Some people found it easy to just throw in the towel. To give up and never give things a second glance. As Svetlana sat on the edge of her bed crippled by heartbreak, she stared down to the red piece of jewelry that Zephyr had granted her; it was a way for him to always know she was safe. What was the point? She thought silently, unable to move from where she sat, only shedding one tear after the next. After living her entire life on the run, Zephyr became the closest thing to normal she'd ever gotten; he kept her sane, and balanced. But now? She just didn't have it in her to acknowledge that he'd left her, yet again.  This time the heartbreak had turned into utter rage though, pure hatred. Fool her once, shame on you.. but twice? She'd been in this shame spiral all evening, and she knew she was coming undone. There had to be somewhere she could go.. some place she could find some solace. After forming a pill habit, she didn't assume things could get much worse than that.

Thinking of what she would even do with herself now that there was no him completely terrified her. He had been the very one to make her push forward all this time, helping her understand that she was worth more than just giving up what she had built for herself, to be the very one who had given up on her himself though, was just something she never saw coming. Life had a way of knocking Svetlana ten feet backwards every time she got a little comfortable with living. Maybe she was better off dead. The rogues hadn't succeeded in that yet, but she didn't have any fight left in her. This time he had broken her down .. what was left of her anyways. She'd been broken when he met her, and took no time in mending the pieces back together.. only to shatter her completely it seemed.

Swallowing harshly, the Nephilim stood shakily. After washing away the tears and stained makeup in a steaming how shower, Svetlana got dressed and put the red crystal that linked her to Zephyr in her safe. She didn't need him to know she was safe anymore. He didn't seem to care anyhow. She wasn't sure how she'd let go this time, she didn't want to.. she shouldn't have to. Shaking her head, still crying, the Nephilim departed her and Zeph's apartment, she didn't wanna be there.. to many memories. Walking into a bar about twenty minutes after speeding away on her Ducati, Svet glanced around; her eyes swollen from all the tears she had spilled, and her features as broken as her heart. Taking a seat at the bar, the Nephilim looked around, spotting no one familiar, or no one that seemed dangerous she ordered her first round.

Shot after shot, she was finally numb. Numb enough to smile for the first time tonight. A masculine male sat down next to her, sliding her a drink along with his number written on a napkin "You shouldn't cry. You're way too beautiful". Svetlana didn't mean to, but she broke out into laugter, to the point of not being able to breathe. "Sorry sorry.. you just have no idea" she stated, shaking her head before breathing out harshly and gulping down the drink he passed her. After standing, she staggered into his lap, he happily opened his arms like the hungry peasant he was. Svetlana still had enough sense about her to know she needed to leave. Staggering her way out of the bar, she hit her knees, placing her palms against her knee caps, letting her head droop as she sobbed a little more.

"Ive survived so much worse, why does it hurt so much..." she asked herself, in the form of a whisper. After a few passerby's offered her some help though, she once more stood, and began staggering her way down the street. It'd been quite some time since she got herself drunk as it took more due to her supernatural status; but she'd never been this drunk in her life. As she made her way down an alley-way, Svet's senses were out the window; trashed. But, she certainly wasn't tripping when she felt someone yank her out of the alley and into the road. "What the hell?!" she shouted, coming face to face with someone she'd never seen before. Shoving against his chest, the Nephilim's eyes raged their bright purple before she readied herself to do what she needed to, she figured he was another rogue who had found her.

"As much as i'd like to just end my misery, It won't be like this!" she shouted at him angrily, oblivious that he had only just saved her from someone lurking behind her in that alley.

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The word the oldest nivies never knew he could have in his life. From unknowing what he really was then being ordered to leave by his own mother finally telling him who he really is. A Pheniox, calling him an abomination to this earth could live to get any better for him? That was not untold he found out he had siblings who were just like him abominations to their mother's eyes who looked for him and never stopped. Andrew has had many surprises and secrets being kept away from him. He could not even tell what is a secret from the truth. Looking back at his past how he handled things with his young siblings he wishes to do it all over. Andrew was not fast enough to even protect his own little brother and sister from death. From red pheniox to blue he could've changed things but looking back it was all to take out his sister.  He will always live with that regret until he true die again. Now they moved here, things will be better and safer. That's all the oldest wishes knowing if they need him he will be there faster then a snap but they all need time to talk and he still needs to get to know both of them. 

 Andrew does not know if he could make a single attachment with anyone among his family. Trust is valuable to the older nivies. It will be hard for him to handle there are good people who are not the people and his parents mostly his mother. he is blinded by being mistreated he does not like staying in one place. Living in a city now it will be something he has to break for the sake of his siblings.

Were was Andrew now? The Nivies was walking around to look round as well as getting to know the city. It is bigger then he thought but what does that mean if it's safe or not. His cynical trait is kicking in along with looking for the pros and cons. Andrew knew if he was with one of his younger siblings they will tell him to stop and there is nothing he should be worried about. That can be true but it's a habit for him and one that will be hard to break. 

