Reus's eyes scanned along the vast grounds of the manor from the window of his bedroom. He wasn't even sure how long it had been, but for all he knew it could've been hours now. In fact, the aspect was starting to believe it given the stiffness of his leg as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He did a little dance to get the blood flowing again and sighed, leaning against the side of the window again. It was slightly dreary out which seemed to match the mood of the manor.

Weeks were passing and they weren't much closer to answers for what was going on in the city. The arrival of the aurazin had confused them all and it didn't seem Venetus had answers given he was the aspect of realms and the aurazin were certainly not from this one. Their arrival had caused rifts that were unexplainable throughout the world which meant his brother was stressing from the change. Aureus knew he was in a downward spiral and all he felt was helplessness since not being able to comfort his brother. 

With a sigh, the aspect pushed off the wall and headed out of his bedroom and into the manor where he expected it to be busy. Lately there were more and more people passing through because of the current events. Not only the aspects and guards, but now the aurazin who had taken refuge in the manor while they began to gather from their different landing points throughout the world. However, it was very quiet. He wondered if it was just because everyone was out on missions or if it was the deafening sound of people not knowing what to do next. Though he preferred the quiet usually, this was rather unnerving.

Once reaching his brother's room, Reus knocked on the door. "Ven? You in there? I'm in desperate need of a drive out of here for a little while to clear my head. Thought you might want to tag along too. I'm sure it might do you some good as well." He waited patiently, though there was nothing but silence coming on the other side of the door. Still, he waited, knowing it could just be that Venetus was in deep thought just as he was moments ago in his own room.

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Venetus awoke to the knocking of the door, the only issue with meditation was the fact anything  brought a user out of it as he placed his staff down he raised his now free hands to his face as he rubbed his eyes as he took in his surroundings he was in is room as he turned to the windows seeing the dreary weather he must have been out for some time as he recalled the reason he was in this position, event though he allowed the guard and aspects to do their missions even though it left  concern with the current situation

The appearance of the Aurazin concerned him greatly from what he was told by Lucien he wondered why they ended up here the time he had spent awaiting information from the gods or even from the land of the dead infuriated him slightly“ he rose to his feet as he downs a little shuffle as his legs began to wake up he walked over to the jug of water and glass as he lifted   the jug pouring the clear liquid into the glass before he exchanged the jug for the glass“  Enter Aureus “he wasn't   ready to head out just yet   as he turned to his bedside table his face was thrown a little as he saw sugar cookies he didn't recall bringing any to his room“ unless “he thought about Sapphire and the statement she loved cooking and must have sneaked some in as he raised his glass to his lips downing the water in one as he placed the glass by the plate as he took one and began to eat one he searched his cupboard for an appropriate jacket to go with his clothing

A few minutes passed as he grabbed a hoodie that went with his semi-casual clothing before waiting for Reus“  I could do with it to brother where do you have in mind? “ He smiled gently as he walked to the plate of sugar cookies before returning to his brother“ sugar cookie “he chuckled” I helped but you should thank Miss Rizzoli as she   is a master cookie maker “ 

Aureus peeked into the room, slowly opening the door after his brother invited him in. "Hey," he said, coming in to see him grabbing a drink of water and noting the cookies as well which seemed unlike him to have. He let the thought go and watched Ven moving about, thankful he was also in the mood for a change of scenery from the dreariness the manor was bringing on to everyone. "How about antiquing? One of my favorite things to do and I'd like to drag you along so I can impress you with my worldly and useless knowledge on all the things we find," he replied with a smirk.

When he was offered the sweet, Reus gladly took it to go along with his coffee. He took a bite and nodded in satisfaction. These were really good. "Damn, I need to find me a guard that bakes." He smirked again and then chuckled, taking a sip of the hot beverage to mix the two which only seemed logical. He was drinking more coffee than could possibly be healthy given his problems with night terrors lately with the happenings in Evermore. Now that the aspects' abilities were not normal, his glimpses into the future had all been deadly. The lack of sleep meant he needed the coffee to stay awake to pass off as a somewhat normal functioning aspect. All the siblings had their own way of dealing with what was happening with each of them.

The smile on his face faded to a more serious expression. "How are you?" The question wasn't the pleasantry most people asked just to be polite and not really caring what the other person said because the generic reply that usually came next was 'fine'. 'Good', even. No, with the siblings it was different. If they were asking one another, it was out of genuine care, knowing what they were all trying to deal with. 

