Erythreus hadn't slept properly in months now. Not since everything that had happened with Vladimir. The Ailwards were still without answers, and something darker now stirred around in the city. Ery had been spending most of his time in the woods or the cemetery, given that there was no peace to be had in the manor. He needed time to reflect on what needed to be done to start resolving matters, without the pressure that came with looking everyone in their face'. Today was no exception for the broody Aspect. After shuffling to the bathroom and taking a shower, Ery gathered his personal belongings; staff included. He never left anywhere without his staff, and his booze. 

After slipping his long leather trench coat on, leather fingerless gloves, and his grunge boots, Erythreus slipped out of the manor, and headed towards the woods. He always took the streets so he could observe everything on his way. It also allowed him to slip through the cemetery before making his way into the woods. The cemetery had been a place of solace for Erythreus; he'd been able to do most of his reflecting there. But today, he wanted to scout the woods and see if he ran into anymore trouble. He needed Dom with him, but he figured he'd be fine if he went straight there and straight back. The last time he went into the woods with someone, he was attacked by arrows. At first he assumed it was hunters, something he was all too familiar with considering how much he hunted for his family years ago, for bounty's of meat. It's how they survived back then. 

But, as he got struck by one of those arrows, Erythreus came to realize that they weren't hunters at all. not with with special engravings on the tips of them, and with how they seemed to stop his healing process as an immortal. This was a bigger matter than himself, and he had planned on informing his own guard of it all, but first he wanted to see if he could find anything else. After making a stop in the cemetery to take a drink, Erythreus trailed off to the woods at a slow, and cautious pace. He was pretty alert and aware of everything that moved around him, so he was confident that for now, he was safe. Erythreus clutched his staff as he moved further into the woods though. Something always seemed so eerie about it when you couldn't see anything beyond the fog. 

Shrugging it off, he continued on and placed his stuff down on a large tree stump at the realization that he wasn't out here alone anymore. But, the sounds he was currently hearing, weren't sounds of danger, or that he was being targeted. He was sure he heard a woman talking to herself. Cocking a brow, the Aspect began walking,, following the direction of her voice. He didn't anticipate anything like he saw though, she seemed to be training, and before Erythreus could back away, he'd been knocked to the ground. A loud thud was made underneath the giant Aspect, standing 6"2. 

He couldn't peel his gaze away off of her to lift himself from the ground though. Seeing as though she stood about 5"6, it made the situation a little more amusing when he thought about it. He'd definitely tower over her by far, which made him swoon a little, mentally. He had no idea that she'd be able to feel everything that he did. Ery still hadn't had the chance to meet any of the Initia Masters. He had a feeling this was about to become quite the interesting day. After getting to his feet and brushing himself off, the Aspect stood to face her, quirking a brow with a faint smirk gracing his features. "Guess I should watch where i'm going" he stated, before scanning their surroundings. He had anticipated on being out here alone, and just long enough to see if he could find any traces of the people who had attacked him and one of the fellow guards not long ago. 

He figured he could make this worth his while though. He'd been hoarded up in his room beyond things concerning the Aspects and guards and really hadn't been 'out and about' lately. Now that he was out here with someone else, he had to be even more aware of his surroundings, he didn't wanna be the reason anyone else got hurt. Looking down, Erythreus locked eyes with the blonde, "Training for something big?" he asked, with her intense features, that's exactly the way it seemed. But by some slim chance that he was wrong, then he wouldn't be able to help but wonder what she was doing out here, and why he thought he'd heard her talking to herself. "I wasn't following you.. your voice kind of led me to you though." he then said, not wanting her to think he'd been watching her or something. He did notice how striking her features were, but he wasn't a total creep about women. He'd never went as far as to following one around. 

"I'm Erythreus, by the way" he stated, figuring since she knocked him on his ass, that he should introduce himself. Later he'd use his other skills, because it'd been far to long since he had been accompanied by a gorgeous blonde to have a drink and just let loose. Not like he pegged her for the social type, he didn't know a thing about her, but maybe he'd get to soon enough. 

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It felt like it was just yesterday that she came back to Evermore, and she didn't even stay for long the first time. If she could recall clearly, when she came to Evermore 12 years ago, she only stayed for a week before hopping back to Oslo to continue her research and now, a dozen years later, here she is… in the eternal city once again. A place she was slowly starting to call home, though it definitely didn't come at a cheap price. When she came to Evermore, Sofi didn't think she would be greeted by hopeful faces in the tribe, especially the Grand Master himself. The other Masters had looked at her with looks that she still couldn't quite describe fully. And just like that, a few months after she returned, the Grand Master passed away and most of the Masters did too. 

A part of her wondered if they were broken-hearted or was equally linked to the Grand Master since there was one new perk that she received upon taking up the position. Spirit control, it enabled her to control and potentially strengthen people's bonds, especially her tribe members. She has never been the most stealthy person ever, no she may be experienced withhold over the weapons since before she was a Psychic Master, the blonde was first, a Metal Master, it still did not grant Sofi any extra abilities that stretched out from the Metal element. She can defend herself very well, both mentally and physically, though it does take a toll on her over time. Too much exertion in her activities could give her enough days inside a hospital, lying on a bed inside a ward for god knows how long, and that was considering she doesn't undergo a full coma induced slumber either. 

It was a possibility and there was plenty of if's running amok, but Sofi wasn't about to dwell on it much longer. Sofi has yet to meet every current Masters of each element, she only knew one of them personally and that was only because Rowan Mckenzie just so happened to be her best friend that she spent a good portion of her life with. Everyone else was strangers to her. And Sofi always keeps her eye out in the alert, which she was immensely grateful for her ability in the Psychic element that allows her to be sure who she should trust and who she should not. Today was just like any regular day, training. Again. Physical training always kept her head off the grid and gives her another thing to think about entirely. Which means she would not have to rack her head and think about what's going on. 

Physical training had always been her way to let off steam and pressure building from inside. It's a good practice accompanied by yoga and meditation. Sofi knew it was important to keep herself clear-headed, especially within the vicinity of her affinity element. Sighing to herself heavily, she stretched out her arms and twirled the twin blades on both her grip. The blonde had always preferred to train in the open, especially when it's windy, it always gives her a good space for her head to rest and physical training had been her way to meditate without staying still. While she was busy practicing her balance and stance, Sofi closed her eyes and allowed the metal in the blade to guide her. No matter how reckless Sofi is, she’s not stupid, self-preservation is a skill someone like her needed very much and throughout all those years traveling around and perfecting her elements, she had enough supply of them to carry her. Which is why she could detect the person intruding her workspace.

 To be fair, she is in the woods training alone at night, and the person may only be passing but with his thoughts screaming out to her once she knocked him down, she placed both her hands on her hips with the twin blades still hanging and attached on her grip, staring at the male that towered above her, “You’re being loud” she pointed out, technically he wasn’t being loud but his thoughts and emotions were dripping all over the place. For the blonde, it was a habit for her to pinpoint who is who, to see whether they’re a threat or not. “My voice led you to me?” she raised her eyebrow questioningly and sighed heavily, clearly she forgot that she was alone and shouldn’t be talking to herself because what would others know about being a freaking Psychic anyway. 

“To answer your question, no, I’m just training. It lets off a little steam when you’re in distress.” Of course, the psychologist in her would say that. When he told her his name, she poked her tongue inside her cheek and tilted her head slightly to the left side, she’s not rude so, “Sofi.” 

