Ever since her baby brother turned up at the Aurazin meeting. Maddison felt like a huge amount of stress and worry had been taken off of her shoulders. For the majority of the first few weeks in Evermore. The Brunette had been stressed. She along with the other Aurazin’s had no access to the veil and the void; unable to go home back home. And her brother wasn't anywhere to be seen. No matter how the others tried to calm her down; it was futile. Maddison felt like she was unable to protect her baby brother; when he had been stranded who knows where. The stress had only faded; when he turned up unharmed and cheerful. Yeah, sometimes she could be a pain in his butt; but being the elder sibling. She was worrisome.  Heck, after what they had all endured, anyone would worry.

Since being in Evermore; Maddison was still trying to find some sort of a purpose; now that they were among the living. Whilst, it would make their job of helping those in need, a lot easier. She still felt a bit out of sorts and lost. Maybe it was the fact that she had made peace with being dead for the last 7 years. Now the entire faction was trying to somehow fit among the living. In a city full of Supernaturals, with unexpected happenings no less.

Not knowing how long they would be in Evermore. Maddison had found herself a job. A new gift store had opened up in the city. Selling all sorts of cute trinkets, gifts and on occasion some antiques. The Aurazin needed a change of pace, after her previous jobs in her human life. And this seemed right up her alley.

Maddison had been out of the shared home; from the early morning hours. Getting the shop open and running for the day. New stock had come through, so Maddison had spent some time sorting through it, as well as attending to any customers that came into the shop. During her lunch-hour. She decided to stop by home. See if her brother was awake yet. Or still snoring away. Whilst some of the other Aurazin’s had found part time, or full time jobs in Evermore too. The cabin was peaceful at the moment. And since there was no sight of her baby brother, in the living room or in the kitchen. Maddison took it to mean that he was still asleep. After making two cups of coffee. She headed over to his bedroom. Letting herself in,after a knock.

Setting one cup of coffee on the bedside table. Which would be meant for him. “Wakey-wakey.” Maddie tried to coax her brother awake. Walking over to the window, she tugged the curtains open. Letting in the sunlight.

“Hudson, come on!” Maddison grabbed at his duvet, pulling it off of him. “I know, you’re probably enjoying the fact, you can sleep again. But it doesn’t mean, you have to sleep 24/7. Get your butt, out of bed.” She told her baby brother. The day was still young, and he was wasting it away, in bed.

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The two Garcia siblings always have shared a close knit sibling bond. Ever since day one. Maddie had been there for him when their parents had been. Playing a parent role for him more than they ever did. Picking up the pieces. They started to grow apart when Maddie started to see and date Dante but they still stayed in touch. Hudson only wishes he would have done more. Not seeing his sister was unhappy. That he managed to escape their parents and went in search for freedom unaware that he was leaving behind his sister with someone as evil and controlling as Dante. It all worked out in the end. That she managed to escape him and they were free. Only bringing the two closer even after death. Maddie knew what Hudson was like. Reading him like a book. Even with his flaws. She took him how he was, even with right now how he was acting lazy not wanting to do anything with himself. Hudson felt that he was stuck, not knowing what to do with his life. Feeling just like he did when he finished school and heading to college. Hudson was still hoping and wishing that this was all just a temporary thing. That it’ll all be fixed and the veil would be open once again. Right now he was being a jerk and the only one who could put up with him was Maddie. She was already making progress getting him out of bed and eating a proper meal even though it was a sugary one. That it would mostly likely send them both on a sugar high but it was worth it.

“I used to send you postcards if I recall” Back then that was kind of the only way to communicate without it costing a fortune in credit. Hudson would send them to the hospital where Maddie was working so that he knew that she would get them. Not trusting Dante. Hudson was right with that one in the end. “You know me, I’m a bit extra” He joked trying to find a bit of amusement in it even if it was a bad thing. Truthfully he did miss firefighting. Even seeing the trucks going around past him in the city pained him a little. Missing it. Missing that life. The highs and even the lows. Out helping each other. Making an impact in the world. Of course Maddie had heard about and was taking the fire trucks out when he shouldn’t. “It worked well for a while…” Until he got in trouble for it. After that he had to find another way to pick up girls.

“True that” Grinning ear to ear at his sister. Thankful to have his sister by his side. There would be no one else he’d rather spend eternity with. Hudson knew as he gave his suggestion for her to open a bakery he’d known that she’d say he’d end up eating it all, which was true. “See it as me being the one to test the products. Someone gotta make sure it’s good or not” He encouraged her, telling her his bright idea. The pinky promise showed how much of a tight sibling bond. He walks through fire to protect her as she would. “Shhh” Sushing her. Hudson continued eating the pancakes, shovelling it down his throat like they’ll disappear out of thin air. “So what’s the plan for today?” Speaking with food in his mouth, not waiting till after he was finished.

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