Bexley’s downfall often came in the form of her diaries, she learned a long time ago that she needed to document everything in her own language or else someone could take something important from her. So she had been locked away in her secret room reading through her diaries one after the other desperate to find something to bring back Crane, and the others who lose their lives in the fall of the Isle. She looked at the photo of Crane and her holding one another feeling tears in her eyes. “How dare you, save me.” She said to the photo like she did every day. Blaming herself for his death the most.

Turning back to her reading she raised her brow as she came across a name. She couldn’t place a face to the name though. She tried so hard feeling the blood dripping from her nose as she tried to picture the face. Confusion crossed the dark diviner's face, she kept reading though learning that the reason she couldn’t remember the person was because Reus took her memory of the person. She wrote that they were extremely dangerous and that it was for the best. “I need to know.” She said to herself and closed the diary page and took a deep breath. She knew she could teleport into his room where the doors to the hall of memories. Yet getting past the doors would test her lock picking skills.

She searched her home finding her lockpicking kit. She opened a portal to his room hoping since it was mid day he would be off doing something. As she stepped through the portal she looked over her shoulder. All clear. She needed to be quick. She moved the entrance to the hall of memories. Seeing the door was unlocked, meaning he must be in his hall. “Fuck.” she said under her breath and pushed the door open slowly and slipped in. Standing quietly for a moment listening for him, but not hearing him. So she moved along the back wall taking the long way to where she knew the guards memories where. She worked quickly, finding the orbs that sat there, searching for hers.

She stood there a moment seeing there was more than one. Causing her brows to push together, how many times had she asked him to remove a memory. She didn’t have time to focus on this but she opened her bag and stuffed a few of the small orbs into her back and went to take her leave from the memory room. She managed to make it back into his room. She moved to open a portal before hearing her name with a sigh she turned around to the memory hall door that opened and gave the best smile she could. Even though it didn’t touch her eyes. “Reus, I was coming to see if you needed any help with a mission but saw you where in your hall. So I figured I would just go check in with the other aspects.” 

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Aureus stood in his hall, glancing to the various amounts of people's lives that lay buried from them in an effort to escape the pain and danger they brought. It was a heavy job. At a point when he was doing what he could for these people, he'd take in their emotions at the time of the memory and it had always been draining and most often than not, depressing in every way. Time and again he wished he could have someone do the same for him as there were countless painful memories he would put away safely to never visit again, but such was the life of the Aspect.

His headphones were in. The world was cut out and it was just him and the tunes of Aerosmith. Music always helped him deal when he was in this room. It seemed to cut through the audible silence that made the space so dense with emotion and history. Reus held the most recent journal of a sibling and sighed, placing it away to the shelves where he hoped it would stay to give his brother some much deserved peace. The turmoil in Evermore was only getting worse and it seemed everyone was on edge. More people were going missing or dying and even when some type of lead would show itself, they'd never get enough answers to find themselves in a place of knowing. It only left them questioning more.

Reus sighed heavily and turned to make his way from the room. He could do without the looming dread that plagued the manor lately. A small break would be great if he could think of where to go to release some steam. Maybe the batting cages or the race track... His hand pushed open the door and was surprised to see a familiar face in his room. Brows coming together, the aspect pulled the buds away from his ears and closed the door with a push of his foot. "Bex?" 

Every word that came out of her mouth in response seemed odd to him. Mission? She had her leader for things like that before the aspects and there was certainly always something for them to check out nowadays. A new lead or even a thin one was constantly getting checked out because they didn't seem to be any closer to answers. "Uh, no. Was just putting away a journal." She looked a bit out of sorts. More so than usual, but he couldn't be sure. Reus had taken a particular interest in the guard ever since the fall of the Isle. Many were affected after the devastation, but Bexley was handling it the worst it seemed. Perhaps because the Aspects had lived for so long and had seen so much death they were quicker to get over the devastation of their losses; Which was substantial. Reus would always feel a sense of responsibility for what happened, but he wouldn't change what he'd done in the end. It was for the greater good. Those words were a mantra to him now. 