Being knocked back by the female caused the Aspect to curse the heavens above. He'd been having a bad day, for what seemed like ages now. Every morning started with regret, and the night ended with doom. He'd came no closer to giving his people a sense of hope, and that was all he wanted. At least for now. He wanted to think he was good for something. And, with how little he'd been able to get, as far as information and clues as to what'd happened to Vladimir, all he felt was that he was good for nothing. So why not curse the heavens? He had to blame someone other than himself, because he was sure that a lot of people would end up faulting him in the end anyways. 

After Ery had gotten back to his feet, and left his pride laying on the ground, he shook his head amused as he stared down to the female he now towered over. Noticing the blades she clutched tightly in her grasp. the Aspect cocked a brow "Really hope you don't plan on using those, it's been a bad enough day for me already" he expressed, making a light joke. Because he assumed she wasn't gonna attack him, but then again, she looked pretty fierce with those daggers, with the way she held them.  Ery's eyes widened however when she told him he was being loud. After stuffing his hands into his pockets, he chuckled and took a step back "Im being loud? I wasn't talking though.." he stated, curious about her, since there definitely seemed to be more to her than meets the eye.

Erythreus nodded at her question, that usual coy smirk gracing his features as he paced around her for a moment, scanning their surroundings to make sure he hadn't been followed. With everything that had been going down for the Ailward faction, one could never be to safe in the woods at night time, which made him wonder why on earth she was out here alone. "Do you do that often?" he questioned before sitting down on a large tree stump and glancing up at her; "talk to yourself I mean" he added before pulling the silver flask in his pocket out, to take a swig from it. 

Erythreus never went anywhere without his booze; and he didn't mind who was around when he drank from his flask. It typically got a lot of mean glances sent his way, or people quietly judged him for his alcoholic ways, but what did they know? Ery wouldn't have been himself if he hadn't went the extra mile just now to notice how gorgeous the blonde before him was, but he quickly dismissed those intrusive thoughts, or at least tried, though his eyes were glued to her, and she didn't seem like the type of woman you could get anything passed. 

When she finally spoke her own name, Ery stood from the tree stump that he'd been sitting on, and reach a hand out "Nice to meet you Sofi" the Aspect said rather awkwardly, given the time of night it was, and how they had met just now. "It's not often I run into a female in the woods like this, indulge me" he said, curious about her in general, as he was with most people, but there was something a little louder about Sofi, and Erytrheus wouldn't be able to leave well enough alone, and that always got him in trouble.

When she came out here in a spacious area that would provide her a good space to train herself, completely shut away from all kinds of civilization that would bother her head, Sofi did not expect to stumble across another living being. And no, she definitely wasn't talking about the trees. Though the whispers freak her out, she managed to keep it very leveled as she pulled off the eye contact away. That was the main rule for everything. For Sofi Zahara. To read, she needed to maintain eye contact with that said person. Just like this guy she just knocked over on his feet, sweeping him off. Quite literally. Whoever he was, he sure was attractive, but then again the Ukrainian born woman always did have an eye for pretty things. Both females and males intended. 

What did bother her, however, was the fact that his head was whirring with so many thoughts now that she had her piercing cerulean hues fixated on him. As if sensing and reading his emotions that kept overflowing like hell earlier wasn't bad enough, now she had access to his current thoughts the moment she laid her eyes on him. Very ironic. Let's just say those thoughts weren't exactly pleasant for anyone else to hear but Sofi did find it amusing. With her twin blades still attached to her hands as she stared at the blond male that towered above her, she could figure a lot. And not just by tapping into his head. Sofi is a natural born psychologist, she didn't major in that stressful course till her phD for no reason. "Sorry for your bad day, whatever that may be. Don't worry, so long as you don't give me a good reason to use it on you, it's gonna stay attached to the owner" she murmured, her stare was unwavering, there was something about this guy that just screams something to her but at the moment, the blonde couldn't quite pinpoint what.

Right… when he told her he hasn't been opening his mouth to warrant her excuse into calling him loud, the Psychic Master cursed internally and pressed her lips into a fine thin line and offered him a small smile, "It's not hard to read you. Your emotions is all over the place, dude." Technically, that wasn't a lie. His emotions were all over the place, it even disrupted her concentration. So he also heard her talking to herself, dammit Sofi. She could almost hear Rowan's nagging in her right ear already. Normal people don't talk to themselves, he'd say. "Don't people do that? Talk to themselves sometimes? To get a peace of one's mind? You should try it sometimes, it would help you 'demure' your… emotions a tad bit more" The amount of sass dripping in her words were clear, hey, he really was being loud. 

Eyeing the white flask in his hand, she raised her eyebrows questioningly before shaking her head with a small chuckle, "Really? What kind of a person brings a drinking flask with them everywhere they go? It's the 21st century, sir" she retorted, clearly he was older than he looks but no matter how intimidated Sofi was, she wasn't about to show it to him; practically a stranger. Perks of being a psychologist and a Psychic Master, you are an expert at masking your emotions. "You haven't told me your name" she pointed out. She didn't want to invade his privacy and tap into his head again, it wasn't a good habit to do. "Also… Why would I need to indulge you? I don't recall owing anything. There's no obligation there."

After a linger glance was exchanged by not only him, but her as well, the Aspect tore his gaze off of her, sighing as he grimaced and looked to the ground where he had just been laying. This day could not get any worse, but Erythreus supposed it had just started to shape up a little with this gorgeous vixen standing in front of him. His social skills were total shit though, so he hoped to get through this little run in without sticking his foot in his mouth, or getting slapped in the face, like he had many times in the past already when he went to the bar and drank just a little too much. 

Her cerulean optics were piercing right through him, causing the Aspects undead heart to pound out of his chest a little, but he did well to hide his emotions, or so he thought. Oblivious to the fact that she could read his every thought, Ery continued thinking of sly ways to talk to her. His world was about to be shaken up just a little more when she revealed that embarrassing fact. Erythreus didn't have clean thoughts, ever.. and never had he looked at a female without allowing his mind to travel to an explicit place, but that just made him a normal man who needed affection in his life.  He'd been lonely for far too long now.
Erythreus quirked a brow though, when she apologized for his bad day. "It's okay, kinda getting used to it. I don't remember the last time I had a good day" he stated, sounding like the brooding male he was known to be. The Aspect of Death smirked, but let a breath of relief escape his lungs when she said she'd keep her daggers to herself as long as he didn't give her reason to use them "No worries on my end, you seem a little to skilled with those, so i prefer not to feel them first hand" he stated, making light of the moment with a crooked grin gracing his features. 

Erythreus didn't know what she had meant just then when she told him his emotions were all over the place, but he chuckled nonetheless "That's any given day, i'm not a stable man.. but what do you know?" he asked, wondering how she even knew about his emotions at all. The Aspect furrowed his brows. Do people do that normally? He couldn't recall many times where he'd talked to himself just to balance his emotions, but he figured it was better to try that, than to continue walking around self loathing and all broody. "So if I walk around talking to myself, it'll help?" he asked, finding amusement in that statement, because Ery would be the type to yell at himself, and likely seem even more insane than people already thought he was. "Booze helps" he then blurted out, "me and a bottle of whiskey and my journal, and some dark music .. that seems to balance me out pretty well, but I might give that a try.. only when no ones around to hear me though" he added, and shook his head a little. 

