Ever since her baby brother turned up at the Aurazin meeting. Maddison felt like a huge amount of stress and worry had been taken off of her shoulders. For the majority of the first few weeks in Evermore. The Brunette had been stressed. She along with the other Aurazin’s had no access to the veil and the void; unable to go home back home. And her brother wasn't anywhere to be seen. No matter how the others tried to calm her down; it was futile. Maddison felt like she was unable to protect her baby brother; when he had been stranded who knows where. The stress had only faded; when he turned up unharmed and cheerful. Yeah, sometimes she could be a pain in his butt; but being the elder sibling. She was worrisome.  Heck, after what they had all endured, anyone would worry.

Since being in Evermore; Maddison was still trying to find some sort of a purpose; now that they were among the living. Whilst, it would make their job of helping those in need, a lot easier. She still felt a bit out of sorts and lost. Maybe it was the fact that she had made peace with being dead for the last 7 years. Now the entire faction was trying to somehow fit among the living. In a city full of Supernaturals, with unexpected happenings no less.

Not knowing how long they would be in Evermore. Maddison had found herself a job. A new gift store had opened up in the city. Selling all sorts of cute trinkets, gifts and on occasion some antiques. The Aurazin needed a change of pace, after her previous jobs in her human life. And this seemed right up her alley.

Maddison had been out of the shared home; from the early morning hours. Getting the shop open and running for the day. New stock had come through, so Maddison had spent some time sorting through it, as well as attending to any customers that came into the shop. During her lunch-hour. She decided to stop by home. See if her brother was awake yet. Or still snoring away. Whilst some of the other Aurazin’s had found part time, or full time jobs in Evermore too. The cabin was peaceful at the moment. And since there was no sight of her baby brother, in the living room or in the kitchen. Maddison took it to mean that he was still asleep. After making two cups of coffee. She headed over to his bedroom. Letting herself in,after a knock.

Setting one cup of coffee on the bedside table. Which would be meant for him. “Wakey-wakey.” Maddie tried to coax her brother awake. Walking over to the window, she tugged the curtains open. Letting in the sunlight.

“Hudson, come on!” Maddison grabbed at his duvet, pulling it off of him. “I know, you’re probably enjoying the fact, you can sleep again. But it doesn’t mean, you have to sleep 24/7. Get your butt, out of bed.” She told her baby brother. The day was still young, and he was wasting it away, in bed.

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Since his late arrival a few weeks after everyone else, Hudson decided to take a more sit back and relaxed approach by it all. It wasn’t like back in the veil when he’d go on frequent missions. Having none of the responsibility so much anymore. Finding he’d gone back to his old ways similar to how he was a human. Who would enjoy spending their free time eating and sleeping. Bad habits coming back but he was sure that he wasn’t the only one who was choosing to use their time differently. Whilst his sister was the opposite and went straight into finding work, getting right into it. Hudson knew his sister always liked to keep busy that she wasn’t one to sit around. That if she did she’d be left with her thoughts and memories that were too much for her at times. Happy that she was out and about surrounded by others. Not inheriting that motivation and ambition. He wasn’t so bad he would go out and about but not go out of his way looking for a job of his own. Not seeing much of a reason to. At crossroads in a way of what to do. Still none of them knew how long it would be or if it was even possible to return back home to the veil. Till then they were all stuck on earth trying to find new purposes of what to do, for him he isn't using his time wisely. Wasting it as something his sister would say. Knowing how judgemental she could be but he knew she only did it part of her duty as older sister making sure he’s all okay. He was just as protective over her as she was to him, working both ways. Hudson was happy to have his sister back with him even if it felt a bit weird how they were adults living in the same house once again. Not living together properly since they were teenagers really. 

Hudson was still in bed after midday nursing a hangover, something usual, and a few other Aurazins chose to go and stop by local bars often. Catching up on all they missed out on after years of being dead and all. Having always had a soft spot for bars in his human life. Hudson was still fast asleep not hearing anyone coming into his room and opening his curtains letting in all the light. Only awoken by his duvet being tugged off him making him open his eyes, blinded the light and his sister there standing over him with a judgmental look on her face. “Oh why Maddie” He grumbled trying to pull back by the covers wanting to go back to sleep. Yet his sister was having none of it, pulling his covers back from over him but stubbornly he pulled them back and fought with her wanting to sleep. The third time she pulled them away he was more annoyed knowing he could fight with her going back and forth. Her plot had worked. “I’m using my time wisely” Hudson pointed out trying to make out staying in bed till past midday was a good thing. Easily able to sleep the days away if he could. “Is that coffee?” Already spotting coffee there on his bedside table knowing how Maddie had done it, tried to pry him out of bed. Bribery always works. 

