If it wasn't evident from all the shuffling and fixing of his clothes Leigh was doing in the mirror, he was nervous. How could he not be nervous when this was the first time he was going on a public date...well ever. He had been insistent he didn't want to go for a while, Leigh didn't do well with crowds and much preferred to stay at home but Irene had reminded him that many potential investors for the cafe were going to be at the party. In the end he had reluctantly agreed, how bad could it really be right? A bit of dancing...listening to people talk about themselves and maybe some food.

He was trying to convince himself it would be okay, fumbling over the invitation the other day when Eun had come over for a surprise visit, they had been more common lately. Their relationship felt like it was at the start of this crazy big journey Leigh didn't know yet and while Leigh knew things were complicated, more complicated than he wanted to admit. The kitsune was happy beyond belief. Of course Eun had noticed his nervous state and asked to see the invitation before insisting he was coming along with him. In one part Leigh was relieved he wouldn't have to face the party on his own but on the other, the therian was worried about showing the not so great parts of himself.

Like this one for example, Leigh could barely breathe because of the nerves he was feeling as he did up the buttons of his suit jacket and then headed out into the lounge. He smiled because Minha ran over to greet him and he laughed under his breath "I know I look like a penguin" he responded as he scratched under her chin and then behind her ears. When he heard the doorbell Leigh snapped out his daydreaming and headed over to the door, opening it without hesitation. It wasn't Eun he was nervous about seeing but Leigh did gasp as his eyes trailed over him "Wow..." he spoke softly and blushed a little "You look amazing...I mean you always look amazing...but...your hair" Leigh swore he had never felt so attacked by a forehead before in his life. Of course before he could reach for Eun, Minha was already pushing her way between them, vying for Eun's attention "I think she missed her cuddle buddy" he spoke softly. 

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Eun wasn't a fan too, but he found it ironic how a fox is afraid of snakes, "I'd think foxy wouldn't be afraid of them but I wonder if it affects your fears? Don't worry, I won't be the one throwing a python your way just to see you freak out. That'd be my younger brother. My sister is a fan too which kinda makes sense since she's a vet." Jae, however, can't recall if the latter liked them since he never showed his interest towards them when he was younger. He gasped dramatically when he said his fox preferred to chase rabbits, "Those poor bunnies, I think Han has a pet bunny." He also saw the fallen star to be a bunny personified. His eyes softened upon hearing that from him, "My day is better when I see you too. My work can be so stressful but seeing you… Minha, it makes the day better, that's for sure." Admittedly, Eun has told Leigh before this that waking up to him was the best sight ever. 

He always thought matching items were cute and the more minimalistic things are, the cuter it gets so a pair of rings seemed just right for him. "No, you don't, but it's nice to have things you can just touch and remember where it originated from… what it means" he knew he wanted to give that to Leigh. "For now… I can't give you a real ring, but couple rings seem doable" for now, he was sure one day his circumstances would be different and he'll wait until that day, if the kitsune would still have him then. Could he ask him to even do that? He smirked and winked playfully when Leigh said he never missed a gym session, that is true, even pushing his dhampir side to the left, he was still someone who exercises frequently, "Of course you'd know, don't you like it when I'm exercising?" He teased, he always wore tank tops and considering how Eun never actually wore something so revealing unless he's at home exercising, it was not a sight one can witness easily. 

Eun brought his hand up to tilt Leigh's chin slightly and grinned, "I'll be damned… because you're supposed to be my lucky charm." He was once again tempted to stroke his hair but held back because it would mess up the kitsune's hair. He wasn't uncomfortable being intimate and showing affection to Leigh in the public so he'd like to think it's a step. Especially coming from someone who don't publicly display such gesture even before. The fact that Leigh told him there was no need to get it for him made him even more adamant to get it. "I want it…" he nodded, and waited until they could start their first round of auction. By then Eun had already finished his plate of appetiser as they started auctioning off paintings, his eyes glued onto the painting of a nude couple. "Is that… what I think it is?"