The Aspect smirked, realizing she likely had a silver tongue with the sass in her tone, and there was nothing Erythreus loved more than a female with a fiery attitude to challenge him. Ery looked down to his hand, the one clutching the white flask as if his life depended on it and shook his head, laughing "You'll never see me without old faithful here. Me and this flask have been through a lot of shit" he said jokingly, and gave an eye roll when she reminded him what century they were living in. "I guess I didn't get the memo, I suppose I got stuck in the late 400's, where I had a loving family. My father used a flask all of the time, and wrote with a feather pen, those two things stuck with me after all this time, and maybe I miss them a little" he shrugged, not really sure why it was that he lived as old fashioned as he did, but it seemed to work for The Aspect of Death. 

"Does that mean you're interested in knowing my name?" he then asked, being his typical sly egotistical self. He imagined she was interested in knowing it at all, and that she had only asked, because it was the proper thing to do in a situation like this. A man could hope right? Ery grazed his teeth over his lower lip, his own piercing blue optics locking on hers for a moment "How about a drink for my name? It's a fair trade.. what do you have to lose?" he asked, remembering the last time he'd used a trick as sly as this one. He'd landed himself in a toxic relationship, and it took him months to recover and to become social again. "But, just to redeem myself for acting that way just now, the names Erythreus.. Erythreus Ailward" he said with the shake of his head, hoping he hadn't just came off like a complete douche. 

A woman like this one would never be persuaded into a drink just to know a guys name. He'd have to do something a little more epic than that, something with a little more thought. Ery chuckled though as he looked down to her "What else do you have to do? I'm sure you could use a break from all that focusing.. and talking to yourself" he teased a little when she pointed out that she had no obligation to indulge him.  Ery's personality was a pretty loud one, but it was definitely an odd one too. But, from his recollection, he hadn't ever offended anyone. Besides, she did look a little tense. Everyone needed a moment in their life where they could just unwind, no matter how it was they chose to do that. 

"You haven't given me your name either" the Aspect then pointed out, before walking over to a tree to look at the engravings on it. Running his fingers across the bark of the tree, Erythreus read out loud "Carlie and Aaron.. do people really do this nonsense?" he asked absently, giving an eye roll to a gesture that he assumed most people found cute. Mr tall dark and broody had been through the ringers with relationships, but he guessed he couldn't judge, because here he stood, noticing every little detail about the blonde who'd just swept him off his feet, quite literally, hoping she'd agree to a drink. He wanted to figure out what made her so different, and he couldn't imagine she'd be to keen on having a full conversation with him in the middle of no where. 

When she first came out in the woods solely for the reason to train because it was the only place she could find any peace at without having to worry that she would hear anyone since whenever she's around, she's always overwhelmed with people's thoughts bombarding her head. So when this stranger, this guy stumbled out of nowhere and interrupting her session of inner peace with her own self looking all wild with his unstable thoughts, Sofi was not amused. Especially when she couldn't find the will inside her to shut down her thoughts for this. Occasionally, the Psychic Master has done that when she truly needed to shut down everything else because of the overwhelming effect causing her whole being to go droopy. However, considering she told herself to only resort to that method on flicking the switch off for emergency purposes only, the blonde will have to settle on whatever she could muster up for now. 

Even if that means keeping up with whoever this tall bear is. Though she had to say, he does look quite attractive if it wasn't for his thoughts hitting her from every corner and sides. As annoying as a person could be, if they're attractive, then they're attractive. It was as simple as that. Okay, maybe she shouldn't have been tapping into his head anymore because she does not need to know about his explicit thoughts tonight, god she needed a drink to get through this. Shaking her head as if she was trying to get rid of the nauseous feeling after a rollercoaster ride, she still had her blades attached to her palms where she was placing them on her hips, staring up at him with a not so amused look. "That's life for you… you don't expect to get a lot of good days. I swear sometimes you feel like you wake up and live just for the sake of it." That was one way to phrase it, he wouldn't be the first individual Sofi found interesting to read but there was a certain energy to him that she couldn't pinpoint. What a peculiar case. 

When he pointed out that she was skilled with the daggers, she shrugged casually and glanced at it momentarily before returning her gaze to him, "It's been with me for as long as I could remember. I guess you could say they're a part of me." Ironically, seeing as she was the one who created them in the first place, they are a part of her. Nobody would actually know how she had the ability to read someone's emotions at any given time with ease so she didn't expect him to understand what she met, Sofi was, however, taken aback when he continued like her words meant nothing weird. "And by not being a stable man, what do you mean by that? It sounds way too vague" she pointed out, hey, curiosity kills the cat but she knows for sure that satisfaction brought it back. She pressed her lips together and poked her tongue against her cheek, a peeve she always does to display her annoyance over a matter, "I swear you're this close" she made a small pinch gesture just to mock him, "trying to call me crazy…" Of course, nobody talks to themselves. "You write in a journal, likes booze… and your musical preferences doesn't stray far from metal rock or balladic songs that hits you right inside? That's a weird combination." 

Her eyes lit up in realization when he said the 400s, Sofi had a memo that this guy is immortal from the way he carries himself but never knew what kind of immortal since they have plenty of immortal species living in this world, "The 400s huh? I'm presuming you're gotten quite old then" Basic humor always helps her. Rolling her eyes at the male, she was close to scoffing because men and their ego just doesn't work well with her, at all. "Well it seems only fair since you got my name, no? I believe in equality. Fairness is fairness." Okay, maybe… just maybe she does want to put a name to this face for personal reasons. When he suggested a drink for a name, she scoffed and raised her eyebrows as if she was judging him but pressed her lips into a thin line before relenting, a drink wouldn't hurt, she needed one anyway, "Fine. I don't see the harm in it." The name didn't ring a bell, unfortunately, though it was already a given since she is still quite new in Evermore so she wouldn't be able to memorize every single names there. 

"You're right, I do need some unwinding up to do. Things have been stressful as of late, normal life" she shrugged, should she tell him her name? She does believe in equal fairness so it does bug her that she didn't tell him hers, "I already did earlier… but I guess you can find any Sofi. Since you gave me yours, it's only right if I do the same. It's Sofi, Sofiya Zahara." Her eyes fell on the engraving against the tree bark which prompted a scowl on her face because, poor tree. "Some people do. But like you like, they're nonsense" she then beckoned for him to lead the way as she pulled up the zipper of her jacket because she had only been training in her tank top earlier, "Lead the way, mister. You said we'd go for a drink right? Don't give a girl such fake hope"

"You look as though Ive killed your puppy" the Aspect remarked. He knew it was simply because he had came and interrupted her peace of mind, though it didn't seem like she had much of that, but still, she had been out here alone to train, and reflect on whatever, until Erythreus had stumbled in her way and messed it up. With a crooked grin on his features, Erythreus analyzed her analyzing him for a moment. That was new. Usually, the tall brooding blond went out of his way to notice someone attractive, never had it been the other way around, and he had to admit, that was a nice change."No kidding" the Aspect then breathed out, sounding as though he was annoyed with life in general when she made a statement about waking up and living for the sake of it. "I guess you could say there's been plenty of moments like that for me, there's been times where ive just wanted a damn break from life all together" he chuckled, hoping that didn't sound too gloom and doom, even though it was meant to sound that way. Erythreus was the brooding sibling out of the eight Aspects, even though Reus also had the brooding tendencies.

