Erythreus hadn't slept properly in months now. Not since everything that had happened with Vladimir. The Ailwards were still without answers, and something darker now stirred around in the city. Ery had been spending most of his time in the woods or the cemetery, given that there was no peace to be had in the manor. He needed time to reflect on what needed to be done to start resolving matters, without the pressure that came with looking everyone in their face'. Today was no exception for the broody Aspect. After shuffling to the bathroom and taking a shower, Ery gathered his personal belongings; staff included. He never left anywhere without his staff, and his booze. 

After slipping his long leather trench coat on, leather fingerless gloves, and his grunge boots, Erythreus slipped out of the manor, and headed towards the woods. He always took the streets so he could observe everything on his way. It also allowed him to slip through the cemetery before making his way into the woods. The cemetery had been a place of solace for Erythreus; he'd been able to do most of his reflecting there. But today, he wanted to scout the woods and see if he ran into anymore trouble. He needed Dom with him, but he figured he'd be fine if he went straight there and straight back. The last time he went into the woods with someone, he was attacked by arrows. At first he assumed it was hunters, something he was all too familiar with considering how much he hunted for his family years ago, for bounty's of meat. It's how they survived back then. 

But, as he got struck by one of those arrows, Erythreus came to realize that they weren't hunters at all. not with with special engravings on the tips of them, and with how they seemed to stop his healing process as an immortal. This was a bigger matter than himself, and he had planned on informing his own guard of it all, but first he wanted to see if he could find anything else. After making a stop in the cemetery to take a drink, Erythreus trailed off to the woods at a slow, and cautious pace. He was pretty alert and aware of everything that moved around him, so he was confident that for now, he was safe. Erythreus clutched his staff as he moved further into the woods though. Something always seemed so eerie about it when you couldn't see anything beyond the fog. 

Shrugging it off, he continued on and placed his stuff down on a large tree stump at the realization that he wasn't out here alone anymore. But, the sounds he was currently hearing, weren't sounds of danger, or that he was being targeted. He was sure he heard a woman talking to herself. Cocking a brow, the Aspect began walking,, following the direction of her voice. He didn't anticipate anything like he saw though, she seemed to be training, and before Erythreus could back away, he'd been knocked to the ground. A loud thud was made underneath the giant Aspect, standing 6"2. 

He couldn't peel his gaze away off of her to lift himself from the ground though. Seeing as though she stood about 5"6, it made the situation a little more amusing when he thought about it. He'd definitely tower over her by far, which made him swoon a little, mentally. He had no idea that she'd be able to feel everything that he did. Ery still hadn't had the chance to meet any of the Initia Masters. He had a feeling this was about to become quite the interesting day. After getting to his feet and brushing himself off, the Aspect stood to face her, quirking a brow with a faint smirk gracing his features. "Guess I should watch where i'm going" he stated, before scanning their surroundings. He had anticipated on being out here alone, and just long enough to see if he could find any traces of the people who had attacked him and one of the fellow guards not long ago. 

He figured he could make this worth his while though. He'd been hoarded up in his room beyond things concerning the Aspects and guards and really hadn't been 'out and about' lately. Now that he was out here with someone else, he had to be even more aware of his surroundings, he didn't wanna be the reason anyone else got hurt. Looking down, Erythreus locked eyes with the blonde, "Training for something big?" he asked, with her intense features, that's exactly the way it seemed. But by some slim chance that he was wrong, then he wouldn't be able to help but wonder what she was doing out here, and why he thought he'd heard her talking to herself. "I wasn't following you.. your voice kind of led me to you though." he then said, not wanting her to think he'd been watching her or something. He did notice how striking her features were, but he wasn't a total creep about women. He'd never went as far as to following one around. 

"I'm Erythreus, by the way" he stated, figuring since she knocked him on his ass, that he should introduce himself. Later he'd use his other skills, because it'd been far to long since he had been accompanied by a gorgeous blonde to have a drink and just let loose. Not like he pegged her for the social type, he didn't know a thing about her, but maybe he'd get to soon enough. 

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She arched her eyebrows towards him in confusion, that doesn't make half the sense things were supposed to be which piqued her interest to know what he actually meant, "Why?" she asked, "Why would you accept the shit people say these days? How does that make sense?" Logically speaking, there's no logic in that and Sofi being Sofi, with her entire life revolving around the science of the head, wondered why he would allow that to happen. Sofi wasn't inclined to accept anything from strangers, even if they were cute or nice like him, but something about him just calls out to her and the Initia felt driven to see what would come out of this. Perhaps, she'll make a new friend. God knows Sofi actually needs some of those if she was going to survive in Evermore, of all places. It's a place of hope; a sanctuary, maybe. But it's also a place of harshness. "I don't like the unknown" she exclaimed bluntly, "If I can't calculate the chances of probabilities of something working out, then I'll be mindful of the risks that I will take. Sometimes, it's not worth the risk." 

Despite her free-spirited nature, the Psychic Initia is quite logically-driven, but then again what would people expect from a whole neuropsychologist? "Fine… color me impressed, but if you wanted to meet again, you could just said so" she shrugged, things are quite simple if they choose it to be, "Not that I can guarantee I would not reject the advancements, of course. But the courage and such gesture is appreciated." Hey, she wasn't that cold. Just cautious. Which she has every right to be. Anyone in their sane mind wouldn't be talking to strangers in the woods who could've ventured there as a serial killer but since most people aren't Sofi Zahara, there's also that. He was getting along with the signs of making her laugh so she'd give him that, he seemed driven and resilient, both of which she could respect. Those don't come easily but they're most definitely handy. "I don't get what you're trying to imply there, Bear, but I appreciate the sentiment. Not everyone is daring like that" she chuckled softly, he did have a point, most friends work out better when they're lovers, "You don't know when to give up, don't you?" Either that will get him into people's good graces or it'll get him into trouble. 

"Well, most of my point of views don't really say a lot about other women. People say I'm different. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad." Good? Bad? What does it matter? Sofi cursed internally because she might have given him insight on her abilities when she said people can be so noisy when she passes them, which prompted the Initia to keep her lips sealed, wondering if she'll ever speak about it again. Eventually, it got the best of her and she sighed, "People have different abilities. Not everyone is the same. Let's just say I was gifted the ability and burden to hear people's thoughts. Nothing anyone should be proud of, for sure. Not with the price it comes with too much burden. I'm surprised I haven't gone crazy yet with the number of complaints people keep in their heads" she grumbled and huffed in dissatisfaction, she wondered how those people go on with their lives with so much worry. "And no, don't worry, I didn't invade your privacy longer than I have to. I only peeked in to see if you're a threat to me, if you mean any harm to me because you never know… after that I got out." 

It wasn't as if the blonde likes being in people's heads longer than she has to. It wasn't pleasant if you're exhausted mentally and physically. "You look intimidating, you know. But somehow I have a feeling that behind that exterior, there's someone ever more softer" she exclaimed tenderly, his emotions were so out of place which indicated that he was either nervous or enthusiastic. Being who she is, makes her an excellent lie detector. Her jaw went slack when he asked what a laptop was, making her shake her head at the taller male, "You're hopeless" she affirmed, "Maybe you should take a few lessons on modern technology 101, surely someone can give you a better insight on those." She couldn't offer either, one, because she's not the best with technology in general, that's Rowan. Two, there's no saying she'll meet him again. Maybe he'll prove himself a good company for her, who knows.

