He hissed and took a step towards her, closing the distance some as he slid his hands into his pockets. “Miss Zahara, you have a step up in this world due to some supernatural wiles. My kind do not have those ‘powers’. Help us get a step up to...Level the playing field.” Eversons tone was steady, it was true, the Humans were at a huge disadvantage in this town, that's why they hired people to create the gadgets that helped Everson down the madman, and some little toys that even the head office didn’t know about. 

As she mentioned the body, he shrugged and shook his head. “I’ll pin his location and the Organisation will take care of it.” He spun on toe then gestured to the car. “Now, if you please? I really want to do this the easy way…”

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She averted the gaze she had on the unconscious Valkyr to the male upon hearing his words, but the way he worded it didn't really come off well for the Initia. That's why the moment she turned around to face him, she had a rather piercing look, "No, they don't. As long as the peace accord stays in the treaty… we shouldn't expect trouble to come from each faction. The Valkyr included." It didn't sound right that they would allow a rogue to walk amongst their ranks without noticing something was out of the ordinary. It wasn't as if the ambassador had just been in their position for a day, most of them were experienced, safe for Sofi who only received this position months ago. But even before that, she held the position of an element master longer than he even lived. Sofi raised her eyebrows skeptically when he said it was better that she didn't know where he got those information from, "Secretive, aren't you" she muttered under her breath, fine she'll leave either at that. 

There was no point in pushing him to say anything anyway, and she didn't have the authority to command him to do so nor did she actually want to. The blonde had enough problems on her plate, so the last thing she would want to do is add another complicated mess to the equation. When he advanced towards her, Sofi stood her ground and stared at him as if he was the most uninteresting person ever, clicking her tongue in an attempt to refrain herself from coming up with a snippy comeback. Calm yourself, she reminded herself and sighed, tilting her head to the side slightly, "Everson, was it?" The blonde cleared her throat briefly and eyed the taller male, "If that is true then I think you would also know that I am fairly new in this city. So I mean what I said when I tell you I have no idea what is going on in this goddammit city. But you're not wrong when you said we have one step further compared to you people."

The humans could only rely on technology and what's a tech going to do against people who could actually control minds, for instance? Nothing. So she understood his worry and his behavior might have been justified because she could see that he was being antsy. It didn't mean Sofi was going to stick around with that type of attitude though, "I'll help you do whatever that's… needed but first, be a dear and tone yourself down. I swear you were this close to throwing a hissy fit" she shook her head and rolled her eyes before following him. "Just so you know before we get into anything, I don't take well to people who don't give me the respect they expect me to give them. So if we're going to work with this, you and I need to find a ground to agree on."

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