Erythreus gave her a faint smile, knowing what it was like to have something be a part of you; something materialistic at least. The Aspect clutched his staff closer to his side "this goes with me everywhere I go, that and my flask.. guess both are equally a part of me too" he chuckled, because not many people considered something like a flask, to have monumental value on it, but Ery did. "Did you make those yourself?" he then asked, wide eyed and impressed. If she had made those daggers by her very own hands, then it was hard to tell what other skills she had hidden within herself.It made getting to know her, a bit of a thrill, if she even allowed him to get to know her. Something about her told the Aspect it wouldn't be easy though. And that was fine by Erythreus, he didn't like easy.. in fact he loved complicated. Easy made things a bit of a bore, a drag so to speak. The Aspect of Death held his mouth open as if he were shocked by her mocking gesture when she drew her pointer finger and thumb together "Sounds like i'm close to having your hand print grace my face, so I'll shut up" he joked, and gave her a crooked grin.

The Aspect smirked, and shook his head no "call you crazy? I'd never.." he expressed light heartedly and nodded when she mentioned his weird combination of things. "Yeah I guess i'm pretty much an old fashioned man, I never did catch up to this modern age.. music is as far as it has went for me, and even with music, I don't know much about how to work music player's" he admitted, frowning slightly at how much of a disadvantage he was at when it came to the simple luxuries he was constantly missing out on. "You should give it a try though.. you seem to have a lot going on in your head.. maybe try writing some of it down, and then burn the piece of paper you write it on.. cause you never know, it might help you"

Erythreus wasn't a judgemental person to say the least, and he tried to be compassionate and understanding towards mostly everyone, but every now and then, he came across that particular one person whom he couldn't help but to be just a little extra with. He didn't know Sofi personally, but he knew enough to know she was the Initia tribes Psychic master. He just didn't know that the extent of her abilities meant that she had been reading each and every thought he'd had so far. The Aspect chuckled when she called him old, "1500 plus years -- psh, i'm still a spring chicken woman" he teased. Immortality had it's perks. He nnever felt old, and he would never look like he was past the age of 30, which was what he enjoyed about his immortality. The rest however, came with hardship.

"Well good, we're off to a great start then.. fairness and all that" he responded cheekily. Erythreus normally wasn't one to live on edge, or be serious unless he had to be, so his attitude wasn't anything out of the usual right now. The Aspect rose a thin brow at her, when she finally said 'fine' "Thanks, you saved me from begging.. that tends to wound a man's pride" he smirked, but he was genuinely happy she had agreed. It seemed each of them needed to take a load off their full plates, and if anyone knew that alcohol was good for that, it was Erythreus himself. "Maybe you can tell me what's stressing you so much after a couple drinks?" he then said, not wanting to push at her much, since he'd only just met her, but still he offered to let her vent. Everyone needed that every once in a while.

A genuine smile graced Ery's features when she said her name, "well Sofi, it's nice to meet you, even under these unusual circumstances." he stated, referring to how she simply swept him off his feet, quite literally. Erythreus didn't let it go unnoticed how the tank top that she wore, seemed to hug her torso just right.. but, it was too early in to be gawking or staring at her features. For once, he was perfectly fine with just going out for a drink with someone new, and getting to know someone new. If something more came out of tonight, he was fine with that too. But, the old manwhore ways had died out years ago. Erythreus felt as though he'd been there and done it all already, and the one thing he had never done, is fall in love. So, sleeping around wasn't something he wanted.

As she beckoned for him to lead her to the bar, Erythreus began walking a slow pace beside her until they reach the outside of "Crave" it was a small, but decent place to go when you wanted to escape. There never were too many people there and you usually didn't have to deal with the typical drunks who seemed to get out of line when they've had to much to drink. The Aspect was thankful for that, because stranger or not, he'd defend the woman next to him anytime over a drunken fool. "Ladies first" he then spoke up after opening the door. The smell of  burnt grease and smoke greeted him, causing the Aspect to cringe slightly, but he was more than ready for a drink at this point. 

A scowl marred her features the moment he told her she looked as if he just killed her puppy, "Well you might as well" she grumbled and shook her head, well clearly she was not amused by that sudden remark, but it wasn't just that. Sofi was mainly more frustrated that someone could give her a backhanded remark like that and left with her nothing to say, Sofi Zahara always have something to say back. It's a comeback theory thing both her and Rowan always have a heated debate on. To say she wasn't used to this would be a great understatement. "Though if you actually did kill my puppy, which yes, I do have one, you better sleep with one eye open, bear. You're going to need to, you know… just to be sure no one would try to slit your throat in your sleep because you killed someone's puppy" Well, technically she would do that had it not been to her more 'moralled' ways, she would never backstab someone. There is no honor in that. But he doesn't need to know that. Not yet, anyway. 

"If you wanted a break from life, either put on a cap that says #LivingIsHard and please bother me at a more convenient time later, or you could just end it" she had put it out bluntly, Sofi could be quite impulsive sometimes, so much she actually does forget what situation she's in, "Or don't… maybe just take a nap with chamomile or something. Man, Rowan is right… how the hell did I even graduate in Psychology" she murmured to herself. Maybe she did need to rethink her choices of occupation. "Sorry, I can be quite cranky when I'm frustrated or hungry." The staff was something extraordinary though, how come she did not notice that at first? "Any ideas why you have a staff along with you? Halloween's not too far but it's definitely quite early for you to be prancing around town with a staff in hand" she quickly held her hands up in defense and shrugged, "Not that I'm judging or anything… but you know, it is… Weird." Sofi had been better at communication than this, yup, she was definitely tired and hungry. 

When asked if she made the twin blades on her own, her gaze dropped to them and a proud smile curved itself on her lips, "Yeah. It was one of my very first weapons that I created" she murmured softly, her fingers tracing the intricacy of the blade that she always made sure to sharpen every single time. You can never know where danger lurks anyway. A small chuckle escaped her upon hearing that from him, "Yeah, I don't usually slap people so no need to worry about that. Kicking their ass, however, that I can do." Sofi has met a few immortals during her journey but she had to admit, she has never met one quite as old as this guy was, so to say she had her interest piqued was something else. "Then you really do need to get someone to help you with that, old man. Tell me you could at least work a vinyl record or I'm going to be sorely disappointed." She is a fan of classic, though it's not against her to be training with her earphones in listening to music from Spotify. 

Writing them down on a piece of paper and burn them? Oh he's definitely an old-fashioned person. "You know those things don't actually work if you would not let it go consciously, right? You forget your troubles once you're at ease with it. Two options, you either make peace with it or you cast it off to hell. Studies conducted doesn't always become the truth. Truth is, after all, the matter of an opinion." All her years studying psychology did paid off, in a certain way, it made her a certified psychologist who could diagnose people properly. And her ability to read them? Big bonus. "I have no idea what a spring chicken is supposed to mean but I guess you're trying to say you can still work it, sorry Bear, but I am the kind who needs to see it to believe it so as long as I don't see any proof of your 'spring chicken' status, I'm not about to be convinced." 1500 years though? Damn. She had rolled her eyes for god knows how many times in the past few minutes already, because goddamn this man is relentless and cheeky. Interesting is one way to put it. 