He walked closer to Bexley and stood directly in front of her, really taking the intuitive diviner in. Reus didn't want to seem too overconcerned because he knew that would make her shut down. More and more she seemed to be isolating herself and that was what made him the most worried. The memories he'd taken from her had been in an effort to stop some of the pain and dauntless efforts she would make in trying to correct the past in some way. Something, he of course, would not allow and immediately thwarted when some of her intentions were made clear to him. But only some. "You alright?"

One thing Bexley had gotten good at over the years was that of lying. After all being around over  a hundred years you could learn to be someone else rather. Yet the aspect surpassed her in years so there was that heavy realization that he probably could tell she was lying or that something was off. Yet everything felt off it seemed in the new era they were in. So maybe he would brush off her strangeness as that.

“Oh well I am sure that journal is tucked away nice and safe.” She said with a gentle smile towards him as her fingers folded together as she watched his eyes fix on her causing her to clear her throat the closer he seemed to get the more she wanted to throw her bag at him and run but Bexley stood there. Her eyes taking him in, he looked as though he hadn’t slept though she imagined that would be the same for many of them now. There was unrest in Evermore, they could all feel it she was sure. Things felt darker then they should, even to the dark diviner. She wondered for a moment how the other aspects look.

She hadn’t heard his words right away as she was lost in her own thoughts but quickly corrected herself to nod at him. “I’m alright Reus. Are you?” she asked as she moved to take his arm in hers leading him out of his room. “Catch me up on what has been going on with the grumpiest of aspects.” She gave a short laugh with a teasing tone. As she looked from him to his doorway pushing it open. 

She really wanted to portal home but she figured that would seem even weirder to the aspect so she opened a portal in her back to empty it on her couch while she walked. “Has Ery been able to get any rest? Deus still has the best weed around?” She asked about his siblings as she kept her arm linked with his. Her eyes drifted along the long hallway. “I honestly have no idea how you all live in this place everyday. Though it is harder for your aspects so I understand in a way.” she muttered softly as her eyes moved back to him.

As Bexley linked their arms he decided to brush off the concerns he had for now and go along with the friendly chit chat. "I hope you don't mean me as the grumpiest? I thought Ery had taken that title away from me some years ago. I do miss that crown, though I'm not sure what I'll be known for now. Probably just the creepy one with the weird clock collection." Reus chuckled softly and put his free hand in his pocket followed by a short sigh and small shrug. "I'm doing as best as any of us can be doing right now." He didn't really want to go further than that as it would only lead to possibly bringing the mood down, but sleep wasn't coming easy to him and the constant feeling that he might be letting others down seemed to always hang above his head.

"Deus does still have the best weed around," he responded with a light smirk as he took lead of their casual walk through the manor and led them into the kitchen. "I'm pretty sure that's how Ery gets his sleep." Reus winked to her before dropping her arm and opening the fridge to grab a soda. He sat down on one of the stools at the kitchen island and popped the tab, taking a sip of the drink. "The manor has been pretty quiet lately to be honest. Everyone is always out trying to do what they can. The only time it's ever really buzzing is when something else has happened.." he let his voice drift off for a moment before shaking his head with a scoff. "The quiet is kinda nice though. Even if my siblings are on opposite corners of the place. Just wish it was under different circumstances."

He raised his hand that held the beverage towards Bexley in gesture. "What about you? What have you been up to? Is Malva having you up in arms with research? I've barely seen her lately." Really, not many had seen the Aspect of magic much in these passing days. His sister was another one he worried about a lot. Her reclusive ways were becoming more and more alarming. "How's that shop of yours doing? I keep meaning to visit. I'm bad at peopling sometimes." Reus smirked, leaning his head on his fist as he propped it up on his elbow." Actually, I'm looking to get out of the manor for a while. Need some fresh air. Time away from here and.. well, everything. Want to show me around? Unless your busy, of course. I know you said you were looking for some of the others to see if you could help, but doesn't skipping class for a bit sound better? I'm thinking the world won't fall apart for at least a few more days," he joked rather darkly, but if there wasn't some lightheartedness in these tough times, he didn't think any of them would survive the stress of it all.

