Audrina grimaced as she looked into the mirror of her vanity. From the moment Audrina turned eighteen, she had been feeling a pull towards the Diviner coven. And, for as long as she could remember, she had been resisting and fighting that pull. She had never wanted anything to do with the political side of things in the supernatural world. As a royal, she just wanted to live her life the way she pleased, and that meant quite the opposite of following political rules. But, Audrina couldn't refuse the pull she felt any longer. It suffocated the young Diviner sometimes, to a point where she couldn't function in her normal daily tasks. With a soft sigh, the blonde Diviner showered, and dressed herself, which was rare. She enjoyed all the luxury that her last name had given her, but having people dress you and bath you, at times, was a little bit more than she could bare. 

The maid was in the kitchen fixing a breakfast big enough to feed an army, and it made Audrina feel even more alone. Maybe going to the Coven house wasn't a bad idea after all. She had no friends, because everyone steered clear of a Kensington at all costs. At the very least, she could gain a few fiends within her own faction. But, she was still hesitant, and she damn sure wouldn't rush into giving them her full, undevided trust. After calling her mother to inform her of her plans for the day, Audrina headed down stairs and sat at the table, which was already stocked with wine, and a plate full of fruit and breakfast foods. She gave her maid an appreciative smile before quickly devouring her food.

After she finished, she left her dishes on the table for Dorothy to clean up and headed into the living room, grabbing a gift she'd gotten for her maid above the mantle. "For all your hard work" she gave a nod, and bright smile. Audrina had bought her a jewelry set, and paid for a spa day. "The spa will see you whenever you have time to go" she added, before dismissing herself, petting her terrier on the way to the front door, where two guards constantly sat for her protection. She wasn't famous, but having the last name she had, meant she needed that protection. There would always be a threat just simply by being a part of her family, and at times, she admittedly wanted out.

The Diviner sighed as Ruben, her driver, opened a door for her. "Where to today Miss Kensington?" he asked politely as she climbed in, and waited for him to shut her door and do the same. Audrina sat in the back seat, because Ruben had always had eyes for her, but it was normal at this point, and it no longer made her feel awkward. She had made it quite clear that they could never be more than 'friends' even if she had shared a night or two with him just to defy what her family thought was best for her. "To the Rriver Banks please.." she trailed off with a look of dread on her features, one that Ruben caught quickly enough. "You're doing the right thing Audrina, you know you have to" Ruben never held back expressing his concerns for her, and while it often frustrated the young Diviner, she had to realize that sometimes, people were looking out for her best interests.

The drive over to Diviner territory didn't take long. And, as Audrina stepped out after having her door re-opened for her, she gave a thankful nod at Ruben and waited for him to leave before walking up to the Coven house. As she gave the door bell a ring, her heart began racing out of her chest. She hated this, but the feeling that something was pulling her here, for the first time, had went away. She didn't feel such a pull and it made sense that she needed to be here now. When someone answered the door, Audrina gave a nervous smile. "I'm here to see Kaelyn" she stated simply, and followed the male who answered the door.

She couldn't help but feel nervous. This had been something she never even wanted. But, she also felt a sense of relief. She finally felt as if she was where she was supposed to be after fighting it for so long. When a red head came just within her view, Audrina swallowed harshly. She normally wasn't nervous. Royals could never show a sign of nervousness in front of crowds, but this one singular woman before her, definitely made her feel a little uneasy.

"Kaelyn?" she called out, and waited to see what would unfold from this meeting.

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The last year was like a whirlwind for her with everything all happening so quickly. With barely any time to process it all in a way. Kaelyn knew her quiet little life she had before where it was just her a Riley with Wyatt stopping by. Her biggest worry before was if she was a bit short on money what was her next con, the usual little things that now it’s all different she don’t have to think about. With how her leadership position all came as a shock to her. Finding in the last year she’s had a lot of figuring out on her own, luckily she has her cousin Wyatt who helped her. If it wasn’t for him she would be completely lost and clueless with how it all was far from what she was used to. Truthfully even know she was constantly worrying if she was thinking if she was not up for it all. Not knowing if she was doing any more good to help out or be there for cousin. With how she knew at first, not many people were there for her as her family was compared to the rest of the coven. Feeling she was forever trying to prove to everyone else that she was up to it all. Kaelyn knew there was a reason why our ancestors chose her just as she was still trying to find out why. Till then she wanted to do all she could to be up to it all. Wanting for this year to make connections and build bridges with other ambassadors. Knowing before there hasn’t been really any alliances set in stone wanting for that to change soon. 

For the past few weeks she’d been spending a lot of her time trying to turn the coven house around with how in the past few years it was left in a state. With different leaders coming and going she wanted for something to make her marks on it at least. Luckily for her she had a keen eye for design, wanting everything to be perfect. No stones left unturned. Kaelyn thought a coven house would be a better place for other Instar Diviners to be around each other. Place where spells casting could be practised along with different type of training. Finding that it was better for people to find her rather of her using her home for people to find her. Not exactly wanting strangers turning up at her door, she was sure that her girlfriend wouldn’t like that either. So she thought that the coven house would be a better idea, to use it for what it’s supposed to be for like other factions has. 