Leigh shrugged slightly “A lot of snakes are venomous and animal instinct says to stay away from anything that could kill us” he nodded slightly, the fox was smarter than people tended to give it credit for and when he turned he could feel some of those senses at work “I think if anyone actually threw a python at me I’d likely pass out” he confessed and nibbled at his bottom lip, Leigh could be a bit of a friady cat when it came to those sorts of things. Leigh blushed slightly when Eun expressed his sadness for the bunnies “I eat pretty well before I turn so it’s mostly just the thrill of the chase...they tend to get off just fun because they can run fast” he couldn’t control that instinct even if he wanted to unfortunately.

Leigh couldn’t help but smile when Eun said his day was barter when he got to come home to him and Minha “We’re always eagerly waiting for you” he confessed with a blissful smile. Leigh nodded in agreement, it was a little materialistic but he did kinda love the idea of having something he could look down at and think of the dhampir “Couple rings it is then...I’m going to cherish mine” he spoke in a soft voice as he thought about how he hadn’t really had a special gift from Eun before. Leigh licked his lips and blushed when Eun said he liked it when he was exercising “I feel like answering that question could get me into trouble” he confessed and giggled softly, he did enjoy it when the dhampir worked out at home, even if it was rarely.

As usual the kitsune was completely under Eun’s spell and the moment his eyes met the other male’s dark ones he practically lit up “I’m not sure that I’m all that lucky” he commented softly but he definitely felt lucky in moments like this when he had Sangeun Moon gazing back at him. Leigh found it charming how determined Eun now seemed to be to get that single item from the auction and he knew better than to try and talk him out of it, Eun could be pretty stubborn when he set his mind to something after all. Leigh finished off his first plate before looking up from his food and giggling when he realized what Eun was commenting on “Well they did say it’s an adult auction” he commented and grinned. A few more items came and went while the plates were cleared and before long they were bringing out the mains “How on earth is anyone going to get that home” he questioned when they brought out a lot with an almost lifesize giraffe statue.

“Good point” he quipped softly, he wasn’t a fan of reptiles either so can he really refute that? Even so, the reasoning was valid enough to take that into account. He couldn’t help but chuckle when Leigh mentioned he would likely pass out if someone were to throw a python his way. “I mean isn’t that a given, why would you beam if someone was to throw a python at you? Even I would let out the highest pitch scream in return.” It was new information for Eun, who didn’t know much about therians, or kitsunes in particular. He had that amused smile the entire time when the male told him it was mostly the fox getting off the entire chase, “I can understand why” he teased, “Foxes are fast but I’ve never really seen one in actual action” the look he gave him was as if telling him to shift in front of him one of those days.

Ever since they got off with their relationship, the dhampir has been relatively more humorous than usual. He found a new sense of security with the kitsune and was clearly enjoying every second of it. His smile grew significantly upon hearing that both Leigh and Minha would be eagerly waiting for him, “What a nice thing to think about before getting home.” The eldest Moon was dead set to get them a pair of couple rings, something to match to commemorate their relationship; something to remember when they gaze at it. Eun, much like his youngest brother, Jae, was stubborn too. It was the blood flowing inside them probably, considering the rest of their siblings are also hard-headed. Once he was sure he wanted to do something, there’s not much that could change his mind, especially when he knows that’s what he wants.

It was hard not to smirk when it comes to the working out question, Eun really does like to keep himself at the best fit, and training was just ingrained in him, as soon as he had his hand on the handle of his sword, he was in his own world. There was a certain comfort in it. “It’s fine to admit you like seeing me train, sometimes shirtless and all sweaty, Leigh” he jested and nudged him playfully, “It’s flattering to hear your boyfriend is drooling over you, you know.” He let out a disgruntled groan when the kitsune claimed he wasn’t lucky, “Most lucky people don’t admit they’re lucky at all” he exclaimed. “Anyway I know I’m lucky.” The nude painting that came in his line of peripheral vision was igniting the curiosity in him since it wasn’t exactly the type of things that would be openly displayed if he was back in Korea. Especially not at an auction either. Admittedly, he couldn’t take his eyes off the painting because of how intriguing it was.

