Warden of the dead, guardian , ruler or whatever you may call him has been given many different names in different eras and cultures. Some call him Anubis while other refer to this supernatural as Hades. The Romans god of death was named Pluto. Hel, Mictlantecuhtli, The Shinigami, Ah Puch and Kali are other names for the same person. In this life he had been named Erythreus the aspect of death and supposed to keep order and help passed souls find peace. 

Not an easy assignment. Many would even go as far as to call it a burden. Death caused a lot of emotions and most of them not happy ones especially if the passing had been unexpected.

Erythreus had never been very good with feelings, he was always too much or not enough. Which had caused him to be drawn back almost always in a constant booze cloud to help tune out the lost souls haunting him or bad decisions of the past. Last night was no exception. Disappearing before any of the aliward guards insisted on coming along had almost become a hobby. 

The aspect had found himself at his favourite bar again, drowning two whiskey before he even was seated. The loud music conversation hard which the old aspect appreciated, he hadn’t been in the mood for chit chat. The bartender had been a cute girl who had frequently given him signs that if he made a move she’d been willing to spend the night with him. She was the type he usually fell for the typical blonde beauty, and for a second he was tempted to let her distract him from his problems. He imagined her lips on his but soon his imagination had replaced the bartrender with another blonde in another bar, and he was reminded of the pain when she had broken his heart and so the moment was over. The aspect of death took one last sip of his drink before leaving his fee on the table and then leaving. The rest of the night was a blur.

As usually Erythreus didn’t get much sleep, memories of the past haunted him. So he woke up with a head ache 4 am and put on hard rock music on maximum volume to prevent the thought from forming, not caring if he woke up the rest of the aliward mansion. He didn’t know why he’d been in such a bad mood lately. The weight of the world suddenly felt too heavy to lift. The grympy aliward was just about to open a bottle of some kind of liquor, he had an unlimited supply, when a loud banging on the door interrupted him. ”Go away” he grunted angrily. Not making the slightest effort to get off the bed and open the door.

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It was no secret that she wasn’t a people person. That she always liked to keep to herself, preferring her own company. Rather than the company of others.Keeping a close circle of those who she could trust. The only ones she could trust were all her fellow Aspects along with a few selected others that being Rashesh and her close friend Julian. Anyone else would keep her walls up. It may be the reason why many of the guards run in the other direction when they see her. She would have the habit of not being able to keep a personal guard for too long. It wasn’t her fault that they couldn’t handle her. Some would say that she was at times too much but then being not enough.  It was no secret that many of the Aliwards were unhinged by now. It was what normally came to immortals. To live over a thousand years one was only bound to lose their sanity of some level. Some more than others.  

For herself she was the one who felt it more than others, being surrounded by so much darkness for so long. Sometimes she feared that it’s why people choose to keep away from her to keep themselves safe. Yet she wasn’t the only one who had so much power at their fingertips if something bad was to happen god knows what would happen. It was why she made sure to keep all her cursed objects all locked away under a hidden key. So that nobody could get their hands on it. Fearing now than ever that one day it may happen and end up causing chaos. Lately feeling some sort of darkness enter the city yet it was one that she never felt before. Cora was sure of one thing that it wasn’t her any of the other Aspects. Something Different but one that everyone was afraid of, especially now with the Isle of Skye being destroyed and Vladmir's mysterious death. All secrets left unexplained. For once they didn’t have the upper-hand. Cora could see the strain it was happening on all those around her. 

It was never fully silent in the manor. With people coming and going as they want. Most were the guards. Sometimes it was her or the other guards who were sneaking out. Lately it was less of her with Rashesh was soon moving in with her. The Aspect found herself awake around the early hours of the morning. It was normal for her to wake in the middle of night. Always had struggled with her sleep; it was worse when she had a lot going on. Some would find her sleepwalking in the gardens. Just as she was falling back to sleep all of a sudden her hard rock music played loudly through her ears. Cora cursed under her breath knowing too well where it came from. The only one who would dare and not care to play music at this god forsaken hour. Now thinking it was a bad idea to have her room right beside Erythreus’s, wishing that she’d chosen somewhere far away. “You gotta be kidding me” She groaned in frustration, grabbing her hair in annoyance with the music not going away. Cora knew what Erythreus was like he’d be too out of it to even care until somebody puts a stop to it. This being her now. 

Cora soon was out of bed not caring that she was wearing an oversized star wars shirt she burrowed from Rashesh. All she cared for was the music to be turned off. She headed straight out of her room to the next door and was banging on the door. Just as she thought there was no proper answer, just a grumble telling her to go away. “Seriously” Scoffing, rolling her eyes. Typical. “Fine, I’ll just let myself in then” Almost about to guess the fellow Aspect was in a mood. “Turn off the music or for god forbid I will kill you myself then you’ll feel what death is like again” Cora exploded as she stormed in seeing the blonde Aspect wallowing in self pity on his bed with a bottle of liquor in his hand. “Really?! Not even Dominic or Damien are this bad” She scowled quickly, swiping away the bottle out of hand before he even had the chance to open it. “It’s 4am not 4pm, some people like to get their sleep and not feel like death in the morning” There was no stopping her when she was in a bad mood. All hell would break loose.

