If it wasn't evident from all the shuffling and fixing of his clothes Leigh was doing in the mirror, he was nervous. How could he not be nervous when this was the first time he was going on a public date...well ever. He had been insistent he didn't want to go for a while, Leigh didn't do well with crowds and much preferred to stay at home but Irene had reminded him that many potential investors for the cafe were going to be at the party. In the end he had reluctantly agreed, how bad could it really be right? A bit of dancing...listening to people talk about themselves and maybe some food.

He was trying to convince himself it would be okay, fumbling over the invitation the other day when Eun had come over for a surprise visit, they had been more common lately. Their relationship felt like it was at the start of this crazy big journey Leigh didn't know yet and while Leigh knew things were complicated, more complicated than he wanted to admit. The kitsune was happy beyond belief. Of course Eun had noticed his nervous state and asked to see the invitation before insisting he was coming along with him. In one part Leigh was relieved he wouldn't have to face the party on his own but on the other, the therian was worried about showing the not so great parts of himself.

Like this one for example, Leigh could barely breathe because of the nerves he was feeling as he did up the buttons of his suit jacket and then headed out into the lounge. He smiled because Minha ran over to greet him and he laughed under his breath "I know I look like a penguin" he responded as he scratched under her chin and then behind her ears. When he heard the doorbell Leigh snapped out his daydreaming and headed over to the door, opening it without hesitation. It wasn't Eun he was nervous about seeing but Leigh did gasp as his eyes trailed over him "Wow..." he spoke softly and blushed a little "You look amazing...I mean you always look amazing...but...your hair" Leigh swore he had never felt so attacked by a forehead before in his life. Of course before he could reach for Eun, Minha was already pushing her way between them, vying for Eun's attention "I think she missed her cuddle buddy" he spoke softly. 

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"I'm a Korean born baby, I practically lived there for the entirety of my life and I'm like 30 years old now. This was honestly the first time I have ever traveled anywhere for long. The closest I got to traveling outside of Korea was during the summer break when I was younger" he remembered his parents often took them to visit their distant relatives living far away, their connection with the family never ceased to amaze him but sometimes even Eun wondered if it was just for bragging rights. When Leigh implied that he was fine with him moving in, Eun wasn't sure what to make of it, was he serious about it? "And you are fine with that? Me making it… permanent? Are you sure, Leigh? I wouldn't want to impose…" that was the last thing he wanted to do but he would admit, the idea of having a place to call… home, was very comforting to the eldest Moon. This would take them to another step in the relationship, wouldn't it? "I would love to do that, Leigh" he whispered softly and brushed the stray strand of his hair away from his face, sparing the male before him a smile that couldn't possibly express half of what he's feeling right now. Utter joy, that's what he is feeling right now. His ears perked up instinctively when Leigh mentioned he had annual scheduled trips, "That sounds like fun" he couldn't recall the last time he had even visited his own grandmother. 

He did widen his eyes in surprise when he said that though, of course Eun wasn't just saying it for the sake of it, he really did wish to find the right time to meet the ones who cared for the man he loves and hearing that there would be a good time for it almost made the dhampir chuckle at the irony of it. "That would be a missed opportunity if I don't take it, huh?" If that wasn't already a sign for him to take it to mind, the blush on Leigh's cheeks as he suggested it did it for him. "I would love to meet your family, Leigh, I'm sure they are all very pleasant people. We'll do that okay? You'll take me to see your family and I'll wow them, until they want me for themselves" he nudged playfully. Charming others wouldn't be hard for Eun, after all, it was something he was very used to doing. But this time, it's for Leigh. "My tomato, I personally think you look cute blushing like hell" he teased, he would've kissed him on the cheek once more but decided he shouldn't make him red before the event is underway. 

"You meet people in the strangest way, do you know that? But then again, our meeting wasn't exactly normal either, was it?" He could remember that night very well in his memories, he was glad he was there when it mattered, or else he wouldn't have known Leigh today. "You're too smart for your own good sometimes though, it makes me wonder if you'll soon find yourself in trouble one day" it was no surprise that he was smart, which makes him even more endearing when he tries to utilize that knowledge to help others too, but the world isn't black or white only. Some gray areas can end up being their own enemies without them realizing. He gripped Leigh's hands comfortingly and spotted a seat with Leigh's name written on one of the cards placed on the plate, "Seems like you're quite the esteemed guest of the evening, aren't you? Your friend must really regard you well." He had pulled the chair for him and beckoned for the other male to take a seat.