The Aurazin could be stubborn when he wanted to be. Like a child almost, bickering with his sister with old times. “What's the point in it all?” He spoke out loud still like many people he was confused about what to do next , feeling he was stuck. Hudson was feeling just like he did back when he was human and suffered a badly broken leg when on duty. Being told there was a chance he could never be a firefighter again, back then he didn’t see a point with being a firefighter was his life. Spending months of hard work to get back to being fit and healthy. Feeling in a way now it was all the same. Lots of what to do next. Hudson knew his sister might be able to help with how she was there helping him after his injury back then. She’s already found his new purpose whilst he was still trying to find his. 

Whilst the two Garcia siblings were close, they were different as anything. Maddison usually had more motivation, whilst Hudson preferred to be a bit on the lazy side; till someone would kick his butt into gear. It was like that, a lot when he was alive as a human. And Maddison noticed how being back on earth since being shut out from the veil; he was going back to his old tendencies; which was a bit worrying. Knowing all too well, with everyone trying to somehow adjust and get their life together in Evermore; her baby brother couldn’t stay like that.

A slight exasperated sigh escaped her lips, hearing her brother. “It’s past midday.” The two got into a slight tug of war over the covers. Finally managing to yank the covers off him fully. Scooping the covers into one of her arms; keeping them away from Hudson, in case he’d try and make a grab for them a fourth time. “No, sleeping past midday is not a good thing. You’re young, the day’s beautiful….and you’re being a lazy bug in bed.” Honestly, she had lost count of how many times, she had used that phrase with her baby brother, over the years. Living together again, as full grown adults, with the other Aurazins would prove to be somewhat amusing and a challenge. Already, they were driving each other crazy; as siblings would. A slight smile formed on her lips, as he mentioned coffee. “Just how you like it, now come on...out of bed.” Maddie knew that coffee would always get her brother up and motivated him to get out of bed. Like magic.

Maddison was sure that Hudson would also be somewhat hungry; probably hadn’t eaten since yesterday. His next comment made the elder female sigh. “Honestly, you sound like your old teenage self.” she huffed at him, shaking her head. “Look, I get you’re still confused. A lot of us are, but we’re not laying around being lazy in bed all day.” Maddison pointed out how a lot of them were finding a new purpose and getting their lives together with jobs. “Look at Arcadia and Astraea. They’re older than both of us, and they’ve dived into work.” Knowing how the two fellow Aurazins were finding something to help them, find a new calling. “It’s like Lucien said, we’re still able to do our jobs here on earth; which is to help people.” Even if it wouldn’t be the same as living in the veil. Maddison still found people in need; feeling drawn to them, due to her emphatic nature. 

“Come on, get yourself ready. I’ll see you in the kitchen, with some food.” Walking out of the room, the duvet still in her grip. Keeping it with her for the time being; or knowing Hudson, he’d wrap himself up in it again. Sipping on her own coffee. “And don’t think about going back to bed.” She playfully called over her shoulder; or Maddison would have other tactics of waking him up. As the Aurazin headed towards the kitchen and living room area. She draped his bed duvet over the couch for the time being. Before she began to look in the kitchen; through the cupboards and fridge. She knew that Ommin liked to cook and feed everyone. But Maddison didn’t mind cooking for herself at times; taking a bit of load away from Ommin, with that responsibility. Knowing it was stressful feeding so many people at once.

Hudson was still trying to find what normality was now. Being the one of many who are confused about what to do now their back on earth. Seeing how easily his sister and others had adapted . Hudson knew it was like his sister to quickly find herself a new job. Just like in the past going from working as a nurse to an emergency services dispatcher. He was a little surprised that she’s gone for a different job, stepping away from it but understood that she probably wanted to get a fresh start. How they all were given a second chance at life, most people were not wasting it whilst he was prefering to use his as another excuse just to take a seat back. Only making his sister more annoyed how he was wasting it all, how each day she’d give him a lecture. Already used to it by now able to sense that's what she’s doing right now. Disturbing him and taking time away from his sleeping time. Hearing how she was already complaining how it was already midday. “Still too early, I’m catching up on the years of sleep I’ve missed out on” He grumbled, tugging back the covers wanting to go back to sleep. The two ended up playing tug of wars with the covers till his sister took the win able to scoop them up away from her. “Maddie no!” Hudson begged her, sounding like a little kid who’d just got scolded by their mother. “I like being a lazy bug,” He commented, using the old phrase she used to use when they were younger. Hudson thought she’d be used to his old habits of spending most of his days lazing about. 