“When you hear about adult auctions, do you think of this? Aren’t all auctions supposed to be for adults anyway? Since they have disposable income…” By the time a life-size giraffe statue came into his view, Eun was gaping, “How in the world… I’m more curious to know how they even brought that thing in…” And when he heard the starting price, he chuckled, “Yeah… that makes sense.” A lot of things came and passed, and finally, the item that was on his attention the entire time was finally unveiled to the preying eyes in the room, though Eun was determined to make it his. The starting price wasn’t bad, actually, it was lower than what Eun had expected too, and soon the competitions rushed in and before long, it was already on its 11th bid, and somehow, Eun managed to win the room’s attention so much that the next person in line didn’t raise their number until the time was up. “There you go…”

Leigh couldn’t help but giggle because he had a very cartoonish vision in his mind of someone throwing a snake across the room and causing complete chaos “I kinda feel bad for the snake if it’s getting thrown too, even if I don’t want it near me...it would hurt to get thrown across the room” of course Leigh would be worried for the welfare of the snake he was completely terrified of, that matched his personality to a tee. Leigh blushed slightly when Eun said he’d never a fox in action because the look the dhampir gave him was clear “You don’t want to see me like that” he murmured softly, though he supposed if they were living together then he should probably prepare himself for that sooner or later.

He smiled softly when Eun said it was nice to think about having them waiting for him when he got him “Minha even sits by the door and waits for you, she can hear your car before you even get out of it” and by Minha he also meant himself because he had the same level of hearing and was certainly keen to have his boyfriend back with him. Leigh was really comfortable with Eun which wasn’t something he could say about a lot of people and while the dhampir still made him blush here and there, he generally felt like he could be himself around him without fear of being seen in a negative light. That came from spending time together and slowly getting to know one another.

Leigh shifted a little on the spot when Eun said it was fine to admit he liked seeing him work out “I mean...you look especially hot when you work out shirtless” and god the way he looked when he was done, covered in sweat with his hair pushed back. He sighed dreamily and nudged him back “I swear I have no self control when it comes to you” he scolded almost playfully as he laid his head on his shoulder for just a moment before straightening up again. “You seem pretty certain” Leigh responded when Eun said he was lucky, of course the kitsune felt very lucky to have someone like him but he also felt like saying that out loud might jinx it somehow.

“Honestly I can’t say I’ve given adult auctions much thought in the past” he admitted and chuckled because of the way Eun’s eyes were completely fixed on the painting “Seems like you’re a fan of it though” he teased softly. It was entertaining to judge all of the different lots they brought out and it helped Leigh to feel more at ease in a such an unfamiliar setting. The dhampir had a way of making him feel better about everything and he appreciated it greatly “They probably had to walk with it sideways and then be really really careful when going around corners” it seemed like it had somewhat of a cult following though because many people bidded on it before it was sold off. Leigh watched with intent as the ring was brought out and then the auction for it began, true to his word, Eun bid on it right off the mark and before long he was claiming the winning bid. When the gavel went down the therian grinned brightly and threw his arms around the dhampir before realizing they were in public and giving him a shy smile “I love you” he confessed in a soft voice.

Of course, Leigh would feel bad for the snake. Eun couldn't help but shook his head and chuckle at how predictable and comical his boyfriend could be, "Only you would think about the snake's well-being even though it could very well be a poisonous reptile for you" he teased. "You're so cute sometimes, you know that?" It does scream Leigh for he wasn't surprised either. He knew it would be extremely vulnerable for Leigh to expose himself in his fox form so he didn't try to push further for the topic, although at some point, Eun was sure he'd witness it sooner rather than later. The thought of having this family of his own, with Leigh and Minha, hell even Leigh's chinchillas that the dhampir had also grown to love. How could he trade any of that? It was no wonder he didn't try to think about home at all, when his home is right here. 

"You'd wait for me too, huh? I feel loved and special" he cooed, that's the face he wanted to see every time he comes home from a tiring day at work. Forever. He could get used to this, and he wished he would. When the kitsune got flustered over the topic of him exercising and his body, Eun could feel the smirk that crept up, solely for teasing the other male for ogling, "Just shirtless? You weren't staring even when I was wearing those tank tops or tight shirts? You sure, Leigh?" He nudged his side playfully and shook his head in mirth, "Who knows? Maybe I should even work out with less clothing next time? Perhaps it wouldn't have been so constricting that way, you know? You may even walk into your man exercising… without anything clinging onto him" he winked and leaned against his seat with a smug grin. 

