When you get approved for a new character, introduce them to everyone here!


Hi, my name is (Character Name), I get told I look a lot like (Face Claim Name) but I really don't see it. I am played by (Player Name). I am part of the (Faction Name) Faction and I am a very (personality trait) person. 

Feel free to add your own little quirks to the template too!

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Hi, my name is Euphemia Wells, you can call me Morri, I get told I look a lot like Kristen Kreuk but I really don't see it, do you? I am played by Izzy. I am part of the Vampire Faction and I am told I can be a very distant person, though I guess with time you can learn for yourself. That's all for now!

*excitedly waves* Hello, hello! My name is Christian Jeon. Well, that's my American name, really. My real name is Jeon Min Dae. I'm from Seoul, South Korea and I love kimchii, just thought I'd let you know. I'm a Korean-American Nephilim and I'm 24 but I look 21. I'm played by the quirky and ever so funny Danielle McMasters. People say I look like BTS' Park Jimin, nope. My body is mine! I'm very clumsy and affectionate. 

Hi my name is Cameron Cullen, I get told I look a lot like Steven R. McQueen but I don't really see it, since I am totally hotter and cooler than him. I am played by Alexandria Corvinus. I am part of the Therian Faction and I am a very Loyal person until you hurt someone I care about. 

I hope to write with you all soon. 

Hey guys! My name Esme Matthews and I get told I look like Chloe Bennet (I don’t see why anyone would think that). I am played by Mackenzie. I am a part of the Dhampir Factiom and I am a very outgoing person. I can’t wait to meet all of y’all! 

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