No matter how much Erythreus tried to escape the two brothers from his past, a small part of him never would be able to forget all the years he'd spent with them. Forced from village to village to slaughter dozens of innocent people, and beat to death when he refused to kill women and children, although it did no good, because after he'd been beaten to an inch of his life, the brothers killed those that Ery would not, including the women and children; they'd left the beatings for above the waist, shouting "Your legs still work!" before hauiling his frail human form back to his feet, and shoving him onto the next village. And, that was how Erythreus spent years of his life until he tried escaping, caught by the brothers as he laid propped against a rock and intoxicated by the view of the sea. 

The brothers had given him a drink. Figuring it was poison, Erythreus chugged the liquid and began choking, it wasn't poision, but the brothers had laced the drink with their blood, and infused it with the energy of the shadows before hurling him off the cliff to his death. When Ery awoke, he remembered waking by the sea, looking up to the cliff he'd been laying on just moments before, knowing he was dead and what all he'd been through, changed him. Erythreus grew cold, and became a roaming nomad living in one place for no more than three years, or until people realized he did not age. After ten years, a wikken screeched Valkyr at Erythreus, every time he passed her hut. He left that village after only three months. And, after living this way for a couple hundred years, Neglected and no better than an animal himself, Ery was brought back into society by a group of seven others. 

Like him, they'd all lived bad lives, and wanted to answer injustice with justice and protect, progress and restore balance. The leader named Venetus had apparently heard of a roaming nomad, that was more animal than man, torn from humanity by abuse. The Ailward taught Ery how to live again, how to become a man once more, the very thing the two brothers ripped away from him the day he was just a teenager outside of his home hunting in the woods, accidentally misfiring and shooting one of those evil bastards. 

To this day, Erythreus still sat on the edge of a cliff he'd found here in the city, much like the one he was tossed off of, and killed. The sea was still as intoxicating to him, as the first time he'd ever seen it. He seemed to find solace no place other than right here by the sea. 

The Aspect's chest heaved as he breathed heavily. It would never not be hurtful to think that he'd left his home out of rebellion, just because he didn't like the fact that his parents loved him too much, only to wind up with two men as evil as evil got; in his 1,536 years alive, the Aspect of Death still had never met anyone quite as evil as those two. 

Glancing back over his shoulder, he gave the cliff one last look before walking into the city and finding his way inside the library. Erythreus had been wanting to find a job, and a home of his own for a while now, but had not a clue on how to even start the process. He figured the library would be the best place to go, even if he didn't know much about how too work a computer or search for things. He couldn't shake the feeling that he'd just seen one of the few faces from back when shit hit the fan on the Isle. Alva Davenwood. She'd been one of those faces he couldn't forget, due to how kind and trusting she'd been towards him and the rest of the Ailwards. A sliver of guilt always nagged at him, but they did what they had to do to keep things balanced and safe. 

Seating himself in front of a large screen, the Aspect gazed down, and frankly, wasn't even sure of how to turn the damn thing on. "This should be fun" he stated, his accent heavy as it rolled off his tongue. "Excuse me?! I need some help over here" he called out, jumping startled when those sitting at the table across from him all at once said 'shhhhh!', it was then that he saw the sign saying 'quiet, people are trying to read' causing the Aspect of Death to chuckle, and quietly wait for some assistance. He assumed earlier that the woman he thought was Alva would be the one to help him, that's normally how his luck ran these days, but, when no one came, Erythreus made his way over to the front desk where she sat.. for a moment, speechless as he took in her features. It was definitely her. He couldn't help but wonder if she remembered him. "Sorry to bother you, but I have no idea what i'm doing over there" he stated, gesturing to the computer. 

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When Alva had fallen from the night sky onto the most beautiful island she had ever seen, it seemed that life was going to be this beautiful thing in the realm of man. She had made such amazing friends and learned of the very constellations which her species came from. And then it all came crumbling down when the darker nature of the living came to the surface. A portion of her life was stolen from her on the night the village she had fallen in had been raided and so many people who she cared for had died in order to protect her. It was the very first she had ever felt helpless and weak as she flung herself from a cliff knowing the likely outcome would be death and yet she awoke on a ship in comfort with another of her kind.

From that point she had wanted to do everything with her power to keep from ever being helpless or watching people she cared about killed in order to protect her. Niram hadn’t been easy on her, making it clear that the world was a cruel place and those who wanted to kill her wouldn’t pull their punches. Though she didn’t like him at first she began to warm up to him because as he trained her, she realized the only thing he wanted was to give her a chance at survival. Nothing he taught her was meant to be used in order to just harm others and the very idea that people learned how to fight in order to hurt, hunt or kill others made her sad. But if people could be so dark hearted and hateful then at least she knew how to defend herself.

Though it seemed that was no longer a necessity when Niram and Ophelia had brought her to the Isle of Skye, it was beautiful and peaceful but nothing like her home back in Denmark. The Ailwards had been so incredibly kind and allowed her to train with them as well since they knew the danger the Celestials faced when they weren’t on the Isle. It was a time that she had loved and in a way would always treasure because it was one of the first times that she had felt safe. And then she felt hopeless once more when Ophelia didn’t return and the Ailwards turned on them locking them away. For the first few days she had been broken hearted and in utter disbelief and then Niram’s anger began to fuel her own. However having anger and hate in her heart was something that Alva had never really experienced and she hated it.

So instead of being angry she decided to try and keep the spirits of the others up by telling the stories she knew. Tales Ophelia and Niram had told her along with things she had lived through. As the years passed she began to make up her own stories to tell in order to try and help with moral and the younger Celestials which was what brought her to her current job. After gaining freedom and moving to Evermore Alva had slowly begun to branch out and wondered into story time at the local library and from that point on she was hooked.

Her favorite times to work were during the day and during story time when she could captive the children with picture books which intrigued her as well. She had learned so much from working in the library including how to work the computers and the wonders of the internet. The whole world as it was now filled her with mild anxiety but she loved learning new things about the world as well. Finishing replacing some of the returned booked her brows furrowed since she thought she saw a familiar face and one she wasn’t sure she was ready to confront. So instead she moved on to another task pretending to be busy while her heart beat loudly in her ears.

Usually there were more volunteers or library staff but today Alva was on her own so when she heard the familiar accented voice she did her best to ignore it. However the problem was that there was no one else who could help since she was the only person on staff. Petrified she just sat in the desk chair at the front unwilling to move or get up to help him. Though she was trying to release the negatives of the past and live her life to the fullest it was so very difficult not to feel hurt and betrayed just be seeing him and she knew that likely reflected in her eyes since she had never been good at hiding such things. “Seems someone with your many abilities should be able to figure it out.” She said softly her tone far from holding the confidence that it usually did. “I would guess there would be many Guards willing to assist you and yet you came here.” She said a bit confused at why he would do such a thing as she lightly bit down on her bottom lip.  

