If it wasn't evident from all the shuffling and fixing of his clothes Leigh was doing in the mirror, he was nervous. How could he not be nervous when this was the first time he was going on a public date...well ever. He had been insistent he didn't want to go for a while, Leigh didn't do well with crowds and much preferred to stay at home but Irene had reminded him that many potential investors for the cafe were going to be at the party. In the end he had reluctantly agreed, how bad could it really be right? A bit of dancing...listening to people talk about themselves and maybe some food.

He was trying to convince himself it would be okay, fumbling over the invitation the other day when Eun had come over for a surprise visit, they had been more common lately. Their relationship felt like it was at the start of this crazy big journey Leigh didn't know yet and while Leigh knew things were complicated, more complicated than he wanted to admit. The kitsune was happy beyond belief. Of course Eun had noticed his nervous state and asked to see the invitation before insisting he was coming along with him. In one part Leigh was relieved he wouldn't have to face the party on his own but on the other, the therian was worried about showing the not so great parts of himself.

Like this one for example, Leigh could barely breathe because of the nerves he was feeling as he did up the buttons of his suit jacket and then headed out into the lounge. He smiled because Minha ran over to greet him and he laughed under his breath "I know I look like a penguin" he responded as he scratched under her chin and then behind her ears. When he heard the doorbell Leigh snapped out his daydreaming and headed over to the door, opening it without hesitation. It wasn't Eun he was nervous about seeing but Leigh did gasp as his eyes trailed over him "Wow..." he spoke softly and blushed a little "You look amazing...I mean you always look amazing...but...your hair" Leigh swore he had never felt so attacked by a forehead before in his life. Of course before he could reach for Eun, Minha was already pushing her way between them, vying for Eun's attention "I think she missed her cuddle buddy" he spoke softly. 

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Has he been busy lately? Yes. Ever since he dated Leigh, things have been hectic for the dhampir. It was in no way the kitsune's fault nor was it because of him, but perhaps the universe deemed it unfit to have Eun enjoy his time here without having more things to worry about. As if he didn't originally have enough to worry about back home. Evermore has slowly made it his home and he didn't feel the desire to go back to Seoul anymore, he did however, remember to call his brother, Hyunsik, to ask about their mother's progress. Unfortunately for the Moon brothers, their human mother's health is slowly deteriorating and the stress wasn't helping. It made him feel guilty and there were times where he wondered if he should book a ticket back home to visit. But then he reminded himself that while everything is fine and he's happy with Leigh here, the moment he set his foot back in South Korea, he will be bombarded with questions he does not want to answer, not to mention his pending responsibilities as the eldest Moon. He did have a fiancee, after all. Let's not forget that. 

He was reviewing the paperwork and the previous report when he remembered what he had promised Leigh as soon as his gaze fell on the clock that was hung across the room. Last week when he came to his place, which was becoming more frequent as of late, he noticed the invitation on the coffee table so he pointed it out, only to find out it came from a friend of Leigh's. Eun knew Leigh wasn't the type to go to social gatherings, whereas he was all too familiar with it, especially with his position as an attorney for a lot of people. Eun encouraged him to go to support his friend, considering it's a charity fundraiser. Of course, he was to be his plus one. It would be their very first official date, which was honestly long overdue. He had changed the inner shirt and picked a new tie, navy blue and silver, before arriving in front of his boyfriend's doorsteps.

It's been awhile since he had been to a gathering and he wondered if his socialising skills got rusty. By the time Leigh opened the door, Eun marveled at the sight of the taller male standing right in front of him, there was a smug smile adorning his lips when he heard the compliment from the kitsune, paired with that awed expression. "So you prefer it when I show the forehead?" He never understood the appeal but if Leigh likes it, then why not? Before he could say another word, Minha had raced over to separate them, causing the dhampir to chuckle, "Well she can get her cuddle buddy later tonight after we come back. Shall we, Mr Kingsman?" He held out his hand for him and winked playfully.