Leigh lit up with a smile when Eun talked about his Korean heritage and how proud of it he was “You really could have fooled me, your English gets better every day” he grinned slightly, it seemed like Eun was really becoming accustomed to living here in America and the kitsune thought he seemed to like it here. “Did you wish you traveled more?” he asked softly with a smile, his family never really had the money for going abroad but he got to go to the cabin a lot when he was younger and it always felt like a great getaway. He shifted on the spot a little and smiled at Eun when he asked if he would be okay with him making it permanent “If you’d have us” he murmured softly. He lit up the moment that Eun said he would love that “Really?” he responded, a bright smile appearing on his lips “Well then we’ll arrange it... Minha is going to be so excited” and clearly her owner was too.

Leigh bit his lip and smiled “They’re pretty chatty and they’ll probably grill you about everything you’ve ever done but” he grinned slightly “I already know they’re going to love you…” he was sure about it, not just because he had totally hyped Eun to his mother whenever they talked on calls but also because Eun was honestly just such a great person and there was no way people could resist him “But they can’t have you...I’m stealing you away if they try” Leigh wasn’t exactly a possessive person but there was no way he was letting Sangeun Moon go now that he had him. Leigh sighed and patted his cheeks when Eun said he was cute when he blushed “I wish I could turn it off though” he pouted slightly, noticing the way Eun was staring at him almost made Leigh want to lean in.

Leigh laughed and shrugged “You meet a lot of interesting people in book stores” he commented and smiled shyly, he liked to think it was the best place to meet people because that must mean they liked books which already meant they had something in common. Leigh looked back at Eun with a curious expression when he said he was too smart for his own good “What kind of trouble?” he asked, naively wondering why being smart would mean he was danger. The only reason that Leigh wasn’t completely freaking out already was because the dhampir was holding his hand, he followed him over to the spot that had been reserved for them and grinned “I guess you could call her something like a close friend?” they spent a lot of time together anyway “We look out for each other and I’ll bet she can’t wait to get a chance to meet you” naturally Leigh leaned against Eun’s shoulder as they sat down at the table “I hope the meals aren’t those tiny portions that barely give you enough” he grumbled, fancy food didn’t always work with the fox.

He swore his cheeks went aflame when Leigh complimented him on his English skill improving, "That's good to hear… I really want to be able to communicate properly without the language barrier hindering" knowing how to deduce arguments in a foreign language is different from casually conversing with another in said language. At least he studied for years trying to make a good argument and defending his clients. Besides, if he was going to meet Leigh's family in the future, he had to make sure his linguistic skills are polished. He nodded when he asked him if he wished he traveled more, "I wished I had the opportunity. I can't even recall the last time we went somewhere near like Jeju Island…" he cherished those memories for sure. Now everyone is grown up, the youngest of them is currently studying in the university whereas the other two are working successful jobs. 

"What do you mean if I'd have you… it should be the other way around, Leigh…" he couldn't help but soften his eyes at the thought of being able to live in the same residence as his boyfriend. Now that's a dream come true. "Of course she'll be excited… I'm her second most favorite person in the world, remember?" Now that the talk about meeting his family finally came around, Eun was surprised that he wasn't as nervous or uncomfortable talking about it, not as much as he thought he would be. "You're being awfully confident that they'll love me" he chuckled, he loves that, considering how Leigh is generally shy, "But you're right, who would be able to resist this charming lad, hm? I mean I made you fall in love with me, didn't I? About time I make good use of the manners and this face too." Eun bit his lip to refrain from grinning too wide when Leigh expressed how possessive he's being over him, "My my Mr Kingsman, you're becoming more and more possessive these days, should I be worried" he teased and nudged him playfully. 

"At least you don't have to be embarrassed alone, I'll tell people off if they dare tease you about it. Probably jealous they don't have partners to impress huh." The dhampir brushed a strand of his hair and shrugged when he was asked why being smart is dangerous, "You never know what kind of people are eyeing you, they could be wanting to use you for their own personal gain. Those happen a lot more than we think it would." Leigh talked very highly about his friend, it makes him wonder just how good of a friend she really is. "I think your friend knows to put more portions in it… it's still fancy food, I saw a bowl of caviar… but the portions may not be as tiny." He eyed the hall and saw that everyone was slowly taking their seats, "Charity fundraiser huh… I do like seeing their auctions… some people really spent a ton on the most minimalistic things" he whispered. 

