Mirae sighed as she looked into her tall standup mirror at the foot of her bed. It hadn't been long ago that the Niveis had finished off her training sessions with Rhydian. Still, she found herself lost. She thought training with someone as rough as Rhydian would help her find whatever it was she'd been looking for. Nothing seemed to do however, no matter what lengths Mirae went to, she simply felt incomplete. Ha-joon had been the only exception to the hollow heart that no longer beat inside of her chest. 

Mirae took control of her life after not having one for years, but she still couldn't close her eyes without seeing that sword thrust through her brothers chest. She suffered from severe PTSD, and Coldren would now rest beyond his grave forever. It was unfair, she thought. That he was at rest, and she would forever walk the earth with memories of what he'd done to her and her brother. The one thing Mirae knew she had was the fact that she and Daehyun had moved on, and they had done so together, and didn't love one another any less. 

Ha-joon stayed on her mind heavily as of lately. She was conflicted about most things in her life, and never once felt sure of anything. But, the second she met the human, he became a beacon in her dark world, and she was finally sure of at least one thing. She knew she was falling head over hills. But, she was simply too afraid to admit that, to him, or to herself. The Niveis wiped the tears from her eyes that'd formed earlier when she got to thinking too hard about Dae, and the possibility of him leaving the city again. She would always cry it out though, because she'd made this sacrifice once beofre, to tell him goodbye so he could live the life he desired and deserved. Coldren took that from him the last time. Now that there was no one to stand in the way, except for maybe a blonde Valkyr that they both favored, she feared he'd leave soon enough. 

The mirror had iced over before Mirae realized her emotions had gotten to her. With that, she stood and walked to the window. She smiled as she noticed the snow had began falling, covering the ground in  abright white blanket. She couldn't help but feel the urge to go see how her personal traineer had been. The last encounter she and Rhydian had was enough for her to know he had been burying a lot of grief and sorrow. She decided to turn the tables, it was her turn to help him. From past history between them, Mirae knew Rhydian wouldn't simply just open up to her, and he would likely try pushing her away the second she called him out on his sorrows, but that didn't meaan she wouldn't try even harder. 

After dressing in a red sweater with the number 7 on it, and Stormwind printed on the back, Mirae slipped  a pair of black leggings on, black snow boots, and her black and red jacket with grey fur around the hood. After leaving a note for Dae, Mirae went outside and stood at the end of their driveway, catching a cab to Rhydian's residence. Her arrival was a hesitant one. After climbing out of the cab, the Niveis posessed second thoughts about approaching him. She wasn't sure she was ready to hear him say he had moved on with his life. She could remember a point in time where she was head over hills for the older male, but that had been long past now, and she'd moved on to Ha-joon, who made her utterly happy, she had to admit. With that in mind, she took a deep breath, smiling as she made her way to Rhydian's door, giving it a loud knock. 

"It's Mirae! open up, I know you're in there!" she called out, stepping back to wait on him to answer. 

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Rhydian removed his shirt as he walked over to his music player as he pressed the play button on machine as heavy beat music began to play as he placed his shirt beside it as his markings shone light blue as ice ran up his right arm from his fingers to his shoulder and forming an ice blade in his left hand the past few days had been rough. The way he spoke to Mirae bothered him as he began to move to the dummy as he as it rotated alternative felt as he used his right arm to block and left to attack as he began to move faster to the music.

Rhydian drifted slowly into the zone the dummy was the only thing he had his mind on as he blocked and repeatedly struck as the music died down he melted the ice away as he heard Mirae telling him to let her . in frustration he threw a careless punch cutting frim his arm to his elbow " Dam it " Rhydian looked at his arm noticing the splinters as he walked over to the music player turning it off before wrapping his arm in his. shirt making his way to the door opening it with his right arm."
it's only been a week Mirae don't tell me your back for more " he chuckled as he walked over to a seat " what can I do for you

Mirae could hear the angry heavy metal music playing before she had ever gotten to his door. Rhydian had always been a brooding man but she knew it was bad when he played that kind of music. It seemingly fueled his anger, and turned it into rage. She knew this, because she knew Rhydian. She missed spending time with the Niveis, hearing his wise words, and words of wisedome. She offten sat by him during training sessions with others, just to listen to the things he'd say. She had held onto his every word, once upon a time, and often, she reflected on the more intimate meetings the two had shared.