Leigh was admittedly nervous and apprehensive about tonight, especially because it was going to be the first time he was out with Eun in public and while the only person he would know at the party would be Irene, it was still a big step for them. Stepping outside of this apartment was rare for them, they hadn’t even gone out to dinner since they had gotten together. Leigh wasn’t bitter about it, he knew Eun needed to keep a low profile so that word didn’t get back to his family about what he was doing in Evermore. That meant they couldn’t be facebook official or anything like that but the only thing that mattered to the kitsune was how the two of them felt about one another, no one was able to take that away from them.

Eun looked dapper, with his dark suit and navy tie, hair styled smartly and with enough product that Leigh was tempted to reach out and touch it to see how it felt. “I definitely like the forehead...it makes you look sexy and intimidating” he responded and grinned slightly, things had been less awkward since the two of them first slept together. Their conversations were more lighthearted and playful and Leigh wasn’t a blushing mess constantly around the male. He chuckled as Minha interrupted to two of them and he stepped back to give her a brief moment “Oh will she now...cause you know..she’s been sleeping on your side of the bed” he commented in a soft voice.

When did it become Eun’s side of the bed? Leigh wasn’t sure of the answer to that but it was, the side Leigh left empty when the dhampir wasn’t there to warm it. He was fully aware of how completely head over heels that made him for the dhampir but he couldn’t bring himself to care because it made him happy. “We shall” he responded and smiled as he placed his hand in Eun’s and then instructed Minha to go to her bed before locking the door behind them. Before long they were heading out on the streets where their cab to the party was waiting. He opened the door and slid inside “How was work? I hope the paperwork didn’t bury you too badly” he pouted his lips slightly, Eun could often get stressed because he overworked himself.

Dating Leigh was the easiest thing to do in this world, and he finally understood what it meant when they said love was supposed to be easy between the individuals involved in it. Though it would be worthwhile even if it takes their blood, sweat and tears to achieve what they have now, the love they shared was supposed to be so easy for them to feel. That's exactly what Eun felt throughout the entire period of his relationship with the kitsune. So when he saw the opportunity to make their relationship even more official at a public gathering, he took it. There was no point keeping it under wraps anymore, if his father were to hear from someone else that his son is dating another man in another country, then so be it. He had to face this, sooner or later anyway. 

He was glad to hear that Leigh liked the look he was going for today, dressing up and looking good for his partner, that was something he could finally tick off the list that he wasn't even aware he had one. "Sexy and intimidating huh? How exactly does the exposed forehead make me look intimidating again?" he teased and caressed his cheek gently, eyes softening as soon as he heard Minha have been sleeping on his side of the bed. He's been coming over a lot but still has yet to move anywhere further than that. "I wonder why…" Could it be a sign that he should talk about their living arrangements? Eun has been thinking about it for a while now but didn't have the guts to talk about it out loud with Leigh. 

With his hand clasping Leigh's as they got into their ride, Eun cleared his throat slightly upon hearing the question about his work, right… work. "Work has been hectic per usual, nothing out of the ordinary. Though I'm not gonna lie, my friend from Gangnam has been ringing me a lot." Which could only mean one thing; they want him to return. Not the kind of subject he wanted to think about because returning home meant returning to the problem he has been actively running away from. "Nothing I can't handle so don't worry" he placed another hand on top of Leigh's and rubbed it softly as if he was trying to reassure him, "I heard this friend of yours hosting this party tonight is the one collaborating with you on the dog cafe. How's it going? Any word when it'll be launched?"

It was honestly unfair how handsome Eun could be, it definitely made the kitsune flutter a little every time he saw him. Even when the dhampir came over all tired and stressed because he had a long day with clients, he still somehow lit up the room for him. “I have no idea” he responded honestly when Eun asked him to explain how his forehead managed to give that impression “It’s pure Moon magic I suppose” he teased as he leaned into the dhampir’s touch against his cheek. The way Eun’s expression softened when Leigh spoke about Minha’s habits made him grin shyly “She misses having you there...you make the bed warmer” he spoke it softly though it was clear that it was his reasoning too.

Leigh looked down at the hand placed into his as the two of them got into the car. Eun was always busy with his work so it was natural for Leigh to ask about it, even though the other male wasn’t always all that enthusiastic about it “The one who not so casually asks what you’re up to so he can snitch it back to your father?” the two of them had been pretty honest with one another about where they were, he knew that Eun’s family was complicated and there were a lot of expectations placed on his shoulders “At least it wasn’t Ahreum this time” he mumbled softly, he knew it was kinda crazy to be jealous of her but he couldn’t help but feel the twinge of it whenever she called or he was reminded that she was the one who he was engaged to.