"If by your definition of a good start is me sweeping you off your feet and threatening to slit your throat, then I have news for you, mister, you need to see a doctor. I can prescribe you to a good one" she teased. Sofi did raise a questioning eyebrow at him when he told her she could tell him what's been bothering her after a few drinks, "And why would you want to know about that? It's my problem, not yours, why would anyone want to take on other people's burdens?" It wasn't in a condescending tone, but rather a curious one. Why would anyone want to do that? To take on another's trouble and add it on their own plate when it wasn't needed. She didn't say anything to him when he said it was nice to meet her but she did shake her head and snickered. The walk to the said bar wasn't too far, it was just by the junction thankfully, the girl may be a cardio woman but a hungry and tired her couldn't do much. She's definitely never been here, obviously. Sofi didn't expect herself to go straight to a bar upon moving, anyway. 

As soon as they entered the scene, her eyes wandered around, there were not many people, which is definitely a perk in her list. Sofi can be quite moody, surrounding herself with crowds when she's drunk? Not it. "I assume this is your usual place to go for a drink?"

Erythreus chuckled. He understood why she felt so strongly about someone interrupting her peace of mind though. For him, it was a matter of constantly hearing the dead, or seeing them. He never had peace of mind due to the small fact that he was the very being of death, and each time someone died, his senses were lit with a raging fire that he never had been able to extinguish. Someone died every second of the day, so he was constantly being tugged at. "Sorry about that, I would be annoyed too, but if you look at it in the light of things, i'm not bad to look at. right?" he asked jokingly, finding it impossible to not let that ego of his get him in trouble. Erythreus's eyes widened at the last bit of her statement, but a coy smirk graced his features nonetheless "Damn woman, you can be scary huh? I like a woman with a little fire, but ill certainly keep that in mind"

"What like kill myself?" he then asked, floored by her bluntness. Ahh this was refreshing though. Erythreus had never met someone who didn't drool over him, or simply use him to waste their own time. Sofi was different, and to be quite frank, his cup of tea. "I'll have to remember that next time I wanna call it quits. There's an easier way out for me though, all I have to do is say fuck it, and stop with my duties, then i'm good to go" he chuckled, and truth was, he'd already died twice now, once as his body was hurled from a cliff, casted onto the rocks by a beautiful raging sea, and the second time, as he was executed and brought back to be the Aspect of Death.   The Aspect arched a brow, when she said the name Rowan, having not a clue on earth about who that was, but he figured she was talking about a friend of hers. Another thing he had no clue about. Friends. He didn't have many of those.

"Well, good thing we're going some where with food" he stated, "My treat" he then added. He had only just met her, but wasn't this how it worked? You meet a woman you can't take your eyes off, buy her dinner or lunch and a few drinks, and decide on an actual date? Maybe Erythreus had been doing it all wrong. Perphaps this fiery blonde next to him would teach him how it worked. "It's just something I use to get around. Old man needs his walking stick" the Aspect smirked. It wasn't far from the truth. But, he wasn't going to blurt out that it was the very thing that made him capable of using his powers, which would have given away what and who he really was. "But, I do like Halloween" he added, all matter of factly.

Ery saw a spark of light in the Initia when she proudly admitted that those daggers were the first she had ever made "Impressive, thats a skill I don't possess after all these years" he said sadly. Ery arched a brow, chuckling as she said she wouldn't slap anyone, but kicking someone's ass was something she would indeed do "For some reason, I don't doubt that, you just seem to have a certain danger to you" he commented truthfully, and locked eyes with the Initia. A part of him wondered why he was so weak when it came to women like Sofi, but then another part of him had never even allowed himself to experience women like her. Erytrheus had been through the ringers with relationships, and frankly, anything new would scare him, but he wasn't one to wither up and stop trying just because something didn't work out the way he wanted it too.

Ery shook his head, crossing his arms as she called him an old man, "Well spring chicken, perhaps you're right on that, I suppose you wouldn't be offering up your help then huh?" he asked, a coy smirk gracing his features "but yes, not to worry I can work a vinyl record just fine. It's what I started with, and that's as advanced as it ever got for me" he admitted with the slightest tint of red on his face as he blushed due to the embarrassment that he felt behind the truth of everything he was admitting to her.

The Aspect chuckled, amused at the nicknames he'd gained from her. So far he'd been called an old man, now a bear, each of which made him smile a little more than intended. "Oh you're not ready to see my spring chicken status, you'd be in awe, and there's no coming back from that" he grinned, poking his tonue out playfully. Erythreus was a gaint marsh mellow, much different than the dark being everyone chalked him up to be. And while yes, he was the very embodiment of death, Erythreus was one of the most lightest, most humble people around here. He often wears his heart on his sleeve however, and that usually turns to bite him in the ass.

"Well you seem to really know your stuff Sofi. But, letting it go consciously is so much easier said than done, not that i'm opposed to taking your advice, perhaps i need to just try it" he added, nodding in appreciation as he hung onto her every word. "Surely you've heard the saying .. a spring chicken is only referring to someone as a young person" he chuckled, shaking his head yet again. "I'll rise to that challenge though, Kitten. Just not here, it would take a different setting to prove myself" he grinned, narrowing his gaze on her a little, completely transfixed with her.

Even her sarcasm kinda blew Erythreus away. She was a challenge, one he definitely didn't mind rising up to. Erythreus dropped his mouth open though, when she said he needed a doctor. "Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine?" he asked, smirking with an eye roll of his own "If it's not better than the last one, no need. I give the shrinks a good run for their money, so far none of them have been able to handle me. I bet you could" he said, challenging her, but it was true. Ery sighed, staring into the distance of the small rinky dink bar that they now stood in. "Well, it's not a problem for me to listen to someone elses problems. And, trust me.. its better than thinking about my own. Sometimes my own issues have driven me to the brink of insanity, so to let someone vent about their own worries, often makes me feel better about my own. Plus, even if I am a grade-A old fashioned bear, I'm a pretty good listener"

Ery nodded, offering a faint smile when she asked if this was his usual go to spot "This, and another one, but you seemed like you could use some peace, this one is less crowded, and the music's not so bad either" he started, and wandered his way up to the counter, sliding his wallet out that held loose cash. "Ill have bourbon, and whatever she wants. You should eat too, my treat" he shrugged, since he was paying for drinks, why not treat her to food too? Erythreus was a gentlemen to say the least, and he never knew how to take no for an answer. Impulsive and irrational as he was, it often got him in trouble.The Aspect hummed along to the old school song playing in the background, as he grabbed his drink, clutching it as he swallowed down half the bitter contents in the glass all within just a single gulp. 

Sofi wasn't usually so easily annoyed but today she was so hungry and famished, she's overrode by tiredom. It's really been a bad day for the Psychic Master and when she was suddenly interrupted like that out of nowhere, she was really pissed off. At first. Now? Maybe not so much after she finally realized her own emotions being a big bag of recklessness, now she's more orderly with her composure. She chuckled when he said he wasn't bad to look at, there is some truth to that, Erythreus wasn't exactly a sore sight to look at, he was attractive. Tall, towering over her like a bear but also held such a hint of soft. She wondered if that's true about him. Sofi was tempted to read him but tapping into his head and subsequently violating his own privacy rights, it doesn't sound as appealing. She didn't want to do that. "You are awfully confident. And narcissistic, if I should say." He likes a woman with fire? 