 A frown creased her features when he admitted that he had been so busy making sure others achieve their happiness and leaving him out of that loop, "That means you're selfless. Nothing to be ashamed of, of course. But you need to take care of yourself too. The world picks off people every day and in this era? We have to survive." Harsh reality, but it is what it is. Even Sofi knows that and she tends to lean towards a better outlook on life. Her adoptive father has always told her she's a visionary. Seeing that he didn't give up even after she rejected his offer to pay for her meal, Sofi shook her head but grinned in amusement. Her eyes lit up slightly when he said there was no damage to her, is that really true? "Like I said, I've been alone for most parts of my life. I learned what it was like to be on your own and it was imperative that I do know. So things would not hurt me as much as they should. Better to spare yourself from that when you can." Behind her words held such a deep message little her would want to spread out; a cry, a plea. 

When asked where she grew up, she shrugged absentmindedly, "Depends on which year. I was born in Budapest, Hungary. I grew up in Andorra. Then moved to Kiev, Ukraine when I was adopted." It's the reason why she had the three languages under her belt because it's all she learned then. "You?" The idea of dancing made her narrow her hues at him playfully, "It's going to take a lot to get me dancing, mister." Really, just one bottle of alcohol maybe. But he doesn't need to know that. "Favorite color already? You're moving fast. Silver." She teased him but gave an answer either way. 

The Aspect laughed dryly, and shrugged at her question. "Would it be better to argue with people who have sour opinions about me? Cause no matter what I do or say, I think once someone makes their mind up about you, there's not much you can do to change it. So I figured it's just easier to not care what people say or think. As far as my family, it matters what they think of course, but even with them, they either see me for who I am, or they don't." he expressed, hoping his little rant made sense. Erythreus didn't know what would come out of this, but it didn't go unnoticed that she seemed just as curious about him, as he was her. Erythreus himself needed friends, he lacked in that department of his life. But, his social skills made it hard to gain any new friends. Perhaps that would change now that he'd ran into Sofi. 

Ery arched a brow at her next comment, but smiled genuinely, and hung onto her every word "True. God know's ive taken more chances than most, and have regretted the outcome, because of not knowing what would happen in the beginning. But there are times that the risks are worth it.. rarely, but it does happen" he expressed with a crooked grin, shaking his head amused as she said if he wanted to meet her agan, all he had to do was say so. "So, if I boldly tell you I definitely want to see you again, that's all it takes to make it happen?" he asked, with a raised brow "because something tells me you're one to play hard to get, and that you're not gonna make it easy for me at all" he added, chuckling a little before averting his gaze to lock eyes with her. "By all means, reject whatever you feel the need to. Ill have to remind you of it when you realize you made a huge mistake" he said jokingly, enjoying the fact that he actually was able to make someone smile and laugh. 

Everyone assumed that with Erythreus being the Aspect of Death, that he simply had no soul, no personality, or anything else mundane. Sure he was probably the most broody of the Ailwards, and often trapped himself in his dark room, playing angsty rock music, but when he had his good moments, he was a completely different person, plus the fact that Ery was sure he was the biggest romantic. The Aspect wore his heart on his sleeve,  and was super sensitive, he just hated people knowing that about him, because at least three times that he could count now, it had been the very thing that got him a broken heart. People enjoyed taking advantage of someone like Erythreus, and it royally sucked, but it hadn't stopped or slowed him down. "No ma'm, I definitely don't. Giving up is for the defeated" he stated with a smirk gracing his features. Maybe it was a bad trait of his, the whole, him never giving up on anything, but for right now, it wasnt' doing any harm, it was actually doing a little good, if he could keep her interest long enough.  "Well, without acting like I know you well enough, I can at least agree with people saying you're different. I'm sure my version of it, and theirs is different, but yeah.. i'd say it's a good thing" he admitted, and flashed her a pearly white smile. It was refreshing to meet someone 'different' than those he'd fallen hard and fast for, who ended up making him regret even gviving them a second glance. Sofi would surely challenge him in ways no one ever had, if she stuck around, and Erythreus for once wanted something challenging, instead of just falling right into it, he wanted to earn her attention. The blond Aspect had been used to certain women throwing themselves right into his lap, but he knew better than to think Sofi was like that, it's what made her so attractive. 

Erythreus gave her a side glance, almost too embarrassed to even make eye contact with her now that he knew what she had meant earlier when saying people could be too noisy. "Wait, so if that's what you're gifted with, does that mean you've literally heard all of my thughts since ive been around you?" he asked in a panicked tone, because when he had went the extra mile to check her out, and notice how sexy she was, he had thought  quite a few things that rightfully earned him a slap in the face. Swallowing harshly, the Aspect hung his head low, and grimaced, silently cursing himself for being such a typical man when he had been thinking of her in ways he shouldn't have. But, then again, Erythreus was a man, one who craved intimacy, and it had been years since he'd gotten that. He had lived a lonely life for sure, and right now, just having her to talk to, was enough for him. So, he had hoped she wouldn't think too poorly of him for those thoughts he'd had earlier.  "Man" the Aspect then said, laughing out loud about the whole situation, deciding there was no use in him being embarrassed at all. Why should he? She hadn't slapped him for it earlier, so he was sure he was in the clear now. "That must be so exhausting though. to have to hear everyones complaints, thoughts, the depressing stuff people keep on their mind.. I do feel for you. It's kind of the same with - - ' he was nearly about to do it again, and stopped himself from telling her he was the Aspect of Death. He knew she probably wouldn't care for him spilling his supernatural status, but Erythreus did that as little as possible. It was the one rule in almost every faction, that was meant to be followed. He did his best with it, but at times, he just needed to vent and sometims it came out in the open about exactly who he was. 

Erythreus thn sighed, relieved that she hadn't really heard the crazy shit he was thinking earlier. "Thank God for small miracles then. I was almost sure you'd kick my ass, but im glad to know you didn't get too much out of my head" he stated, smirking, finally able to look at her again, now that he didn't feel as embarrassed. His cheeks were still lit up a bright red however, which made him feel a little less manly around her. The Aspect didn't blush... like ever, and he hated himself for it right now. Erythreus arched a brow, biting his lip, amazed by how well she was able to read him "You're absolutely right about me, oddly. I'm tall, I wear dark clothes, and i'm a broody alcoholic, but i'm definitely a soft ass marshmellow beneath all these dark leather clothes" he stated, smiling faintly. "You're probably the first to read me like that, and be right. Everyone else assumes i'm some psychotic goth person who has no soul' he laughed, and shook his head , Man did that get old. He hated the impression people got of him, because it was always so wrong, until now. Sofi had nailed it. 

"Maybe. But then again, am I missing out truly?" he asked, chuckling. "I know this day and age is all about the modern technology, but ive never really found use for any of it, except, I probably would have better music to listen to, if i knew how to download it" he stated, sighing softly to himself. He was enjoying her company, no doubt, and could only hope this wasn't the last of her that he'd see. The Aspect noted the frown on her features, causing him to look directly into her eyes, enjoying the fact that she was sincere at least "you're probably right. I'm surprised ive survived this long, it is a cut throat world that we live in, but maybe one day all my selfless acts will pay off" he stated, giving her a nod, appreciating that she'd even taken the time to comment on such a thing. Most people didn't care that he had spent literally all his time looking out for everyone but himself, it was a nice gesture to say the least. 