Erythreus had probably only been one of few out of the Aspects to feel guilt over what’d happened between them and the Celestials. Everyone always gave him a look of surprise if he so much as even showed emotion; they assumed that him being the Aspect of Death meant that he had no heart, no emotions, nor feelings. And that much, made Erythreus livid. How could people be that narrow minded? He asked that question every day of his life. Why did things have to be so black and white; he lived a life full of color and wonder. But, ocassionally, he had to deal with those who made fun of him, or underestimated him. IT didn’t make Ery bitter though, it only made him strive to bring peace to those who deserved it. And his trust? That was never given away on a silver platter. He had tried his hand a few times, and ended up learning the hard way, so now, trust was rarely given to anyone outside his family. 

The Aspect could sense rage and betrayal the moment Alva made eye contact with him. And, her words were nothing short of venomous. At first, the brooding Aspect only crossed his arms over his chest, glaring right back at her. The moment they’d spent giving each other a go-to-hell look, seemed to last way longer than it did when he finally made it a point to speak back. Ery’s sense of humor never fell short of twisted and dark, so he could only chuckle as he began forming words, hoping not to dig himself a grave with her while doing so. “I’m able to reach out to and speak to the dead, the dead appear as a smokey presence between the two realms, guide souls who are being resurrected back to the their bodies, and manipulate nether. So apologies if my computer skills need upgrading” he stated, using his hands to make gestures as he spoke bitterly at first. 

Erythreus grimaced as he tore his gaze away from her to look at the ground. She obviously still hated each of them, and sometimes he understood the reason behind the Celestials hatred, but did they ever stop to think about how some of the Ailwards may of felt? “So, your hated towards me means that a guard should help me, and the library is off limits for me? I suppose I should live out my entire life avoiding people who might hate me, even if that means i’m cutting myself off from society all together” he added, and let his gaze fall on her once more.

“We did what we had to do. I would hope you don’t hate me forever for it, but if that’s the case, at least give it a moment to think that we didn’t do it out of spite” he expressed, saddened that it still had to be this way between them, but he remembered Alva back then for her sweetness. “Apparently, time changed you, and i’m not saying you’re not well within your rights Alva. But seriously, it doesn’t have to be this way. What could possibly go wrong with you helping me with something as simple as working a computer?” he questioned, before looking over to the computer he had just walked away from, which now appeared to have a blue screen on it, with a bunch of writing, and it had started beeping. 

“I’ll go do it myself; just don’t be surprised if I blow it up” he then said, nodding at her before turning his back to her. Erythreus had hoped she’d offer to help him with that being said, so he decided on keeping his pace slow; barely moving as he began walking away. A smirk painted his features though, he had to admit, Alva was pretty cute with the new flare she had to herself.

Alva had tries so hard and spent so much time trying to put the past behind her only to once more be confronted with it in the form of an actual Ailward Aspect. It caused her chest to clench and her heart to feel weak since her heart began to beat in overdrive. Her head began to feel a bit light and though she tried to ignore him it was nearly impossible to do so when his presence cause this feeling to surround her, it had once been a feeling of understand and almost warmth but not anymore now it was just cold dread. It was so hard not to still be sore over everything that had happened, from being thought of as a part of the Ailward family to being locked up in a cage like some prized animal.

It seemed like every time she decided to trust someone other than those of her faction she ended up being treated poorly and in the end, hurt. Ophelia and Niram both understood that well which was why she trusted the two of them the most, placing her life in their hands time and time again and training with them to be able to protect herself. To believe in the celestial energy within herself along with her hand to hand combat skills was something she had to rely on for a large portion of her life but it was still something she treasured just in case. Though she hated that she had to worry about her own safety in such a way since people always wanted to take advantage of what a star had to offer. Clearly neither she nor Ery were exactly happy about their sudden meeting but she had no reason than he did to be upset. The Ailwards had stolen her life and locked her away in a cage until she had nearly lost all hope, holding on to only stories of the past since it was all she had which kept her sane. Others had been thinking of nothing but revenge but she just wanted to move on.

It was easy to keep an aura of anger, resentment and betrayal as far as the Aspect of Death was concerned since he knew how much the Isle of Skye had once meant to the Celestials, for many of them it had been the only safe home they ever had. As he spoke her hazel eyes rolled in annoyance, like she didn’t know the skills that were his to harness, truly she wanted to blast him at the moment but there were other patrons in the library who were behaving themselves and didn’t deserve such a violent show. “Maybe you should just stick with what you know, which involves everything you said plus kidnapping and capture. After all who could truly forget those last two after a hundred years.” She responded in a dry tone of voice lacking any true humor since she wasn’t amused in the least.

Alva wanted nothing more than to be able to forget about the past and release the rare and hatred she had for the Ailwards. After all she didn’t truly hate them, she just hated what they had done. Had they all truly been cold hearted about it though? She would never know because she didn’t want to ask because how they felt about it didn’t change what had happened. “I never said hate, though I truly should. You may have mixed feelings about what was done but living in darkness with limited ability to move watching those you care about most losing faith or giving into hate, that’s something I can never forget. So no I don’t hate you but it seems that asking those who have more positive feelings towards you for help would be the best idea.” Shrugging at the comment about being cut off from society she nearly laughed, well she actually did but it was a bitter sound, “I’m the last person to talk to about being cut off from society.” She retorted as a reminder to him.

Alva hated that Erythreus knew her so well, she hadn’t always been this way, she had been sweet and naïve, willing to give anyone a helping hand. Those were still characteristics that she had but they had been buried a bit by life and everything she had been through. “Spite or not you destroyed lives and you destroyed the good in some people who have only ever seen the light side of things.” Releasing a small sigh she cut her eyes to the side thinking over his words, there were no unwritten rules that she couldn’t help him, at the moment she just wasn’t sure that she wanted to. “Pretty sure you’ve about reset the compute and if I don’t help you, then I’ll be fired.” She muttered before following him to the computer and sitting down to undo the damage done so far, waiting as it went through the start screen before coming back on correctly. “So what are you even trying to do?” She asked while looking over her shoulder at him.

Erythreus had already had his fair share of guilt, and sadness over everything that'd happened between the Ailwards and Celestials; but sadly, seeing Alva made every bit of that come rushing back. He'd been one to try his very best to put it all behind them too, but he knew the feeling all too well, that when you're surrounded by someone you've had history with, no matter the circumstance, that those emotions were bound to come flooding in. He could sense that she felt pretty off being in his presence, which of course made him feel awful, and it just so happened to be both of their luck, that there'd been no one else working tonight but Alva herself. Out of all nights, why had thiss been the one Erythreus had chosen to come to the library? 