That made her raise her eyebrows questioningly as she narrowed her cerulean hues onto him, "You do realize that you can learn from love guru himself and you still won't get to move a mountain with all those horrible cheesy pickup lines, right?" She was being blunt, but teasing people had been one of her favorite things to do in her pastime so if Rowan wasn't here for her to vent to, this new guy will do. It's not as if Sofi was picky, anyway. "I told you not to take it too literal…I'm not supposed to be giving those away like it's free promotional flyers. My friend would have my head if he heard me saying this. It's not exactly something you can say for a psychologist." Definitely not something you wanted to hear from one too. Sofi wasn't usually like this, she was usually warm but then again, every tired person has their own limitations. 

When he said they were going somewhere for food, her ears were perked up instantly at the sudden mention of it, and how he said it was going to be his treat, "You know you don't need to do anything for me, right? We barely even know each other. Do you offer any stranger you met a chance at a meal or a drink? If this was seen from one contextual point of view, people would either class you as a serial psychopathic killer or a creep" she retorted dryly, none of which he was, actually. If he was danger, she would've sensed it. Perks of being a Psychic. She wasn't surprised when he said he likes Halloween, she actually likes them a lot if there weren't too many paranormal stories going around, it creeps her out and stresses her head from the overload. People can be quite insensitive too then. Let's say she prefers New Year's more. "I thought Halloween are for children?" she mused, her eyes had a glint of mischievousness in it, clearly she found this revelation amusing. 

Sofi was very proud of her twin daggers, it wasn't perfected at first try, the ones she held in her hands now was probably on her 50th try or so. "Making weapons are not as easy as people depict it to be, truthfully. I admire and salute weaponry masters for taking the time and patience to craft theirs." An old friend and past flame of hers was one, she remembered having her eyes lit up everytime he came up with a new idea and presented it to her. She had been a Metal Master then, after all. Crafting weapons were one of her likes but is something the blonde never quite have time for. "I am not dangerous in general. But people have limitations… boundaries. You cross it and you can't expect people to play nice, no?" There's a fine line between respect and admiration. "If vinyl records are the most advanced you've gotten, you really need someone to get you on track with digital tracks" she pointed out humorously, but she could already picture how he would function with a vinyl record and it was hilarious. 

"I don't say things I don't mean. Maybe it's not as articulated at times, but I do mean it. Somewhat." Which holds a standing point for her remark earlier when she said if one gives up, then they should go with it. "I'm a certified psychologist, so I don't think you're gonna get a better advice from anyone else, believe me," her tone sounded so promising. But then again, the Initia has met so many types of people and learned them. When he called her kitten, she darted her eyes back at him with her lips pressed together as to suppress a scoff, "Really? Real original there" Admittedly, nobody has ever called her that. "Maybe what you need isn't a medical doctor, have you ever thought about that? Like at least once? We still do have clinical psychologists as well as clinical pathologists in this world, you know. Try seeking those people out. It's not a matter of belief, perhaps you've been searching in the wrong places. That's always possible when you don't know what to search for." 

Rowan once told her she could quite wise beyond her own peers due to her studies in psychology and how she navigates her psychic ability outside the circle, sometimes she feels like she could understand and know an individual given the proper gesture. "Good listeners are quite lonely people" she quipped, "That's what the studies say, anyway." Sofi was a bit taken aback by the consideration he showed her, huh, maybe he wasn't so bad, after all. For now. "Really, you don't have to do that, I am still perfectly capable of handling my own daily needs" she reiterated when he said it's his treat, the last thing she wanted was to be indebted to someone because that means she needs to see them again. She ordered herself some Whiskey and a simple snack like nachos just to fill her empty stomach, because eating too much after a training like that? Bad for your health. 

"Where are you going with all of this?" she asked and placed one arm against the counter, with her eyes fixated on him, "Why are you being nice to me? Even after I quite literally threatened to cut you open just a few minutes ago? What do you gain out of this? Are you expecting something?" She had that look that says 'don't lie'.

Erythreus had been too busy trying to read her without realizing, all she had to do was tap into his head, and she'd know every little thing he had in mind right now. Thank God she didn't, she would have probably slapped his face. Ery may of had an old soul and old fashioned ways, but there were plenty of moments where he became your everyday average douche bag male who longed for intimacy. He had been lonely for way too long, but he couldn't settle for less, which was what made him a lonely man in the end. Every woman he tried to commit to, tossed him aside like garbage, or didn't want to commit back to him. "Narcissistic and confident. Well, that's one hell of a combination to describe me. Confident i'll plead guilty too, not so sure about being a narcissist however" he chuckled, and looked away from her bashfully. Truth be told, he was the biggest narcissist in the manor, but he'd never admit it. 

The Aspects mouth dropped open and his eyes widened, a small gasp escaping his lungs at her next statement "Well, i'd certainly love to move mountains, but as long as i'm at least getting to you in some way or another, then i'm doing just fine, but noted, ill work on my pick up lines, and blow you out the water next time" he smirked. "Just give it time. You'll wanna help on your own" he teased, enjoying the banter between them so far. Perhaps he had met the right woman after all. All the time he had wasted looking for someone like her seemed so foolish now that she was standing right in front of him. Not that the Aspect was going as far as to say she was 'the one', but he definitely didn't count that possibility out. 

Erythreus could tell she wouldn't easily take any kind of offers of his, but it didn't stop him "No actually not just any stranger. only cute ones like you" he joked, because that was untrue.but healso couldn't say he had done this for anyone else either, and he didn't want her to think he was being a creep. Erythreus had always been kindhearted though, so offering to buy her dinner and a drink, wasn't to far fetched for him. "I know I don't have to or need too, would it make a difference or make you feel better just to know I want to?" he asked, quirking a brow. He didn't feel obligated at all, and perhaps if she knew that, it would be easier for her to enjoy whatever he did do for her tonight. "Strangers make the best friends and lovers... We all have to start out that way right?" he questioned, before furthering his statement to drive his point home. "Before we ever get close to anyone, they're a stranger at's about the effort and time you put into the people who deserve it that makes it all worth it' he nodded, as if he'd said something worthy of greatness, chuckling in amusement.  Ery narrowed his gaze on her, eyeing her before shaking his head and chuckling "You're enjoying that confession huh?" he asked, giving her an eye roll when she said Halloween was for kids. "I bet you'd have fun going out, dressed up as whoever / whatever you wanna be. Can't knock it till you try it. There's prbably more kid in you than even you realize. And, you have no idea what you're missing until you go to a haunted house" he expressed with a slight bounce, acting like a kid in a candy factory as he spoke of his favorite time of year.

Everyone seemed to have things about themselves hidden deep within, that they didn't want others to know, and it always turned out to be the cutest things. Such as Ery with his confession of loving Halloween, because of the lights, and the kids running around the streets dressed up as whoever they wanted to be, and because he was a little bit of a kid himself, whon enjoyed scaring the crap out of people, and laughing hysterically when they looked at him like they could kill him.  "Truthfully though. Halloween keeps me on edge. The city we live in seems to be a pretty vicious place" he admitted, after all the shit he'd seen here so far, it was anything but 'home sweet home'.