The way that her eyes lit up, seemed to make Ery's do the very same. Damn this woman. Whatever it was about her, had the Aspect glued right here to his seat, not waning to miss a single second of getting to know her. "I guess when you're alone, for so long, you forget that it's okay to have someone by your side. I can't relate exactly, but I do know what isolation is like, and I wasn't this charming once upon a time. In fact, one of my brothers had to teach me how to function like a normal man again. Ripped away from humanity by the cruelty of society, I was no different than an actual animal" he explained, frowning at the darkest part of his life as he relived it long enough to tell her about it. The Aspect shuddered as he thought of the moment he got hurled from the cliff above the ocean, dying on the inside all over again, to even remember that horrific day. He'd begged the two Vampire brothers to kill him when they offered him a drink, assuming it was poision, remembering how their disgusting faces scrunched up as they laughed at him just before tossing his beaten up, worn out body down onto a pile of jagged rocks. 

"Sorry. I often leave where ever I am, to revisit the dark parts of my pst. I'm a dweller" he admitted, but arched a brow as he rested his elbows on the table top, leaning forward some "But you already know that huh?" he asked, wondering if she'd heard any of those thoughts he had gotten lost in just now. He had caught on to the subtle hint she threw at him, or at least in Ery's ears, it sonded like a hint. Like maybe she was saying to spare himself from her world while he could. But for right now, for as long as she'd let him get to know her, he'd stay right here. "Well, you certainly have a variety of hometowns. Do you miss any of those places?" he then asked, and chuckled at her comment about dancing. "I'm a patient man" he stated, eyeing the bottle of booze before eyeing her as if he knew that's exactly what it would take. "By the last sip of that bottle" he adde, flashing her a playful wink before taking another swig of it himself. Maybe it would take two bottles at this rate  but he still didn't mind. He was enjoying himself, and hopefully she was too. 

"Moving too fast? Not hardly" he chuckled, and went back to earlier's question where she had asked him the same thing, wondering where he had resided at before the city. "Bulgaria was the last place I remember living for a long time. That's where my life went down hill though, frankly where I died and began living  as a shell of what i used to be" he expressed, a drunken slurr slipping through his lips. He hadn't been drunk in a long time. While people always saw him with a bottle in his hands, he ususlally just sipped from it all day long, but tonight he had been shooting back shots one after another, and now taking big drinks from the bottle in front of them. "So, what helps you block out the noise?' he asked curiously, knowing she must have found ways to make her job bearable after all the years she'd dealt with hearing peoples thoughts and such. 

"So, because i'm corny as fuck, i'm gonna give you two lies and one truth, you have to guess which ones the truth based on what you know about me so far, because this game is usually only played between people who know a lot of shit" he laughed, and shook his head, but he figured it wouldn't hurt anything for them to step out of their every day routines, and unwind a little, this was just a more innocent way of having fun he guessed. "It's a game I know nothing about to be honest, but just go with it" he added, with a crooked grin adorning his features. "I play the violin. I cry every time I watch Titanic. I stand in front of the mirror, and practice what to say before a first date" he sated, and took another drink. "At the very least, it's a harmless way for two strangers to get to know one another" he grinned playfully, nudging her shoulder gently, and wondered which of those sounded most like something he actually did, and he had made sure to name at least one truth about himself, that he didn't think for a second anyone would guess about him. 

"True, it's hard to change someone else's mind in over things when they've made up their minds. Like I said, you can't satisfy everyone, just focus on yourself. One day, you'll end up finding that solace and closure you want." Sofi couldn't say much because even she is still searching for them but she could always give a few advices that can be passed by, right? From the looks of things, Ery seemed to lack confidence in himself. "I'm not saying your family's opinion doesn't matter, but if they love you then they'll know how to put it through. They'll correct you for the sake of you and not anyone else. Not your reputation, but just you." If at first she didn't see him as a talkative person, it was slowly changing the longer she talks to him. It feels like he just needed an outlet to vent to; someone to talk to. While she may not be the best company a person could have, she will try to offer what she has, at the moment. Though, she had to admit that she was visibly floored when he admittedly outrightly that he wanted to see her again, okay, she could appreciate the boldness.

"Slow down, cowboy" she quipped humorously, "If fate wills it, I guess we could. It depends on how well tonight turns out, I don't tend to keep people I can't be bothered to handle around me that long." She doesn't like to give false hopes either so there's that. "Don't give up just yet though, who knows, maybe something will come out of this as you're making it out to be" she winked playfully. She had her chest puffed out proudly when he said giving up is for the weak-minded, true. Sofi was glad he could see that, at least. The question regarding her gift does make the blonde bit down on her lip apprehensively, it wasn't easy to talk about it to someone else, especially when she wasn't comfortable about it. Being a Psychic isn't something she would proudly flaunt to anyone else. "I tapped into yours for a brief while at first, but nothing much after that. It's a breach of privacy so no, I don't like to read people's minds every single time I meet them. But I can read auras and emotions pretty well at a single glance so it doesn't take much for me to know what you've been… Thinking" She didn't want to talk about it because there was nothing to talk about. 

"Besides, you wouldn't exactly be the first person to think about questionable things, don't worry about it. Been there, done that. Way worse." She noticed the small faint hue resting on his cheeks and only snickered softly, cute. "People who say they're a marshmallow usually ends up being the opposite buf I'll give you the benefit of the doubt." She shook her head at him when the topic about music comes, he really is adorable, "I mean, we have streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music… Which I probably will need to explain the entire night so I'll refrain from doing so." Don't get her wrong, his company was likable but she didn't exactly picture spending the rest of her night explaining about streaming platforms when you can find them on Google. One look at Ery and she understood there were layers underneath that exterior he held on, and understandably so. Sofi didn't need to tap into his head to know that. It was simply just there to see and skim through. 

"You have to learn to give yourself a second chance. Take it to redeem yourself or to atone your mistakes. Whatever you may as well do with it, just be sure it'll be worthwhile or else, you'll feel empty." Second chances are applicable to everyone, the blonde sincerely and genuinely believes that. When asked if she missed any of those places she came from, Sofi found herself shrugging, "Depends. Some served me more bad than good and the others more good than bad. But the sense of nostalgia is definitely there. I always try to visit a few times. But I hardly have the time to do that now so maybe not in any time soon. I would love to go back to my former tribe in Ukraine though… can't leave the old man to miss me when he can't even pick up his phone. He's even worse than you" she quipped teasingly. The Initia also gave him an impressive look that says she is up for that challenge indeed.

 "That's not what I meant by moving too fast but I'll leave you to it, it's cute, I'm not gonna lie." When was the last time someone strike her up with such adorableness? A while, for sure. "Don't drink too much, I actually want to have a company to talk to by the end of the day" That wasn't a lie. Sofi had no need to lie whatsoever. She really does like his company. When asked what helps her block out the noise, she made a finger gesture to point to her surroundings, "Everything and anything. I focus on one particular thing and I get to block out pretty much everything." Two lies and one truth, corny, but just to entertain him, she'll do it. "Singling out the truth first. Third option? You practice things to say before a first date?" It was a shot, one without having her ready him at all. "My turn" she paused momentarily and tried to think up something, "I hate dogs. I like to prank people. And I love to cook for anyone who would ask for a homemade meal."