Leigh couldn’t help but notice the way that Eun blushed in response to his compliment which made the kitsune smile, Eun was always so bashful when it came to his own achievements which was entertaining because he worked so hard to get them “It helps to practice with me a lot?” he smiled softly, whenever they weren’t together they would usually end up on the phone together just talking for hours anyway. Leigh nodded slightly when Eun expressed his want to be able to see more of the world “You still have plenty of time” he assured him with a soft smile “Maybe you should make a list of the places you want to see” he suggested in a soft voice, Leigh was interested to know what sort of places appealed to him.

Leigh cleared his throat and then grinned sheepishly when Eun insisted that it should be the other way around when it came to who was lucky “I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while but...I wasn’t sure if it would make things complicated for you” after all, Eun tended to not want to talk about his situation back at home but that didn’t make it any less real. He nodded when Eun pointed out he was Minha’s second favorite person “You definitely spoil her almost as much as I do” he remembered one time when Eun had come over with a basket of toys and treats just for her and she hadn’t left his side for the whole evening. “I’m confident because I know my family and I know you…” he spoke softly “You’re good for me and they want what’s good for me” to him it made completely sense, but perhaps Eun was used to harsher parents who expected much more.

Leigh coughed a little awkwardly when Eun called him out for being possessive “It’s hard not to be when you have that face” he pouted slightly, Eun definitely stood out in a crowd and people would always admire him from afar or double-take when they saw him, he would be annoyed if it wasn’t for the fact he couldn’t blame them. Leigh licked his lips and nodded when Eun said people might try to use him for their own gain “There’s not much I can do when it comes to controlling other people’s intentions” he mumbled softly, he tended to just hope for the best and not be too disappointed if things turned out badly. “I’ve never been to one...but I think we’re just supposed to eat and dance which doesn’t sound so hard” he bit his lip “Okay maybe the dancing part is hard, I’m too tall and it makes me trip” he smiled sheepishly.

Before long the waiters were bringing out food to the guests and someone was on the little podium stage explaining the flow of events and thanking everyone for their time, Leigh leaned against Eun’s shoulder and tried to ignore his grumbling stomach.

When Leigh suggested to him to make a list of the places he wanted to visit, Eun pondered for a brief while before jutting his lips slightly as if he was thinking about it, "I don't particularly have a place I really wanted to visit that much but I guess islands are nice… I really like Jeju Island, I don't know much about those in North America though. I remember my geography failing me too when memorising the 50 states here during law school… if I didn't already recite them from A to Z every few weeks." Obviously since he's a lawyer, knowing the law that differs for every state and country is almost a basic thing to remind yourself and Eun is definitely a perfectionist when it comes to that. "You're being considerate as usual" he grinned, it was nice to have someone who thought of you before anything, he didn't want to sound egoistic but he won't deny it feels good to know you are significant to someone you love.

It is true that the dhampir often spoils the Shiba Inu whenever he comes by. "I have always wanted a dog of my own. We only had our family dog when I was still living at my house back in Seoul… but I haven't seen her in a while, I did kinda stayed at the dormitory since my parents sent me to a private academy" which also meant he didn't have much of luxury when it comes to spending his time with his siblings or friends in that matter. "But considering how we already have a pair of chinchillas and a big dog, that's enough for now." If he was going to move in, they'd be his too, no? Eun recalled the stories Leigh told about his family and from what he knew, they seem to be understanding and kind, just like their son. "If your family is anywhere half as endearing as you, it'll be thrilling. I'll be fine either way" he reassured. It's a change for him since his parents were on the stricter side.

The elder Moon often self praises himself, which means he likes it a whole lot when Leigh would blush and tell him he finds him equally attractive. He had to make use of that face, he said. He winked and cleared his throat briefly, using his arm as support on the table while leaning to his side, "I like it when you remind me how handsome your boyfriend is." The two of them came from different worlds, even their occupation are far from each other so he understood how Leigh may not be used to these kinds of events, especially given how introverted his partner is. 