Bexley let the chuckle past her lips for a moment as her dark eyes looked up to his blue ones. His hues where ones, that one could fall into endlessly if they let themselves. “Well Ery at least parties, You on the other hand, I don’t think I have ever seen you not around the manor.” She pointed out and gave a laugh as he mentioned missing the crown. “Oh dear, maybe I should get around to making you a few crowns then, the Grumpiest along with the weird clock collector one. Though honestly who doesn’t love a good clock?” Bexley smiled sweetly towards him, something not many outside of the Aspects have gotten the pleasure of seeing, before it dropped and she looked away. “Seems while things should have gotten easier with time, they only got more complicated, and twisted.” She admitted honestly. No stranger to the feelings he carried inside of himself.

Bexley did let the smirk replace the sad look on her face, “I think he has just perfected the strongest breed around all these years.” As she allowed him to lead her to the kitchen she found herself standing on the other side of the island. “Even Deus weed never helped me sleep.” she sighed as her hand came to the back of her neck and rubbed the back of it softly before she let her eyes move towards him where he found himself seated and resting. “Then there are guards like me, not being around enough due to a business they decided to start.” She was sure he could see through her when it came to that. She had been avoiding the phone as if it was the black plague.  “I think we all wish it was under different circumstances.” She said thinking of Octavia and the loss of her late husband. How Aurelia had never returned from mission. Their numbers were falling, and falling quickly. Things needed to change.

Bexley gave a gentle sigh and then leaned on the counter so that her face was level with his somewhat. “I translate what she emails me but other than that it's kinda been hard to reach me with how busy I have been. You are the first I have seen in a while.” A gentle chuckle left her lips as he spoke of being bad at peopling. “You? Bad at peopling? Say it ain’t so?” She shook her head and gave a gentle bob of her head. “Well it is actually doing well, people love witchcraft nowadays, while Diviners enjoy having a one stop shop for their needs.” A smile came to her lips and before he had a chance to think his way out of going with her. She pulled him through a portal unlike other diviners she created physical portals. And it closed behind them as they stood in the middle of her shop. “Skipping class is always better.” she said with a wiggle in her brow and then began to walk to turn on the lights. “Welcome to Diviner Intervention!” she said with a gentle laugh. “Look around to see if you like anything.”

Reus stumbled slightly as Bex pulled him from his stool suddenly. Before he even had the chance to question the rush, they'd gone through the portal she'd created in the middle of the kitchen. The moment his feet landed squarely again, he looked first to his soda, surprised that it hadn't spilled everywhere. "Geez, Bex," he said with a chuckle and finally glanced around at where she had brought them, knowing he didn't recognize their newest location. As the lights flooded the darkened space, the Aspect realized they must've been in her shop just as she gave her formal welcome. He placed the drink down on one of the counters and began to survey the store.

He had been to many magical shops in his lifetime, or what humans deemed as 'magical'. Not that he knocked humans for their beliefs, but there was a difference between that and being a diviner. Reus touched the different stones that were separated in the acrylic boxes which explained their various uses before noticing the objects on the shelves for sale. It was a gentle ticking that caught his attention. The noise was always familiar to him; It was the sound of synchronized time. Reus's curious hues caught sight of the sound's origins in the form of a small dragon fountain that was sitting among other fantasy statues of similar size. A rotating quartz ball spun in the water towards the bottom and at the top was a tiny wooden bucket which would fill with the cycled water before flowing over the waterfall and onto the spinning ball below. It was exactly every twenty seconds; Something he didn't need a watch to tell him. "Well, I'd buy this from you, but you pulled me out of the manor so fast that I don't have my wallet. Pretty sure it's still sitting on my dresser." Reus smirked to her before turning to cross the room.

"This place is nice, Bex. I'm glad you have your own life outside of the manor. Sometimes I wish I could find an escape to be alone for a few days. Maybe it's time I got myself an apartment somewhere." The bond he and his siblings had was strong, but they were their own people with their own thoughts and problems in the end. If not for the need to physically be around each other, Aureus would've liked to have what most would deem a 'normal' life sometimes. Not that he wasn't grateful for this position on Earth, but sometimes normalcy seemed like a pleasant distraction. However, when he did have a chance at the mundane, it didn't exactly end in happiness. Ever. Reasons like those were why he took the memories of others and stored them away.