Sofi seemed to know what she was saying, so it boiled down to the point that the Aspect was sort of clinging to her every word. Which was something that wasn't out of the ordinary for Erythreus anyways. He was a humble man who wore his heart on his sleeve, after living years of his life as a shell of a man, a man who was much more an animal than anything. Time had definitely changed him, and he could only think Veneteus for finding himm, and the others who brought him in like family, and showed him how to live again. Still, he did lack confidence in himself, and it showed anytime he got into a deep conversation, much like the one he was now having with the Initia.

Ery nodded, offering a friendly smile when she mentioned him focusing on himself "That'll be a hard adjustment, but maybe you're right spring chicken, I know I won't get to focus much on myself, but to get some kind of solace, and even a little closure to my past life would be wroth trying for." he said in response, a set of icy blue  expressive optics gazing over to her. He had caught himself several times tonight doing that, just looking at her because she was nice to look at. The Aspect sighed though. He hated being one of those people who got attached easy, or became hopeful the second he met someone he found interest in. After the last two heartbreaks, he promised himself to close his heart off to such emotions.

"Something wrong?" he asked, smirking slyly, he could tell she was shocked when he said he wanted to see her again and held his hands up in defense when she told him to slow down. "We only have one life. Even if mines meant to be eternal, I don't wanna waste it" he nodded, chuckling a little, because this situation certainly was amusing at best. He'd met he in the middle of no where, and hadn't been searching for a partner when he did so, but now that he had spent time talking to her, he couldn't deny that he was interested in getting to know her for who she truly is. "Oh come on, you're not that bad" he chuckled, and crossed his arms before stretching his legs out to rest his feet on the bottom of her stool. Erythreus smirked at the playful wink she flashed him, but the words that came with it made his heart race a little. Weren't women the ones meant to feel those things? Butterflies, racing hearts? It made him feel a little less manly he had to admit, but he was never one to deny something his heart felt.

"I guess we'll see huh?" he asked in return, and arched a brow curiously at her when she explained about her gift, it was brief, but to the point, and he could tell that it was past time to drop the subject. "It seems to bother you more than anything. So we don't need to mention it again" he expressed out of concern for her, because the last thing he wanted, was to piss her off. It would be the same if she asked him a bunch of questions about being an Aspect. But, to his knowledge, she didn't even know he was an Aspect yet. He'd keep that to himself as long as he could. Though it did make his face turn a bright red when she said she knew exactly what he was thinking earlier. Damn if that didn't make a man feel awkward.

"See I was willing to drop it until you said all that" he quipped, giving her a knowing look. "I'm just curious about your comment of 'been there done that' I never imagined ones thoughts could be worse than mine, but cheers to that" he mused, and took a shot of whiskey. His tolerance these days had sky rockted, so sometimes, he drank simply because he was used to it, and not so much for the buzz, though right now he felt quite satisfied with the effects from the booze he had drank earlier today, and now here at the bar. The Aspect was sure that Sofi was enjoying herself every time he blushed, especially when he noticed her snickering at him. The Aspect nodded when she said she'd give him the benefit of the doubt "Well, thank you. I know most people only say what the other wants to hear, but I simply blurt out the god's honest truth and it usually get's me no where" he admitted with a shrug. Erythreus had definitely been the marshmellow of the Aspects, and possibly even the biggest hopless romantic. But, that wasn't to say his brothers didn't have charm.

Ery was genuinely enjoying just listening for once. He usually wasn't good at holding conversations, and his social skills were without a doubt terrible, but it seemed to flow naturally at least tonight. Maybe Sofi had something to do with him being more weightless and more himself, maybe she didn't. Either way, he enjoyed her for however long she'd allow him too. "You're right, I guess we could all practice what you're saying though.. even yourself I imagine" he said in his own opinion. It's not like he knew her enough to be able to say that she needed to forgive herself for things.. but, like everyone, he was sure she too had a past where she held onto small parts of it. Most peoples past's were painful, he hadn't met a single soul who hadn't shared  a heartbreaking, tragiv story with him, at least those willing to talk freely.

Erythreus smiled when she spoke of her longing to go back to her old tribe, he missed his home town sometimes too, and if given a chance, he would definitely go back long enough to visit. "Well, it sounds like that's something to put on your to-do list.. It's sad really, so many talk about the things they dream of doing, and it never goes past talking about it.. I want to wake up one day and just walk out of the manor and do something ive been dying to do. Going back to my own hometown for instance. A place where you had to hunt for food to keep your family fed, ohh how I miss that era" he frowned, and for a second allowed himself to feel grief over the loving parents he had lost so long ago. "I guess you've had to make plenty adjustments along the way though. Ukraine ... you're definitely a long way from home" he added, giving her a saddened look. If she were anything like him, then she damn sure missed home.But, Erythreus had finally adjusted, and grew to call this city home. He like the other Aspects, had been sent here to make the world a better place afterall.

Ery grinned, feeling a sense of pride wash over him to hear her say it was cute. The Aspect couldn't help but feel some kind of spark. Whether or not she felt it was the question, but with her next comment, he at least had the understanding that she was growing fond of his company enough to want him sober. "Fair enough m'lady" he slid his drink aside, and propped his elbow on the counter to rest his face on his hand. The Aspect curiously arched a brow at her answer, but nodded as she finished "That easy huh? I guess if you have the right person around, it's easy to focus on just them, and forget everything else though... so I guess in a way I get that" he chuckled, likely sounding corny with his attempt at flirting with her again, but he hadn't lied. He'd been focused on her enough, that for once, all the past trauma's weren't stirring inside of him and torturing him, and that felt pretty damn good.

The Aspect laughed, but shook his head before giving her a playful clap "Impressive, I didn't think you'd get that one honestly. Guilty though" he admitted, and felt no shame in saying he practiced in front of a mirror before a first date. "I most definitely wish I'd been able to give myself a pep talk before meeting you, but I gotta admit, this sudden run in.. a chance encounter, whatever we can call this, has turned out better than any of the dates ive been on in the past". Erythreus placed his finger to his chin, and thought for a few minutes, for some reason she didn't strike him as someone who hated dogs, but he for some reason felt kinda desperate to get this right.. either way, he sighed and went with the one that sounded like the truth where she was concerned. "I'm convinced that the truth out of those three for you .. you hate dogs?" he asked, wide eyed as he waited to be wrong. "It's either that or the cooking one" he snorted, because that was in a way cheating, but he wanted to be right.

"I love chick flicks. I used to be evil. I learned three languages and can't speak any of them" he chuckled, because he knew the last one sounded a bit crazy, but with Erythreus any of the three could have been hard to guess at.  "Go" he added, letting her know she could go ahead and guess. "And I know this isn't your average ice breaking conversation, but hey.. it's different, and I like different sometimes" he gave a nod, and a knowing look, because it's exactly what drew him to her .. she was so different than those he'd tried with before. With Sofi, he had a challenge, and that was more refreshing than he could express. He certainly wouldn't be leaving this night without trying his hardest to get her to go on an actual date with him sometime.