"For the most part we do exactly that, sometimes they hold an auction and that's honestly always amusing to watch when you're not the one flushing your money on useless items." He chuckled when Leigh mentioned dancing wasn't it for him and shrugged himself, "I don't dance much either, never saw the need for it honestly… the only reason why I was fine with it was because my father was actually convinced we needed ballroom lessons." He noticed Leigh pouting which signalled how famished he was and thankfully the waiters started placing out food while the mc called forth the organiser. "Is that her?"

Leigh tilted his head curiously when Eun admitted there weren’t many places he wanted to see “You don’t wanna see Niagra falls or….the pyramids in Egypt...temples in Japan...oh and those cute little gacha machines” the kitsune giggled slightly, there were plenty of things on his own list he wanted to experience, not just things he wanted to see but also things he wanted to do “I’ll just have to drag you to complete my list” he teased playfully, he understood though, from how Eun explained things, he’d never really been given much freedom to have dreams of his own, he was always looking to move from one target to the next.

He blushed softly when Eun pointed out that he was being considerate “Well I wouldn’t want to suggest something that made you feel uncomfortable” he murmured softly, he really cared about Eun and he was learning to understanding how he was and what he did and didn’t like, sometimes he wasn’t sure if things felt too slow or too fast when it came to them. “Her name was Bomi right?” he commented and smiled when he mentioned the family dog, he gushed about her sometimes which always made the kitsune smile “Minha isn’t that big” he commented with a slight pout in response to his words “But the chinchillas are definitely a lot of work” he nodded, he still remembered the first time Eun met them and how he had been surprised by the way they would jump around everywhere and try to escape from their pen.

Leigh giggled slightly when Eun pointed out that if his family was like him then he was excited to meet them “Well my dad will definitely try to take credit for how I am...I swear he loves to brag about me” he blushed slightly, his parents were the doting kind, he could rely on them to always be in his corner. Leigh stared back at Eun from across the table, staring into his cocoa-colored eyes with a dreamy expression “So handsome” he cooed softly “Sometimes it’s hard to believe you’re real” he teased as he reached to trace Eun’s face with his index finger slowly “This jawline could cut someone” he commented and grinned slightly before he dropped his hand slowly.

“I don’t have money to throw around...nor do I really wanna buy something for the sake of it” he commented and pouted his lips “I’ll just write a check and let the big shots enjoy throwing their reputation around” he decided and nodded his head slightly. “We can not dance together then” he commented and gave a shy smile “Though the romantic in me wonders what a slow dance would be like...with you” he confessed as he glanced up at the dhampir with a soft blush resting on his cheeks. Leigh was so focused on the incoming food that it took applause for him to realize Irene was on stage, he grinned slightly when he saw her “Yeah” she commented as he joined the clapping.

He smiled listening to her speech, remembering how she explained all the political nonsense that went behind events like this “You wouldn’t believe she finds these events a chore seeing her now” he murmured softly.

"I mean now that you pointed that one out, of course I'd love to go see them but I was saying how I don't exactly have a lot of… desires? In life? Because I felt like I've fulfilled most of them." It was a problem that he found what he wanted and his goals to be those who came directly from what his parents wanted. "Cute gacha machines though you say? Do you like playing those?" He never saw the appeal in them but was he curious? For sure. "Go ahead" he chuckled, he didn't mind if Leigh wanted to take him around and show him how things are done. God knows he could use some of that. When Leigh said he didn't want to make Eun uncomfortable, the dhampir chuckled and pinched his cheek gently to show his endearment towards the kitsune, "How cute, see this is why I love my boyfriend" he cooed. 

He wasn't surprised that Leigh was able to remember Bomi's name because he had told him about her from time to time and Leigh is that attentive to remember even the smallest things about him, "Yeah, she's a dear." Ahri is usually the one who gets full care for her, which made sense considering how she went on her path to be a veterinarian. The elder Moon pulled a face when he pointed out that Minha was hardly big, "If she heavy then she still big" he stuck out his tongue to him playfully, of course she was nowhere near heavy, not to Eun either, who could even lift Leigh with ease at the bare minimum. His eyes softened considerably upon hearing how much Leigh's father loves bragging about his son, "As he should. He knows how precious his son is and I agree wholeheartedly." He had his hand in his and squeezed it as if to convey his agreement. 