Yet his plan was not working to his favour how his sister knew all his weaknesses how coffee was one of them and she knew how he liked it. He’d been having a mixture of how he used to like coffee whilst trying some of the new things there are. Grumbling a little before he managed to get himself up out of bed. Still wearing a plain black t-shirt and pair of grey joggers his usual lazy day out which turned into most days. Looking to see his sister was fully dressed opposed to him. Hudson pretended to feel hurt by his sister's comment. “I am not,” He bickered a little dispoising his point. “There’s nothing else for me to do, you’ve gone and found a job easily. I’m not that motivated like you” She was always the planner and organiser whilst he wasn’t even at school he never tested good whilst she had all the top scores. He didn’t feel ready to put himself back out there so quickly as his sister. “I did my work weeks trying to get here” Reminding her of how he had spent weeks as a bartender trying to earn enough money for flights, yet he knew he didn’t want to be a bartender that's for sure. “How can I help people mad?” Hudson knew he could help people like he had done on missions and his training to be an empath. Feeling now he’s stuck on earth it’s all different in a way yet he knew he still wanted to help people. 

Moments later his sister soon left his room ordering him to get changed and meet in the kitchen, shooting her orders. Before warning him of not going back to sleep as if she knew what he was thinking of doing. Now giving him no choice knowing he couldn’t go back to sleep now not wanting to get on his sister's wrong side even more than he has already. Following in her orders he quickly took a shower, dried and ready. Changing into proper clothes for once knowing he just changed into sweats again his sister would kill him. Grabbing his coffee that was still on the side he made his way out of his room and through into the kitchen, sitting on the breakfast bar stool. “Can we have pancakes?” Already pestering his sister giving in his orders whilst sipping his coffee waking himself up fully. 

Honestly, this reminded Maddison of their previous years on this earth, anytime Maddie had to pester her younger brother, to try and motivate him to do anything. She remembered, when he suffered a major incident as a firefighter; not having the energy or motivation to get up, when he was recovering and off from work. But she always kicked him into high gear. Hearing his comment, Maddison was tempted to use old phrase ‘you can sleep, when you’re dead.’ But technically, they were both dead already. “Well being a lazy bug, won’t get you far in life, you should know better by now. You’re not a small child anymore.” But sometimes he still acted like it.

A little bribery never hurt anyone, right? The two siblings always seemed to bribe each other with their weakness, to get the other to do something. Maddison shot him a look. Here we go, again. She thought to herself. “Hudson Luca Garcia!” Having a tendency to middle name him, when he got like this. “Just because you’re not a fire-fighter, and we’re not back in the veil, doesn’t mean there’s not anything for you to do! There’s Plenty of jobs here in the city! You’d see that for yourself, if you’d get off your lazy backside.” He really needed to find some way to get motivated. This wasn’t good for him. And it was driving her up the wall already. He wasn’t incomptent. He was smart and a hard worker, when he set his mind to it. “Do I need to drag your butt, outside of the house and make you do work?!” she questioned. Hudson always tested her patience. As much as she loved her brother, she had a firm touch...loving but firm. It was the only way he could get things done. 

“You need to find a way to work off the anger. Go hit the gym.” Was her reply. It’d give him a chance to punch out his frustration, clear his mind, so he could help people as an Empath in training.

Maddison lingered slightly, just enough to hear him start the shower. Good. He was taking her seriously. Soon enough her brother had joined her in the kitchen. Making his request for pancakes. “Sweet or Savory?” she questioned, wondering what he was feeling like having with the pancakes. Heading towards the fridge and cupboards, she started pulling out everything she needed for the pancakes. She then pulled out a bowl; starting to prep the pancake mixture. Taking sips of her coffee, between prepping breakfast, or much rather brunch at this point for her brother.