This made him casually glance away from Bexley to grab his soda and not seem so serious, despite being genuine in his concern. "So, what else has been going on?" He felt like he didn't need to make it obvious, but the underlying question was indicating her struggles that were always haunting her. The fall of Skye. So many of her memories were taken from her to deal with the trauma and with each new one, Reus felt like this wasn't the way to help her heal. He didn't want to make their time together now one of sadness, so he kept his tone as matter-of-fact as he could when asking. She would know what he was inquiring, but hopefully wouldn't feel like this would turn into another one of their sessions. "Why don't we order some food or something? You can catch me up. Still haven't seen your humble abode and I'm not looking to head back to the manor for a while yet."

Bexley rolled her eyes at the Geez that passed his lips, “Don’t Geez, Bex me. When was the last time a woman got that old heart of yours racing like I just did.” She tossed a casual wink over her shoulder at him. As he took off to walk around her shop she moved towards flipping the sign to close, not sure how it was on open in the first place, not overly caring to deal with customers. Though as she walked towards the door she noticed it slightly ajar. She closed it locking the door and let out a confused hum but quickly pushed it aside hearing him shuffle around behind her.

She watched him move closer to the golden dragon with the swirling quartz ball. She moved back towards him with a chuckle pass from her lips before she leaned over and touched the dragons head softly. “You know if you want it. You can take it, after all it's the least I could do for all the Aspects have done for me.” She said as she watched the ball swirl herself for a moment before snapping back into reality.

“Well thank you for thinking my little dark magical shop is nice. I am sure others don’t think so.” She gave an airy laugh as she turned to lean back on the counter for a moment, “An apartment huh? I mean I got a place above here if you are serious about that. Close enough to someone who can open a portal to get you home. I on the other hand have a lovely little two bedroom home. Think it would surprise many in the manor if they walked inside, deep green walls.” She chuckled softly at the thought of letting anyone in her home. The herbs, books, so on would make most people pause. “Though do you think you could handle the quiet that came with moving out?” She wondered aloud as she tilted her head towards the side. “Though I get the need to be able to get away from everyone’s constant need to need you.” She said softly for a moment.

Bexley's eyes moved towards Reus the moment he glanced away. Oh this is the game he wanted to play, to see if she would tell him what was going on with her. What she was doing. Geez could he be anymore obvious? “Just lots of getting this place running smoothly and translating whatever Malva sends my way. Visiting the Library where Penny is.” The honorary non guard that Malva trusted enough to guard a magic library. “What else has been going on with you.” She aimed the question back to him in that moment. The mention of food made her stomach react but the thought of taking him back to her home, knowing his orbs that held her memories lay on her couch. “Alright but I have a mess to clean up so give me one moment.” She opened the portal and stepped through alone, not allowing him to have a chance to come through with her. She quickly took all of the items she had been taking from the aspects, spell books, her memory orbs and other items placing them all in a create. She pulled open the secret hatch on her floor and slid the crate in it. Placing the magical lock and the carpet back into place. 

Once she was sure that she managed to hide all the evidence she had, she opened the portal once again. Her hand reaching out and taking hold of his arm to pull him through into her home. Plant life took over her home along with a black cat that sat there and tilted her head towards Reus' presence. “What would you like to eat?” She asked as she moved to the fridge to get a beer for herself. "You should feel lucky to be here. None of the others have graced my doorstep." That she was aware of anyways.

Reus could see the momentary hesitancy in going back to her place. Maybe it was asking too much to get a glimpse at more of her private life when she was in fact quite a private person. He wouldn't take it to heart. It wasn't like he was a social butterfly himself either. Maybe that's why he felt comfortable enough with her that asking to prolong his apparent need to get away felt easier. The words to tell Bexley there was no pressure to say yes were there at his lips, but when she replied with the okay, he smiled to her instead. "You know, I really don't care about the mess..." but she had already created the portal and quickly stepped through to leave him in the deafening quiet. "Or not."