"Then I'll really like your father, at least we already have one thing in common; loving you" he jested. Where's the lie though? Eun is very proud of Leigh and enjoyed the kind of dynamic they shared with one another. He purposely took his hand after Leigh traced his jaw and nipped his finger playfully, but not hard enough to make him bleed, "You're right, it's sharp." He wasn't a fan of events such as these either, where he would have to spend time making people like the other and playing peacemaker without giving them room for weakness. But since it had become somewhat of a routine when he first started, he got used to it. Doesn't mean he had to like it, of course. He only tagged along with Leigh because the one who hosted it is a very good friend of his. It also seemed right and appropriate for him to attend alongside his boyfriend. 

"You'll be surprised to see how little value the things they auctioned off can be, but that depends on the host really. Sometimes they actually do take something of value and are selling what they own. It is a charity auction after all." That's the only good thing that will come out from this; the money being given somewhere else. He leaned in to whisper in his ear and chuckled, "You can imagine slow dancing with me another time. When we're both alone and we can mess up anytime." The women on stage looked regal yet soft, though she does give the air of someone approachable with no hint of fakeness at the current moment, Eun felt like she was more than what she shows herself to be. "She doesn't look like she's who she is, though I'd applaud her knack of handling things like this without making it look like she just wanted to go home after all that socializing. Do I even need to guess how her personality really is?"

Leigh tilted his head slightly as he squeezed against Eun’s hand slightly “You don’t have to have a dream right now” he commented in a soft voice “But I think you should think about the things you want to do...things you haven’t been told to do but you...want to” Leigh would be patient to wait for him to decide but he was really curious to know what Eun would choose. He giggled when Eun asked him if he liked gacha machines “I mean I never got to try them but I like surprises so I think I’d like them” he murmured softly, even if they were silly keychains “Like we could both enter it together and then wear them as matching sets on our bags” maybe he was into stupid romantic stuff like that.

Leigh smiled, Minha wasn’t the first Shiba Inu to be in Eun’s heart, he knew that much already “She’s not that heavy and you have super strength” he protested as he nudged against Eun’s shoulder playfully “And I weigh more than her but you never call me heavy” he commented and pouted slightly, the dhampir was really strong, it was honestly kinda surprising to him sometimes because even though Eun did look strong, he didn’t look that strong. Leigh blushed slightly when Eun said his father was right to brag about him and called him precious “I can already tell you two are going to team up to tease me” he murmured softly, he couldn’t even be mad about it because he would be happy to see the two of them getting along.

Leigh quickly pulled his finger away and widened his eyes when Eun nipped him, shaking his head in amusement as he looked back at him “Enough to make people bleed just from looking” he commented and shook his head slightly as he watched the dark-haired male. “I mean whatever they sell unless it’s food...it’d probably end up getting shoved into my closet” Leigh wasn't really much for art and his place was homely but kind plain when it came to decor. “Promise?” he asked softly when Eun said they could slow dance together when they were alone and could mess up without judgement “I might end up stepping on your toes” he whispered and grinned shyly.

He was happy to see Irene, even though she would be far too busy to spend time with him tonight. She was somewhat of a best friend to him, at least he told her everything and she did the same in return, hell he wouldn’t be here right now if she hadn’t begged him to attend one of these things “Does anyone actually enjoy acting all stuffy?” he questioned in a soft voice and laughed when he asked Irene’s personality “She can be a little temperamental but she’s kind” at least she was to him.

It was nice to not feel pressured for once and though Eun knew the last thing Leigh intended to do was that, it was even better hearing it from the kitsune himself. It brings him reassurance every once in a while that he didn't need to be someone else around him. He just needed to be… him. Leigh loves him for him, he would often remind himself that. Insecurity has never been a subject Eun ran with but he was slightly unsure about a lot of things, more than he would like to admit. "You'll do them with me?" He asked softly, "would you wait for me until I know what I want to do?" He wanted to pinch his cheeks because he was behaving cutely but perhaps that was Leigh's natural charm, he was just calm and endearing. It was hard to find someone who wouldn't like him, which makes him worried should anyone try to take advantage of his kindness. 