“It’s my job to worry about you” he responded but smile when Eun placed a reassuring hand in his, his fingers stroking gently against them and a smile resting on his lips, the other male always knew how to comfort him “Irene yeah” he responded with a grin “It’s going well...we’ve got most of the remodel done and the shelter seems on board with the idea so now it’s basically just making sure all the stock gets put in properly and counting down to opening day” he beamed excitedly towards the other male “Hopefully in a month or so” he commented with an enthusiastic nod “You’ll get to meet her tonight...hopefully” he beamed softly.

Dressing up in a formal suit like that wasn't new for Eun either, since he's always dressed formally for work. But this is the first time he's all dressed up like this for a date with his boyfriend so of course he was sweating a bit. "Pure Moon magic, you're funny" he chuckled and shook his head, tempted to ruffle his hair in response but realized halfway that he shouldn't do that since it would mess the kitsune's hair and they didn't have enough time to redo it. "Do I?" he teased, he was glad to hear that even the shiba inu misses him, "I would have to think the owner himself also misses me dearly, no?" He likes sleeping next to Leigh too, sometimes they would just snuggle while he's doing his work too. Sometimes the time they spent together, even with the silence accompanying, made him want to come back every single day. Unfortunately, he wasn't brave enough to even talk about moving in. 

He coughed awkwardly and hummed in affirmation when Leigh guessed the guy who kept on bugging him to come back for some reason, "You know, I thought he'd be happy while I'm gone because he could get those cases that they usually give to me. But it turns out, that wasn't the case. I guess he was drowning in it." They were a private firm but it was a big one, located at the heart of the country. "I don't think he knows that I know he's been snitching on me to my father but I guess that kinda makes it even funnier trying to see him act cool about it." Eun didn't take it lightly at first upon discovering that but eventually decided to let his colleague live in his own delusional world while he enjoys his life here. 

He sensed a tinge of jealousy in his tone and turned to face him, chuckling softly as he took his hand into his, "Is that jealousy I'm sensing?" If it was, then he was actually glad. It was natural to feel protective and territorial over your partner, he does the same with Leigh so it wouldn't be surprising if the kitsune thinks like that too. "She did call… a few times. I couldn't hang up every time so I took it once or twice but somehow managed to escape having to talk any further than empty conversations." Maybe he should thank his verbal skills he acquired from his career as a lawyer. It was useful against his fiancee. "She sounds like a nice person, is she?" He asked curiously, because Leigh is a naturally nice person so sometimes he would find others nice too. He didn't know what kind of person Leigh's friend is but he was happy so far and sounded really excited over this joint project. "You are quite the surprise, you know. I would've never thought you'd be participating in this."

Leigh couldn’t stop himself from keep stealing glances at Eun because he just looked so handsome and the kitsune was honestly in disbelief that he was lucky enough to be able to have him. He was nervous but less for the fact it was their first public date and more to the fact they were going somewhere that would have massive crowds and many people that would want to talk to them and the very thought of that made Leigh want to run and hide. “It’s a real thing you know” he commented with a smile “How else would you explain how you managed to make my heart flutter” he gave a bashful smile towards Eun but blushed when the other male asked if he missed him too “Of course I missed you” his expression softened “I feel like I’m starting to get used to you being there...more often than not” he bit his lip slightly wondering if Eun was comfortable in the place he was staying.

Leigh nodded slightly when Eun spoke about how he thought the other guy would enjoy the break but still ended up snitching on him anyway “No doubt your father made him an offer better than that” he commented in a soft voice, he’d gotten the impression that Eun’s father could pull whatever strings he wanted to and get away with it, he’d never met him before but the way Eun described him gave enough of an impression. “I mean there’s no other way he could know the things he does right?” Leigh raised his brows and then shook his head in amusement “Do you think he’s going to lose his patience and come here?” because that could be difficult for them considering they were basically going public to Evermore tonight and he didn’t want to cause Eun more trouble than needed.

