Damarco had awoken to the sound of ringing in his ears, and sweat pouring from his body. Ever since he'd been cast out of the void, having no choice but to adapt to a life on earth, he had been having nightmares, and a profound sense of dread plagued his every day routine. But, with all the new freedom he had gained, he had decided to take each day in stride, and hope that someday, working with the Ailwards, would grant them the answers they all needed to get back home. He missed being a Shepherd and saving people from the dark creatures that lurked in the void, the very same creatures he had been saved from himself just before Lucien saved his life.

Life on earth so far, had not been a cake-walk. Damarco had been helping teach the other Aurazins how to blend with humans, reminding them to eat, and even sleep every night. It had been a difficult task to say the least, but he felt close to a lot of the Aurazins he'd taken up training with back at home, and wanted to do whatever he could to help them cope.  Today, like every other day, he began with a pen and a journal. Damarco decided he was going to journal his life on earth, take notes, etc. 

After spending almost an hour at a desk journaling, Damarco headed to the Ailward manor where he'd been spending a lot of his time lately. The Aurazin was still pretty lost himself, and needed guidance through most of the things he did on the daily. He still had yet to find his way around the manor properly, but since the Ailwards had welcomed them with arms wide open, he figured today was just as good a day as any to learn his way around the enormous manor. 

Damarco first decided to explore the outside, finding himself walking down a pretty huge path that led through a garden, and ended with a pretty nice platform out by a pond. He wasn't sure what it was for, or why there seemed to be coins in it, but he took pleasure in looking at the shiny objects as they reflected against the sun. He figured it was yet another human thing he'd need to learn about. So far, Damarco had only learned the basics of living as a human, and knew he needed more knowledge if he was supposed to blend with the rest of the world. He needed a tutor, a guide of some sort. He couldn't lie, he felt pretty damn lost, and just wanted to go back home more than anything. 

After he imagined he'd spent long enough by the water with coins in it, having no idea that it was called a wishing well, Marco made his way through the front entrance of the manor. He felt safe here, since the Ailwards had this place protected by warding and such. Once the Aurazin found himself inside, he stared at his reflection that peered up at him from the marble floors, sighing softly as he padded down the long hallway. He was in search of whatever room people gathered in most, when he found himself entering a bedroom. As he rounded the corner, Damarco found himself crashing into a woman he'd never seen before. Her aura was a little grey, which was what drew Damarco to this very room. "Are you okay?" he asked, likely seeming a little off with how he was now standing in someones bedroom, asking if they were okay. But, he knew she was hurting. "I'm sorry, I was looking for the meeting room, if that's what it's even called" he sighed, and threw his hands around making small gestures in feigned annoyance. 

"I can see this is the wrong room" he cleared his throat awkwardly, and gave a faint smile. He hoped to be of some comfort to her, even if she didn't know him at all. "I'm Damarco. I haven't seen you yet, do you live here?" his energy was usually more than anyone could handle, as Damarco was one of the most hyper Aurazins here, but he had fellow Aurazins who were also pretty amped up most of the time, so at least he didn't look too crazy or too out of place during the moments he couldn't sit still. Even standing here now, he couldn't help but fidget with whatever he could touch. Damarco wasn't just hyper, but he was also curious, and like a child, he touched everything he seen. Reaching over, Damarco grabbed a photo with a gold frame around it, sensing it to be the reason she was grief-stricken. "Is this your family?" he asked with a brow quirked in her direction, with a gentle smile caressing his lips as he gazed from her, back to the photo. 

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It's been a few years since Zandra became a guard along with the death of her mother. The Human tries not to think about much since it still pains her. Zandra's heart can never heal from the lose knowing her mother was going to live and be stronger but the stranger made sure the hospital was her death bed. As she took her time from the light training since she didn't want to go back to the pain of the bear trap that made her weak and unuseful for many weeks and months. Walking up to go back into her room and change since it was quiet and not a lot was going she planned to go into the city to visit her father. 

As the human came to open her door she noticed it was wide open, she swears it was closed. Walking in she dumped into someone. As Zandra looked up to a male she never has seen before her guard went up unsure who or what he is. She would be that person to question him until the day ends but when she saw his eyes, lost is all she could see. Who is this male? When he asked her if she is alright Zandra looked confused wondering why would someone who just she just meet ask her that? "Um yeah, why?" she asked. With the male telling her his reason Zandra nodded. "Um, the meeting room is downstairs," she said gently.  

When the male told the human his name, Zandra smiled lightly. "Um yeah, I do. This happens to be my room," she said awkwardly. "My name is Zandra, it's nice to meet you Damarco. Can I ask why you are here at the manor?" the human asked wondering his business. She had no idea what to do as being rude is never in her nature but seeing him touch her stuff, Zandra touched her hand to her forehead hoping for him to not find anything personal.  