Chuckling, he looked around the space again. Maybe it was time he found some more distractions himself when the newest threat to Evermore was handled. They would figure it out. There was no other choice. It was how he had to look at the situation because hope was all that seemed to keep them going. Traveling to Japan always seemed to relax him when he was far up on the mountains with nothing but sky and clouds. No sign of the rest of the world around him. Maybe he'd find some new revelation there. Something that would pull him back from the helplessness he was feeling now. Somehow time stopped up there at the top of the world and that was just what he was in need of.

He brought the can to his lips again when the sudden appearance of a portal materialized and broke him from his tranquility. An arm grabbed hold of him and he was yanked through to its place of origin. "Jesus, Bex." Reus wiped his hand over his mouth to clean the drops of soda that spilled from the unexpected trip. He smirked and shook his head at her before glancing around. "You weren't kidding about the green walls." It suited her. The dark emerald seemed to grip tight the air of mystery around her. The parts she kept hidden from the world. Plants seemed to be everywhere and it made the green of the walls enhance the feeling as if they were in a jungle. His gaze moved over the vast amount of books that he would have to give a closer look to at some point and then to the furry roommate who seemed nearly appalled at his presence. 

"Lucky, indeed," he replied, turning to face Bexley. He walked over to the sofa and sat down, placing the empty soda onto the coffee table and nodding his head towards the beer she had. "I'll definitely start by taking one of those." Reus tried to think on her question of what it was he was in the mood for, but it was suddenly interrupted by the feeling of something familiar, yet out of place. Below him, maybe? His brow furrowed for a moment, but the thought was pushed aside as the cat appeared in front of him again, apparently demanding more from him. "Doesn't look like you informed your friend that you were having a guest today. Really, I'm up for whatever. Order in? Chinese? Italian?"

Bexley felt the chuckle leave her lips at his words as she pulled him into her home. “Forgive me, I forget from time to time not everyone is used to the ways I travel. It really has been my only way of travel since losing Crane.” She cleared her throat as she thought about him for a moment. “Though I still have his car. I probably should take it out sometime. So it doesn’t rust away.” She mused on the fact she hadn’t graced her garage in a long while. Being in there brought up feeling she had been shoving down.

Her eyes moved to the walls with a smile, “it brings me peace.” She said looking to the plant life that grew all over her home. “Reminds me of a simpler time, not that everything is ever simple aye?” she asked as she moved over to trace her fingers along the black emerald eyed cat that stared at Reus with a questioning look. Feeling her start purring she moved to rub her nose to the felines softly. “Lunelia be nice.” She said softly before moving away. “Tell me do you feel more at peace among the green knowing there is a beast waiting to attack you.” Hearing the yawn come from behind her from the black cat.

She moved to the fridge and got two beers out of it before moving her way back over. Her eyes shooting to the seat, he chose, cursing herself on not placing those memory orbs in a more secure place. She held out the beer to him to take before her hand taking hold of her phone opening an app to get food delivery as she gave a gentle chuckle towards him.  “Lunelia likes when others visit her. She is a sweetheart really.” She said as she looked through the places on this app. “I wish there was a good Japanese place around here.” She muttered before clicking on a italian place to order from.

“What do you want?” She asked as she took a sip from the bottle in her hand, her eyes watched as Lunelia got on the ground and started to bat at the underneath of the couch. “This place is pretty good.” She said handing Aureus the phone as she scooped up Lunelia and spoke softly. “Will you stop that?” she said softly before placing her on the arm of the chair she had been sitting in.

Reus took the beer from her and unscrewed the cap, placing it down on the coffee table. He took a sip from the bottle and smiled at her mentioning of the cat's disposition. The aspect looked to the animal again who seemed disinterested in them both and peered intently at a location which was near to his own feet. He followed her gaze wondering what it was that intrigued her so. Funnily enough, he was starting to feel that oddness again and it felt centralized to where the cat was staring. "Yeah, Japanese is definitely something I could go for," he responded automatically, glancing up to Bexley who was too busy in her phone to notice both of their sudden intrigue. He wasn't so focused on the food any longer.