Leigh’s gaze snapped up towards Eun’s when the dhampir pointed out that his tone seemed jealous and his natural reaction came out first “No” he responded but the guilty tone but when Eun looked back at him and could evidently see that Leigh was lying he sighed and bit his lip “It’s hard not to be when she gets...the title you know” he looked down for a moment, he wasn’t going to pretend he was completely okay with the fact that Eun was engaged to someone else because that wasn’t true. “She really thinks things are fine huh?” he spoke in a soft voice, he wasn’t sure if she was just really oblivious or purposely pretending things were fine because she really wanted it to be. Leigh smiled when Eun asked if Irene was a nice person “She’s nice to me” he commented and chuckled “Though she can be a little prickly with people she doesn’t like” he was sure she would like Eun though.

Leigh shuffled a little when Eun mentioned that he was surprised when he agreed to go to this “Irene is really hard to say no to” he confessed in a soft voice and then grinned “Plus you’re here so...I think I’ll be okay” he smiled softly, Eun gave him a lot of strength and he hoped he would be okay with the crowds as long as he was with him.

"Oh god, Leigh… you and your cute compliments. You need to stop making my heart flutter in return but I bet you don't even know how to do that" he teased, hearing that he was indeed charming in front of him made the dhampir proud. Who wouldn't want to receive a good look from their partners? Eun is no exception to that. I miss you, those words are so simple yet it means the world to the elder Moon, who only wished to hear those simple words throughout his childhood. Now he could get almost daily from his boyfriend, things were well. Talks about moving in might come sooner than he expected and honestly, he knew he needed to settle that part soon. An exasperated sigh escaped him and a nod came soon enough, Leigh was spot on with his assumptions, "No doubt he did… my father can be very persuasive" of course, he could. It was getting frustrating and frankly it stresses him out. He knew who's the one reporting but still, he had to maintain that information to the utmost secrecy since he didn't want his father to find yet another spy to give him reports on his 'well-being'. 

Leigh had a good question to ask and it made Eun ponder, "That… I don't know honestly. He's not the impulsive type and always seems to be one step ahead of everyone. He's smart and calculating like that but his emotions may or may not get the best of him when poked at the right spot" the most sensitive part was probably talking about his mother. "I sure hope he doesn't lose his patience and come storming here because that's not good, Leigh… it's gonna complicate matters even more and it won't be just me. It'll affect Jae too" and god knows how much Eun loves his baby brother. He would never let anything threaten the security and happiness Jae was currently experiencing. When asked if Leigh was jealous, Eun noticed the quick response he emitted but one look was all it took for the dhampir to realize Leigh was not clearing things up all that well. 

He leaned in until he brushed his lips against his lobe and chuckled, "For a kitsune, you sure didn't lie well this time, baby." He grinned wryly upon witnessing how jealous he got over Ahreum, "She's not worth the jealousy, Leigh. Sure she could parade around being my fiancee but what's the point if she's not going to make it to the aisle as my wife?" If anyone was making it to the aisle, it's Leigh. "She wants to think everything is fine. Ahreum doesn't love me, she likes me. She fancies me, there's a difference. It's clear why her family chose me to be the main candidate, I have what her family needed. Reputation." Though they are fairly well off with their wealth, their reputation has significantly decreased over the past few years whilst Eun was slowly building his own status in society. 

"I hope she likes me then because I don't know what to feel if my boyfriend's friend doesn't like me." He turned to face him and smiled softly before pressing a brief kiss to his lips and brought their clasped hands up to show him the evidence, "You'll be fine. We'll be fine." Soon enough, they arrived at their destination and Eun requested for the driver to stop a few blocks from the entrance gate of the country club, because cars were lining up. "How grand is this supposed to be again?"

Leigh bit his lip and smiled softly “If I found a way to claim your heart Eun, I never want to stop doing the thing that made you fall for me” and by that he meant that he felt like he was lucky to be the one he chose. It wasn’t an understatement when Leigh said that the dhampir could have his pick of anyone and yet Leigh was the one he chose, it made him feel more special than words could even describe. Leigh could sense the frustration in Eun which made his gaze soften slightly and he reached for his hand instinctively, rubbing his thumb against the top of if “One day he’s going to find out about us” he spoke it softly, it was pretty much fact, there was no denying it “I’m scared for that day” he admitted and bit his lip as he looked back at him, he never wanted to be the one who hurt Eun.