Her eyes went down as she saw her family photo, the very thing she didn't want to think about. "Yeah, well part of my family. Today happens to be my mother's third year since she passed actually." Zandra said keeping her voice as calm but her tears came out seeing her mother's smile in the photo. "She was going to survive her cancer until one day during the day I was heading back when I saw a stranger walking out with a knife. He killed her in her hospital bed. He is rotting in jail but it still does not bring her back." Zandra said giving a summary of what happened. She is trying so hard not to break down and cry but she can't help it. Wiping her tears as she looked up at Damarco, "I... um... sorry about that. Do you want me to help you to the meeting room?" Zandra said trying to change the subject. 

Damarco pressed his lips together in a straight line as he nervously shifted from one foot to the other with his arms folded across his torso. He had to admit, if life here on earth looked as beautiful as this woman before him every day, then he wouldn't mind staying a while. Her voice was soothing and gentle, and much more put together than the aura she gave off. She seemed broken in many ways, and Damarco could sense her grief. For an Aurazin, grief was like a magnet that pulled them in, and he couldn't help but to have asked her if she was okay. He was still adapting to the whole 'blending in and acting normal' routine, and it seemed so much easier to remind the others and help them than doing it himself.

Marco gazed into her eyes, knowing eye contact was an important factor when you're talking to someone, and allowed a coy smirk to grace his features. "Thanks, I'm still trying to figure these enormous place out. It's too bad they didn't give us a map" he chuckled some, referring to the Ailwards. But, he was definitely grateful to have been welcomed here by them. Damarco quirked a brow when she told him that the room they were currently standing in, was her bedroom. He was rather embarrassed but did well not to show it. 

The Aurazin sighed softly when she asked what he was doing in the manor "that's a pretty loaded question, actually" e figured all the Guards were in the loop and up to date on current matters regarding the Aurazin, but since this female had asked, it was apparent that some of them still needed to be given answers. Damarco felt guilty in that instance, knowing if this were him in her situation, he'd want the truth about why an entire faction of strangers wee now in and out of the place you called home.

Damarco cleared his throat awkwardly when she placed her hand against her forehead, likely out of annoyance to his hyper, child-like behavior and the need to touch everything he saw in her room. He hadn't really had enough time to explore life before he had died, simply because all his time had been spent with his girlfriend Ashleigh, and after he died, he'd spent all his time in the void as a Shepherd, fighting off the voidlings that tried to consume him the day he woke up. Lucien saved his life, and trained him well, and now being stuck on earth, the young Aurazin frankly felt lost, and as though he was losing his mind a little. Not being able to be a Shepherd all of a sudden, made his life lack some purpose, so he'd made the bigger decision to go into training to be an Empath. An Empath helps those in grieving and Zandra seemed like a good test for that right now.

Damarco looked to her when she began crying after explaining the tragedy that took her mother's life away. Instinctively, the Aurazin reach out and wiped her tears away with his thumb before sitting the picture back down. "I'm really sorry you went through that, is there anything that I can do? Even if it's just taking you somewhere to distract you.." he offered, hoping not to come off like a genuine weirdo. Damarco hated seeing people in pain, and truth be told, her sadness was putting a slight strain on him, weighing the Aurazin down slightly. As an Aurazin, you're naturally over the top with emotions, and due to being Empath's, being around someone sad, could lead to physical and mental exhaustion for an Aurazin after some time. Damarco himself often went out of the way to take sad people out for walks, lunch/dinner, or even to the Cinema to watch a funny movie just to keep them from falling into a deep depression, or at least that's what he had been doing lately, and had gained a reputation around the city for being overly genuine, however, and felt that people would begin taking advantage at any time.

Marco smiled to her genuinely when she apologized before offering to help him to the meeting room "Sure, I mean it wasn't urgent, I guess i'm just trying to find my way around the manor in general, and the meeting room was the only room I could think of to ask about. Are you free enough to give a lost guy a tour?" he asked, possessing a sly smirk as he waited on her to answer him. Damarco couldn't help but move from the dresser, where he had put her picture back down at, over to her desk where a laptop screen was lit up "I miss my old laptop. I was such a music nerd" he expressed, as he trailed his fingers across the keys of her laptop, and realized the page she had loaded on it, was a blog of some kind. "Is this your blog?" he asked curiously before kneeling to look more closely. It couldn't have been but a few moments after he pulled another tab up, and put a song on, that Damarco reach over and picked a pair of boots up that obviously belonged to Zandra "damn girl, where ever you're going in these, I wanna come" he said playfully before sitting them back down, and humming to the song he'd began playing on her laptop.

Standing in her room with a male she does not know is one thing Zandra was not planning on today. A man as gorgeous as him could be trouble but Zandra was that daring type when it comes to her life, knowing the limits and when the line needs to be drawn. If anyone would walk by she hopes they don't think something is going to happen. 

Watching the body language, Zandra can tell he is telling the truth not like she is claiming him to be a liar in the first place. A giggle came from the human as she understands how he feels, "It would be nice, I was like that when I first came here." she said with a light smile. She has never been with a man before as well for one to be in her bedroom is new to her but really she didn't know how to feel as she crossed her arms together trying to pull everything together. 

Being on guard for many weeks she can't help to ask questions to new faces. When hearing her question is a loaded question to the other got Zandra confused, what did he mean by that? Looks like she is left out once again about matter around the manor, she just hopes it's not as dark as the treatment they did with the Celestials. "I am not sure what you mean by my questioning is a loaded question. Would you like to clarify what you mean for me?" Zandra asked nicely, she is for sure clueless at this point.    