The Aspect smiled genuinely. He enjoyed hearing her talk about weapons, because it seemed to be something she was really passionate about, and there was nothing better than being in someones presence when they got to talking about the things that made them tick. They had a certain glimmer in their eyes, much like Sofi here did. "I have a spot i'd like to take you to, should we succeed with one anothers company tonight. You would love it" he stated with a smirk. . But, the place he mentioned taking her too, would have surely won him a genuine smile from her at the very least. Erythreus didn't know why, but something about her made him wanna try. He wanted to win her over, but first had to come trust. And, as the Aspect, thats where he assumed things would get sticky. So for now, he decided he'd wallow in the moment.

Ery could see the amusement on her face. He just knew she was silently laughing at him, and mocking him for how desperately he needed to upgrade his knowledge on today's tehcnology. "I nearly blew a computer up at the library not long ago. Ill stick with my feather pen. Have you ever seen someone who literally does the 'chicken peck' kind of typing?" he asked, giving a playful pout, trying not to relive that very awkward moment with Alva. She probably got humor from it too though. Who wouldnt? Hell, even Erythreus realized how pathetic he was for that.

The Aspect chuckled when she said no one had ever called her kitten. "Well good, for now ill stick with it then. Besides, any of the other things I wanted to call you, would earn me a slap in the face" he then said, since earlier he had wanted to tell her she had a glorious body, and eyes that made him weak in the knees. But, Erythreus had turned over a new page for himself long ago. He never had been much of a whore anyways, but the days he had slept with more than one female in a single nights time, were long over with. The Aspect had settled into knowing he deserved more than that, and ever since, he'd been nothing but a giant ass marshmellow. He still liked looking at her though, and all her amazing features. Those remarks from earlier, were true. He was just happy he hadn't said them out loud.. yet. 'Never heard words more true than those Sofi. Thanks. You made me think a little, and that's rare. Most people never know the right things to say, but you did, and it kind of won me over. I have admittedly always looked in the wrong places for literally everything" he stated. And just like tonight, a night he had not been looking for a woman to start gushing over, there happened to be Sofi, and she literally swept him off his feet.

The Aspect hung his head low at the remark of good listenrs were lonely people. Damn this woman knew her stuff. "That they are. I know it's true about me at least. I can see why studies would say that. Good listners seem to be the type of people who put everyone else's needs and wants above their own.. and then they're the ones who get pushed aside when they need someone to listen". Erythreus shook his head after he realized he had started venting. "Sorry" he laughed, but sighed to himself. He truly never did have anyone to listen, so the rare moments that presnted to him, he seemed to always unload on someone and go overboard.

Erythreus shrugged and let her do her own thing. A woman life Sofi wasn't a woman you could tie down by paying for. He loved how independent she was, but sometimes women could be a bit too independent. "You do know, a kind gesture never hurt anyone, right? I know you're trying to make sure that you won't feel obligated to see me anymore after tonight. And, I don't want you too. I do think if we enjoy each others company enough, we'll decide to do that regardless" he expressed, giving her a nod, letting her know that there didn't need to be any pressure or awkwardness here tonight. Just two people enjoying a drink, and some food together, who happened to both seem to notice one another in ways Ery hadn't been noticed in a while now.

Ery had ordered the same, nacho's and whiskey to wash it down. He nearly choked on his food however when she asked where he was going with all this, and what he expected to gain. "Wow.. can you not just believe that someones just that genuine?" he asked, frowning at her some. "Seems like you've encountered a lot of douche bags in your time. I may come off a little extra, but it is who I am. I enjoy being good to people, and there's just something about you that I like. I know thats pretty blunt since we've only just met, but it's also the truth. Give it a little time, and you'll see" he expressed, and shifted so that he was facing her now. Her hazel eyes caught the Aspect by surprise, he couldn't help but smile. She definitely was gorgeous. "So, tell me a little about yourself Sofi. What do you enjoy doing on the side of all that training?" he asked, knowing she must have had her hands full as a Psychic master. We can do question for question. Ever played any drinking games? Drink and Tell?" he asked, figuring it would be a way for them to let go and let loose without crossing any kind of lines that the booze would have clouded their judgement on.

Surprisingly, Sofi wasn't struck by the need to tap into his head to find out about anything he may have been thinking. Several reasons warranting why she didn't do it; One, invading a stranger's privacy is wrong. Two, she didn't even want to know whatever the hell he was thinking about. Three, she was way too tired to comprehend any stuff that comes hitting her way. Four, she probably shouldn't. She is, however, curious to know who this guy is, sure she was able to put a name to a face now, but what about what he is? Where he's from? What faction is he? Stop, Sofi, stop asking, she scolded herself internally. No point in finding out too much about a stranger she probably won't remember or see again after tonight. Evermore wasn't too big of a city so she didn't figured she may stumble across him again but that's only a possibility, not wishful thinking. "Most narcissists don't admit they're one" she quipped wryly, they really don't but even if he is one or not, she wouldn't care less. Perhaps, that was harsh for her to say but she also reminded herself that this meeting between them wouldn't last more than one night. 

Granted, he did meet her while she's a bit distressed, causing her to be quite cranky because of the hunger and exhaustion taking its toll on her. Sofi arched a questioning brow at the taller male, "Next time? What makes you think there will be a next time?" Her tone wasn't too hissy thankfully, but she was curious to know why he's overly confident around that path. Did she give anything away that would imply she wanted to see him again? She had to admit though, she wasn't sure whether she should be amused or impressed by his pickup lines that never seemed to back down no matter how many times she refuted it, he's bold, even Sofi had to give him that. "God, you're horrible at pickup lines, I swear. But you're relentless so I guess that's a bronze point for you." When he said he only wished to make her feel better by offering that, Sofi pursed her lips lightly and stared at him, trying to make out whatever it was that she thinks he was planning. She could read his sincerity so even then, Sofi couldn't possibly refute it as otherwise. Maybe he was just being kind?

 "Best friends and lovers? You're going a little bit too fast there, bear" she chuckled, she could definitely admire this part of him. He doesn't seem like the one who would give up simply because one tells him too, anyway. "Please, Halloween gives me headaches. People kept believing some things that are actual myths and when you pass by people who think too loud it gets overbearing-" obviously she did not realize that she has said that out loud. Shit. When he said the city they reside in can be quite the vicious place, she hummed in affirmation, "Very unpredictable, yes. Maybe it will serve some of us plenty of reminders to go around" After all, one can never be careful. Her eyes never left him, in fact, she scoffed as her pupils dilated slightly when he said something along the lines of succeeding with one another's company tonight, "Really? Are you sure you're not just gonna take me to a place where you'll dump my body after leading me to my untimely demise?" Okay, maybe she was being a bit too creative around that area but she's a paranoid gal.

 She stifled a small laugh the moment she heard about him being quite insufficient with the usage of computers alone, "Well, to be fair, the keyboard for computers are too old-fashioned. I think you would fare better with laptops instead. Give it a try. You never know if you've never tried it, right?" Sofi definitely prefers to use laptops because she always typed any memos inside every page, it was almost like a footer. "It's fine to keep looking, though. Even immortals have a hard time doing that, so I'm not surprised. Sometimes people think too much about one's own expectations they forgot about everything else." She understood that. Her eyes softened significantly when she hears him say all those words, she felt this since of wanting to just wrap him in a blanket and tell him things don't always work out but that's life. 