Leigh nodded slightly “Maybe he wants to believe that you’ve really fallen for the work here...or he thinks eventually you’ll end up being homesick” he licked his lips, the idea of Eun having to go back to Korea was definitely a hard topic but he was glad the two of them could talk about it openly. “I know” the kitsune soothed, his hand tightening around the dhampir’s as though to show him he was here for him “It’s complicated, I understand that” he stroked gently against his fingers, showing that he never wanted to let him go but he did understand how important Jae was to Eun and that he would do anything to protect him.

Leigh blushed profusely when the other male leaned in to brush against his ear and he bit his lip hard “Just because I can escape lie detection abilities doesn’t mean I’m actually good at it…” he confessed in a meek, there was no way he could stop being jealous when he knew someone else got to wear an engagement ring of his and parade around telling everyone he belonged to her “I don’t like knowing someone has a claim to you...even if I know your heart is mine” he confessed in a soft voice like it was some dirty secret. “So she’s using you and your family is using her...romantic” he scoffed softly, it seemed so outdated and old-fashioned to him. He hated the idea that anyone thought they could tell Eun who he was and wasn’t allowed to love.

“I know she will” he responded confidently “You’re you...I swear it’s impossible for anyone to dislike you” Leigh was confident enough to say if he brought the dhampir home to meet his parents they would love and adore him almost as much as he did. And they would probably tease Leigh questioning how he managed to snag such a handsome man. His mom had seen a few pictures of course but it didn’t compare to being with Eun in person. Leigh took a breath and smiled when Eun soothed him “We’ll be fine” he repeated before paying and getting out of the car reaching for his hand as they walked the last distance to the entrance “Well it said black tie so I assume expensive?” he spoke in a hushed voice not wanting to be rude “I heard there’s free food at least” he commented and grinned, Leigh did love food.

Eun couldn't help but let the smile rise on his face, how did he manage to find someone like this? Someone who loves him so dearly even though he just met him a while ago. He could recall the first time they met and even then he never thought he'd be able to meet his life partner here of all places. Perhaps he came here at the right time. "You haven't stopped doing that, don't worry. Even if you did, you just being you would've been enough, Leigh'' to say he's a man in love would be an understatement, he was deep in that phase where he didn't want to leave at all. "Me too…" To be honest, he was scared just thinking about it, his father could be a scary person and he wasn't sure if he could protect the kitsune as well then. "But I'll protect you… I won't leave you alone" and that's a promise he intends to keep. "I am homesick… but for Korean food, everything else I can find here" he chuckled and pointed at Leigh's heart, winking playfully towards the other male, clearly the dhampir was amused with his own actions. 

"Seoul doesn't have you and the comfort you bring me. I have you and Jae here… I won't have anyone nagging me here either. They're just in phone calls, everything is so much better here." If it was possible, he didn't want to go home at all. But that would make him an irresponsible man and he didn't want to be that person. He's Sangeun Moon, he had to live up to his honorable reputation somehow. With Leigh stroking his fingers gently, Eun grinned in return before clasping his hands into his own. "Mhmm you're very bad at lying, especially to me. Leigh baby, maybe you need to get a few lessons on how to lie properly hm?" He teased and poked his sides just to add volume to his words, it's moments like this that made Eun realize he didn't want to let him go. He was being jealous and that made Eun lift his hand up in his view and started circling his ring finger, "Do you want me to put a ring on you so you could have what she has too?" If he wanted, then he would do that gladly. 