"Of course I feel certain, I have you." When it comes to expressing his adoration and love towards Leigh these days, he was more daring than he was a couple of months ago. It was getting better because he feels more in tune and open about it. When Leigh teased him for having an eye for the painting, Eun's ears turned red as he laughed nervously, "I have no idea what you mean… why would I have a liking for things like… that." God, note that's when the kitsune could find the dhampir struggling in his room, trying his best not to get flustered at it. "I just think it's a nice painting… like the artist obviously captured the essence of the art, he drew the lady nicely." He wasn't an artsy guy but even he knew which one is a priceless piece. 

He was taken aback by the amount of people bidding to buy the giraffe statue, "That's… a lot of people bidding for a giraffe. With that much money, you'd think they would be able to own a real-life one." Hearing the gavel making its mark known to the room, Eun almost got up to cheer but kept that action to himself secretly as he grinned, turning his head to Leigh, who engulfed him in a hug. The dhampir placed his finger to his chin playfully and whispered, "I love you too. Now we have matching rings." The auction went on and before long, all the obnoxious things were sold. "I can't believe they auctioned a tray…"

Leigh sighed slightly, he had always been of the nature to worry about others before himself and the snake was no exception “I just don’t like the idea of anything getting hurt...especially if it was my fault” he pouted his lips slightly, he had been hurt by others and it definitely wasn’t a good experience so he didn’t want others to go through it either, that wasn’t a crime right? The kitsune looked down for a moment and then smiled softly when Eun pointed out that Leigh was waiting for him too “Well I can’t be beaten by her as the one most excited to see you” he teased and grinned slightly, he was his boyfriend, after all, he was supposed to be number one.

Leigh shifted a little, with a guilty grin when Eun asked if he had to be shirtless for him to enjoy watching him work out “You just love exposing me don’t you” he commented and blushed slightly “All of the above” he admitted reluctantly and shook his head slightly, how was he supposed to resist the other male when he had the body and the charisma he had? It was impossible in Leigh’s eyes. “God you really want me to get absolutely nothing done all evening huh?” he questioned with an arch of his brow, he really wasn’t going to be able to survive without swooning if Eun wore much less.

Leigh’s eyes lit up for a moment when Eun pointed out that his certainty stemmed from having him “You always have me” he murmured softly and gave a somewhat lopsided sweet grin towards him “But I still love hearing how...confident you are in us” as someone who was more hesitant after everything he had been through, he was glad to be with someone who assured him every step of the way. Leigh giggled and scrunched his nose when Eun guiltily questioned why he’d think he liked adult art “Mhmm...you like the artistry huh?” he teased and nudged him slightly “I swear you’re more innocent than me when it comes to stuff like this, which is saying something” he commented and chuckled.

He chuckled slightly “Well you have to admit it would make a great statement piece and discussion topic all in one” he commented and grinned slightly, he could see the appeal “And giraffes are awesome too, so there’s that” though Leigh would probably say that about any animal give the chance. Leigh giggled against Eun’s shoulder as they celebrated the win of the auction lot and he sighed happily, he’d been scared about coming out tonight but the other male had managed to put him at ease without even blinking and he was so thankful for it “I guess rich people really will buy anything” he commented, grinning when they announced they were bringing dessert around because that was what he had been waiting for.

He was so tempted to just pinch his cheeks and coo over the kitsune when he said that, "You're so cute Leigh, always did have the heart of gold…" Even for a venomous animal, Leigh still tried to be considerate. Not that he would not do the same but the fact that Leigh's first thought was worry over the snake's condition is just pure. "I mean… if you get beaten by your own dog in terms of being excited to see me come home then I'm going to sulk" he teased, admittedly it was hard to compare considering how attentive the Shiba Inu can be. Eun crossed his arms together and nodded when asked if he likes exposing him, "Why wouldn't I like doing that? I get to see my boyfriend blush and have I told you how cute you are when you're blushing? Or when you're trying so hard to hide the fact that you've been blushing but your cheeks can't really assist you." 