Erythreus was essentially not a loner he actually preferred company to being alone. Someone who could distract him from his darker thoughts. It was hard to believe now when he mostly isolated himself from the rest of the world despite the presence of the ever lingering souls whom he couldn’t get rid off however much he tried. The grumpy aspect would call himself an extrovert introvert. He missed having his person someone he could rely on and tell everything without filter. Keeping people around wasn’t a talent of his though. The last real thing he had had ended in disaster. He couldn’t burden someone else with his problems. Also he preferred solitude to bad company, and there was lots of it in the city of Evermore.

The aspect had always felt close with the other aspects and the guard but lately that too had changed. Some subtile shift had happened and it was as if he couldn’t control his powers anymore. The ghosts haunted him demanding his attention but he couldn’t help, couldn’t  force them back to their new realm. The proud aspect knew the other aspects wouldn’t judge him if he told them about his problems but still it felt like he’d failed. No one else had problems with the card they’d been handed. So he kept his mouth shut and got more and more drawn back from the rest of his family members. Only the booze helped short periods it seemed to block the spirits. At least for a short while.

The banging on the door stoped momentarily but it was too much to ask that his dare sister would leave him alone nope of course she had to storm in and make a scene. ”I said go away”. Erythreus grounded turning over in bed so his head faced the mattress. ”Try I’m sure the other faction members will be happy to find someone else to fulfill my duties. Actually it would be nice with a vacation” The blonde said sarcastically. Being dead couldn’t be much worse that what he experienced now. And if he died maybe he would be stuck as a ghost bothering the next man in his position. The thought amused him a short moment. ”Hey give that back I don’t touch your stuff now do I?!” Erythreus exclaimed glaring angrily at Cora.

The Ailwards were just one big, disfunctional family. All have been to hell and back. It's what made them the people who they were today. With all of the good and for all of the bad. Seeing each other on their worst and darkest days. To pick and put together back the pieces. It was normal for one to have a breakdown once in a while. For herself she was only just coming back out of one. Whilst for one of the others they were just entering one. This time it seemed like it was Erytherus’s. Unfortunately for her she shared the same wall with him. Feeling and hearing it all. The emotions, the dark and twisted energy. Even the lingering feel of death. It was like her own darkness.

Cora knew too well what was happening to Erytherus seeing it before. How he’d go through this cycle countless times. That he was spiralling. She’d seen it all. The different parts and stages. Right now he was at the walling in self pity. Trying to drown his surrows. Up all night. Sleeping it off in the days. Not caring that he’s a distuburance the others. He didn’t scare her one bit. In many ways they were alike. For herself she was constantly surrounded by darkness and shadows. Able to feel and feed off its energy. Whilst for him he was surrounded by death and spirits. He had the worst of it.

“Oh bite me!” She snapped sarcastically as Erytherus was acting out as she stole his booze and turned his music down. “What time did you get in?” Already able to read and guess where he’d been. Everyone was used to his habits of hitting any bar in town he could find. That everyone once in a while he’d bring the usual stray back. Luckily for her tonight he hadn’t, far as she could see and tell. “So what's got you in this foul mood?” Laying it all out there, getting to the hot topic. Yet knowing too well that he’d just continue to grumble and complain for her to leave him so he could continue wallowing in self pity all by himself. “You cant’t get rid of me that easy” Both are stubborn as each other. 

Handling feelings had never been Erythreus strong suit. He’d grown up in another time. Men wasn’t expected to share their emotions to the world. The opposite from now when everyone were suppose to display their every feeling online for everyone to see. During his time as a Valkyr feelings didn’t exist it was only victory or defeat. It had been an easier period in his life. He hadn’t been happy but he hadn’t been this devastated either. The blonde didn’t know how to go back to that almost numb state and function again. He couldn’t remember how he’d done it before. Or why this heart break along with not having control over his power had taken such a hard toll on him.

”2 am. Why does that matter to you?” Erythreus questioned annoyed. He loved his sister. Cora was the one who was most alike him. Their magic similar. Both were burdened by it surrounded by darkness threatening to drag them down. People didn’t appreciate them as they did with Argent or Virindeus. Death and Darkness was usually not followed by happiness and a bbq. Cora could understand his suffering better than most which made them close but she was also the one who could call him on his bullshit.

”Oh you haven’t noticed this isn’t a phase this is me now” Ery said sarcastically rolling his eyes at her, wishing she’d just give up on hims like most others and go away. Ery grabbed his coat and past the brunette if she wouldn’t leave maybe he should.

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