Either way, now that she was at his door, she smiled, excited to see him even if she knew it would take him by surprise. It's funny how life works sometimes though, because Rhydian ended up being the one to take her by surprise instead as he opened his door, with his arm wrapped up to hide what seemed to be a wound. Widened eyes glared at him for a moment, before looking over to his music player, ad back to him again, piecing it all together. Yeah, something as definitely bothering the fellow Niveis, and she wanted to know what was going on with him.

She shook her head, grinning as he reminded her that ithad only been a week, before asking if she were back for more. :If I said yes, it would appear you're not in shape for more. Did you hurt your arm?" she asked, frowning some. She still cared about Rhydian..and whatever was going on with him, she would get to the bottom of. He had helped her, so many times. She didn't mind at all to return that favor. After marching in nonchalantly, Mirae turned his music down.. gazing to the puddle of water in the floor, and smirking as she looked back to his arm. "So, you were using your abilities huh?" she asked, figuring thats how he'd gotten hurt. "But you were distracted while doing so... seems like you have a lot on your mind. Why don't we start with what it is bothering yoou so much?" she asked, hoping he'd open up to her.

It had been such a task to get Rhydian to open up in the past, that she almost feared asking him to now. She also knew that he had been hard on her last week.. she couldn't help but wonder if that was what was bothering him. Hopefully she'd find out soon.

Rhydian raised an eyebrow " if you said yes you may have an advantage" he tilted his head to indicate to follow as he made his way up to his apartment above the training centre as he quickly walked across the squeaky floorboards gathering some confidential files away before reaching for the first aid kit opening it as he unwrapped his arm revealing a slice of the wooden equipment in his arm.

" Why do you think something is wrong " Rhydian frabbed the Iodine from the kit drenching his arm in the brown liquid before pulling the splinter out of his arm placing it on the table beside him as . he grabbed a dressing on his arm " what brings you here at this time of night. And two . are you any good at sewing " Rhydian pulled out a stitching kit as he dried the area as his mind thought the last thing he had said to Mirae " I apologise for how I ended the previous session I hope I didn't cause offence " Rhydian sighed " and apologises. I don't often have guests ".

Rhydian sat on his office chair as he watched Mirae as he sighed closing his eyes but suddenly opening them again "You're trying to make open up ?" Rhydian raised an eyebrow " Many have tried Mirae " his mind thought about telling her about his past but wasnt sure if he could

Mirae decided to take this matter into her own hands. After he grabbed some files, she arched a brow, but dismissed her curiosity and grabbed some tweezers, gauze, and surgical tape from the first aid kit he had. "Well for one because of the music you were playing loud enough for the whole block to hear" she started, and grabbed his arm gently, when he aske dif she could sew  "And two, because you're pushing yourself for some reason.. enough that you got hurt anyways" she added and frowned as she looked up to him through her lashes. 

Mirae began stitching the gash in his arm, being as gentle as she could with the needle.  Though she was sure as a Niveis, he wouldn't need to fear much. The wound would heal in no time. After she finished cleaning his arm, Mirae wrapped it with gauze, and added the surgical tape to hold it. "Try not to do that again" she teased lightly, before looking around his apartment, where she'd never been before. 

"What brings me here.. that's a good question. I feel like it's my turn to help" she shrugged and gave him a knowing look before peeling her gaze away from him when he apologized "you were just doing your job, training me and all" she sighed to herself, reflecting on every word he had actually said to her. Some had been a little hurtful, but she had used the hurtful words as motivation, and she had learned a few things that day so really, she could thank him for that. She gazed around his apartment again, smiling faintly at his comment "No worries Rhydian. That makes me your first" she quipped, but bit her lower lip gently as he told her that many had tried with having him open up, and no one had ever succeeded. 

"Well, I'm determined. Maybe that's what they lacked?" she asked curiously, but she knew all too well that it was hard to talk about some things. "We all need someone Rhy" she added, and eyed the apartment, for any sign of a bathroom. "I'm gonna go wash up, then when I return, we can talk?" she asked, hoping he would agree. After dismissing herself to the bathroom, Mirae washed his blood off her hands, and found herself side tracked by the filing cabinet he had put some files in. She couldn't help herself. After crossing a line, she gulped at the name she saw on the first file that she picked up. 