The Nivies didn't want to get into anything that has to get in the way of his time. The drew to dark knowing the streets will be alive for people who go to bars and clubs to get drunk and wasted like there is nothing they rather do in their free time that will be caught up to them later on. Andrew didn't find the attraction to drink along with getting drunk if it does not last forever and have pain later on. Things people do in the modern world he will never understand. of course, he is not one to judge a person who does not enter his life in a way of them knowing he is alive and walking. 

Putting in hands in his jacket, he passed a bar like it was something he wanted to find. He looked at the building putting a mental note to say away from this area. Andrew begins to walk as his blue hues laid on an Athletic female going into an ally away along with a dark shadow of a male he sighed wondering it had to be him. He jogged over as his hold hand holds on to the other's arm and pulled her out as the male ran away telling the nivies something would've happened to the female just now.

Andrew pulled her to the streets where people can see her as she started to speak up. Seeing the other's purple eyes along with her pushing him away from her he sighed in annoyance. "Your welcome for saving your life," he said annoyed this what happens when he tried to help a person. By the way, her eyes glowed purple told him she was supernatural like him which was a relief it was no a human. "Look I don't know what you're talking about. Sounds like you are broken and mistreated but ending your life is not the way to go." Andrew said as he pulled his arm away from the other and pulled it to his jacket pocket one again. 

Svetlana grimaced as he spoke again, this time a little more arrogantly, not that he didn't have the right to. "Oh i'm sorry, I guess I was supposed to thank you for scaring the life out of me. Why did you do that?!" she yelled at him again, giving him another shove against his chest before backing up and inhaling. After closing her eyes, Svet shook her head trying to control herself.

Through gritted teeth, the Nephilim stared daggers through him while being tempted to reach into her boot and grab the daggers she had never left home without. It's the one thing Zephyr had given her, that she'd never part with. She of course hadn't parted with the red crystal he had given her either that linked her to him, it's just that now she didn't have the heart to wear it. The daggers were a form of defense and protection, so she didn't mind having them on her.

As he spoke again, Svet began to pace, paranoia wrapping around her like an overly tight sweater.. suffocating her almost. She had the feeling that this guys intentions were to harm her. She didn't see anyone when he said he'd saved her life. So to her, the only logical explanation was that he was in on the plot to end her life. "Trust me, I never said that I wanted to END MY LIFE" she expressed in a loud, over dramtic tone. "I just don't know what you mean when you say you saved my life just now, what am I missing here?" she questioned, trying to soften her tone as well as her features.

Swallowing harshly as she realized what he'd said, the Nephilim clamed up. She was broken.. she had been mistreated. It appeared that her hero could see right through her. "What would you know about it? being broken and mistreated" she then said, droppin her head and grimacing as she stared at the ground below her.

  The women have no limit when it comes to voicing her option. He has met ungrateful people but they were never like this woman he is looking at right now. "Geez, you have a limit to what you're saying. If you were not that drunk you could see the danger that male that was in the ally is now gone was going to kill you. Next time I won't save a life." he said annoyed. "Keeping pushing me its not going to solve anything." 

His life as a pheniox was not that perfect life like most in the species would have. Andrew is used to all the looks and glares so the actions the women didn't bother him at all.  He was unsure if she knew anything she is doing will solve anything at that given moment. 

Andrew has dealt with jobs in the past as a Mercenary but he does not do that anymore. It was a job to get money in the past as it was easy to get the job down. How he lost it, will be the same he was supposed to kill her own sister but at the time he never knows that fact at when the job in his name. Andrew may never know why they wanted his baby sister dead but it was either him dying than her but sadly it ended up being all of them. "In Short, as I said, I saw you walking into the ally way, a male was at the end of the same ally when I saw him having something shiny like a knife or a gun. The moment he saw me and rushed out quickly. He is not there now but confirmed what I saw." he said knowing how people who have jobs to kill people work. He was like that he has been there. "Call Me lair Call me a Hero, either way, I saved your life." He noticed the women soften as he saw she is a lot calmed down.  

"A big deal. Throw out of your family because you were different living on the road with no stopping or staying in one place. I have a lot of blood on my hands but stopped. Who I was is unwelcome to most people but now keeping low with my family it's all I can do now." He said not going to go deep into his misfortune life. "By the way, the man was at theed of that alley looks like you were part of something and now they want you dead.  At least I got to save a person than before. Very unlucky."

Svetlana knew she'd struck a nerve with the male. And up until he finally explained why he'd snatched her away like he had, she had been pretty convinced that he was trying to harm her. But, after taking a couple deep breaths and calming herself, the Nephilim was able to listen to reason and hear him out. "Someone was following me?" she questioned, swallowing harshly at that realization. "I didn't even realize.. but " she trailed off, stopping mid sentence as "why did you help me?" she questioned curiously, frowning at him, her whole persona changing in the blink of an eye.