He huffed out of annoyance before forcing himself to pick his gaze up off the ground to look at her. Although her tone lacked humor, his expression certainly didn't. Erythreus had always had a poor sense of humor, or what most called, a dark sense of humor.. he could laugh at the worse of situations. But, the life he had lived had been full of sorrow; so the Aspect had eventually began laughing through the darkest of times.. in order to keep himself from going insane, or drowning in all the sorrow that his life had to offer him. 

The Aspect swallowed a little harshly when she told him to stick with what he knew, including kidnap and torture. It made him frown slightly, to think that their kind really assumed it's what the Aspects and Guards were about. Each of the Ailwards, Guards and Aspects both had many talents beyond locking people up in cages the way they had with the Clestials "Desperate measures, Davenwood" he said in response, through gritted teeth and flared nostrils. It usually wounded the Aspects pride to be reminded over and over again that he had helped in making a decision to do that to them, but he wouldn't have done a damn thing different. Erythreus had many flaws, and he was one to be known for sleeping with the enemy, but never had he been anything but loyal and respective of Veneteus and the rest.. he knew no matter what decisions they made, and no matter how hard those decisions had been, they had made them for a reason. 

"A hundred years is plenty of time, to at least start living. Don't you think?" he questioned, shaking his head at her. "I know you are still riddled by so many different emotions because of the past.. but can't you let go.. just a little? It's exhausting Alva.. I don't expect you to ever call me a friend again.. but when I come to the freaking library, it would be a lot easier to ask for help, if you didn't hate e so much that you didn't even wanna be in my breathing space" he expressed angrily. At this point, Ery couldn't count how many moments he'd had with different Celestials, who wanted nothing more than to kill him.. or beat him to an inch of his life at the very least, and Artemitra had damn well tried. 

Erythreus nodded, "that's fair.. the part about me seeking help from someone who has a more positive attitude towards me, but unfortunately, coming to the library means I have to ask whoever works here.. it's your bad luck Alva, not mine" he added, referring to the fact that she'd chosen to work here, and there was nothing he could do about the fact that she had to help people she may not want to sometimes, when she was the only one working. When Alva spoke again, her words cut right through him, but he did his best not to let it show how much it had effected him in that very moment. She'd been the only one to say that, and perhaps he needed to hear it, because until now, he supposed he hadn't realized just how much damage it had all done. "Still Alva, as many innocents that got caught in the cross fire.. you don't wanna take into consideration that even us Aspects and Guards were innocent back then too... back then, we were all friends.. some of us like family to you all.." he started, but he figured with the way she was already looking at him, that it wouldn't be wise to continue this.. at least not inside the library. 

"Anywhoo, yeah.. so I - " he started, but shook his head out of annoyance. To admit to her yet another weakness, made the Aspect utterly uncomfortable. "Im trying to do some job hunting.. some of the applications, you're required to fill them out online.. but.. I don't even know how to work this ridiculous piece of machinery" he admitted, immediately tearing his gaze away from her, because he could just feel it in the air, and he could hear it before she even went there.. the mockery. Shaking his head, Erythreus crossed his arms one over the other and waited. "So, you'd really get fired for not helping me?" he questioned, smirking arrogantly. Truth be told though, Ery just wanted to ask how she was doing these days. But, not a single part of this moment indicated that she would want to answer him, or have any kind of conversation with him whatsoever, so like always he had resorted to sarcasm. 

It'd been a mask for Ery, for such a long time now, that he often forgot how sarcastic he could be. 

Alva hated herself for being so cold and petty, yes the Ailward had taken so much from her kind and from her but it hadn’t always been dark days and feelings of being betrayed and forgotten. Of believing that you were so easy to forget that you needed to be locked away. They had called it protection but to Alva it had been it’s own form of hell with no sunlight or fresh air and little room to move. Everyday the moral dropped more and more and even her stories couldn’t repair the damage done but she believed in Ophelia because she was the only person not locked up who Alva still trusted. In the end that belief and trust paid off and she was freed and reunited with the Wayfinder who she considered a friend and sister of sorts. It wasn’t her intention to make this harder on Ery but it was hard to do anything else since she still held so many pent up emotions and it wasn’t fair to unleash them all out on him but there was no other outlet at the moment.

Maybe some would miss the emotions that he was trying to hide but Alva had known him for her entire stay on the Isle of Skye and somethings may have changed but she could still read him just as she could back then. As the Aspect of Death everyone assumed that he should be dark and brooding and have no light or life left in him but he was very different from that, very complex and it didn’t happen often but his feelings and ego could be wounded and she knew she had dealt more than one of those blows. “We were desperate Ery, Ophelia came to Ailwards in [i]desperation[/i] to help save her people. I can’t begin to understand the weight that was on your shoulders when that decision was made but we were hunted for something we had no control over, hunted close to extinction, we didn’t ask for any of that.” There was so much pain and bitterness in her voice that anyone who knew her now wouldn’t recognize because she was usually bright and cheerful because she was free but tonight so many memories came rushing back from a time when she wasn’t.

At his words of a hundred years being plenty of time her jaw was clamped closed so tight that she swore she could feel her teeth begin to crack. The small voice in her head told her that he didn’t mean the words that he was saying, he was merely lashing out because she had drawn first blood. But his words cut equally deep. “I was living, I had a life that made me happy at a place I considered home with people I considered friends. And all of that is gone Ery and I’m sorry about the Isle, I truly am because despite what was done to us I know that none of you are bad people. But you did make a very, very bad decision and I’m sorry that you somehow think that I should just get over that but that’s not how life works.” She responded in a sharp and angry whisper trying not to disturb the rest of the people in the library.

Her hands went up in agitation as she glared daggers at Ery for his words about her bad luck. “My bad luck? I was locked away in a cage for a hundred years so forgive me for not having any marketable skills in this modern age.” If she didn’t want to physically harm him before it was quickly getting to the point when she wanted to since despite what most would believe up until this point she had been civil. “Innocents always get caught in the cross fire and the Ailward are a ‘good of the many outweighs the good of the few’ organization. I…I wouldn’t have left, that was my home.” She said as sorrow sank in at her last words because given the choice she would have stayed of her own free will but no choice had ever been offered.

Shaking her head she tried to clear it and focus on helping him do whatever he needed and getting him out of the library so she could finally breathe again without feeling like she was drowning which she had done before and it felt much the same. Why did he have to come in tonight instead of when she was off work? Staring at the screen she focused on what was displayed instead of the fact that she didn’t hate the man beside her, she couldn’t. But he, like the rest of the Ailward, had hurt her in a way that was hard to come back from and that she struggled with everyday. She was free though and he wasn’t trying to force her back into a cage or even into being his friend. “Most applications have to be done online these days, it apparently easier for companies to go through things digitally and it makes sure nothing gets lost or misplaced I guess.” She said while tapping her fingers against the keyboard enough to make a soft noise but not enough to usually type letters. “I probably wouldn’t get fired unless you made a complaint and told them how rude I was…” The words were out of her mouth before she realized it and she turned so fast that her vision took a moment to catch up as she reached out and gripped his hand without even thinking. “Please, please don’t do that. I need this job and it really is one of the few things I have.” Suddenly she was panicked all over again because this was the best part of her days, she loved the library and doing story time with the kids and being able to learn all the things she had missed.