Kaelyn was in her own office sat on the sofa flicking through different spell books that were scattered around her. Using them as research trying to figure out a lesson plan she was wanting to with her own Diviner lessons she has with Dakota. Not used to teaching someone the basics but ones whose power is as strong as hers.  Already finding out the hard way of spells going wrong, few glasses being broken here and there. Kaelyn sometimes never believed in her fully seeing how there was putting their faith in her and her training techniques. Always thinking that there were many other people better than her around for sure but people still came looking for her. Even before all the times she moved, people with connections still found her wanting her help. A knock at the door brought her attention from the book she was reading, looking up she saw someone walking in and standing at the door. Saying that someone was here to see her. When it came to her asking who it was, it seemed like he didn’t think to take a name. Kaelyn left what she was doing behind that it could be left till later. Going to see who was wanting to see her, wondering who it was. By now she wasn’t surprised by strangers knocking at her door. Almost finding it was the usual. Seeing a blonde girl standing at the door who was saying her name. “Umm yes, who are you?” She asked sounding curious, almost thinking if she could remember the face and put a name to it. If it was someone who she’d seen or met before. With how they knew he name but she didn’t know hers.

Audrina found this entire process cliche. She had always swore she'd never involve herself with the faction, or the politics of the supernatural world. Yet here she stood, finding it hard to even so much as speak. When a red head greeted her, asking who she was with surprise evident on her features, the blonde Diviner couldn't help but giggle. "I'm Audrina Kensington. Part of your faction" Audrina couldn't lie though, it felt damn good for someone not to know her for once. For there not to be camera's in her face and people squealing when she entered a room because of how well most people knew her family name.

"I didn't wanna come, but." she started off, scanning the coven house as it was her first time in it.. "I vowed that I would the day the comet hit. I didn't understand it, and I wanted answers" she admitted. She had never wanted to be part of all this. She didn't want anything in her normal life to change, she still wanted to go to college, and be close to her mother, even in spite of the tension between them currently.

The blonde Diviner scanned the woman before her and seated herself on the sofa. Audrina couldn't help but be amused. Rumors esculated of curse, when the new ambassador stepped up, which happened to be the female before her right now. It seemed as though Kaelyn had more catching up to do than she though. Audrina couldn't imagine how overwhelming it might have been for her to step into a leaders position. "I don't know much about how it is to be part of a faction, and frankly i'm not seeking that. But, I guess It wouldn't hurt to see if you need any help with anything?" she asked, swallowing harshly at the misery those words brought to her. Audrina's schedule was already a full one. But, if she expected to be in this faction at all, she figured she could start by trying to find herself an established position in it.

"I'm pretty skilled in using my abilities. I could possibly train and help others who aren't as skilled" the Light Diviner stated, a forced smile on her face as she sighed softly. "The coven house is much nicer than a person would think. I thought it would be dark, gloom and doom type stuff" she chuckled. Maybe that was a pretty narrow minded way to think, but Audrina didn't know what to expect coming in here today. The place seemed to function like any other house, except it was much bigger, fit for an entire coven t live in if they chose to live together. Audrina on the other hand, lived the tedious lifestyle of a rich girl, maids, butlers, drivers, bodyguards, and the list just went on forever.

She supposed though, that being who she was came with it's perks. And should she chose to finally accept being a billionaire at her age, then she would at least be set for the rest of her life.

Kaelyn was still trying to get used to how things all were for people who were like her. Finding themselves in a leadership position for the first time in her life. Never having to worry about anyone but herself. That's how it’s always been but she knew all had changed in the last year. Having other people’s to worry about and with lives depending on her. To be a leader to help them get through all that's to come. Truth be told, Kaelyn didn’t know if she was doing things right with more than half the time everything just being a guessing game. Even all her training sessions weren’t elaborate how she makes things up, not sticking to the books. The opposite of what she should be doing. Kaelyn wasn't too sure of who the woman was in front of her but she knew that she knew her. Waiting to hear the blonde introducing herself soon as she heard her say the name. Always sensing how proud she was of it, like how Kaelyn should already know who she was without being told. The surname did ring a bell but not enough to make much of an impact. “Right” She nodded her head giving her a fake smile back to her. “But you haven’t been part of this faction as of late” Recalling and stating the truth how she knows whose part of the faction. With how there were many others who chose to stay away from the main faction. Making her believe that the blonde was one of them. 

Waiting to hear what she had to say knowing that she’d be given a story in a way how it was the same for everyone who comes looking for her. A little bit surprised hearing her mentioning the comet how it’s been a while since anyone mentioned it. “The comet was what drew me to the city, to my cousin. Almost to accept the truth and everything” Kaelyn knew that the comet changed and made things all different for them not giving any of them a choice. “You tried to push it all away didn’t you?” Looking over to her seeing if she was right at reading her and all her problems she tried to keep bottling up for many years. Kaelyn led audriana through so they could speak more privately and not at the front door. Looking confused hearing of her trying to offer her own help rather than coming and seeking the help of her. The opposite to what normally happens. “For?” Still confused for someone who was not part of the faction wanting to become something more instead. How Kaelyn was still nieve in the ways of becoming a leader not used to people offering their help before. 

Surprised by the blonde offering her help with how Kaelyn hasn't exactly been looking for any trainers with how many people around were quite skilled in their spells and abilities. Yet there’s been new and inexperienced people like Dakota coming around wanting for help and maybe it was right how there weren't more people like her to help others. Thinking maybe she was right. “I have been looking to have some more help with taking on new and more students, if you're up for it and all of course” She admitted nodding her head, accepting that she needs more help around. Kaelyn was used to people expecting the whole coven house to be all dark, to have more of a witchy affective to it. In reality that was one of the first things she changed when taking charge putting more light to the place and putting in the grander and elegant touches that's been missing. “Yeah I changed that all '' She mused grinning a little, always liking the interior touches she’s made. “So what's your story huh? If I’m going to take you on here, I need to know some things about you” Sounding a little bit intrusive but she was only curious having a coven to look out for. Always making sure to get to know little bit about her coven members making it more personal than professional. 


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