"You do like surprises" he exclaimed, there were a few times when Eun would bring back some gifts just to pamper his boyfriend, it was always something he knew Leigh would make use of; ranging from books, to a few boxes of tea sachets to even air diffusers. "Maybe next time we can do those coupling items if you want, keychains? Necklaces? Bracelets?" He paused momentarily before eyeing the list of things that were supposed to be auctioned off today on the brochure placed on the table alongside the itinerary of the event, "Rings?" Promise rings would look cute. But he wasn't sure if he was moving too fast or hell, too slow? He purposely gripped Leigh's hands firmly to showcase his 'strength' only to chuckle afterwards, "Well you're not heavy… though if I wasn't a dhampir I'm not sure how I'd call you light… Either way, I'm a dhampir so it doesn't really matter" strength has always been relative to the elder Moon. 

He wasn't buff per say, but he does keep himself at a shape because of his training. He's a lawyer, he didn't think it was attractive for lawyers to look all buff when he was supposed to charm his clients and not intimidate them. That wasn't his route to go. "Why not? You are really easy to tease, foxxy" he teased. "Careful with your statement, I can actually make someone bleed" he snickered and grinned brightly when Leigh asked for clarification if he'd get to slow dance with him. "Of course, it's just a dance baby, I can do a lot more for you. You said it yourself earlier that I'm strong, pretty sure you stepping on my toes would be the least of my worries, though do your best to refrain from that… I'm not asking for it." 

When Leigh described his lady friend's personality, Eun smiled softly, he really does look like he likes befriending her in a way, "Well… I guess it's good to have a friend like you? Which is the exact opposite? It balances out." Soon they started playing another form of music while they slowly dig in, his eyes were still taking in the things that were supposed to be auctioned off, "Sometimes I wonder where the hell did they get all these things…"

Leigh liked to be supportive to his boyfriend in whatever way he needed to be, after all, the dhampir had been nothing but kind and sweet to him since the two of them met. Sometimes the kitsune wondered if he was deserving of someone who he honestly thought was so perfect. Perhaps that was just his own rose-tinted glasses when he looked at him but Eun was smart, funny, handsome and kind, he really felt like the whole package. “Of course I will...unless it’s to hold a snake...I can’t do snakes” he shook his head playfully. He wondered what sort of things Eun dreamed of doing with his time sometimes, considering he had spent so much of it just studying.

Leigh fiddled with his fingers and beamed slightly when Eun commented on how he liked surprises “Especially when they come from you” he added and giggled thinking of all the times when Eun had shown up to see him unexpectedly and his heart practically burst out of his chest with happiness. Leigh was excited by the idea of them getting something matching, it was silly but he liked the idea of being a team, having something small they shared. He blushed softly looking at his hand when Eun suggested a ring “You mean like promise rings?” he murmured it softly and smiled to himself, that’d be nice, a way to show everyone that they belonged to one another. Leigh arched a brow when Eun squeezed his hands and pursed his lips slightly “We both know how strong you are” he whispered and giggled slightly.

Leigh pouted his lips slightly when Eun said he was easy to tease “That doesn’t mean you’re supposed to do it” he commented and nudged him slightly, Leigh was a little naive when it came to people he supposed, there was a part of him that trusted too easily, especially with those he was close to. He looked at him with a curious expression as though examining him before he grinned slightly “You really could...but it also seems unfair to cover it so...I guess we will just have to bleed” he laughed softly. Leigh blushed slightly when Eun downplayed his request and he twiddled his fingers a little “I’m still not used to being with someone so....giving” he spoke softly, relationships in the past seemed to be pretty one-sided for him but he didn’t realize it until he’d gotten with the dhampir.

He nodded slightly “I never really intended to make a friend...good things keep showing up to me here” he grinned and looked at Eun with a shy expression which hinted that he was talking about him. “And it always seems to be in my bookshop too...maybe it’s a lucky place” he smiled and bit his lip before starting to eat his food, mostly focusing on that and not all the people around them “People donate them I guess…” he murmured softly “I only saw one thing I really liked...it was a pretty ring with a fox engraved on it” other than that, it was mostly just expensive things rich people could throw money at.