He feels like he's being irresponsible loving another when he has a fiancee back home but the heart wants what it wants. "Mhmm, very romantic no? It's an arranged marriage, baby. Those rarely come with love, they come with mutual benefits. They're rich and mine is reputable. The math will keep on mathing and everyone knows that." It was unfortunate but he wasn't surprised. "Just because you haven't met anyone who dislikes me, doesn't mean they don't exist baby" he chuckled, he was sure he had plenty of people who hated how he works, especially if he was against them. "But I know I'm hard to hate, aren't you lucky hm?" The setting was really fancy, which really did highlight the part of charity fundraiser from the front. "How rich is your friend again?" Admittedly, he did know about a few of Leigh's friends but never delved deeper. They entered after giving their invitations by the entrance, there weren't too many but he could see the air of the room. "The food better be good" he joked, it wasn't his first time at a charity fundraiser and he hated getting alcohol in before an empty stomach. 

Leigh blushed slightly when Eun confirmed that he’d never stopped doing the thing that made him fall for him, he honestly felt like he must have done something right if Eun decided to notice him and then later develop feelings for him “I have no idea how I managed to get so lucky but I never want to lose this feeling” he confessed with a small smile. When Eun admitted he was scared about his father finding out too, the kitsune pouted his lips slightly, it wasn’t fair that Eun had to choose between his family and the things that made him happy. “You will?” he asked in a soft voice “I know what we’re doing is...risky but honestly...everything I feel with you makes it worth the risk” he felt braver being with Eun and that meant a lot considering the kitsune was horribly shy.

He chuckled when Eun admitted he was homesick for Korean food “Maybe you can teach me how to make a Korean dish next time” they liked having date nights in at Leigh’s place and honestly he couldn’t complain because Eun tended to stay over on those nights which meant he got to have him for even longer. He blushed when Eun pointed at his heart “That’s a small space to store everything you need” he commented in a soft voice. “Isn’t it a little hard for you...not having a real permanent place here though...I’m sure that hotel is nice and all but it’s...you know” not really a home or a place you would want to stay for a long time.

Leigh glanced downwards and then smiled bashfully when he saw the way that Eun had interlinked their hands, he sighed when Eun pointed out how terrible of a liar he was, despite being a kitsune, Leigh just hated lying which made him give off all kinds of nervous tells whenever he tried to do so “Or maybe you like knowing that I’m a horrible liar because you can always be sure I’m being honest with you” he changed the subject from lessons on lying because they both knew he would be completely terrible at it and it wasn’t like he should ever need to lie to Eun. Leigh widened his eyes and blushed when Eun asked him if he wanted him to give him a ring too, he panicked and pulled his hand away from the dhampir to hide his face behind his hands “You can’t joke about something like that” he commented as he peeked out at Eun through his fingers.

He pulled a face when Eun spoke the words arranged marriage, it seemed so completely bizarre to him “Marriage is supposed to be about love and having the happiest day of your life” he mumbled softly to himself, he was that guy who definitely pictured his own romantic wedding and having someone by his side as a life partner. “Well true but they really must be a rare breed because I swear you could convince a bear and a salmon to get along” he laughed and tapped Eun’s lips gently with his finger, his boyfriend was such a slick talker. “I mean she’s a CEO so I’m going to go with...pretty rich” they were speaking in hushed tones as they walked up the steps, showed their invitations and were handing over their coats for the cloakroom. “The only reason I agreed to go in the first place is for the food and the company” he commented as he looked to Eun and grinned sheepishly. He took a big breath before tugging his hand and heading into the event room, immediately seeing lots of people milling around and chatting in an animated fashion.

He was tempted to ruffle his hair but considering how the kitsune probably spent some time styling it beforehand, he didn't want to be the one to mess that up. "That's good to hear, because I don't want to lose it either." Things back home were messy, it was such a contrast compared to the life he led here in Evermore but perhaps that's why he never thought about going back home. To be here is an escape for the dhampir and nothing was lacking here, sure he's in a different country that's halfway across the world but after he marries and moves out, it would be the same too. He doesn't even stay in the same residence as his parents anyway, ever since he got into high school, he has been living in the dorms and now his own place in the northern district. "I'm glad you think I'm worth the risk… It means a lot to me, Leigh." When Leigh suggested that perhaps he could teach him how to cook a Korean dish next time, Eun chuckled in response, "Oh wow Leigh, you're willing to learn for me, hm? That's surprising and I feel very honored, gosh" he fanned himself dramatically, "I'll teach you sometime later, I promise." 