After spending a while with the kitsune, the dhampir was able to point out his little quirks that always made him grin. "Oh, so next time I should just work out and train shirtless, is that right?" He teased and shook his head, it doesn't sound like it would be unlikely, he could do that. Eun was confident in his body and physical appearance overall, and he has no problem showing it off to Leigh, of all people. "I mean, is sparing time to spend all of it with your boyfriend considered doing 'nothing' in your dictionary? I think not." He's confident in their relationship, he would say nothing will break his stance or make him dwindle but he couldn't even promise that, not yet. Not until he settled all of this with his family. It'll take time but he was hoping the longer he's here to muster his courage, the easier it would be in the future. 

He could feel his ears turning red as he cleared his throat awkwardly in response to Leigh's playful jab, "I mean, I'm just admiring… how people express their artistry through bold concepts like that. I come from South Korea, Leigh, and my family isn't really you know" he mumbled shyly and glanced at him, "Innocent? Am I really uh… innocent?" He never thought about it that much but he supposed he's never thought about being attracted to the opposite sex or even the same sex. Once the dessert arrived, he was quite to dig in because a, it was cooling and he needed that and b, it was sorbet. "I don't think we're going to stay for long, the other part of the fundraiser looks to be a lot of mingling around… with rich people and politicians, which is not how I picture spending my Saturday night. You up to bail?"

Leigh blushed and looked down for a moment “People always said I was weak for caring too much but if that’s a crime then I’d rather go to jail than change” he murmured it softly, he remembered how people would tell him he needed to toughen up but it just wasn’t in his nature to be aggressive, he wanted to take care of others instead. He never really understood what he did to make others dislike him the way they did. “That’d never happen, you happen to be my favorite person in the whole world and I’m not letting anyone steal you from me” Leigh would fight if it meant protecting the ones he cared about. Leigh shifted a little and shook his head “It’s way too easy for you to make me blush, no matter how comfortable I feel with you” it was like a switch that flipped.

Leigh bit his lip as he watched him “If you want me to be completely unable to take my eyes off you...yes” he murmured it softly, he had no idea how to hold his self restraint when the dhampir was so damn handsome, sometimes he felt like he needed to pinch himself to really believe that was the man he got to call his. He pouted slightly because Eun’s counterarguments were pretty convincing he had to admit “Well true...but I have other responsibilities too and I shouldn’t be shirking them too much” he twiddled his thumbs slightly. “But I do like spending all my time with you” Leigh was a little selfish when it came to wanting his partner’s attention honestly.

Leigh giggled softly, it was cute how the tables could be turned between them sometimes, especially because Eun came from such a conversative background “They like making big statements, it grabs people’s attention and starts conversations...which is what a lot of art is about” especially because the interpretation of it could be taken different ways by different people. “A little...but it’s only because you were less exposed to it all...I guess things are very different in Korea” he murmured and offered a small smile, he never grew up there so he didn’t really know what it was like for Eun.

Leigh grimaced at the mention of having to mingle with people he didn’t know and naturally felt relieved in his chest when Eun suggested they bail “Can we go and get more ice cream? These tiny portions make my tummy sad” he commented and pouted his lips slightly.

His heart softened when he heard that from him, Leigh was truly one of the kindest people Eun has ever met and had the pleasure of befriending, much less make him his. They were both contrasting one another even though Eun isn’t too far off on the record. The elder Moon is more logical and realistic when using his reasoning, he’s not the kindest lad, not like the kitsune no. But he tries. Sometimes he wondered if Jae was better at that too, and how he’s only equipped with people skills due to his work line. “Well don’t go off to prison leaving me, cowboy, I still need you, remember?” he teased, chuckling and shaking his head in mirth when he said he was his favorite person in the world “Good to know we’re on the same page then, nobody’s leaving anyone.” How he wished to make that a lasting reality too but Eun knew, deep down, sooner than later, he would need to face the reality by going back home and explaining things.

He pinched his cheeks playfully and grinned “If I don’t make you blush, who’s going to do it?” He stroked Leigh’s cheek and hummed softly in affirmation “Yeah, I don’t want you to take your eyes off me, I must always be the only person you keep your eyes glued on. No one else. I refuse to acknowledge any other type of contender, not even Minha.” Both of them are responsible adults, there is no doubt that they each have their own work and sometimes, they can't spend as much time as they wished they could, together. Especially Eun, who still has to go back and forth from the office he was placed at and Leigh’s home, and there’s the other pressing matter that is piling on top of his desk too; his client. Being a lawyer meant he had more hours to work than to spend on himself but thankfully, Leigh was able to understand that even when he brought some paperwork back with him.