The Human was not annoyed at the other male but embarrassed, how could anyone tell another you were awkward because you never had a man in your room before.  She really needs to live a life and start dating.  Zandra has been focusing on being the Guard her father once was but she never noticed how big that reasonability really was until months ago. Her choice might be within the moment of her mother's passing but she really does not regret it as it taught her being who she is, A Human, does not mean being weak but being stronger and learning her surroundings are important when it comes to being in danger. In a way, giving her a hard lesson to learn in life. 

Today, was the hardest day for the human as she tries to think of the best loving memories of her mother. The male took in her shock along with being speechless when he reached out to wipe her tears away when he didn't really need to so. Having someone offer to help her out by taking her mind off of the topic made her smile a little as she looked up at the male. "Your the first to offer that to me. Maybe, why you have somewhere in mind?" she asked wondering. 

Listening to Damarco, the human nodded as she putting everything down on her bed. "Yeah, I mean I don't have much to do really." She watched him put her photo down to her laptop, the one thing she is known for in the world. "Yeah actually, that's is what I do on the side," Zandra said as she took herself back, this is the first time she is talking with someone about her guard life without needing to cover it up. "Am sorry, what species are you if you don't mind me asking?" Zandra asked this should've been her first question to ask. She never heard anymore need guards coming in but yet this male was in the manor. How could she be so dumb not to ask these questions? There is something about Damarco that is refreshing, he seems to be care-free. That is hard to keep within life's cards, twists, and turns. 

Damarco's ego often got in the way of a normal conversation with a woman like Zandra, he was surprised he had managed this long without his mouth getting him in trouble, or a slap in the face. Either of the two were normal outcomes. Damarco was a hyper Aurazin, and often times, he found himself annoying those around him.. he was sure Zandra was no exception to this case, but so far, he hadn't been told to shut up and didn't mind the few glances he'd stolen of her psychical form standing before him. Women hadn't really been a thing Marco had focused on before he died, but that wasn't to say he had never noticed them either. 

The Aurazin grinned a cheesy grin at the female as she giggled, finding her smile to be one worth a million. "It's nice to know i'm not alone in that" he expressed, still grinning just as bright as he'd started off, and simply giving her a nod. When Marco noticed the way she had crossed her arms, he couldn't help but wonder if Zandra had finally fallen into an uncomfortable situation with him being in her room. 

Damarco sighed a long, drastic sigh when Zandra asked if he'd like to clarify what he had meant by saying her question was loaded. "Well, as much as I don't wanna go into depth here, I know how it feels to be lost and confused.. and I rather not be responsible for bestowing that feeling upon another.. so" he stated and cleared his throat before getting to the reason why he was here at the manor. "So.. basically.. me and the others like me .. were banned from our home. We don't know why, and we don't know how to get back home.. the Aspects have offered to help us get the answers to all of our questions.. " he explained in one long breath of wind before looking to her curiously, almost in a sad way. "Did you not know anything at all?" he asked sadly, and placed his hands behind his back, while occasionally glancing up to her. That must have been rough. Damarco and the other Aurazin were definitely lost and confused, and pretty much in the dark, but it didn't seem fair that Zandra was.. it just seemed more like miscommunication between those in this manor. 

Damarco had become pretty excellent at reading others, but he couldn't really say he knew much about this girl from reading her.. except .. she seemed a little embarrassed about something, it's just Damarco couldn't figure out what it was embarrassing her. Was it him? If so, that was odd. It definitely made him feel a little awkward in that instance. 

After clearing his throat, Damarco stepped up towards Zandra, but left his hands behind his back, not wanting to make her feel some type of way about the way he had closed in the space between them "am I making you feel uncomfortable? It wasn't my intentions" he stated, making sure he made that clear before she could answer. The Aurazin bit his lip and gave a charming smile when she said he'd been the first to offer any kind of help or entertainment to distract her mind from whatever it was she was grieving over "well, that's a shame, but I won't complain that i'm the first" he said slyly while flashing a playful wink in her direction. "I know a few good spots. I haven't been here long though, so i'm a little rusty when it comes to this sort of thing. As long as you can bare with me, I'll try to make it as fun as possible" he expressed playfully. Damarco saw the way she lit up when she spoke of how her laptop was something she done on the side, giving a nod of acknowledgment "It seems more like a passion with the way your expression changed" he grinned teasingly. 

Damarco raised a brow at her next question, which happened to be what species he was. He felt that since Zandra was in the very species that was helping his kind, that he had no need to worry about telling her. "I'm an Aurazin.." he wasn't sure how new his species were to some people, so he never answered that question without hesitation, but didn't mind telling her whatever she wanted to know, should she ask. 

"How long have you been in the Guard?" Damarco was truly just as curious about who and what Zandra was, as she was about him, and figured they could do question for question, in hopes that she'd join him on a small journey into the city, no matter where it landed them. With Damarco, you never truly knew what you were getting yourself into, until it was too late to turn back. 

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