Sofi wasn't new to looks being offered to her, there were times when the Initia found herself liking a few sets of looks she received from others. It makes her feel confident and sometimes feeling like that is better than feeling nothing about your day. And she would lie if she said she didn't find Ery the slightest attractive, God the bear is quite the looker. There was something about slightly rugged self-mixed with somewhat a marshmallow personified man. And maybe Sofi likes a challenge whenever she sees someone she likes. The fact that he was pursuing her made it flattering, honestly. "Touché" she quipped humorously when he said he didn't intend to waste his life even if he is immortal, that's the first she's heard and the blonde had to admit, he got her on the first half. He's interesting, that much she could see. "Smartass" she shook her head, her smile still plastered over her lips because it was hard not to be amused by him. 

"When I said that, I meant that you are not the first person to have thought about all of that. It's nothing uncommon. I am flattered that you think I'm attractive, of course. So no, I'm not about to whack you to the moon just because you think I'm hot" If anything, she was amused. "I prefer the brutal honesty rather than a sugar-coated version so you have no need to kiss up to me. It's not as if I can't detect which is a mere flatter and which is genuine" Really doesn't take the Psychic Initia long to figure out those things. "If you miss doing all of those things stated above, why don't you? You said it yourself, you're an immortal. You have eternal life, and you've lived for a while, so why not take it as a chance to reflect on what you wish to do?" 

Obviously, Sofi was not aware that the person she's talking to is the leader of the Ailwards. And perhaps, it was better than she doesn't know. "Long way from home and yet I didn't regret making the choice to walk away. I can always visit them later on, but at least I found a better place to settle around" Evermore is that place. And Sofi has been quite impressed by how things were going. Sofi learned to the side with her elbows perched on the counter, "Are you trying to flirt with me, Bear?" she grinned wryly, hey she wasn't about to say no when she's liking this. "Don't worry, I like someone who would be himself… no need to practice anything before meeting me. A raw person is always so attractive" To her? It is. 

She purposely feigned the disappointed trope when he answered wrongly, "How does one hate dogs? No, unfortunately, it's the pranks one. But that's fine" It wasn't the answer that she was looking forward to, it was him playing along. And while she told him to hold his drinks, Sodi wasn't stopping on hers as she downed another glass after another. When the next round came, Sofi chuckled and shook her head, "That's a trick question, I refuse to answer that" she slurred, she refused to acknowledge him as evil, mostly but maybe she won't say that. "What are you thinking, Bear, hm? Your color is shifting like you're nervous or thinking hardly" she murmured, the aura around him changed and she wanted to know why. "Am I making you nervous?" she asked as she leaned closer and blinked. 

Well, if this night hadn't turned around for the better. The Aspect of Death hadn't been seeking anyone out when he ran into the Initia, and he damn sure hadn't been searching for love.. and while he couldn't say he felt anything close to love with Sofi, he definitly could say that she'd caught his attention the second he laid eyes on her, and now he couldn't resist all the urges he was feeling, none of which, would have caused her any disrespect, thankfully. But that didnt mean the urgues and thoughts he was currntly having, didn't exceed pg13, so he had managed to keep it to himself, knowing all she'd have to do was take a little peak into his thoughts, and she'd know it all anyways.

Her smile was a little contageous he had to admit, it certainly planted a smile on his own features. Erythreus chuckled when she called him a smartass and shrugged. "I have my moments, Chicken" he grinned, and flashed a coy smirk in her direction. He'd been calling her spring chicken this whole time due to an inside joke they'd formed this soon into knowing one another. It fit her, but it was also a mouth full, so the Aspect resorted to calling her Chicken instead.

Erythreus raised a brow at her when she bluntly explained that he didn't need to feel bad about having certain thoughts about her, that she could call out whether it was simple flattery or pure genuine. Ery had always been a genuine man as far as he knew, not that say he didn't have his whore-ish moments, because he'd frankly lost count of the women he had slept with, but when he found one he liked and was interested in, he was the most loyal, caring person you could meet. Unfortunately he had humbled himself to one too many females that didn't deserve it. "Well, I wouldn't say I was kissing up to you.. not that I wouldn't mind actually kissing you, but I just wanted to make sure I hadn't disrespected you with my ..thoughts" he admitted. Since she said she liked brutal honesty, there it was, on a silver platter.

"Perhaps I will give it a shot, Chicken. Truth be tld I didn't realize I was missing all those things until I said it out loud tonight" he admitted, when she told him that he should take his immortal life, and never ending time to do what he wished. He smiled faintly as she said she'd had no issues walking away from home, that she could always visit later on. "Well the good news is that you've settled into your life here in the city. I'm still trying every day, but it's not as hard as it used to be. I know I was sent here  with a purpose, and it has to be fulfilled" he expressed, and then took a shot of whiskey, realizing he had nearly blown his cover of being an Ailward Aspect by briefly describing why he was in this city. Hopefully she didn't hear it that way though, because it was true that Erythreus had found himself comfortable enough to talk to her openly about things.

Ery just grinned when she asked if he was flirting with her. This had turned around to be one of the best nights he had in a long time now, and while it was by complete accident, he couldn't help but appreciate little accidents like that one, where he had almost ran into her, winded by the way her reflexes knocked him to his ass. "I most certainly have been attempting it, Chicken. Seems something is working to my favor, that smile on your face speaks in volumes.. don't worry though, it looks good on you" he added, shaking his head a little, unsure if his charm was still charming, or just flat out cheesy sometimes. "And great news. If you like a raw person, someone who's able to be themselves all the time, then you are in luck m'lady.. I'm always myself, even on my worse days" he chuckled, but that much was true. Even if people tended to steer clear of his awkward ways, and his brooding attitude, he would always be himself.

Erythreus inhaled, and silently thanked the heavens above that she hadn't answered the next guess. But, he figured it would be something to share "Even though you didn't answer it, ill tell you. It was that I used to be evil, a monster .. most saw me as more of an animal than man.. but I was ripped away fro my humanity by the cruelty of society" he grimaced as he looked to the ground, pushing those thoughts aside so his memories weren't flooded with all the gory details. "Admittedly. I don't know what it is, but you definitely do make me a little nervous, not in a bad way though. I like you, so it works" he smirked before reaching out which was a little more bold than he had intended to be, and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, gazing into those insanely captivating eyes of hers for a moment while biting his lower lip. "I'd ask what the most awkward encunter you've ever had, but I'm sure ours ranks high on that list.. I hope it turned out to be better than just bumping into a stranger in the woods" he smiled genuinely, and withdrew his hand, so that he didn't move in on her personal space, even if he was actually dying to kiss the blonde before him.

Sometimes time wasn't a factor in ow someone connected, at least not for Erythreus, when you feel something, you feel it, why wait to see if it turned out to be all sunshine and rainbows before making your move? Sometimes life could be short, and it's one of the reasons he didn't enjoy wasting little moments. They tended to be the ones that mattered most. "When's the last time you drank so much?" he asked, wide eyed at how many shot glasses she had in front of her, and amused by the slur to her tone. "Keep it up and i'll have to carry you home" he smirked, and took a few more shots himself, trying to catch up to the Initia.

As usual, Sofi knew better than to take a small or even a brief peak into someone's head, especially if they were strangers to her. She had plenty of reasons why she didn't do what she knows she could do. One, it's a breach of privacy. Two, she would very much like to get a break from having to read people all along because it is very tiring. So when she sees someone, she would really like it if she didn't have to use her abilities on them because it sucks that she couldn't proceed on with her life without tapping into their heads. Sofi didn't necessarily need to read their thoughts to know if they mean her any harm or anything, anyway. She could simply read their emotions and the vibe basically arranges itself into a story for the Initia. "Are you seriously calling me a chicken?" she shook her head with a grin plastered across her face, it wasn't the best nickname but it was pretty funny, she had to admit.