They'll have more time to spend together for sure so why not? He had to admit, what the male said was true, it was getting increasingly hard and tiring for him to go back and forth from his boyfriend's place to his every time. The distance wasn't that far, of course, but it still doesn't change the fact that it could be made easier. "It's not a home, I know what you're trying to say baby… you're right it's not but… I've been too busy to check into any properties… why? Are you offering a place for me to move into?" He jested and tilted his chin to meet his gaze playfully. Was that what Leigh was proposing or was he being delusional? Holding his hands felt comforting, like he could do anything and Leigh would continue to have his back as usual. "I mean I can't say I don't like knowing when you lie and when you don't so yes it's an advantage" he snickered, it was cute to see Leigh scramble to make up something that wasn't close to the truth sometimes, most of them were white lies and him being too flustered to admit the truth but nevertheless, it was cute for Eun. 

He brought the hands covering Leigh's face in his and kissed it softly, "I'm not joking… if I could put a ring on this finger, I will. But I won't be a gentleman if I haven't even met your family yet, Leigh" was he too forward? Maybe. But he has a fiancee back home and he doesn't even like her much less love. So yes, Leigh deserved everything she did. "One day, I'll get to marry the person I love so don't you worry about that baby" aka don't you worry about yourself. "A slick talker… you know how slick I can be with my mouth, don't you?" He smirked as he let his eyes wander around, the venue was pretty, that's the least he could begin to say. "Ah, a CEO, got it. How did my boyfriend befriend someone like that hm? Curious case you are, Mr Kingsman." Halfway into the hall, he took two glasses of non-alcoholic drink and gave one of it to the kitsune, knowing he couldn't drink. "Do you want to go find your seat?" It seems that they have designated seats with certain names too since the invitation was only for selected few.

Leigh blushed, feeling his heart fluttering a little in his chest when the other male said he didn’t want to lose it either, he took a shaky breath and smiled softly “We just have to keep holding onto one another” he spoke softly as he squeezed Eun’s hand in his, he didn’t know about the dhampir but he had no intention of letting him go. He shuffled a little when Eun spoke about being worth the risk, the dhampir had spoken stories about how scary his father could be but the kitsune wouldn’t allow that to scare him off because he had never felt quite like this before and he wanted to hold it tightly “You’re worth so much” he spoke in a small voice. He giggled when Eun seemed surprised he wanted to learn to cook Korean food for him “Well you always talk about how good it is, paint me intrigued” he teased and nudged him slightly with his shoulder.

Leigh averted his gaze for a moment, he was, of course, testing the waters a little and seeing how Eun felt about his living situation. The dhampir had dropped a few hints he was tired of the commute over the past few weeks and used it as an excuse to stay a few extra nights at Leigh’s place, much to the kitsune’s delight. “I mean…” he blushed because the dhampir had asked him so directly which he hadn’t been expecting “You’ve been spending so much time at my place that I thought maybe you’d wanna make things...more permanent” he commented in a small voice before feeling the urge to ramble “You don’t have to of course...no pressure” he bit his lip as he waited for the dhampir to say something about it.

Leigh bit his lip when Eun admitted he liked know when Leigh was lying, he swore his heart was racing when Eun came in closer and kissed his hands when he was hiding behind them before insisting that he wasn’t joking, he peeked out for a moment and bit his lip “We take a trip to my grandparent’s beach house every summer” he mumbled softly as he looked back at the dhampir “If you wanted to meet my family, that would be a good time” he was already sure they would like him a whole lot, his folks were really friendly and kind people and as he had already pointed out, it was almost impossible to dislike Eun. He was still blushing profusely when Eun proclaimed he’ll get to marry the person he loves.

Leigh widened his eyes and nudged Eun, whining a little as he spoke “Stop teasing me, I’m looking like a tomato” he patted his cheeks as though that could help him to stop looking so flustered “I just happened to meet her in the store, some other CEO was trying to make her agree to a bad deal and I called their bluff” he laughed softly, giving an appreciative smile when Eun passed him a drink and he took a sip. He was looking around for Irene but didn’t spot her so he nodded when Eun asked if he wanted to find their seat “I’d rather not stand in the crowds” he confessed in a soft voice.

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