When she realized she was holding his hand she quickly dropped it. Why had she given him so much information? The answer was simple, old habits died hard and they had once spoken so openly that she never had to worry. Now her life was once more in his hands in a way and she felt her stomach sink, “Please.” She said softly looking him directly in the eyes for the first time since he had come in.

Erythreus knew this wouldn't blow over easily; in fact, he figured a lot of the Celestials would hold a grudge for decades to come. He himself however, had planned to make amends, and Erythreus would go to whatever lengths to do so. Just because he was the Aspect of Death, didn't mean he was dark and twisted up on the inside; at least not anymore. When Venetus and the others found him, Ery had been nothing more than a shell of a person ripped from humanity by the cruelty of society. He lived like an animal, and humanity had ceased to exist for him after being forced to slaughter one village of people after the next. It was either kill, or be beaten to an inch of his life.. and when Erythreus couldn't bare to kill women and children they beat him just enough so that his legs still worked, and pushed him on to the next village. 

After years of that treatment, Erytrheus turned into the animal they wanted him to be. A true savage who didn't care to kill women and children; villages full of innocents. 

Erythreus hated how much Alva actually knew him. No one ever, could see Erythreus at his worse when it came to his emotions. He'd always done so well to bury them, that most believed he didn't even feel emotions. But Alva, she was the one who could see right through him, so he didn'tt even bother to mask his emotions around her. It saddened Ery greatly to think of how close the two of them had once been. Going from that, to this, was just simply heart breaking, and he hated how it showed through his eyes, and the words he spoke. The Aspect dropped his gaze once more when she spoke. Erythreus of all people knew that back then, Ophelia had came to them in desperation, but Ven and Reus didn't see it that way; of course they'd all given the Celestials a place to call 'home', but when shit hit the fan, defenses were up, and trust was only a thing of the past. 

"I admire Ophelia, in many ways" he stated truthfully, trying to force himself to make eye contact with her again, even though she hadn't looked into his eyes not once since he'd came in here today. "You're right though, you'll never be able to even begin to understand the weight that got put onto my own shoulders. But every dark story needs it's villain, if me being yours makes you feel better, then put all the blame on me. I'm perfectly fine with that" he expressed, and shook his head ..frustrated that he felt a sense of doom, thinking things would never be any different than this. "Ophelia did what she had to, to protect you guys. And we did what we had to, to protect literally  everyone" he stated, and rolled his sky blue optics at her, even though she wouldn't notice, since she still couldn't even bare the thought of making eye contact with him. 

Ery knew at times he could be a dick .. and that his words had a way of cutting deep; just like now. He could see her jaw muscles tensed up, and knew if she didn't calm down she'd end up hurting him. "I know you guys didn't ask for any of that Alva, but do you think we were lounging around waiting for a day like that to come ourselves?" he asked, knowing he wouldn't get much more of a response, than a go to hell look from her. The Aspect groaned,truly frustrated at this point. He just wanted to make amends.. and no matter how tiring it was starting to become, he didn't have any other choice. He would make this right for himself, and the rest of the Ailwards, no matter what it took. 

The way she flared up at his words, caused the Aspect to flinch a little; he knew at any moment, she'd lose it. That's not what he was aiming for of course, but Erythreus was brash, irrational and impulsive, and he ruled over sarcasm it seemed. His dark sense of humor certainly didn't help in this case either. "It was your home Alva.. I get that, but it was ours too.. and in case you've forgotten I lost a lot too.. you" he added, and not for a second did he take his eyes off of her. Even if she wouldn't look at him, he felt he couldn't say any of this without looking at her. This conversation was way past due for them, but he hadn't anticipated it happening in the middle of the library. 

"It's nice to hear you admit that we're not bad people though. I'm sure that was hard." he then said, before tucking his hands down into the pockets of his long black leather trench coat. Erythreus never looked like he belonged. Appearance wise, he certainly did look like the Aspect of Death. He always wore a long black leather trench coat, fingers leather gloves, all black underneath, grunge boots, and a short ponytail. He always made an entrance, even here in the library he had people staring at him like he was some sort of foreign object; unless all the staring was out of lust. Giving an eye roll to that though, Erythreus peeled his gaze off of a red head, and looked back to Alva. "Yes I know we made a 'bad decision'. But at the time, and to us, it was THE ONLY decision" he expressed, realizing his tone had heightened a little. "Sorry. Im not here to get you in trouble" he expressed, giving a cocky smirk as if getting her in trouble would give him some satisfaction. 

When Alva said that was't how life worked, Erythreus cocked a brow, and folded his arms over one another "So tell me then Alva. How should life work. What would you have done differently?" he questioned, and began tapping his foot. He truly wanted an answer. He was dying to know what any of them could have done more effectively and differently. "If we had hunted Ophelia down, and caged her up alone.. we would have had every last one of you using your powers against us, to free your wayfinder, when in reality, caging any of you up, was only necessary for the safety of literally everyone. It wasn't an act of hate, or spite". Ery could have gone on forever, but he decided to stop before this got anymore heated than it seemed to be now. Not that she wasn't a little more cute when she was mad. 

The Aspect flinched yet again when Alva threw her hands up; he was sure she'd done hit him, but thankfully she had only rose her hands due to frustration. It's not like he didn't deserve a slap through the face. "Alva...." he started, and gave an exxagerated sigh "You can'e blame literally everything on us. I don't think none of us understand how this modern age works. I struggle as much as you do, I wouldn't be here if I didn't. Trust me" he expressed, a little bitterly at this point himself. "I know you have disadvantages from being locked away. Losing 100 years of your life has knocked you pretty far behind .. I can't even start to imagine having will power to even continue waking up in that sort of condition.. It must have driven some of you to insanity. I'm sorry Alva, I wish things had played out different .. but the fact is, is that it didn't and this is where we are now. What we do now is what defines us .. and I won't let that horrific moment define me. You're free now, and can do whatever you please with that freedom, using it to hate me is you keeping yourself buried by it all" 

Ery listened as she explained the process that had nearly caused him to crash this computer. "So I guess it's true. This new generation is completely consumed by technology" he stated, and laid his head down on the table in front of him, groaning dramatically. The Aspect only rose his head again when Alva told him that she'd only get fired if he went as far as making a complaint on her about how rude she was; watching as she panicked, Erythreus became guilt-stricken. In that moment, it was like she realized she'd given Ery some kind of power; power he would never use though. He chuckled to himself as her dainty hand wrapped around his wrist and she began pleading. With his free hand, he reach out and grabbed her other hand, locking eyes with the Celestial, Ery smiled. 