He still was figuring it all out. That's what he’s been doing for the last few weeks since getting back, maybe taking more than he should have. Seeing how others had it all figured out so early on. Whilst for him he was taking things slow. Yet he knew that things would soon change knowing how his sister was. How persistent she was, especially when she was motivated. Seeing how she’s already managed to get him out of bed. Whilst if he had his way he would have preferred to stay in bed and sleep for the rest of the day. “Well it’s gotten me here so far, so” he started to say pointing out. “I could years of sleep to catch up on Sis, remember that” He teased, grinning at her a little. Almost preparing himself for her to wack him over the head for his comments. It still amuses him how they were still having the sibling bickering now years on. Grown adults who act like a pair of children. Yet secretly he was happy that they haven’t lost their sibling arguments. Almost showing how they are still so close. He was still happy and thankful that he was able to share this whole second chance at life with his sister. That he would be lost without her being here. Even with all her little craziness and getting on his back for everything. 

Hudson was still sulking, milking it almost. Used to putting himself down, never having much faith or believing in himself. It was worse now. Hearing his full name being used he froze almost looking to her knowing he was in trouble. Almost hearing their mother for a moment, back when he was told off when they were kids. Hudson knew Maddie was trying to snap reality and sense into him. That she was only trying to help. “I’m just trying to take my time to figure it all out” Sighing a little, nodding his head knowing his sister was right and just trying to help him. He knew really had much thought into what he could do as another job. Back when he was younger he never had a second choice. Always wanting to be a firefighter like his grandfather. It’s all he wanted to be. His dream. Once he had tried out ot be a Navy Seal, but he hated it. Feeling that they only wanted machines, for people not to have any emotions or feelings. He hated it all, finding that fire fighting was the opposite. Being able to help people and love his job and life. Now he had none of that left. Finding himself back at the beginning. Not having it in him like his sister to be motivated and ready to start again so soon. “I’ll start looking for something soon Mads” Giving in knowing there was no escaping, that she was right and he needed to get his head into gear. Since they didn’t know how long they had left living here or if it was all permanent. He had been helping out Lucien with things, yet that's far as his help had gone. 

“I have gone to the gym” That's the only thing he’s really done. Knowing he had to keep up with his training, carrying it all on. Especially now they were alive again, drinking and eating. Along with all the candy he’s been sneaking. Maybe he had to start going for runs, a way of burning off his steam and energy. That always used to clear his head. When Maddie left the room he headed to the shower, following her orders and instructions. Hudson took a quick shower then got changed and headed downstairs to the kitchen where his sister was waiting for him. Grinning straight away seeing her making pancakes as he wished. “Sweet please” Looking excited, not having pancakes for what felt like forever. Plus he knew Maddie was always good at making pancakes. Hudson took a seat on one of the breakfast stools waiting and watching his sister doing her magic. She was always a good cook. “So how’s your work been?” He asked, curious to find more about his sister's new life. Hudson knew he hadn’t been showing as much attention to her as he should have. It was wrong of him, just he’s been feeling unmotivated. 

Maddie’s eyes narrowed, at Hudson’s comment. Gosh, why did little siblings always find ways to irk the elder siblings? “Do you even hear yourself?” she questioned, shaking her head.”You sound as Lazy as you did back when we were human, if not more now...we’re blocked out of the Veil.” Rolling her eyes, as he reminded her he had years to catch up on sleep. “Sleep at night, like everyone else.” She could never sleep during the day, not unless she was ill. And he certainly wasn’t...she got he was bit jetlagged from England and whatnot. But still. But no matter how much they bickered, like little kids; Maddison always loved her brother and would do anything to protect him. What was a sibling bond, without a little spat every now and again?

She was well aware, of how Hudson put himself down. Something he did in the past...but she always saw right through her brother’s antics. Knowing he had more skill and talents than he gave himself credit for. So she didn’t buy it, any time he made excuses...he was very capable of doing things, if he set his mind to it. “I know things are different...and you couldn’t live out your dreams, like you hoped to. But there’s still options….things change, we need to roll with the punches.” Maddie told him, with a slight sigh. It wasn’t the end of the world, just because he wasn’t a fire-fighter, and no longer in the veil either. The Ailwards were doing their best to help them figure it out. How to get back home. But for now...they were here, and had to make the most of it….even if it meant going back to Mundane jobs and helping people as Empaths on earth. Maybe it was her elder sibling out-look, that made her more motivated than her brother. “If you need some help...I know a few people that can help. Or you can always talk to Lucian, he might know something.” There were people that’d help her brother/give tips and advice. He wasn’t alone in this.