His gaze was pulled away as she moved to hand him the phone. The aspect pretended to glance at the website she'd found, scrolling over the menu of the food for a moment. "You pick. I trust your judgement. It's not like we are getting much takeout at the manor." Aureus watched as she attempted to collect her pet who had now come to fully investigate the spot. Something was up and he couldn't shake this feeling of awareness that something was out of place, but still familiar all the same. Reus handed the phone back to her and as she took it, he brushed her fingers in the process of the exchange, glancing into her memories.

He didn't go far. He didn't need to. Going back just before he was brought into her place seemed the right door to go through as she was just a little too adamant about cleaning up before letting him in. The rush of the past seemed to flash by in a rewind before playing out at normal speed. He could see through Bexley's eyes as she hurried to gather all the things she wished to keep secret and placed them in a box, hiding it beneath the floor. Reus focused on the items she wanted kept secret and the familiar sight of the orbs was enough for him to come rushing out of the memory and back to the present.

"What the hell are you doing, Bex?" he whispered in steady disbelief. He stared at her for a silent moment before putting the beer down and standing. He pointed to the floor where he knew the contents were hidden. "You've been stealing from us, from me? How could you? How could you break into my hall? Do you know how dangerous and stupid that is?!" It was hard to hide the anger when he felt like he suddenly didn't know the person in front of him anymore. She was meant to be a protector. Someone who would do everything for the greater good and help the Ailwards keep the world in balance. He wondered how long this had been going on; How long had she been living this role for them all to see only to be the victims of theft in more than just their personal property. Reus shook his head. "Why? Tell me why, Bex. Why didn't you come to me?"

As she took her phone back from Reus who stated he trusted her judgement she trailed her fingers along Lunelia back softly as she scrolled through the food options. She was leaning towards a family meal that had a bit of everything but wasn’t sure if Reus could eat that much, knowing she couldn’t herself. “We could do the family platter. May just need to send a doggy bag home with you.” She chuckled as she trailed her fingers against the cat's nose. As a guard you think she would have been more aware of Reus touching her hand when she took her phone back. That he used his magic on her.

When he first whispered out what the hell, Bexley felt her stomach flip in her gut for a moment. The sigh left her lips as she knew she was caught red handed. Yet as his voice raised Bexley pulled her gaze towards his. She didn’t do well with men screaming at her, probably the trauma of her childhood but she understood the need for answers. Yet she would not be gentle about it. Just as his anger sprung forth, so did hers. “Oh calm down to start with. I didn’t steal anything that wasn’t already mine before.” She said as she moved over and gave him a gentle nudge out of the way.  

She pulled out the orbs and the few grimoires, leaving the floor open for him to look into. “The grimoires Malva wanted me to translate, As for the orbs.” she picked up one of them and for a long moment she turned it in her hands. “They are my memories I kept asking you to take from me.” She said softly knowing it was the truth even though she shouldn’t. “I know I ask you to remove Crane, yet every time he comes back. The memories don’t stay gone, but are also never whole. Which I am assuming has something to do with me asking what?” She looked over the orbs for a moment. “Six times I have come to you, for you to remove the same memories? Why?” She asked him.

She took in his look, his anger, his disappointment and she sighed taking a step away. “I want to fix what happened. I need to bring him back, he was good for the world, he shouldn’t have saved me. He should have saved himself. He shouldn’t have left me.” Her voice broke gently as she looked to one of the orbs in her hand. “So be pissed, and angry, and hate me. But I couldn’t have come to any of you. You wouldn’t let me do what needs to be done to save all of those people we lost.” She turned back to him and took hold of his hand and placed the orb in his palm. “I want them all back.” she said with a soft tone. “So I know before…” She trailed off as she looked to the Grimoire that held the spell that would end her life but if done right would bring back to the guard far better guards then she.

The worst of it came then. The look on her face that said she believed in her actions and held no regret for it, but more than anything, her need to change the events that occurred when the Isle fell. Aureus closed his eyes for a moment and sighed out to release the frustrations and anger. He didn't want to fight. The decisions he made those years ago would forever haunt him. So many lives were lost on the Ailwards and it had sent him into a deep depression for a long time. The weight of it would always lay across his shoulders and remain buried deep in his heart where the pain would live forever, but... he would not go back and change his choice. It was for the greater good. As much as he wished someone could come along and take the memories of that time away like he did for others, it was a reminder of how important it was to guard his specific element or so many more lives could've been lost at the hands of Celestials.