Though she had quickly dropped her hand, Erythreus reach down and picked it back up, now holding both her hands "I would never do that to you Alva. I didn't come here to take anything from you" he started, and glanced down, taking a moment to acknowledge her hands in his before looking into her eyes again.  reaching up with his left hand, The Aspect caressed  her cheek gently "I'm sorry you fear me that much, but you don't need to. I want you to continue living this life.. i'm happy to know you've found something that makes you as happy as this place does" he expressed genuinely, biting his lower lip before withdrawing his hands, and letting her own fall to the sides. After clearing his throat, the Aspect glanced from her back to the monitor. As awkward as he felt now, and as fast as he was sure his dead heart was beating, he still attempted to focus on the screen. 

"So what do I do?" he asked. "I don't even know where to search for a job to put in an application. I'm hopeless. I don't even know what I wanna do with my life" he expressed truthfully, finding himself frowning at that realization. Erythreus realized he was lost.. lost within himself. That was something no one could help him with. He dealt with death on the daily, 24/7 with no breaks. Being the Aspect of Death was a job that breaks would never come with, someone was dying every second in the world. So, he wanted to find a job where he could at least feel some sort of balance in his life. Distracted however, Erythreus smirked at Alva "You can make it up to me though the whole 'I decided to be very rude to Ery just because he needed help' ordeal" he stated, and leaned back in the chair, crossing his arms over his toned chest "And I have just the way" he added with a playful wink. 

He figured his propisition would get him slapped, but he didn't care. He wanted to talk to Alva beyond this damned library. They'd been so much more than enemies once upon a time, it was only fair for him to wonder how she was doing, aside from the obvious trauma of the past. It was no lie, Ery still cared a great deal for Alva. But, after being around her again, it dawned on him just how much he did care. They couldn't exactly talk here.. it was a quiet zone for people to be able to concentrate; read; study, whatever they needed to do. He was sure that talking her into  a more isolated setting could result into many bad things for himself, but it was a risk worth taking. Truth be told, he kind of missed her. 

Alva didn’t want to be this person she had morphed into, being defensive and angry. More than anything she wanted to go to the young naïve woman who had fallen to earth on the most beautiful and peaceful of islands. To be younger and learning of the stars, a home she would never know and being taught the most simple of skills from children and elder’s alike. It had been a good life, but just like her time on Skye, it had ended badly. Neither of them were the people they had once been anymore and for better or worse this was who they were. Did she fear what he might do to her now? No, in some strange way, deep down she held trust and belief in him but she was too afraid to let it show. Just as he was so often too afraid to show how he truly felt but she could see through his mask, she had studied him for a long time before approaching him and getting to know him from afar.

“Ophelia has always done what was necessary to protect us. She’s placed trust in those she believed in and she was burned, just as we all were. I don’t fault her for that faith because I had it as well but in the end she was who was there for me, for all the Celestials. That means more than you can ever begin to comprehend.” They had both been through things that the other would never be able to fully grasp and though they were both obviously sympathetic it wasn’t easy to just move passed. “I can’t blame you or any of the Aspects anymore than I can blame the unforgiving heavens for dropping any of us into such a world where people seek to use us and kill us for their own gain. That’s not something either of us can control.” In the end they had both caused one another pain, the Ailward with locking the Celestials away and Ophelia who had never intended for such a catastrophe to occur by freeing them.

There were certain things that Alva could respond to and others which would just cause a very large scene and so in this case she ignored his words to the best of her abilities. She truly had no response for him that he wanted to hear, nor that would currently make things better between them, only worse. She didn’t want to live her life within Evermore angry and dreading running into any of the Ailwards. If certain things were said there would be no way to take those words back and so she held them inside knowing just how much pain a sharp tongue could truly inflict.

Why did he make her so angry? If it had been Argent, Deus or even Malva there was no way she would be in this current state of nearly shaking from all the emotions coursing through her. “I want nothing more than for things to go back to the way they once were, but things can never be the same for more reasons than one. I am sorry for your lose Ery just as I am for my own.” She truly had no idea what else to say since as she chanced a look at him, the intensity and sincerity of his gaze was nearly burning. “Somethings lost can be found but it take time and a willingness to do so. Along with the realization that when you get it back it won’t be as it once was.” She said trying to allow a feeling on calm to seep back into her not wanting to angry or harsh with him.

Rolling her eyes Alva felt the old urge to playfully smack him due to his comment but she held it in. The Celestial was too afraid of just allowing him back in, even if things had changed there had been a lot of damage done which wasn’t going to be soothed by a singular conversation. “Good people do bad things and bad people are capable of doing good things. I don’t think that any of you are malicious necessarily but that doesn’t mend old wounds.” And there was a good chance that likely nothing but time would. As he spoke loudly she shushed him as her eyes moved around the library a few looking over at them but she could tell it wasn’t exactly all due to the noise. “Some how I doubt that, though it seems more likely that you’re here to get into trouble.” Which she was sure wasn’t far from off either.

“I would have trusted the people who’s lives were endanger and realized they were helpless in everything occurring. Most of us would have stayed on Skye without being forced to do so but you all were so afraid of what would happen should one of us be killed while Ophelia was out of commission to fix it. The Aspects have their own guards and there were so many of you on Skye with so few of us. Where were not worth of our guards so we could have our own lives? Or was that too much an on inconvenience and something only done for those of the Ailward?” She asked not even bothering to response to question about Ophelia since at the time she had been trapped in the past and unable to do or help anyone.

Bottling up all the anger that she felt as once more pretty much being told to let it go, she began to breathe slowly as Niram had taught her, though it hadn’t been meant for this sort of situation. Alva could feel her skin beginning to grow warm, the increase and distress of her emotions causing her to glow a bit brighter before she stomped it down. “You still don’t get it. I don’t worry or agonize over the past, I fear for the future. I fear trusting anyone because everyone other than my own people have betrayed me and I fear a time when the Ailward once more decide we are such a danger to this world that we’re not allowed to be in it.” The past had a way of leaving scars and there was no easy way to move on but she was doing her best to move forward everyday and live the life which was given back to her.

It had been a long time since Alva had ever begged or pleaded for anything but she hated being vulnerable or showing fear or an insecurity but right now he held power she never meant for him or anyone to have. This was now her life and she had worked hard for it, having learned so much just to get this job. There had been many nights of utter frustration when other Celestials had to help calm her nerves and remind her that she could do it and in the end she had. Feeling the tears welling in her eyes she did her best to hold them back, she wouldn’t cry, especially not here. “When things have only been taken from you, including what’s been given you hold on to what you have with every fiber of your being. You know no other way and you can’t help but fear what might be taken from you next.” And this place did make her happy, each book taught her new things, history that she had missed or transported her to another world. She tired to ignore the way his hand had softly brushed her cheek which had been easy to do when she had been in full panic mode but not so much now as their hands thankfully drifted apart.