Once in the kitchen, it was like she briefly forgot their mid-day spat, over him being lazy.As her brother requested sweet pancakes. “I swear...you’re gonna have a heart-attack.” she joked. But like him, she couldn’t resist pancakes. Once the pancake batter was done. The sizzling could be heard, when she poured out some into the hot frying pan. Grabbing a few plates...she started to put the ready made pancakes onto the plate. Each of them had at least 4 or 5, from the mixture she made. Pulling out some nutella, lemon juice, syrup and fruit from the fridge. Maddison set out the different toppings on the table for her brother and her to pick from. Setting the plate in front of him with his pancake load. Before taking her plate over to the table too. “It’s good. I quite like the shop...it’s been getting good feed-back from customers. It can be a nightmare, trying to organise the new stock sometimes...but I like a challenge.” She smiled, as she grabbed some nutella and put it on a pancake or two, along with some fruit. "You should stop by, I don't think you've been there, since I started."

Hudson was someone who always looked at the worse case scenario. Normally he’s one of the people who's always enthusiastic about everything yet since coming back to earth it’s different. Still not yet to find his place here yet, whilst others like Maddie got it all figured out. Whilst for him he was taking the slower approach. Only having helped Lucien to move things from and to the wood cabins where they lived. His sister was starting to sound like a broken record with how she was sounding more like their mother rather than for her being his sister. “Just give me this Maddie” Trying to sush her although disproving his point sounding like a child just like what Maddie had said. “You know me I like using my free time off wisely” Hudson pointed out how even back when he was human he used to spend his free days off work sleeping. Yet that mostly because he had worked 24 hour shifts, then other weird shifts barely able to have any time himself. Now he was feeling he was taking back all that lost time. “There’s some other people who sleep in the day” Some people were night owls like himself. “I’m not like you Maddie, I don’t have my own future all mapped out. I never have” They were opposites in that way how Maddie was always the planner and organiser whilst he did things on the spare of the moment. Never having much tying him down. Probably another reason why he’s never had a stable or long term relationship before. That and in his past people used to say he was a player, but he wasn’t so bad any more having matured with his years being a firefighter and now being an Aurazin. 

At the moment he wasn’t feeling up to anything. Feeling unmotivated. Hudson knew that Maddie was only trying to help him out not wanting to see him wasting his life away now they got a new chance to live it. “I know but I’m not like you Maddie. I’ve never had a plan B. I’ve always wanted to be a firefighter like our grandad but now i don’t know” The Aurazin sighed looking at his sister who could see all his emotions, that she could read him like a book. Growing up he didn’t have the best childhood. Wanting to get and leave their family home as soon as he could. To escape their dick of a dad. He could remember how glad he was when he had the choice of going to live with his grandparents to his parents demise. “I have been helping out Lucien '' He piped up a little, having become Lucien’s own personal soffer lately. With how the olden Aurazin didn’t know how to drive and how it would be dangerous to let him on the roads too. Hudson was one of the ones who helped a lot to start off with when moving things but then he’s started to get more glazier. Although Lucien had told him not to over do it so that's what he’s doing, choosing to do nothing even if it's not such a good idea.   

One thing he’s always loved with Maddie’s cooking is how she knew how to cook and bake whilst for him he’d probably end up burning the place down. That he;s the one to buy baked goods or something and fawn them off as his own. Yet Maddie was always the one to see through it. “I’m ready for it,” Hudson grinned like a kid at Christmas, ready for his sugar rush. Which isn’t so good for them Aurazin’s yet none of them listen to any of it, all of them love sugar too much to stop eating it or cut it out completely. Choosing to take the risks for the things they love, even if it’s sugar. Hudson watched in inpatient as his sister cooked up a storm in the kitchen. There probably was drool hanging out the corner of his mouth. Soon as the plate of pancakes was put in front of him he grabbed his knife and forks almost ready to dig in before forgetting to thank his sister for making it. “Thanks Maddie, you're the best” He was all giddy having missed his sister's favourite pancakes. Quickly digging and waffling down the pancakes, probably a bit too fast. “Is there still a lot to do?” He wondered asking his sister with a mouthful of food, not stopping eating to speak. “I’ll stop by soon sis” He smiled showing his support to his sister how he knew she was proud of her work. “I think I might stop by the firehouse in Evermore and see what jobs they go to” Hudson admitted waiting and watching to see his sister's reaction. He knew that she was right and he couldn’t keep wasting his life away just sleeping and doing nothing. Hudson thought it was best going back to doing something he’s always known and was good at, plus he was still helping people. Finding enjoyment in doing a job that's fulfilling and rewarding finding in his time in England as a bartender to make extra cash for flights he never felt that happy. 