"I'm sorry then.." she said, embarrassed by how enraged she'd acted towards this male who had just literally saved her life. "I wish I could explain, but it would take us all night" she added, shaking her head. His next set of words, made the hairs on Svetlana's neck, stand at attention; she practically shuddered .."It has to be one of the rogues.." she said out loud, absent mindedly, but shrugging away the fact that she had just blurted that out. Grimacing as she looked to the ground, the Nephilim sighed. "I'm just so sick and tired of running. I'm not going to call you a liar, okay?" she expressed, trying to pull herself together and dry the tears before looking at him again.

"Thank you for saving my life. But now it may not even be safe for you to be out here around me.. I wish you'd just let me be" she  said once more , still full of doom, and sounding as ungrateful as she had acted the moment she started shoving him, but it's not that she wanted to die, or that she was ungrateful, she just hated dragging people into her war. This would be the story of her life, until she drew her last breath, and she'd be drawing that last breath soon if the rogues had anything to do with it. They had complete control over her now, anywhere she went, they knew ahead of time. Svet would have given anything for her freedom. She still couldn't believe that the only way they'd let her see peace, and leave the people alone that she looved, was for her to wear a device, spelled to track her. Now, not much mattered to the broken Nephilim.. she didn't have much left .. nor did she have it in her to keep running and living in the shadow.

Svet shook like a leaf, but she listened to him talk intently. She could tell he was just as broken as her, and she hated it. She hated to know anyone suffered the way she had, though everyone suffered differently, not many knew what it was like to suffer how she did, but maybe this guy knew all about it. "I'm sorry..sounds like you've had a real shitty go of things. But, if we are to continue this conversation,, can we do it some place a little safer? The person you saw trying to harm me, was likely a rogue.. I'll explain later, but since he saw you, it may have just put a target on your back" she said dreadfully.

The last thing the male had said, made her breathe heavily, but she chuckled, finding it amusing that he'd quite literally nailed her exact situation "If you only knew" she said in response, giving him a look before scanning their surroundings. "We can go to my place, or yours.. not sure which would be best, but what I do know is that we need to leave .. like yesterday" she hoped by saying yesterday, that she was driving her point home.

Andrew was not a fan of stubborn people, including people he does not know. He never meets anyone with glowing purple eyes before looks like someone is using it for defense. As the other calmed down to his liking looks like the Nivies got through to her. Andrew looking at her with a confused look, why would he not save her? “Um, Look I use to be one to kill people back in my past but I do have a soft spot to save someone who is not ready. So to answer the question, I don’t like people dying anymore.” He said coldly. He promised himself he will not let anyone get kill if he is around, killing is something he does not want to get back into. Call him a hero Andrew will tell that person he is not someone to be called a hero. What the other who ran, looked like it was planned like the knew the women were going to go into that ally for them to enter at the same time.

When he heard her way sorry Andrew smiled and then looked down. “Am sure it’s a long story to have people coming after you with a knife to kill you.” He said looking at the women. Andrew didn’t know why but he felt uncomfortable when the women knew what who attacked her. “Rouges? What were you in before a gang or something?” he asked wondering. By the looks of it the women looked very scared, it was no brainer to see how the people affected her. She should the best night to drink. “I for one would understand sick of running but you're not answering my question who are they?” he asked wonder hoping he does not need to repeat for the third time.

“Look, lady, I’ve been through worse then me being with one who is not supposed to be with. I think I can handle myself I am a man you know,” he said coldly. Something about the women made him want to protect her he has not felt this way ever since his sister. Christmas, Olso, Norway 1983, He was assigned to kill a blonde but watching her from afar he couldn't do it but watched over her and protected her. When blonde told him that she is his sister everything then to now made him look down on killing. Along with people dying, he couldn’t save his own brother and because of him with no regret to protect his sister all those years they all ended up dying. Knowing he is like the human if he is not careful he only has one more chance or he will have died for good. Andrew will never lie anyone does not care who they are from death and will not kill anyone until it needs to be done. Andrew was a Mercenary for a reason back in the day.

Andrew had a shitty life ever since he grew up, confused and then thrown out because of who he was in an Initia with no one to help him thought the cruel world of life. That happened made him stronger and who he is today. When the women said about going to a different location he put his guard up, not that he didn’t trust her but if these people were coming after her then finding a place they can’t find will be heard as he thought about a place he knew in the mountain. He didn’t want to bring his family in danger nor his life even though he is now involved. “I know a place no one knows about. It’s in the mountains not a lot of people go up there due to the weather and how the climate is.” He said not giving himself out. If the other thinks he is a Human then he will leave her to think that. If they do comes after them then he will not have any mercy to show himself. He didn’t understand what Yesterday meant or why it was important for her to speak about it but Andrew knew what she means by they can’t stay there. He leads the way of keeping his eyes on guard.

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