 When she said she was a fan of honesty, she did not expect that one from him, it surprised her and the blonde had to take a breather before snickering in response to his earlier words, "Not that you mind kissing me huh? You're being awfully ambitious and a few steps ahead, Mister. I have to say I'm impressed, yet again" Any attempts withholding this one would've had her beating the guy's head off but with this one, she was really amused by his attempts and it was always nice to feel likable. After all, Sofi, is still a woman, at the end of the day. "To answer your question, not to worry, you haven't disrespected me in any sense" she reassured him and smirked wryly, "Do you act like this to every woman you met? Because you're being surprisingly flirtatious, awkwardly flirtatious but still… flirtatious" And Sofi doesn't mind that. As long as he shows himself genuinely instead of beating around the bush. The Initia is not one who would have time to spare for things she finds worth less than what it's supposed to be.

 She was curious with what he was saying though, "Something that needs to be fulfilled? What are you, a messiah?" she teased, of course, Sofi didn't actually think she would've been in the presence of an Ailward Aspect and she couldn't say she was a big fan of them either so perhaps it was best for both parties to stay out of each others' lane. "And pray tell, Bear, is yourself worth my time?" The blonde was teasing him but the serious tone to her words that matched her expression was giving a hard time for anyone to read her. She wanted to know how he deals with this too. When he said he likes her, Sofi once again let out a surprised chuckle, "You're very peculiar, Bear. Lucky for you, I just so happen to like peculiar things… and people" she mused wryly and followed his gaze when he brushed against strand of her hair behind her ear, he was charming, she will give him that. When was the last time a guy came to her this confident? "You are my weirdest encounter. Nobody's ever done what you did and live to tell the tale" Technically, she usually knock them out for spying but she had a feeling that there was no need to do that with him. 

Tonight was probably an off day for Sofi considering how many shots she's downed already for the past half an hour, she doesn't usually lower her inhibitions but with the amount of alcohol running in her system, at the moment, it was hard to say. "Last time? Can't remember. I can't exactly drink while on the job which is… pretty much a 24/7 thing for me ever since I came here. Not to worry… I can-" Okay, maybe not. Before she could finish her words, Sofi almost slipped on her own footing while trying to sit properly but was able to use him as her wall, "I can still function" Not. At least, she can still talk coherently. "Carry me home? I thought a guy like you wouldn't try to waste anymore opportunity to bring me back…" There was a slight hint of suggestive undertone to her words following the smirk she wore. 

Erythreus stole a few glances over the night, glancing at her when she wasn't paying attention, and smiling before she had the time to look back at him. He couldn't lie, she was a beautiful woman, and he could get used to looking at her. But, he had done it in a way that didn't make him seem creepy as fuck. The Aspect sighed though, because he couldn't imagine her life was easy. If she constantly heard other people's thoughts, then she was likely stressed out, always. There was never a second where a person wasn't thinking about one thing or another. He guessed she had ways of dealing though, blocking out the noise. He nodded and chuckled when she asked if he had seriously called her a chicken. "It gets better. Just give it time" he smirked a little, he knew his nicknames wasn't the best. But, he also knew he'd give her a better, more fitting one when he got the chance to know her better.

"I think i'll keep mine though" he added, because he did kinda like the nickname bear, from her specifically. Now he wouldn't even allow another to call him that. The Aspect quirked a brow in her direction, enjoying how amused she seemed by his blunt and over board honesty when he had said he wouldn't have minded kissing her "I mean, I guess I could have went about that a little better" he laughed, shaking his head amused. Perhaps he should have just taken the risk and kissed her instead, But during their first time talking? He wasn't sure if it would send her running, never to see him again. He didn't want that to happen, so he had refrained.

Erythreus had to put a little bit of thought into the next question she asked. Because oddly, he really hadn't ever acted like this. "I guess ive always been an overly 'charming' guy, one who does enjoy flirting when he sees something he wants. But, I don't know, it's just been easy to be myself tonight.. around you" his tone had a certain hesitance in it. He had never been great at expressing emotions / feelings. While he was a champ at flirting, he was simply terrified when it came down to expressing real feelings about things. So to tell Sofi she had made it easy to be himself, did actually scare him. He didn't want to get used to how that felt, and then be a huge disappointment to her, have her decide she never wanted to see him again, and then him sitting in his room, pissed at the world for weeks at a time. It seemed to happen each time he had invested himself in someone. Which was why this time was going to be different. He would only go as far as she did, or as far as she allowed him too, and gradually step into other things.

When she teased him by asking if he was a messiah he gave a mock eye roll and smirked slightly "Something like that. I just have a job to do" he expressed, still tip toeing around what he actually was. The Aspects had plenty of enemies within the Celestial faction already, and while he didn't think the Initia posed any threat to the Aspects, something had happened to Vladimir bottom line. And while they continued figuring that out, Erythreus would try his hardest not to reveal himself to anyone outside the manor. If someone happened to just figure it out, that was out of his control. The Aspect simply shrugged, but gave a hopeful smile "Well I admit, I hope i'll end up being worth your time. I guess if you're not completely repulsed by me at the end of our time together, then i'll assume i'm worth another night out with you. A proper date..?" he stated, the end of his sentence having slight hesitance in the words 'a proper date'

He may of been charming and confident, but sometimes he was a normal man who lacked those things. But admittedly after hearing her call him peculiar and that she liked peculiar thing and people, he had been smiling ever since. "It does my soul good to hear that" he flashed her a playful wink, and ran a hand across his face. The bar had gotten a little tedious at this point, and he couldn't help but shoot the male  sitting on the other side of Sofi a bitter glare when he realized how much he was checking her out. She distracted him though thankfully, when she said he had been her weirdest encounter .. and that no one else would have lived to tell the tale. "Noted, so i'm special then?' he asked, grinning in a playful manner.

Natural reflexes kicked in when she slipped on her footing, and his strong arms wrapped around her. For a moment, he just stared down at her, an awkward silence looming over them, but his apatite sparked to life as his hands roamed to her hips. "Is that you asking to go back to my place, Sofi?" he asked teasingly, bitting his lower lip as he stared into those insanely captivating eyes of hers.  With his arms still around her, the words she spoke lit a fire in the Aspect, one he desperately hoped to extinguish before he acted on impulse. But, nonetheless, he swiped her legs up into his arms, and carried her out bridal style, having no issue holding her as he waited for a cab. As a cab finally pulled up beside of them, the Aspect got in with her, and threw an arm around her shoulders so she could lay on him if she wanted or needed to. "I'm guessing you don't allow yourself to let go like this very often huh??" he asked, and signaled the driver to turn a left, deciding he'd take her to the cabin he spent his time in when he wanted tobe away from the manor, plus, he wasn't about to take her into the manor around the rest of the Aspects and Guards, only to have her feel awkward. He couldn't help but wonder where this was leading, but the way she had said the words "carry me home" was in a way that would have implied any other time, to show her what he was made of behind closed doors. Explicitly.