It was always the same battle for the two Garcia siblings. The two could never agree on a lot of things; apart from the important things of course. But things like this...nah. It was a never-ending battle. Finding herself almost on repeat, when she was telling Hudson off-but needing to get her point somewhat across. Raising an eyebrow at his response; not looking mildly impressed. “I think we have a different understanding of what we call ‘wise.’” To her, spending her time wisely, was doing things to help around the cabin and relaxing when it was needed...not sleeping the day away. That to her, was lazy. Her brother on the other hand, called that wise. Back when he was human, she couldn’t argue much about his sleeping patterns, as she knew he could work 24 hours straight sometimes...then he had a good excuse to sleep the day away. “I don’t have it all figured out.” she sighed slightly. Maddison thought, she had it all figured out. Husband, marriage, children...but having been in an abusive relationship, and suffering from a miscarriage; that happy life, soon disappeared from her mind and thoughts. Since then, not opening up to anyone, for fear of getting abused and broken again. But the important things, like a job and where she wanted to head, whilst living in Evermore-yep, she was figuring that out.

She knew, her brother was more set in his ways and aspirations. Knowing how much he had looked up to their grand-father and wanted to follow in his footsteps. “I know, you always had a dream. And it’s okay to have a dream...but sometimes, you have to realise...that dream, can’t last forever. It’s okay to figure out a plan B...or a C. Nothing ever lasts forever.” They should know, even if technically they had became immortal with their second chance at life. Knowing how much he struggled at home, with their parents. Maybe more so than she did. Maddison didn’t let it show as much; she was older...so she took the brunt of it all, to try and protect him. But even her efforts went as far, as they could have. When he mentioned helping Lucien, Maddie smiled softly. “What have you two been up to?” she asked curious, wondering what Hudson had been helping him out with. But she was glad, that Lucien had someone to talk to and some help, seeing how his wife was stuck in the veil.

After having finished making the pancakes. Maddison’s eyes almost widened at how her brother began to scoff them down “Slow down….they’re not going to disappear.” She shook her head amused, as she took her own seat, before beginning to eat from her own plate. “You’re welcome.” Smiling at her brother, she was glad, he seemed a bit more cheery now that he had his favorite breakfast in front of him. Just like her brother, she had a weak spot for sugary things. Which made it all the more annoying, having to look out for her sugar intake. Yet, no matter how weak it made their kind-everyone seemed to seek it out. One of the pleasures of life, that they couldn’t resist. “Here...or the shop?” Maddison enquired, wondering which place Hudson meant, after she finished chewing on her bite of food. Taking another sip of her coffee, between eating her pancakes. Feeling some relief wash over her, as he said he’d stop by the shop. Wanting to share it with her brother. When he mentioned the fire-house in Evermore. She looked a bit surprised, at the sudden initiative. “I am sure, they’ll have a good addition to their team, if you get it.” she gave an approving nod, knowing her brother was a hard worker, when he wanted to be. He could go far.

They were like any other normal pair of siblings. With both of them having their own differences with one and another. Different opinions too. Yes they disagereed and bickered about different things, but it’s what all siblings do. They aren’t carbon copies of each other if they were it would be a lot boring. In the end they both love and care for each other. Hudson was forever grateful to still have his sister in his life and still with him. Not knowing what he would have done if they hadn’t joined each other in the afterlife. There was a reason why they were saved, that there more to it but it was something none of them could figure out.  Hudson knew his sister was getting on at him for choosing to be lazy but he wasn’t like Maddie who always was motivated. Whilst at times he’d feel himself at a slump and unmotivated which was now happening now. Looking over to his sister, Hudson knew then that he’s been stupid. Saying things without thinking, not knowing that he was hurting his sister. It was only kept between the two of them to know all that happened back in their past and human lives.  Hudson knew that Maddie had been to hell and back, now she’s only trying to find her way back from the other side. Literally. “I’m sorry Maddie, I’ll try to do better. I promise” He looked to her seriously, almost asking for her forgiveness. Knowing that he’d been too blinded to see that he’s actually been acting like a jackass. 

