Bexley’s downfall often came in the form of her diaries, she learned a long time ago that she needed to document everything in her own language or else someone could take something important from her. So she had been locked away in her secret room reading through her diaries one after the other desperate to find something to bring back Crane, and the others who lose their lives in the fall of the Isle. She looked at the photo of Crane and her holding one another feeling tears in her eyes. “How dare you, save me.” She said to the photo like she did every day. Blaming herself for his death the most.

Turning back to her reading she raised her brow as she came across a name. She couldn’t place a face to the name though. She tried so hard feeling the blood dripping from her nose as she tried to picture the face. Confusion crossed the dark diviner's face, she kept reading though learning that the reason she couldn’t remember the person was because Reus took her memory of the person. She wrote that they were extremely dangerous and that it was for the best. “I need to know.” She said to herself and closed the diary page and took a deep breath. She knew she could teleport into his room where the doors to the hall of memories. Yet getting past the doors would test her lock picking skills.

She searched her home finding her lockpicking kit. She opened a portal to his room hoping since it was mid day he would be off doing something. As she stepped through the portal she looked over her shoulder. All clear. She needed to be quick. She moved the entrance to the hall of memories. Seeing the door was unlocked, meaning he must be in his hall. “Fuck.” she said under her breath and pushed the door open slowly and slipped in. Standing quietly for a moment listening for him, but not hearing him. So she moved along the back wall taking the long way to where she knew the guards memories where. She worked quickly, finding the orbs that sat there, searching for hers.

She stood there a moment seeing there was more than one. Causing her brows to push together, how many times had she asked him to remove a memory. She didn’t have time to focus on this but she opened her bag and stuffed a few of the small orbs into her back and went to take her leave from the memory room. She managed to make it back into his room. She moved to open a portal before hearing her name with a sigh she turned around to the memory hall door that opened and gave the best smile she could. Even though it didn’t touch her eyes. “Reus, I was coming to see if you needed any help with a mission but saw you where in your hall. So I figured I would just go check in with the other aspects.” 

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His gaze lifted to look at her, the food still remaining untouched in his hands. "Fancy me?" He scoffed and shook his head with a chuckle before smiling sadly. "Mortal or immortal, grieving doesn't have a time limit. Love doesn't have a time limit. There are no rules when it comes to something so eternal. I still love Lailah. I still love my first wife and child who were..." Aureus let the rest of the thought drift away as the memory of finding their lifeless bodies in his daughter's bedroom flashed over his vision. He quickly blinked it away and stared at the takeout box of food still in his hands. "I treasure the time I had with them, however brief it had been. However horrible an ending it was for my family." He took a breath in and sighed. "That's not to say it wasn't hard as hell. I wanted to burn the world and I was likely on the road to until Venetus."

He listened as she spoke of Erythreus crossing the souls of the guards over. Reus was sure his brother might hate him after having to do that. "I'm trying," he barely whispered in response to her telling him he shouldn't hold onto the guilt. He knew his decision that night wouldn't change, but it didn't mean he liked having to make that choice. He loathed it, in fact. It would be a stain on his heart forever that could never be scrubbed clean.

Reus's eyes lifted as Bexley stood, his brow raising. His body stiffened slightly at the gentle touch through his tousled hair, but it wasn't unwelcome either. He couldn't remember the last time anyone had been as gentle. It made her new request stab him in the gut for the guilt that wrapped around his insides and squeezed. The corners of his lips lifted in the tight grin he put on. "That sounds great, actually." He wasn't lying either. At least about the part of getting away. He needed an escape and he was glad for the moment that Bexley could give him that.

His footsteps were like lead as they moved back into the room with the alter. Once she lay down again, he swallowed the lump that had built in his throat and reached for the next memory. It had been absorbed back into her mind like the rest of the ones with Crane in them and the one he had modified was now heavy in his hands. There was no point in putting it off any longer, but he still held his breath as it released from its cage to flow back into her mind.

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