Erythreus liked her a lot already though, so things were only going to happen as fast as she allowed them to. When it was time to get out of the cab, he could feel the slight thumping of his heart beat as his nerves settled in again. Never in Erythreus Ailward's life had he been nervous to get a woman alone. But she made him feel as though every nerve ending in his body was on fire. "Come on, it's cold out here. I'd feel bad if you got sick on my account" he stated as he held her door open, reaching out a hand  for her to grab onto. To be honest, he wasn't sure if he'd even make it inside before so much as kissing her though, should she give so much as a hint that she wanted him, he wouldn't hesitate to fulfill that wish.

Tonight has been quite an eye opener for Sofi, overall. When she decided to let off some steam at the woods by slightly training and meditating in the small space of her head, she wasn't expecting any company but did she really mind one? Initially, she would. If there was anything the Grand Master disliked more than anything was being interrupted while she was in her own bubble or space. However, surprisingly, she didn't mind as much when he turns out to be rather an interesting company. So far, he's told her that he had plenty of things twisting up in his head and the Initia wanted nothing more but attempt to soothe him by fixing them. "Bold of you to assume I'd give it time" she shot coyly, she had no doubts that she would, seeing as she hasn't left yet nor has she blew him off, it shows that Sofi at least found his company endearing. In some way. 

"Bear does suit you, have you seen yourself? Both physical stature wise and personality, you do seem to resemble a bear more than anything." A scoff escaped her when he said he could've worded the part where he didn't mind kissing her a tad better, "You don't say." His answer made her quirk her eyebrows up in surprise, "Oh? Really? You're the kind of guy who takes charge when he sees what he likes? Funny, I didn't recall pegging you as the type when you quite literally told me you're a softie, damn Bear, you're giving a run for your own" she teased, generally, Sofi was big of making lighthearted situations, even more so when she's tipsy or near the tip or drunken road. 

"Everyone has a job to do. Mine is kinda stressful but I do love it… to an extent. But work is work, no? You can't be expected to slack your responsibility or else there's nothing really honorable about that" she mused lightly, she knew being the Initia Grand Master would be a challenge, especially when she's a foreigner and wasn't a native here. She was surprised most people here was still irked by that but she wasn't leaving so they will have to adapt, one way or another. Her eyes softened when he implied that he wanted to spend more of their time together, that's effort and wishful thinking right there, but it was an interesting mix, "Awww, look at you. You know what, I do like your company. Something about you is… amusing, can't quite possibly put my finger to one only but that's a good start." That was the blonde's way of telling him that she would love to meet him again had she been given the chance. 

"But a proper date? Are you courting me, sir Bear?" she chuckled, but if someone was trying to pursue her this far, she should at least give him a try, right? Nothing harmful, no? "Fine. One chance. Don't mess it up." When he prodded how he was special after what she said, Sofi rolled her eyes and nudged him playfully as her response, there was no way she's about to inflate his ego by admitting he's interesting, once again. Tripping wasn't in her book but there was only so much she could actually do to control her reflexes when she's drunk so when he caught her by the waist and loomed over her, Sofi blinked a few times and bit her lip instinctively, "I don't know… what do you think it is?" 

Before she could even come up with another response, he had already carrier her away in bridal style which caused the Initia to yelp, this was truly unexpected, but then again, was anything expected from a drunken Sofi Zahara? "No… I don't often let myself go. People can't handle me having a hangover, too much work." Technically, she wasn't lying. If she was found having a massive hangover the next morning at the faction house, Rowan would nag her ears off if she was supposed to go supervise the novitiates. The cab ride had her tilting her head to the side because it was comfortable but as soon as they arrived at some cabin, Sofi was relieved she could find her footing again. The blonde admitted that she was being apprehensive about coming inside, but it was cold and she was really trying to lay her head down somewhere so she trailed behind him. 

She actually took his hand and found the couch as her place to lay on, which she immediately plopped on, "So why did you really bring me here, Bear hm? Is there anything you want from me? Something more than a next date?" she slurred and grinned as she laid her head against the pillow. "Where are we, anyway?'

Erythreus couldn't honestly recall the last time he had allowed himself to relax this much in the presence of another woman. After all was said and done with Serena Hamilton, the Aspect of Death was sure that he was finished falling for women. It seemed that blondes in particular had some kind of vendetta against the Aspect, yet here he sat with another one, entirely different than the rest. Ery couldn't possibly compare her to any of the females from his past, and he could only thank the heavens above for that. It's not that he was saying those from his past, weren't good females, in fact, two of them specifically were pretty great. Siobhan and Serena. Sio dumped Erythreus for his own personal guard, and he left her on the floor of Dom's cabin to die, and then Serena, who sort of just never wanted to be exclusive with him, or be with him in a public fashion. But, with each of them, the Aspect had held a very close friendship with. 

Ery knew he was part of the issue in relationships though. After sustaining so many beatings in his past from the two brothers he'd spent decades with, he began recoiling from their hits, and all touch in general. A simple hug at times, made the Aspect of Death flinch. 

Okay Erythreus, enough of that nonsense. You have a gorgeous woman sitting before you, who isn't like them at all. And maybe.. just MAYBE she won't break your heart in the end. "A man can dream though right?" he quipped back after she shot a coy remark his way. He had been enjoying this though, every single second of the banter they had shared tonight, had been the best. Usually a person got bored of that and walked away, but somehow, he and Sofi had made a full night of an accidental run in.

When she commented on the name 'bear' suiting him, the Aspect grinned sheepishly at her explanation "I suppose you have a point.. and since Bear is a new one, it'll be my favorite one" okay, he lied. It would only be his favorite because he actually really liked this girl. But, he did like the nickname too, and now he felt a challenge, and needed to give her one just as fitting. "Since Spring Chicken isn't really all that cute, you're 'half pint' from now on" and she wasn't exactly short, but in comparison, she was much shorter than Erythreus was.

God was she a challenge though. Erythreus gave a mock eyeroll when she commented on how he'd said he liked taking charge after telling her he was a softie. "It's very possible that i'm both of those things, I am to soft hearted for my own good, but beneath that layer, lies a very dominate trait. Not aggressive, because those two things are quite different in my opinion.. I can be dominate, and still be a soft hearted fool. Perhaps i'll just have to demonstrate exactly what I mean half-pint" he flashed a playful wink, while that charming smile of his rested on his features. Normally Erythreus was all brood and no sunshine, but tonight seemed a little different for the Aspect, where he had spent the majority of his night either smiling or laughing.

The next words Sofi spoke, kinda stuck with him. To hear her say there was nothing honorable about slacking in your job, or duties made Erythreus think. He never slacked in his own of course, but he had given it plenty of thought. Wondering what his life might of been like if he had given up his Aspect duties, if he wouldn't die because of it. Either way, he supposed he and Sofi both were what they were, and the only thing either of them could do is accept that. "So your job.. is it something you would have chosen on your own?" he asked, wondering if maybe she'd had different plans for how she wanted her life to turn out. For a moment, the Aspect of Death felt the urge to pinch himself. After blinking a few times playfully, Ery lit up like a kid at Christmas time "So, you're saying you actually want to see me again? I think i'll have to have you confirm that whenever our time ends together later" he chuckled, but in all honesty, she had probably just made him the happiest he's felt in a long time now. 