Ven looked at Reus as he nodded“ you do not need to have a guard that can cook I'm sure  you can just ask or offer to help make some mixing the ingredients were somewhat relaxing “he slid his jacket on as he made his way to the door as he looked at the coffee cup Reus was holding“ Antiquing sounds good it will be interesting to see what you look for in an item” he raised an eyebrow“ you got enough coffee or do we need to stop off at a coffee shop“ he opened the door as he stepped out as he stopped thinking for a moment before walking back into wards his desk”  in light of the occasion why done we take Jaguar XK150” hr picked up the keys before heading back to the door.

Ven tried to stray from answering the question of” are you OK “he sighed as he began to  walk“ being honest Reus everything of late has me concerned and not having the answers are infuriating especially not being able to have answers for the Auzarin but nonetheless I am glad to have them here at the manor“  he modded as he thought abut the other things as he walked before turning to head down a flight of stairs “and then there's Ivar, but he is of topic for a while“ he stopped at   bottom of the stairs “are you OK Aureus“ he turned to rest against stair rail “I heard you from my balcony the other night if anything is on your mind you can talk to me, you know that“ he looked at his brother“ he tossed the keys over to Aureus “if you feel up to it, you can drive “

As he moved to the Garage he thought about Henri, it was rare he would let him go on a mission as he sighed to know if the issues Sapphire was having “as far as you're aware have all bodyguards checked in“ he knew most guards stayed around the city in case they were needed as he looked out at the front window stopping as he looked out at the day before the 

Reus caught the keys as his brother tossed them up. "Can't say no to driving that beautiful girl," he replied, following close behind Venetus. The manor was still quiet as they moved through the large estate which he was glad of. He really didn't think he could run into anyone else then just to avoid the glaring problem that everyone was dealing with; How lost they all truly were. Hating to admit it, Aureus really thought the only way for them to get more information on what was happening would be when something awful occurred. Something far worse than the aurazin falling.

He listened as Ven spoke more about how he was feeling with the whole situation. It was remarkable how every single one of his brothers and sisters were somehow affected by the unfolding events. Each of their elements seemed to be in some kind of danger, starting with the fall of the aurazin. It was obvious how much it confounded Venetus given he was the aspect of realms and this species had fallen from a plane that was ripped open onto Earth. He was the first of his siblings to know something terrible was happening.

Reus looked away from his brother when asked how he himself was doing. He twirled the keys around on his finger and sighed, not surprised that he had heard him going through one of his almost daily night terrors. It wasn't like he could hide what was happening and the siblings needed to be as honest and open about it all. "I know," he replied, pulling one of the large entryway doors open to let his brother through first before following after. "With the endless amounts of futures I keep trying to see to maybe get some clues on what might be coming, it's seeping into my dreams. It's just something I have to deal with." And he left it at that. Reus wasn't about to stop trying to do whatever he could with the abilities he had just because of the side effects it cost. Sacrifices were going to be made in order for them to get any closer to a truth.

A smile spread over his face as they walked down the driveway and to one of the many cars the Ailwards had on the property. Along with his brother, they lifted the cover off of the classic and he whistled once she was in full view. "They don't make them like they used to." His hand moved over the curve of the front of the car before climbing into the driver's seat and taking the final sip of coffee from his cup to his disappointment. "You're right, I need more. Breakfast first?" he asked with a smile before starting up the engine and heading down the property.

Ven chuckled as   he walked to the passengers side as he smirked getting in he smirked “hey do you remember when Aurantia wanted to learn to drive     I am so glad that I hid this  beautiful car and Ery doesn't mind crashing most things” he chuckled as he thought for a minute “he chuckled as he looked out at the moving scenery before moving to the glove box  pressing the button to open   the box as he took out the flyers of restaurants    that serve breakfasts”  what do you fancy”  English, Danish a brunch there are several good ones, but the English breakfast has all you can drink coffee”  he looked up as he thought about a few things as he sighed “how long has your dreams been keeping you awake “he looked to Reus”   he knew each of his siblings suffered differently   and on different occasions he heard Reus pacing his room as he passed when he himself could sleep the situations was confusing   and event the gods didn't have Answers.

They travelled for a few minutes before Ven snapped back into the reality as he looked at the menus again” the brunch is in the city centre    the English breakfast is in the south and  Danish there are several over the city” he remained silent for a few minutes before he  chuckled again“ hey   I just thought”  you're not asking me to come with   you to sell me off as an antique”  he teased a little   before looking down”  before looking at the passing scenery again” so where is this antique shop you're taking me to “he showed interest as he  looked to Reus “I'm still looking for that grandfather clock I had back in 1901 if you remember ”

Venetus sighed as he looked out in front of him” Reus if Vladimir was here what do you think he would do to help this situation” he put the flyers back into the glove box even though he didn't show it Ven he'd great guilt for the loss of Skye and Vladimir's death” as he raised his hand to the radio turning it on to a high beat song   but   low enough, so they could still speak

Reus slowly rumbled down the drive as he felt himself melt into the pristine cushioning of the car's leather, lightly holding onto the chrome black wheel. As much as he loved driving it, sometimes he just wanted to keep her safe within the confines of the grounds so no harm could ever come to her. Even touching the various nobs within the dash felt wrong if only leaving his fingerprints behind. Once he reached the open road, the aspect put his foot a little further down to speed up, but had no intention of going any faster than what he deemed as cruising.