“Korea has a lot of things but they’re… only something you can understand if you’re familiar with it, I guess. I’ve met so many foreigners who were culture shocked the moment they set foot on the soil.” It wasn’t as surprising. “One day, I’d like to take you there, bring you to my childhood places, my favorite restaurant… even the place I hung out at when I had nosebleeds every study week during my college years.” He wants to share it all with him when given the chance. He knew Leigh wasn’t the type to stick around in public events with only invitees like this, even Eun didn’t prefer them, he only ever attended those to show his respect to his clients. So when the opportunity presents itself, he was quick to take it and drag the kitsune with him as he excused himself from the others who greeted them, making their way out of the ballroom with his hand threaded against Leigh’s.

Once they reached the door, he closed it behind him and breathed out in relief “Phew… You want ice cream, right? Then let’s go get ice cream” he loosened his tie slightly and unbuttoned the first two at the top before walking away. He called for an Uber and took a seat on the bench placed at the entrance. “Those portions were really small… I didn’t expect any less coming here but you’re right, my tummy is asking for more. Should we go get some real food before having our ice cream?”

Leigh grinned slightly when Eun told him not to go to prison and leave him behind “How could I ever leave you” he murmured softly, the dhampir had become much too important in his life for him to do that. There were times when Leigh wondered how he became lucky enough to get to have someone like him in his life but now he was damn sure he was going to work hard every day to deserve him. “I’d fight for you...for us...with everything I have” he confessed softly, it was true when Leigh loved he didn’t love on a surface level, his feelings were deep and raw and the dhampir now held them all “As long as you wanted me too” Eun’s happiness was his priority in the end.

Leigh puffed out his cheeks when Eun pushed them and shook a little as if to playfully tell him to get off “True, it’s basically like your permanent job now” still he wished his cheeks would give him a break sometimes and not make it so obvious, it was a little embarrassing to be so see-through. “Not a single contender?” he questioned and giggled slightly “Not even if your celebrity crush came along and asked you out right now?” Eun was handsome enough that it wouldn’t even surprise him if that happened, people were always picking him out of a crowd. He couldn’t say he could even blame Eun too, the dhampir deserved everything he wanted.

He laughed softly as he looked up to Eun “I imagine it was the same coming here though...not needing to call anyone by honorifics...no need to bow…” Eun was so in the habit of doing them that it still happened sometimes, not that the kitsune minded at all, he found it really interesting to experience how respectful Korean culture was “I’m worried when I’d go that people would think I’m rude...since I don’t look like a foreigner” he confessed but he really did love the idea of getting to see the places Eun had fond memories of “You worked too hard even then” he spoke softly when he spoke of nosebleeds, that hadn’t changed, Eun was always working late on paperwork, often the kitsune had to go to bed without him because of it. Still, it was charming how committed he was.

Leigh looked down to his hand in Eun’s and smiled proudly, perhaps they had only stayed a short time but it was enough for him to say he had done it “Thanks for coming with me...I know for a fact I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone” he was thankful Eun was so in tune with Leigh too and knew he would want to get out as soon as reasonably possible. He eyed Eun as he loosened his tie, biting his lip because he looked stupidly hot just doing something as simple as that “Real food sounds good” he brightened and grinned slightly “Maybe Korean barbeque? I heard there’s a new place downtown” which really meant Leigh had been looking for a reason to go there.

“I’d do the same” he mumbled softly, the kitsune won’t be the only one doing the fighting, that’s for damn sure. “Of course I wanted you too, there’s nothing better than wanting you to be the one doing it, Leigh.” He never thought he was the type to fall head over heels for someone, which never crossed his mind at all until he met him and realized he wanted things too; things that reached far beyond his ambitions. “Well, you know what they say about permanent jobs” he teased playfully, clearly not caring what happens when he kept poking his cheeks more. Eun can be prideful as he is humble, especially when he knows he’s particularly good at it. In front of people he cares about, like Leigh, he doesn’t hide that as much because he likes being confident and filter-less around people who accepted him.