“The easiest way to find anything is to go to this icon here.” She said point at the screen as her mind slowly returned to the task at hand as she pointed to the web browser icon. “It’ll take you to the internet.” She waited for him to click on it before point up to the search bar, “Then you can just type in jobs in Evermore, Colorado and it should come up with a few different sites and we can go from there.” She bit her bottom lip as he said he didn’t know what he wanted to so since that was understandable but it also made it hard. “You can always just see what comes up and see if anything interests you.” Though her brow quirked at his words, “I still believe I’m well within my right to choose how I react to certain people for the first time since a traumatic event.” Which was exactly what being locked away and forgotten had been.

Her brow was still raised as she looked over at him, “I don’t believe I’ve agreed to anything yet but feel free to voice whatever it is that you think would sooth your ego.” And yet despite the slightly harsh edge to her words she was a bit curious on what he could possibly want from her.

Reading Alva, at times, pained Erythreus very much. Just as she so easily saw right through his sarcastic facade, he saw through hers. It's a mask they seemed to share. Though, the bitterness he heard in her tone, wasn't like Alva at all. He supposed time, and certain tragic events, had changed each of them. Back then, Erythreus was far more ruthless than he was standing here today. Today he was sympathetic and understanding, and a small part of him.. desperate to change things between himself and a person he once cared for a whole lot. Not only that, he wanted to think he could eventually bring peace among them all. Ery knew Alva had a lot to resent him and the rest of his kind for, but what he hated most, was that he couldn't just change it with a simple promise. Erythreus could promise her the world, but that didn't mean she'd want it. Trust was something he wanted to earn more than anything, but he could never force her to give that to him. All he could do was continue to try.

He listened as she spoke, and he wondered if she was still being hurtful with her words or if she was simply just speaking the truth. Sure, Ophelia did what she had to do, to protect her own, any true leader would do what's necessary to protect their own. But, her methods had caused such a tragedy, that people would be healing from, for a lifetime from now. It's something that had rocked them all, and spun most people inside out. "I know Ophelia didn't mean for that to happen, but neither did we" he said, his defensive nature stirring inside him again. 

When Alva said that she couldn't blame the Aspects, nor the unforgiving heavens for dropping them in a world that wanted to use and hurt them, Erythreus frowned. It bothered him to hear her speak as if the Celestial's didn't belong here.. in the same world as everyone else. Maybe a big part of them felt like they didn't, because they all likely missed 'home'. It couldn't be easy .. and from talking to Ophelia and becoming a friend to her, he had learned that she missed home very much, which was very far from where they were now. "Thats not true Alva" he said, being defensive again, and swallowing harshly. 

To her saying she wanted things to be okay, but they never would, made him feel a sense of hopelessness; Doom. It started with small steps and he knew that much, but so far, Erythreus hadn't been able to get through to any of them. First with Artemitra who held a deep seeded hatred for him, now with Alva, someone who once cared for him, now looking at him as though he was someone unrecognizable. It seemed as though all those good memories had been washed away by the bad. "Yeah no need for you to apologize for our losses. I want there to be a moment, where we're not counting our losses like this, but I get it. That moment's not now." he stated simply. As much as he wanted to change things and bring peace between the Ailwards and Celetials, it was gonna take more than just him, and perhaps some more patience on his part. 

Her looking at him changed things in that moment. IT's as though she had finally made a little bit of effort to notice him standing there, and the sincerity he radiated. Erythreus may of been the Aspect of Death, but deep down he was a humble man, who drank way to much to dull the pain from the many things he's lost himself. Erythreus had never played the part of a villain, and never would. Although, in Alva's story as well as many other Celestials, that's exactly who he was for them. The villain, and while it pained him deeply, someone had to play that role in everyone's story. Ery's loud tone had caused a few mean glares from those who sit around the other tables trying to get their work done, and when she hushed him, the Aspect gave an intense glare, before rolling his own eyes. "Good to know. That's one thing settled then, you don't see me as a complete monster. I know there's time needed for all of you, and i'm typically patient, but I didn't share a history with most of the others.. you're an exception to that, so I apologize if I seem a little hell bent on earning your trust in particular" 

Erythreus wanted to mend things for all of them sure. But, knowing how close he and Alva once were, and seeing what they turned to now, simply hurt. Alva's next words cut just as deep as the rest. She made a lot of valid points, and she ignored a lot of his questions to ask her own. This wouldn't take them very far, but she was well within her rights to ask everything she'd asked so far. He hated knowing that she .. and likely a lot of the others felt that they were simply just a burrden, and that they were so unworthy they didn't even deserve to live their lives. Did they feel as though they would have been better off never falling from the sky? Ery was sure of that much. Some of the Celestial's he'd encountered so far, were still so riddled by anger that they couldn't see past it to understand that the Ailwards had no other choice back then. 

Erythreus would have never hurt a soul, let alone someone he cared for as much as he had once cared for Alva. And with the desperation he felt to get her to forgive him, he supposed he never stopped caring for her. Maybe it was true that they said they had no other choice, because it was just the easiest thing to say. But, it didn't help matters to debate it any longer either. People in the library continued watching them as if they were about to have some lovers quarrel. Ery had placed his hand on her shoulder, only to quickly withdraw it the second she began glowing. "Stop.." he said in a fearful whisper, not wanting others to see the scene unfold before them. "I didn't mean to make you that angry" he added, and kept his hands behind his back. Now wasn't the time to piss off a Celestial who could cause massive damage to everyone and everything around. 

It saddened the Aspect to hear what she truly feared more than anything she had told him so far. "People are meant to look forward to their futures Alva, not fear them. I won't let that happen, I promise you that. There's got to be a way that we can go about this, without the same incidents occurring. I would like to think that history isn't bound to repeat it's self, not for us, nor Ophelia. She didn't mean to, I know that. But, another tragedy like that one, I don't imagine will end well.. not even for the Ailwards this go around" he stated, and his tone matched his fear stricken expression. Could all of that really replay for all of them? It'd been such a catastrophe that many came to the conclusion that it couldn't possibly happen again."You have a life to live, and I think you should start living it. And, if never seeing my face again helps with that,, i'll make damn sure I don't come back around here. I had no idea you worked here Alva, and i genuinely just needed help. The modern day tehcnology and I, aren't that close"  

The old Aspect still hadn't ever managed to fit in with this day  and age, and he wasn't sure if he ever would. He noted the way her expression changed when their hands drifted apart, and for Erythreus, it was awkward, when it shouldn't have been. But, with everything that had happened, he and Alva may as well be strangers to one another now. And that realization hurt more than any so far. "I hear you. Really" he then said, grazing his teeth over his lip as he tried to conjure up the right things to say. Sometimes, his sense of humor was dry and dark, and not needed in specific moments; like this one. "I'm sorry, Alva" he said, dropping his gaze, realizing the only thing he could do from here on out, is give those who needed time, the time that they asked for. IF it meant with him not in their faces, then so be it, he'd have to find a way to manage that. He wanted peace, and if this was the start to that, then he'd make it work. 