It was true. He’s only had one plan. That fire fighting was his only one true dream and aspiration. That there was nothing else he had seen himself doing. “I’ve never been a plan B or C kind of guy” Maybe he could help Lucien out a bit more till he got back on his feet properly. “I’ve mostly become his driver, I don’t think he’s safe enough to be on the roads himself” Hudson laughed trying to picture Lucien trying to drive a car. With how old fashioned the Aurazin was that not much has changed with Lucien trying to adapt to the modern day. Whilst for him and Maddie it was easy or enough for them to just fit back in. 

It was normal for him to just almost shovel food down like it’s going to be taken away. He’d always find he’d still be hungry even after. With how often he goes to the gym then burns off all the calories so quickly, along with his fast metabolism too. “Your food still tastes great” He added whilst talking with his mouthful. Maddie’s cooking was always the best whilst he’s good with just the basics or buying premade stuff.  He could see that he took his sister by surprise, confusing her almost. Hudson had a habit for saying random things and out of nowhere. “Uhh both” When he arrived in the city and at the lodge he let Maddie choose out things for his room. Letting her design it, he liked simple but modern things. “I want to support you” He smiled softly, wanting to show he cared and was interested in helping out his sister. Hudson knew all Aurazin’s were still struggling in some way being trapped out of the viel all left to figure everything esle out. The Aurazin had been doing some of his research not being all at a slump that he makes out to be. “They’ll take me, remember I was a top student at the academy back in the day” Boasting a little, being a bit full of himself when it came to his fire fighting abiblities but he’d always felt like he was one of the best fire fighters back in his old fire house. 

Out of all the people in her life, Maddie knew that she could always trust her baby brother the most. Hudson was the only one, besides their grand-parents that had been faithful and never turned his back on her. For which she was always grateful. Maddie loved and adored her baby brother-no matter how much she fussed at him. She was just being a big sister. Since they were kids, she would look out for him and take fault for his mistakes growing up, to spare her baby brother getting the beating. She did not want him to suffer at the hands of their father; rather her. As her brother apologised, a slight sigh escaped her. They had been through hell and back; literally. Maddie was glad that he realised how he had been acting towards the whole situation. “I know you are.” she said softly, seeing how sorry he was, in his expression. “I am sorry if i'm being hard on you. I just want what’s best for us both.”

True, she knew her brother never relied on more than one plan. Unlike her. “Now, might be a good time to start?” she suggested. One could always learn and adapt. Right? After all, they did after they had died and started to live again, when they ended up here in Evermore. Giggling a little as he told her about being Lucien’s driver. “Oh boy, I am glad he has a safe driver.” She would be curious to see how Lucien would be in the car on his own though, for sure; it might be amusing yet also unsafe for the elder Aurazin.

It didn’t surprise Maddison when her brother ate so fast, that he could inhale the food. “I know you’re hungry, but no need to inhale your breakfast. Food isn’t going anywhere.” she joked with Hudson. Maddison herself had finally sat down with a plate of her own, eating her own pancakes. Unlike her brother, she did not inhale her food. Savoring the taste. Maddie smiled softly. “You’re the only one, that I could always rely on.” she mused. That didn’t change. Now she had a few more people, she trusted; like Argent and their kind. Together, they could get through the tough times and learn how to cope with new things; of that she was sure. As her brother boasted, she shook her head in amusement. “Just don’t say anything stupid.” she warned her brother lightly. Not wanting Hudson to somehow mess it up. Even if it would be unintentional. Knowing he sometimes had a big mouth and spoke before he thought.

Both him and Maddie have been to hell and back. His sister had been through so much in her past life, enough to count for all of the next ones. Hudson knew that he’d be forever protective over her, still a part of him blamed himself for not noticing or being there for her back then. He was so focussed on his life and not being there to see what was going on with her. Since then he’d tried his best not to be so selfish, to look after others rather than himself. Pushing himself to be a better person, to save others. Hudson knew there was a reason why the two of them were given this crazy second chance at life that they would be forever grateful for. Even if at the moment he was trying to put his life on pause finding himself in a slump. Before in his past life he’d been so busy with work, fighting fires and saving people. Doing all sorts of crazy to nothing now. The Aurazin knew the best person to talk to would be Lucien who would direct him in the right direction of what to do next. Along with Maddie pushing him as well. “I know you do Mads, you know me I just need a kick up the ass first” He pointed out chuckling with what was a serious conversation he’d able to make light of it. 