A bit unnerving because he was older than her and most people in this world to begin with. And yet here she was, being the one giving out advice. She didn't mean to make him feel that way when she decided to pay for her own, it's just not something she likes. A habit, if you would say. "I don't mean it that way, you know… I just don't want to burden anyone else. I've been on my own all my life so yeah" she shrugged absentmindedly, Sofi did start off as an orphan, after all. "Yes, I've met a lot of douches. Easy on the eyes and all but their personality sucks the life out of me." That was when she turned herself to face him with a small smile, "But the guy I've met today doesn't seem to be that bad." Sofi didn't expect him to ask her questions about herself but she wasn't exactly surprised either, succumbing to this wouldn't hurt, right? "What would you even want to know about me? And to answer your question earlier, I like to shop. I'm still like any woman."

"Yeah well most people aren't me either" he added, giving her a sarcastic smirk to the comment she made about narcissists not admitting to actually being a narcissist. "Besides, I usually just go with the flow, I agree with most of the shit people say about me these days" he shrugged. That was an awful thing to say too. If someone called him bad names, Ery would shrug, and nod his head in agreement. It beat the hell out of having a debate. Erytrheus was secure enough in knowing who he was, that he saw no need in correcting people who had a different opinion about him. This woman was blunt, and he liked that, but he had began to scold himself too, for the simple fact, this wasn't a planned meeting. Nor would he have expected her to be gushing over him after a few drinks. In fact, he figured after she left him tonight, that she'd never allow him to cross her pretty little mind again. He was hopeful that she'd at least consider it, but when Ery was hopeful about something, his hopes got crused, and so did his heart. He had began avoiding that very specific feeling after having it happen twice now. Heartbreak.

"Just go with it, you'll find yourself surprised if you just take chances with the unknown" he chuckled, knowing he wasn't as smooth as he made himself sound, "Besides, I know a woman like you wouldn't just agree to see me again on her own, so I had to imply it" he added, shaking his head, amused with himself for a change. Ery was bold yes, but also very impulsive, so sometimes, the line between bravery and impusluve got blurred for him. This, what he was doing now though, wasn't on any kind of impulse, it was simply him being intrigued by this woman, and wanting to know more about her. He kind of liked her being around, even with all of her blunt statements and calling him horrible with his pick up lines. "I'm rusty, but definitely not horrible. Don't worry, i'll find one that makes you swoon eventually, but hey, if it gets me any kind of points here, especially bronze, ill take it" he joked, always being a light hearted person, didn't always go in his favor. At times he was sure his light hearted personality could even annoy people, which was the last thing he was trying to do right now.

The Aspect chuckled, nodding in agreement "A little fast ill admit, but I obviously meant that we start out as friends first, and then become best friends, and don't best friends make the best lovers?" he asked, and that was him asking with all jokes aside. Erythreus had obviously been going about it all the wrong way the last two times he had tried, but there was this small fairytale that lived inside the Aspects mind, where someday, he'd fall in love with someone he had built a perfect friendship with, so it was normal that he had finally asked that question out loud. "I just wanted a females point of view on it" he added, hoping he wasn't freaking her out, or putting her under the assumption that he was throwing himself at her, or saying he wanted her to fall in love with him right here and right now.

"Right, so what do you mean when you pass by people who think too loud?" he questioned with an arched brow "You can read people's thoughts?" he asked, and while he knew her status was Initia, he had been oblivious all this time that she was an Initia master. One who could hear every single thought, to every single person she was around. With widened eyes, Erythreus couldn't help but to silently pray that she hadn't heard any of his own thoughts, which, he was sure she hadn't, cause if she had, she would have slapped his face the couple times he had complimented her body in his mind. He knew better than to say things like that out loud. Ery was all about first impressions, and to tell a woman she was curvier than a back road, wouldn't have made the greatest impression on someone he wanted to get to know. "Paint me curious now. You're a mind reader or what?' he asked, but decided to drop it after that. He didn't want to push at her too hard, because he saw the look on her face the moment she realized she had said all of that out loud.

Erythreus laughed, "Now what type of man would I be if I were to do such evil things? I couldn't harm a hair on your head if I tried my hardest" he admitted with a nod. Ery was to soft for his own good, even if somene deserved it, he couldn't hurt anyone. It had been the reason he used to get beat on so much. The Valkyr brothers who had made his life a living hell years and years ago, would beat him to an inch of his life, because Ery refused to help them slaughter villages of people at a time, especially women and children. The Aspect shuttered at the thougt of that, probably drawing a little attention to himself for shuttering for no reason, or at least to her it would have appeared to be for nothing. That was unless of course she was reading his thoughts. Ery's thoughts were usually pretty horrific ones, and he'd never put that burrden on this woman.

Ery then shrugged as she commented on computers "A laptop? what is that?" he then asked, that's the smaller type of computers, yeah?" he asked, clearly embarrassed by how red his face had turned. "See? I'm hopeless" he laughed softly, and sighed to himself. "But, if they are easier to operate, why not? Maybe you can..." he started, but shook his head, reminding himself she wouldn't wanna see him no more after tonight "Nevermind, I almost reach into the future there" he stated, wanting to ask if she could teach him how to use a laptop, and even go with him to buy it, so he'd know what to buy in the first place, but why would she agree to something like that with a man she had only just met tonight?

Erythreus's social skills weren't the greatest, and at times it played a big part in why he had been so lonely for so long. It seemed like for the first time since he had laid eyes on her, that her features had softened to him a little, and he was thankful for that, because it meant she really heard what he said. "Yeah, that's true. I'm guilty of it, well I used to be at least. I used to care so much about the other persons expectations, that for a moment, I forgot what made me happy for myself. I was doing too much to make the other person happy to make myself happy, and in the end I had to face some hard facts, one is that I was completely miserable, and that kind of hit me like a brick" he admitted, his intense blue optics locking with her own cerulean optics. God her eyes though, they really did make him wanna forget every thing bad that has ever happened to him.

"Fine. I won't try to pay for your stuff anymore. I guess i'm guilty though of being a little old fashioned, but I guess if it makes you feel more at ease to not let someone pay for dinner and such for you, then I won't. But, that doesn't mean I can't offer you desert after this" he grinned, hoping he could get her to even agree to desert. "I wasn't always on my own, so i wouldn't know what thats like, but you seem to have done okay with yourself, I mean... ive known a lot of people in my time, and those who were on their own, especialyl as a child, turned out to be pretty damaged.. I'm not seeing no damage here" he eyed her from head to toe, before taking another shot of whiskey.

The Aspect felt like a child at Christmas for some reason when she finally seemed to ease into the idea of them having an actual conversation that consisted of questions and getting to know one another. "Well, there's lots i'd like to know about you miss Sofi. Where did you grow up?" was the first one he asked before following it up with one more for now, trying to start off easy on her, that way he could see if she was okay to answer the simple things before even daring to ask anything personal. "And, what about dancing?" he then asked, it was just a smoother way for him to ask her to dance with him, without asking her to dance with him. Because if she said she liked dancing, he could then ask her to dance, and it wouldn't be awkward. At least he hoped. But then there was the whole thing with her possibly knowing every little thought he had in his head, and if that was the case, his plan was ruined the second he thought about it. "And, what's your favorite color?" he asked, smirking "See? not anything bad.. I just simply want to know more about you" 

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