Erythreus wasn't even in the mood to learn this computer stuff now, even if he did want to try out a normal job, and do something on the side lines of his fulfilling task of being the Aspect of Death. Right now, all he wanted to do was crawl into a hole, and stay there for a while. Brooding was what he knew best, so it's what he resorted back to. He stared at the icon, then back to Alva "Fine" he said, not really knowing why he said it in the first place, but nonetheless, Erythreus followed her steps, and began laughing at the screen. "What the hell is this?" he asked, a pop up corrupting his mind with an insanely  gorgeous blonde on it half- dressed. "I think your computer broke" he then said, with a serious expression, though his gaze was struck by the woman on the screen where a number was given to call. 

"I can't focus" he expressed, and saw the "X" in the top right corner, deciding to press his luck, before pushing the small device upward, which he assumed was the part of the computer she called the 'mouse', and closed the page that he imagined, wasn't meant to pop up at all. Now that it was gone, the Aspect looked back to her with a flushed face, and her words were barely audible. "Sorry." he stated, and cleared his throat. He seemed to be full of apologies, which at this point had annoyed him with his own self, so he was sure it had annoyed her too. She'd made it pretty clear, that it wasn't fixing anything. Erythreus typed on the keyboard in front of him, finding the sound it made, rather amusing. To be frank, he felt like a child in a toy factory. 

The Aspect couldn't make eye contact once she'd said she hadn't agreed to anything yet, but he could say whatever he needed to, to soothe his ego. "Well, this isn't about my ego Alva.. but thanks for noticing that I still have a large one" he started, flashing a coy smirk at her to drive that x-rated, typical joke of his home. "Anyways, go out with me" he said hesitantly, tensing up immediately. "Not a date, nothing sexual.. i'm not a complete dog, but this is awkward. Really, you have to admit that yourself. We've spent the majority of time speaking bitter words to each other, even if going some place other than here resorts to you just yelling at me, ill take it" he added, before glancing at the computer screen which had seemingly loaded a whole new page. "Evermore's jobs, I could be a tattoo artist" he chuckled, but truth be told, if he was being serious, he could have been. Writing and drawing was Ery's style, as he hated modern technology, it's pretty much all he knew how to do anyways. 

Any other jobs would have needed a ton of training for someone like Erythreus, and he only wanted a side line job to have something else to do. "Hmm. A security guard for the library" he added, shooting her a knowing look, cause that would end with the library demolished if these two worked together. "I won't do that to you. there's not a lot here that grabs my interest. Is there a way for you to print this out for me?" he asked, before returning to earlier's request. "And, about going somewhere with me. No pressure, and no rush in deciding. But, I was thinking when I leave here.." he expressed with a certain hesitance, and insecurity in his tone before averting his gaze to look anywhere but at her now. He hated rejection, and he knew that's likely what he was about to get. 

Alva rolled her eyes, at the Aspect’s statement. Ophelia had trusted the wrong person and been given a spell to take not only the barrier down but the Isle as well. Alva had seen the horror reflecting on Ophelia’s face as she realized what was happening. It was meant to be a simple in and out rescue mission, not utter destruction and chaos. The fact that Erythreus liked to the same thing was incredibly unfair since the Ailward knew what they were doing when they gathered the Celestials and locked them away. It was just a reminder that the Celestials would never truly have peace, that someone in the world would always seek to hunt them, use them or lock them away. Why they were allowed to fall to such a world she didn’t fully understand, maybe it was so that they would bring light and hope but there were so many who sought to keep that from happening. “I don’t remember where I came from but I can only hope that it was better than this.” After all Alva hoped for peace in the world but even in Evermore there were still dangers.

Everyday she did her very best to move forward and focus on the here and now instead of a hundred years of being locked away in a cage. Kept alive but not able to feel the sun on her skin, the cool evening breeze or know how the world around her was changing. It had changed her and morphed her into a person she didn’t want to be and for the last few years of being free she did her best to try to become the carefree and optimistic person she had once been but somethings couldn’t be restored once they were lost or broken. She wasn’t counting her losses so much as remembering what had happened because it wasn’t like, oh a few years have passed and I’m not over a hundred years of mental torture as the world moved on, everyone who knew you no longer remembering who you were. She wanted to respond to Ery but she just couldn’t, not about that and not right now. “This is the first time I’ve come face to face with any of you, I’m allowed to take the time I need. I didn’t expect to be in this position no matter how inevitable it is.” She said softly knowing things would get better but it would take time.

As the years had passed, Alva had gotten better with handling it all and working on moving past it and though she knew her words hurt Ery, she couldn’t stop them. She was entitled to her questions and her anger over what had happened to not only herself but so many others. Had it been Ery’s choice alone? Of course not, but he had still been part of the body to make those decisions. She tried to keep her own feelings locked deep away, in the box within her mind and heart which kept her from being hurt. Of all the Aspects, Ery could hurt her the most if she allowed it and she couldn’t go through that, not again. Somethings were hard to hide though including her glow which she didn’t realize was evening happening until he said something about it. “I’m sorry. I’m not….I’m not trying to be angry or glow or any of that but I can’t just tap down what I’m feeling.” Which was the truth, it wasn’t was switch which could just be turned off whenever it was convenient.

“When you’ve had you’re very future taken away by those you trusted the most, those you believe would be in that future. It’s hard to place much stock in what’s to come and to truly believe that you’ll be allowed to live. Especially when Celestials in the city have been attacked, there’s nothing the other factions can necessarily do since we aren’t protected by the Peace Treaty, we’re protected by the Valkyr but even they are limited due to their own place within the city and treaty as well.” Celestial energy and a Volakiri bond were two of the greatest powers a Celestial had, Alva however didn’t have a Volakiri partner like many others did. It wasn’t necessarily something she sought out but it would be nice to have that sort of bond with someone and have them always there for one another. “I have a life Ery, a good one that I enjoy. I don’t want to never see you again but it is hard seeing you again after so long.” She didn’t want him to leave and she did believe they could work through this but not necessarily right away.

One day Alva would be able to chalk this all up to just a bad memory but for right now it was still too fresh. “It won’t always be this way Ery but it won’t just magically return to the way things once were.” She stated simply trying to ignore the emotions which were trying to overwhelm her. Thankfully the conversation turned a bit lighter as they began to try go sort through the modern miracle which was technology. It did wondered but was frustrating at times, especially because even Alva didn’t understand all of it. A slight blush came to her face as the pop-up came up. There were of course pop-up blockers, firewalls and blocked web pages but a lot of people had learned how to go past them to get to what they wanted. “Looks like someone’s been looking at things they should be on computers and it obviously wasn’t jobs. No need for an apology it happens pretty often unfortunately.”  Though it did definitely make the moment awkward between them as tried to act like it wasn’t affecting her even though her face was rather heated at the moment.