"English. Definitely English," he replied to his brother, very much in need of the endless coffee, but also feeling in the mood for the specific cuisine too. His stomach was already making noises that would've been heard if not for the sounds of the car in motion and other ambience of the highway. A full English breakfast might not even be enough to hold him down in contentment. Perhaps he'd order seconds. "Unless of course you are in the mood for something yourself?"

His focus remained on the road ahead, watching as the trees began to fade away the closer they got to the city. Soon it was tall buildings and traffic lights that towered over their heads instead. "The dreams started right around the fall of the aurazin," he replied, a sigh passing through his nose and the lack of sleep suddenly catching up to him in a way now that he was focusing on it with Venetus's question. "Then the lapses in time. Blank spots. I feel like I'm losing control, you know?" Reus glanced over to him for a moment and saw the mood suddenly shifting which was not what he wanted at all from their trip away from the manor. Especially when he brought up the isle. That was the very last thing Reus wanted to think about on top of the already unfolding drama in the current time, though he tried to keep the slight hurt and anger in check from his brother bringing that up. His decisions in regard to the celestials led to a path which ended with the collapse of the isle and the deaths of many guards. "Hey, come on. Leave that back at home. We're supposed to be taking a break from that."

He turned onto the main road through the downtown area where many of the popular restaurants and shops in the city were located, but still had a bad taste in his mouth from the topics being brought up. Pulling into a spot of a public parking lot which was away from others to avoid having anyone park next to the classic car, Reus turned the engine off and led the way towards the restaurant. "The antique shop is about ten minutes or so from here and out of the main part of the city. They need the land for it with all the inventory there. I wasn't planning on selling you, but now with all these questions, I might."

Ven chuckled as he got out of the car carefully closing the passenger door” my apologizes I won't bring it up again” he shrugged   a little as he began to walk” It's just hard as you are aware with the dreams I just thought I would hear or get guidance from someone in the room   if you get my drift" Ven looked at the passing shops in his haste to find answers Ven never told anyone that he was meditating holding the staff  things were clearer there but also not easy to put into practice  that is why he just chose to meditate to calm himself " now tell me" he looked at  Reus as he smiled" does this café  speech act  additional extras”  he stopped for a moment outside the  shop as he stares at the  vintage motorbikes  .

" He looked to Aureus as he smirked " do you remember the  first bike i had  the Daimler Reitwagen around 1897 lovely little bike I kept it for years till Ery wanted to get a steam  engine  and squashed it" he laughed as he continued to walk on he spoke in quite a voice" it is amazing what mankind has done since we became aspects, but there is also horror that have committed also " he smiled gently " now tell me  about this antique shop "  he stopped at the door to the café as he opened the door for his brother 

Reus whistled at the mention of the bike from years past. "She was a lovely one, for sure," he said, smiling at the memory of him and his brothers spending time together while working on the cars and bikes they had collected over the years. It was somewhat painful to think of as well given that down time for them hardly felt like a moment to relax. If they weren't full steam ahead on a task or mission to figure out the happenings in Evermore, the time they got to themselves hardly ever felt restful. Especially given the fact that they all seemed to be going through some sort of irregularities with their powers.

"Humans have the gifts to do so much, but greed in all forms blocks them from doing so." It was a tale as old as time itself. He'd seen it hundreds of years ago and nothing had changed in that regard, but his thoughts moved from that quickly to admire the machinery lined up outside the cafe. He would've liked to seen where the club that owned the bikes were headed out to, wishing he could've joined something like that himself if only to get away for a while from the responsibilities at home.

Heading inside, he smiled towards the hostess who quickly seated them by the large, picturesque window at the front of the cafe where they could see the passing people and street outside. "It's a great place. The lot is huge, at least a couple of acres. Everything you could think of from cars to signs to machines to creepy ass dolls." Reus made a disgusted face as he mentioned the last thing. "I try to avoid that room, though I'm sure Cora or Mal could find some cursed demon doll among the hundreds there." The waitress then came to place waters down for each of them along with the menus. "You looking for anything while we're there?"

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