Reus listened to her explanation until she trailed off and glanced to one of the very old looking grimoires. "Before? Before what, Bex?" He tried to read her expression and whatever it was she had brewing in her mind, he didn't need to touch her to see it wasn't good. The Aspect shook his head and paced for a moment as he tried to gather his words so they wouldn't come out as an emotional attack. "First of all, I don't care that they are your memories. You shouldn't be going into my hall without me. The end. It's dangerous and you knew it was wrong or you wouldn't have had to sneak in to do this." His voice was low and its tone was more disappointed than angry now, but he made it a point to avoid the truth of why he kept removing bits of Crane. The answer to that would only provoke her ambitions as fuel to an uncontrollable fire.

He stepped closer and put his hands on her arms, holding her gaze to make his point clear. "Bex, you cannot go back and change what happened. The people who swore an oath to us, including yourself, knew what was at stake. They each knew that protecting the elements the Aspects watch over was all that mattered if the world was to continue to stay in balance." Releasing her, he stepped back and glanced to the items she'd been keeping. This was what he was afraid would happen no matter how many times he tried to take the specifics of it away from her, even if it wasn't tied to Crane always. As soon as he saw it, Reus knew he had to take it from Bexley for exactly the same reason they were here now having this discussion. It just wasn't working. It always came back.

"I am the Aspect of Time. Things cannot be altered no matter how much it pains us. The devastation and ripple effect can be more destructive than any of us can know. can't even see the permanent future. Thousands of lives were lost because of one decision to alter an event in time. One." Ophelia's face flashed in front of his mind for a moment before he pushed it away like he always did and focused on the Guard in front of him again. "You cannot play a god, Bex. It's a slippery slope that you or anyone else for the matter, can't find traction on."   

Bexley stood there staring at him, as the sadness came to her eyes even though it didn’t touch the rest of her face in that moment as he spoke. Her eyes drifted to her memories trapped in the orbs that were Reus' abilities. She stood there arms crossed feeling like the child who had been caught stealing candy in that moment. She didn’t want to admit he was right or that she was wrong so she tried to just stay quiet as he hit her with the dad tone in his voice on being disappointed in her. “Yeah well get in line with all the other people I have disappointed in my life.” She thought aloud as her gaze back to the memories and cursed herself for allowing any to be taken from her. Were they all by choice? She questioned herself.

As he closed the space and placed his hands on her arm she visibly flinched but didn’t pull away from his hold as her eyes rested with his in that moment. “We both know he would be better behind here then me. We both know he was pure and good. I am tainted by darkness and yet that bastard yanked me to safety to let himself die. That isn’t just or balanced.” She  felt that sinking in her chest knowing this wasn’t the first time she had said this to the very man who removed her memories. She felt defeated, she felt her heart hurting and she wanted to bury herself in alcohol or a high to run from it. Yet she stood there feeling the tears in her eyes stinging but was quick to blink them away as well.

She let her head fall and hang there for a moment before she let her gaze take him in. “Then I want them back. All of them. I can’t keep living this endless cycle of coming to you to remove the memories when they seep back in. The only other option would be to remove him fully but then we both know I would revert back to my fully cynical state and only take missions to hurt people.” She said quietly as she moved to sit back down on the couch. “My life has been nothing but painful. Why should I allow myself peace when losing someone who meant so much to me.” She said softly.

Her fingers moved to catch the end of his shirt as the tears swelled up in her eyes and she looked up to him in her most vulnerable state. “Give me back all of my memories. The good and the bad Reus and I will give up on my fruitless efforts to bring him back. I will work on becoming a better guard in honor of him. Just please let me have my memories with him.” She felt the tears start falling quickly in that moment as she clung to the only other person she had allowed to see her weep so openly. “Aureus.” She whimpered out as she clung to him. “I am sorry I betrayed your trust in me. I had such tunneled vision I couldn’t see the pain I was causing others, or could cause the world.”

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