Leigh had been going through somewhat of a turn in his life recently, mostly because he kinda hated the idea of being constantly alone. He had always been pretty quiet and shy, tending to keep to himself and his home. He was a member of the pack but not often an outspoken or particularly involved one. He had a few friends but most were in other states so he rarely saw them and before the past few weeks he hadn’t really done much to put himself out there. It was kinda his default to always crawl into his shell and insist on staying there he supposed.

But lately things were changing, he’d signed up for a cooking class where he’d met a new friend and even managed to finally attend a horse riding session he had been dreaming of doing since he was a kid and that’s why when the girl at the vet clinic suggested they should get into running together the other day, he agreed. He didn’t really know Kailani that well, seen her a few times when he had to bring his dog, Daisy, into the clinic for her shots. But he figured why not? It could be fun and running all his pent up kitsune energy couldn’t be a bad thing.

So here he was, dressed in joggers and a loose fitting t-shirt waiting at the edge of the trail to the woods, he brought a water bottle with him because it had been pretty hot the past few days but now he was realizing that he was going to have to carry the damn thing around the whole trail. He sighed gently and started doing his stretches, lifting his leg and holding onto it to stretch out his hamstrings as he waited for his new running partner to show face.

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