“Your ego is the least of my concerns.” And she was well aware that most of the Aspects had more than a bit of an ego for obvious reasons. At his proposal of going out her brow rose wondering if he had suddenly become insane or forgotten everything they had just discussed. It might be nice to truly be able to talk to him in an environment where they didn’t have to whisper. He was now the Ambassador for the Aspects so maybe things would really be different now and it was best not to keep pushing him away if there was a chance that history could just be something of the past instead of events with the potential of repeating. “This really isn’t the place for serious and emotional discussions that’s for sure.” She said as they both looked at the jobs listings, “With how you’re conquering the computer here I can’t imagine you with most of the technology I’ve seen in tattoo shops. Once you can master a computer, scanner and printer than maybe. Though I guess you could be an apprentice.” She said looking at a lot of the listings which were mostly food service industry and bars.  

Then of course there were the career based jobs that were going to require a lot of training in a specialized field and she was pretty sure that he didn’t have the time to devote to that. “Oh yes we have a high crime rate here.” She joked wondering how that was even a job let alone one listed, strange. “Yeah I can print out the information on the jobs that you’re interested in. It’s something like five cents per-page but I doubt that will be a problem.” She mused glancing over as he began to speak again hearing the hesitancy and the fact that he was a bit unsure. “The library closes in an hour and I have to straighten up a bit and make sure everything is in it’s place but I guess after that…I don’t necessarily have anything to do.” She said slowly unsure if she wanted to put herself in that position but she decided to give it a chance.

Erythreus supposed he'd been a little insensitive, and he could have been a bit more understanding with her needing time. Even if it had been thousands of years, a person's mind usually tended to hold onto the worse things that happened to them, so to fault Alva for not have moved on yet, was simply mean of him, and he acknowledged that. With that realization, the Aspect frowned, unsure of what to say, but he listened to her regardless. He owed her that much he supposed. "I guess we could say, even back then.. I was riddled by guilt.. that seems to have only heightened over the years rather than get better, so I suppose I can give you the time you need... ill never forget certain things either, and it's been 1500 plus years on some of the things that happened to me" he responded, the only way he knew how to, but it was truthful either way. 

Erythreus felt like shit, and he was sure his expression showed nothing but guilt, but he still always tried to mask those kinda of feelings with sarcasm, or dark humor. Somehow though, right now, he couldn't find it in him to come up with a snarky joke. Perhaps he had more humanity within him than he'd ever even realized. Something he wished to turn off when it hurt this much. "I thought by now you would have ran into a few of us, it makes it even worse to hear you say that i'm the first one you've encountered after everything..." he started, and rose a brow, sighing and shaking his head "don't be sorry.. I guess if I glowed when my emotions got to me, i'd never do anything but that.. it doesn't scare me" he confirmed, figuring she'd been afraid the moment he mentioned her glow. Likely thinking he saw her as a threat who needed locked away for the safety of everyone, just like before. But no, not this time. IF anything, he wanted to help where he could and was allowed to with their kind. It would take time though. Time he knew he had considering his immortal status. 

The mention of the treaty that the Celestial's weren't a part of, sparked ideas in the Aspects mind that he'd bring up to his own, some other time. "You all deserve to be in that treaty. I think enough's enough. My words, and half assed promises aren't a way to convince you to trust me, it's just a statement. I'm sorry you feel that you all still don't have a place within the city, and that it could end for you any second now" the look on his face, likely looked as if he were in pure agony. Erythreus seemed to feel things on a much different level than any normal person, and out of all the others, he knew he was the softest of them all.. the one who cried late at night when no one was watching because of the things he dwelled on. The Aspect swallowed roughly, and allowed himself to crack a faint smile when she said she didn't never not want to see him again. That was something at least. "Ill take that" he expressed, still looking at the floor though. 

"It's been a while Alva.. but I get it, not long enough. I'm sorry you got put in this situation. If I could have gone anywhere else for help, I would have. Our tech genious was out, so I couldn't go down to her... other than that, i had no clue how to even go about looking for a job. And looking for a job.. that just sounds dumb after all. With what all I have on my plate, it was stupid for me to even try" he stated, being the brooding male he was known to be, finding the bad in everything that had taken place this evening. Erythreus nodded at what she said, letting it go at that "Fair enough.. I wished that things could go back to where they were before, at least for me and you... but ill take what I can get" he said in response, and then chuckled at the sight of her blushing. 

Her blushing however, turned into a chain reaction, because her words after that made Erythreus blush himself. "Hey, a man has to do what he has to do.. and it wasn't even by choice that I seen that type of stuff.. it was already pulled up, and well.. i couldn't help myself" he admitted, covering his face with his hand, before running it through his blonde mane, pinning his hair up into the short pony tail he always wore. Ery noted the look on her face, when he had asked if she'd go some where with him. His main reason? He hated this damned library. For one, they had to whisper, and for two, other than computers, there was nothing to look at. "I suppose I could try something like that.. I really didn't want to end up trying out a bartending job, or a cafe job.. but I guess it's just as good as any other job out there, since my main purpose of even getting a job, is to simply feel some normality in my life. I don't need the money, so i technically don't need the job.. just wanting one is all" 

When Alva said she had to clean up and close within an hour, and had nothing to do after that, it sparked some hope in the Aspect, and a huge smile radiated from him. He wasn't sure he'd smiled this much around her yet, not anytime recently anyways.. he could remember being this happy around her years ago, and that made him feel like maybe this was the start of the end for the divide between them. "I can help.. clean up or something if you want?" he offered, but stared at the screen rather than looking back at her, since she seemed full of dread the moment she agreed to leaving the library with him. "I know these are only words.. but i'm not gonna doing anything to hurt you" he stated, knowing he already had hurt her. But, he'd never do it again. "Theres a few nice places we can go, with nice views and such" he added, before pulling a few dollars in change out to get copies of the job listings. "Just print them all for me, and ill go over them while i'm at the manor with nothing to do" he stated, and laid the money down on the desk. 

"I can occupy myself right here, while you go clean up. The offer still stands though, if you need my help" he finished off, and figured out how to get to a place where he could hear music. "Youtube.." he said out loud, quirking a brow. "What a name .." he then said just as awkwardly. Erythreus began pecking at the keys, one at a time as he typed in the name of a song, and smiled like he had done something amazing when it began playing. He hated technology. He was sure he looked like an idiot, and that he'd came from the stone age to those around him, with how they stared, whispered and laughed. He kept the music at a low enough volume to not disturb the peace, but he knew soon enough it'd be just him and Alva here. 


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