“My celebrity crushes are mostly at least 10 years older than me, Leigh, but dating a celebrity can be such a hassle right? Besides, my job as a lawyer is already so busy, what will I do if I don’t get to see the person I love? That feels icky. But yes, not a single contender. Crushes are… crushes. I don’t think they last as long as you think they would.” That’s what he personally thought and it has proven itself to him throughout these years where he didn’t have lasting feelings for others. Obviously not to him.

The dhampir rubbed the back of his head awkwardly when the other male brought up about the cultural differences here and back home “I have to admit, that part was not easy to adapt to. I still feel like there’s a noise nagging at the back of my head if I don’t do it, mostly my mother. God, if she knew… she’d be scolding me endlessly.” His eyes softened when Leigh expressed his worry over being called rude because he wasn’t used to the culture “Well, these days people know Korean Americans do exist. Technically, you hold an American passport and have never even set foot in Korea so you’re just as American as your next-door neighbor. “Besides, my mother would love you, I know she would. She’s the kindest woman I know.” Which was quite the contrast to their father but deep down, even Eun knew his father is doing what he thinks is right, which is not always right.

“I was in a lot of study sessions, we have cram school after our school sessions, you know. It’s like… pretty much regulatory? And I had to study real hard for my CSAT so I could get into a good university. I did my military service as soon I reached 19 years old Korean age though, which is 18 here. All of my brothers did the same. Your boyfriend is actually a Sergeant of the Marine Corps” he exclaimed proudly, considering how Marines are pretty much the hardest sector out of all 4, he loved how he could spend his months thinking about strengthening his resolve. It was worth it in the end, all that studying, there wasn’t a time when Eun thought it to be wasteful, though he did feel sad he couldn’t spend his youth like others. “Anything for you” he quipped, his mouth instantly drooling at the thought of Korean barbeque because the dhampir is a big eater and food enthusiast. “I hope there’s not many people then, would love to get a table.” After a while, the Uber arrived and he opened the door for Leigh before slowly trailing behind.

Leigh’s eyes softened when Eun said he would fight for them too, his expression showing how much he cared for the dhampir with one look “I just want you to know that the only person who will ever stop me from fighting for you, is you, I don’t care how scary they are or what they say or do to try and make me give in, you’re the best thing I have” he murmured it softly, it was cheesy he knew but the kitsune wasn’t the type of person who did relationships on a surface level, he always fell deeply, wholly. Leigh laughed when Eun kept poking his cheek, even puffing out his cheeks playfully in response, he felt so natural with the dhampir that it gave him the confidence to be goofy and silly with him.

Leigh raised his brows out of curiosity when Eun said his celebrity crushes were all older than him but remained quiet as he listened to him explain “You seem awfully confident in that” he commented in a soft voice and smile, somehow Leigh believed him, Eun was so honest that it was often hard to believe sometimes but he loved that about him. Leigh laughed softly when Eun said he felt strange to not be following customs “You still bow most of the time whenever you meet someone new, I swear it must be reflex” he teased softly “I’m sure your mom would understand, you’re very polite” he jested softly. The kitsune bit his lip as Eun mentioned his mother’s nature “Even though I go against everything she wants for you?” he commented in a somewhat emotional voice.

Leigh pulled a face when Eun talked about how his education had been “You make it sound so difficult to make it to...working” he commented in a soft voice “You worked so hard to get where you are, you must be so exhausted sometimes” he knew that Eun had been deprived of a lot in his life because he had to work too hard to make up for his parent’s expectations. “There must have been so many things you wanted to do” he commented but grinned when Eun said he was in the marines, reaching to fix his tie playfully “Well I do love a man in uniform” he teased playfully “But maybe you should take the time now to...catch up on the things you missed...did you get to go on trips? Theme parks? Water parks? The beach?”

Before long the Uber arrived and they got inside, they headed across the city and pulled up not far from the restaurant, he thanked the driver before heading out towards the door, asking the front of house for a table for two. Thankfully, they were able to squeeze them in which made the kitsune grin as they were led to their table.

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