Erythreus had his work cut out for him today. Lately the Aspect of Death had been struggling to make a believer of himself, even if the majority of everyone had hope in him. There would always be those who didnt though, and Erythreus accepted that. But for him it meant a lot of bending over backwards. Ery was the type of person who'd went out of his way to prove himself even before stepping up as the Aspects ambassador, so it wouldnt be any different whre Aurantia was concerned.

Aurantia was possibly the main one though. Erythreus dreaded this day weeks ago when the thought had came to mind for him to make time to speak to her personally. He knew she had a fiery temper, and well, so did he. This may not go well at all. In fact, it could end very badly for both of them. A weary sigh escaped Erythreus's lips as he trailed out into the hallway, dressed in his usual attire, with his long black leather trench coat, grunge boots, black leahter pants, a black shirt, and fingerless gloves, as he made his way outside and to the end of the walkway to wait for a cab.

Lost in thought, Erythreus didn't even realize that the cab had pulled up until the man blew at him. Shaking his head, the Aspect got on the cab, paid for his ride, and rested his head against the window, waiting for his destination to come into sight. It was a much shorter ride than he liked. And, the moment he stepped out, a tightness in his chest made him uneasy. Ery didn't mind reassuring Tia, but it was actually getting her to listen to reason that worried him.

To keep the rest of the members out of something that they felt was between them, the had agreed on meeting at the ranch Tia worked at. Besides, Erythreus didn't mind the change in scenery, and maybe even a chance at riding one of the horses, which would have been a first for Erythreus. Either way, here he was. Sighing, Ery approached Tia at one of the stables with a heavy heart and the sudden weight of the world crushing him or so it felt like. Scrunching his nose up at the smell, Ery put his hand over his nose and mouth, leaving a crack in his fingers to breathe. 

"How's it going Aurantia?" he asked with the sliver of the faintest smile adorning his intense features. Ery gazed into her eyes, as if he were searching for rejection immediately. But, he knew this wasn't merely just here rejecting him, it was bigger than that, more about whether he could actually be a good leader or not. Being a bad leader could cause an entire faction to be wiped out and he understood that completely. Times were sensitive for all of them right now. And while he couldn't ease that feeling, Ery knew that he could at least reassure them that he could lead them the way a leader needed to lead his people. Even if it took tons of time and him going through them one by one.

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Aurantia dismissed her workers from the barn, sending them away to complete the other various tasks that she and Clay paid them for. Ever since Clay had gone to Texas to finish a business deal with some cattle bigwig, she had been looking for opportunities to get some alone time. It seemed like her loving boyfriend had instructed the ranch hands to make sure she was okay, which to them meant keeping an eye on her wherever she went. It was almost maddening, that is until she thought about her loving Valkyr and the thought that must have been behind his request. When put in the context of someone who loved and cared deeply for her the sentiment was adorable and made it a little easier to bear.

Today though she needed them to give her the space she needed, her wits were frayed almost beyond repair. Her sessions with Sofi were frustrating beyond belief and the effort it was taking to keep her powers under control had become exhausting to the extreme. Add to that the temperature swings her body was throwing at her it all combined to make one very hot-tempered redhead. Thankfully the ranch hands all went about other business leaving her alone with the horses. Mojo was snoozing lazily in his stall which left her free to dole out some attention on a few of the others. Rory, a tall appaloosa with the disposition of a Doe poked his head out, gently nuzzling her shoulder as she walked by making her giggle.

“Easy there tough guy. Ya migh’ end up knockin’ a Lady over.” The horse knickered at her, gently nudging her again on the shoulder. It was curious, the animal didn’t do his usual and place his head along her belly, almost purposely moving his head behind her shoulder so that she could pet him. Frowning curiously the Ailward picked up a brush and started rubbing him down, easing into the soothing strokes that lulled both woman and beast into an easy sense of calm. She’d worked her way down one side and was rounding to the other when she paused, picking up some rather dark and brooding thoughts.

Pursing her lips Tia recognized the thought patterns, throwing up her carefully constructed wall both to keep his thoughts out of her head and to give him the privacy he deserved. His voice rang a few minutes later, her head turning to take in the sight of her brother holding his nose as he crept into the barn. The sight made her laugh lightly, the big bad Aspect of Death, tip-toeing around his sister and practically green around the gills from the smell of horses. “Ery, ya act like this is tha first time ya been around horses. I thought Vikings were good on horseback.” Winking to go along with the light teasing jab she turned back to grooming Rory, though the Appaloosa was a tad more alert with the newcomer in their midst.

“I’m good.” Putting the brush down she turned slightly and looked her big brother over, wondering just what had brought him to her dusty door. “Yerself?” It seemed an odd sort of start to a conversation between siblings yet given how their relationship had been lacking recently it wasn’t that much of a surprise.

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