Quirking a brow, Erythreus shook his head at her comment about courting her. "Depends on what you mean half-pint. A old man like me would assume that courting a woman means pursuing her in hopes of marrying one day.. to bad I didn't come prepared with a ring" he quipped, knowing full well that a woman like Sofi would be harder to convince to even date him let alone marry him, and marriage wasn't no where near Erythreus's mind, he just enjoyed poking fun because she was a fire cracker and shot right back at him, or at least she had been this entire night so far. 

Things took a more intense turn though in the brief second that he held her waist and towered over her, enjoying the way she looked up at him as she bit her lip. Erythreus had gotten the hint, and didn't hesitate to get back back to the cabin. It was one of few places he went when he wanted to be alone. Ailwards lived in a manor where maids were constantly running around, or politics were always being discussed. There was no way he would have taken her back there the first night they're together.  For a moment, Erythreus just gazed at her when she asked what he had really brought her here for. Perhaps it seemed obvious by now that he wanted her, and wouldn't hesitate to have her if given the chance, but.. he wanted more than just a fling or a one night stand with her. And since she had said earlier, in her own way, that she'd see him again, he certainly wouldn't let her leave here with the memory that he took advantage of her being drunk. He was a proper gentlemen and pretty old school about women, so that just wasn't in the books for him. 

If she decided to make a move, then perhaps he'd go as far as she wanted to, but as far as being the average dick head male who threw himself all over her just because she's drunk? That wasn't him. "I brought you back here because I enjoy you." he started and shrugged his jacket off before closing the space that remained between them, by sitting next to her. Her question definitely made his head spin, and while he was going to respect her, he also couldn't lie and say he didn't want her or more than a next date. "Well Sofi.." he chuckled, and cleared his throat. Ery never found himself speechless because of a woman until now, and it did well to wound his pride. "I'd be lying if I said I haven't been checking you out all night, and let's face it, you're insanely fucking breath taking, but.." his tone came out in the form of a gentle whisper as he turned some so she could prop her legs across his lap if she wanted, while reaching forward to cup her chin "I want to get to know everything there is to know about the interesting Sofi.. if that means more than that happens, then great, I'll demonstrate that dominate side I was telling you about earlier, but above anything, I haven't enjoyed myself the way that I did tonight, in a long ass time.. so if there's a chance that I'll get to keep you around, then i'll try my best to do it right" he added, and took his chances by leaning forward, allowing his lips to firmly press into hers, while his left  hand snaked around the back of her head, his finger tips gently tangling through her blonde hair, only to tug a little playfully.

At first he'd decided to be gentle, but a part of Erythreus felt the urge to yank her into his lap and take this much further. If this earned the Aspect a slap through the face, he'd live with that, that was much easier to live with than regret. Ery usually wasn't one to come on strong, but he got the feeling that she was slightly into him too, even if it was only a little bit. He knew he'd regret it if he didn't take this chance. If she really wanted to see him again, she would, with or without a kiss. The Aspect pulled back only enough so that she could protest this if she didn't want it, and of course to tell her where they were, since he hadn't given her that answer yet. "We're in one of the few place I like to call home away from home. I would have taken you back to my actual residence, but I doubt you're ready for my family" he admitted, but still only saying enough so that he wasn't blurting out that he was an Ailward Aspect.

She didn't know what was going to go down tonight, not really. Sofi initially went out to the woods with the idea of training but there she managed to stumble across a rather peculiar stranger who piqued her interest. The only difference between things she's done at a common time I'd she allowed him to actually keep his consciousness instead of knocking him out. That was a rare part in the Initia who likes to be left in her own space when she insisted. Maybe she wanted to see how far this can go for her own amusement, it doesn't hurt to know that you may have been granted the chance of befriending someone, no? "Yes, a man can dream, the question is how far can the man dream?" she teased, he's given her a good company so far so why not? 

From where she stood, he had towered over her, in which she was sure he does to everyone else in the room, Ery was rather tall and had a certain built, so it was fitting for Sofi to call him bear endearingly. And she never does that to strangers on a first time meeting basis. A part of that can make the male look more intimidating than he was supposed to be but there wasn't any fault in that. "I think you fit the nickname pretty well. Ask anyone else and they'll probably be able to see why." When he decided to replace her nickname from Spring Chicken to half pint, the blonde laughed and shook her head at the taller male, "Really? I'm not sure whether I'm offended or flattered by that change. Did I get demoted or raised?" she scrunched up her nose playfully, with that kind of alcohol inside her system, it was no wonder Sofi was letting loose a bit, tonight.

 "So you're saying you can be soft when you want to be but would love to let yourself take the reins of that dominant side? Peculiar, indeed. But not surprising." It's a common case in most of the people, really. Sofi is a neuropsychologist, whilst she specializes more on the brain on a thermal wave, she was still like any other psychologist. Diagnose and treat on the spot is a way to go for her. But with Erythreus, it doesn't pressure her as much, she could see what's troubling him but it doesn't make him troubled or weird at all. Which was why she was rather taken by him. "If you'd ask me this question about 30 years ago, I never would've thought. I mean it's like asking if I wanted to be an astronaut still. Before I delved in the art of mind, I was actually leaning more to thr smithy. I like forging weapons and using them. Give me a knife, brandish me with a sword and the likes, melee, whatever. I'll be your girl to make good use of it." And she was proud of that.

 Growing up until she reached the levels of bring a Metal Master was a significant part in her life. "I'm saying it won't be impossible for us to meet again, Bear" she rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue in feigned annoyance, "I mean to say that your company isn't bad and maybe I can get used to it." Okay, maybe she was getting a bit attached. "Courting these days don't necessarily mean marrying, you old-fashioned Bear" she huffed and pursed her lips lightly, "It can be seen as your attempt to hit on me. You get where I'm going or do I need to outline the map for you?" she jested, the night had been including a lot of her sassy parts. She couldn't key in whatever that was going through her head when they were headed to the cabin, she didn't know where they were at, much less an address but maybe she was being a bit foolish in believing Ery. 

What if he's a psychotic serial killer? Gosh, Sof. She shook her head to get rid of those ambitious thoughts and focused on landing on the first sight of soft cushion belonging to the couch. It does feel soft and comfortable  "Because you enjoy me?" she raised her eyebrows in confusion because that really doesn't highlight everything. Did she need more input? Perhaps. Was she attracted to him? It would help a lie if she said she didn't find him the slightestly attractive because he was, indeed. But Sofi was trying to focus if this was leading somewhere or elsewhere. Was she afraid to give in only to be greeted with disappointment? Perhaps. She's no stranger to those, anyway. She stared into his bright hues with her own as he cupped her chin, it was hard not to stare when he's doing that. 

Before she could muster up any response to his daring move, she was cut off with his lips crashed against hers. The Initia's eyes widened considerably as she fluttered them shut in the moment of shock, was this unexpected? Not exactly. But was it surprising her? A bit. She didn't think he'd go dive straight into it but it was hard not to ease into the kiss in her current fuzzy state in which she just wanted to give in. Once he finally pulled away was when Sofi chewed on her bottom lip while looking flushed, "Okay that was unexpected… Your family? Why do you sound so skeptical about your family's identity? What are you? The Kardashians?" Oh, how she'd really feel like the entire world just splashed cold water at her once she knew he's an Ailward. "Who are you, Ery? Who are your family?" 

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