His ears perked up almost instantly upon hearing the kitsune was someone who either dislikes or is afraid of snakes. "Do I wanna know which of the two are you?" And but that, of course he meant whether Leigh was afraid of snakes or did he simply dislike them. "How are snakes reactive to foxes anyway" considering the food chain in nature, the answer was clear. "I mean, I don't particularly like snakes so you have no need to worry about that because I neither want to hold them nor traumatize myself from one." Fine, maybe… just maybe the elder Moon is a bit spooked over animals like that. Who knows what would happen? "Ah, so you like my surprise visits, duly noted" he dramatically saluted and chuckled, he was glad to hear that Leigh likes that. Perhaps he could do it more in the future. 

He hummed softly in affirmation when the other male enquired whether it was to be promise rings or not, "Exactly that. We can make promises verbally of course but… I think a little matching set of our promises will do even better. That way you can look at your ring and think of me" he grinned sheepishly, he likes the sound of it and hoped Leigh felt the same way. "Sometimes I wonder how strong I'd be if I was a normal human" despite his supernatural heritage, Eun still likes to exercise every once in a while to keep himself in shape, it wasn't just his dhampir side taking over, despite it having plenty of influence. "Eh I'll still be decent I guess…" Leigh was about 2 cm taller than him so their heights were pretty much easy for the both of them, no need to gaze up too much or look down. Not to mention, they still get to bury their faces against each others' neck if they angled it properly. It's convenient. 

"If I'm not supposed to do it, then what am I supposed to do?" he jested teasingly. "We will just have to bleed, aren't you giving up too soon baby?" His gaze softened when he heard that, Leigh deserves the world, that's what Eun genuinely believes in. And if he could give him a portion of that happiness he deserves, then he would. "Good things just so happened to come knocking at your doorstep? What are you supposed to be? A magnet that attracts the good and repels the misfortune?" He was worried if Leigh accidentally trusted someone he should, but given his lying detector abilities, it eased him a bit. The moment he heard Leigh describe the ring, he coincidentally stopped at where it was listed down at. "Oh that is pretty…" 

Well, now he suddenly wants to get it for the male sitting next to him. Hopefully no one would dare splurge twice the amount he would. They were finally able to dine in as the stage started showing off the things that were going to be auctioned off, and in the many things they displayed, his eyes were glued on the left side of the stage where the ring was placed. "I got my eyes on the prize… can't you tell your friend to reserve and let me get it" he mumbled. God he hated competition like this.

Leigh shivered a little when Eun asked him whether he disliked or was afraid of snakes “I’m just saying I would go out of my way to make sure I never have to go near one” he confirmed and nodded is head slightly, that was enough to tell the other male he really didn’t want to be near one “I don’t think they commonly interact...my fox prefers to chase rabbits than any reptiles” too much work to try and handle one and take it down without being bitten he supposed. “Me neither” he murmured softly. “I love your surprise visits” he spoke softly and grinned “My day is always better whenever I get the chance to see you” the dhampir always brightened everything around him and Leigh felt most at home when he was curled up against his chest.

Leigh had to admit he loved the idea of having matching rings to symbolize their love for one another, if they couldn’t have the official title then it seemed like the next best thing “I don’t need a ring to think of you” he spoke softly but smiled “But I love the idea of having something to remind me of...you” the kitsune was in pretty deep when it came to the dhampir by now and while he understood there were certain lines they couldn’t cross, any chance to claim more of Sangeun Moon’s heart he would take. “You’d still be pretty strong” he commented and nudged him slightly “You never miss a gym session” he pointed out and bit his lip slightly.

Leigh gave an exasperated sigh and poked against Eun’s shoulder slightly “Make your boyfriend feel comfortable?” there was a smile on his face though because despite his complaining, he did like how the two of them could play around with one another and tease back and forth, it just so happened that the kitsune was usually the first one to squirm. Leigh bit his lip slightly “Well in the past Id’s argue it was the opposite...everything bad kept coming...one after another” he sighed and pressed his lips together “But then I met you and everything seemed to just...flip” he reached for his hand for a moment “You’re my good luck charm” he murmured softly.

Leigh looked back at Eun, noticing that devious look in his eyes and gasped “Eun you don’t need to get it” he quickly backtracked because he was sure it would be expensive and while it was pretty he didn’t want to be a trouble for the dhampir. Leigh ate a few more bites of his food before noticing Eun was still staring at the stage and nudged him “I don’t think that’s how auctions work….they want people to bid to put the prices up” he probably should have known that Eun would wanna get it for him.

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