“Remember back to when I chose to do that gap year travelling? I ended up having a lot of random jobs on the way. Bartending, construction work or back when I tried out for the Navy Seal which was one of the worst things I’ve done in my life but we move on. After that I went and worked on a Dude Ranch then off to Peru bartending then back to LA to join the firefighter academy” Hudson could remember Maddie telling him that he was having his midlife crisis early but she loved all the postcards he would send her back, that she kept them all. Back then he was out living his life, doing all the things that his sister couldn’t do. She was trapped with staten himself. “I’m a great driver I’ll have you know. You should see how I can drive a fire truck in rush hour. In and out” The Auazin was trying to boast a little bit, he used to use the fire truck to pick up girls and hook up with them. In the end he ended up getting in trouble with the captain which put a stop to him using the fire truck if it was being called out on a call.  

He’d always been a fast eater espicbally when the food tastes great. “I have years of catching up to do your pancakes remember” He smirked teasing his sister which was true. “You should open up a bakery or something” As kids he would tell her that she should open up her own shop for her baking then he’d be in there every day trying one of everything. “We are always each other. I love you Maddie. We never leave each other behind. Pinky Promise?” He smiled softly, pulling out his hand sticking out his pinky for his sister. As kids they used to make a pack together, a pinky promise. Mostly back then it was not to tell their parents if they’d been up to no good. Even as adults they were still serious about how important a pinky promise was. When they were speaking about him going to see Maddie at her new work he pretended to feel hurt when she said not to say anything stupid. “I would never do anything like that, I’m a bit hurt that you would say something like that” He gasped a little pretending to be hurt by those words but he was trying to mess with her like usual.

Maddison knew that her brother at times blamed himself for how things went down in the past. Truthfully, it wasn’t her fault. She was the one that had cut him out back then; both to protect him, and because she was also forced to for most of her marriage to Dante. It was her fault, for letting things get that far. For not having the courage to find help and run, till things got more dire. She had the rest of their immortality, to keep making up for those mistakes. And trying not to take the little things for granted; like moments of happiness and banter with her baby brother. But both siblings had things to work towards. Sometimes Maddison wondered if she was even worth it…having a second chance, like she had been given. Her confidence is still massively shaken, since her human days. Often finding that people closest to her, had to remind her of her goodness. As her brother spoke about needing a kick up the ass first, she nodded. “Oh, I know; all too well.” She knew he had exactly changed in certain aspects. Still often being lazy, till someone kicked him into high gear. But when he got working, she knew he could be a hard worker.

“I remember.” She said with a light nod. It wasn’t often that someone had so many jobs in one year. She knew that Hudson had been a bit stuck on what he wanted to do. But never stuck out a job more than a few weeks, or few months to fully see if he would find pros in them. “Even I didn't never had that many jobs.” teasing him. But guess he had his own way of trying to find himself. Whilst Maddison had always been a people helper, her career goals were always a bit more clearer. That was until her second life had begun. She had no idea what to do outside of being an Empath in training and helping people as an Aurazin. “That’s not what I heard about you and fire trucks.” If her memory serves correctly, he had been the little dare-devil with fire trucks and using them to pick up girls, whilst on shift. But hopefully, he has learned his lesson since then.

As she took another bite of her food, she shook her head. “We have an eternity for you to enjoy my pancakes.” Maddie said with a light laugh. Hearing his suggestion of her opening up a bakery shop. Maddison knew how that would go. Hudson being in there all the livelong day, eating everything. “If I did that, I don’t think I’d have anything to sell to customers.” She said, giving him a knowing look. But it certainly would be interesting. To see if other people would love her cooking and baking, as much as he did. Seeing him hold out his pinky finger, she just smiled. It felt like forever, since they made a pinky swear. You’d think two adults like themselves wouldn't take such a thing seriously. That it was only for children. But not these two. It was their thing. “Pinky swear.” she linked her pinky finger with his. To keeping that promise. “Love you too little brother.” she reached over, ruffling his hair as she usually did. Raising an eyebrow as he pretended to mess with her. Knowing he really didn’t take offence to that. “Are you saying, it’s not true?” she asked playfully.

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