"Mirae Stormwind? What's he trying to prove?" she asked out loud, eyes widened, and her curiosity maxed out. She only wanted to look into his files, to see what she thought he had been hiding from her, not realizing he had been keeping files on her, and a female named Olivia, and a few others. She definitely had more questions now, but the file she found on him, after reading it, gave her more insight as to why he was the way he was. Hearing footsteps, the Niveis did her best to get them put back away before he caught her, hoping she wouldn't have to go through this awkward moment, but she would damn sure be asking him more than she came here wanting to know. 

Rhydian watched Mirae as she stitched him . up not flinching at all as the needle went into his skin and get pulled together as she finished " Easier said than done with my job * he chuckled as he Mirae scan the room "it's to the left "Rhydian packed up the first aid kitt as he walked into his bedroom chucking his bloodied shirt into the was as he turned towards the Cupboard.

Rhydian put on a new shirt as he walked out again " you are right about being determined Mirae " Rhydian began to tidy the desk that was used in the procedure " you missed your calling as a nurse Mirae " he smirked as he walked with the trash to the bin tossing it inside as he spotted mirae walking over to his filing cabinet as he followed quietly before forgetting about the floorboard.

" You know if you wanted a tour, you could have asked " Rhydian saw the files in her hand. hoping she had not read any as he made his way back to the lounge " coffee or a cold drink," he began to make both as he sighed knowing if she had he would be answering questions " is the top related to the film everyone was on about " he sat back in his seat as he waited his mind went off track as he thought about the first time he had walked into herb shop and the training session

Rhydian walked away. back to the counter as he began to make his self a coffee as he put the jug into the machine as he examined Miraes work again." Or would you prefer stronger * Rhydian chuckled to his self knowing she would screw her face up just like Olivia would before turning to get the now full jug of hot liquid pouring it into one cup before heading back to his seat

Mirae bit her lower lip gently and sighed at him "I guess yu have a fair point there. But still, it would be nice to know you're keeping your flesh in tact" she quipped sarcastically and offered a teasing smirk. She couldn't help but quirk a brow when he cmmented about how she had missed her calling as a nurse. "I mean, in some ways, I definitely feel like one. Knowing how to stitch people tgether, and making herbs that help with any and everything makes me sort of a nurse" she grinned proudly. While working the job she worked was meant to be punishment to her in the past, Mirae had taken it into her present life and did something good with it. And, she did love to help people. So it had paid off.

The files she had found, made the Niveis forget everything they had previously talked about. Numerous questions flooded the younger Strmwinds mind. She couldn't help but feel slightly angered at how he had a file on her, without her knowledge. "I - " she stuttered while clutching the files tightly in her grasp. Rhydian had walked out after telling her if she wanted a tour, she could have asked. Angrily, she stormed ut behind him. "Coffee please" she narrowed her gaze at him, as if she were piercing thrugh his very soul. "Why do you have this Rhydian?" she then asked, holding out the file with her name on it, before shuffling through the stack for his own that she shouldn't have read, but did.

The beatings he had recieved as a child, to the fact that he got involved with a gang, and drugs, and lived on the streets, down to the fact that Rhydian had fallen in love with someone named Esmeralda before, who had died at the hands of Roman. Roman had also been the cause of Rhydian's death, and his turning into a Niveis. "Rhydian. I shouldn't have invaded your privacy, but I'm kind of happy that I did. Why have you never talked to me about why you're s cold and detached? It all makes sense now.." she frowned, as she closed in on him. Reaching up, the younger Niveis placed her hand on her trainer / coach / friend's cheek "You don't have to suffer alone you know" she sighed.

Mirae remained silent during the time he made their coffee. She gave a mock eye roll when he asked if she preferred it stronger "You have no idea what I can tolerate these days mister" Rhydian actually knew a lot about Mirae, even without the file he had on her, considering the romantic past they shared. Mirae knew Rhydian only sought her out for the comfort, and he never could committ himself to her back then, so in a way, it was a fling.. one that flared with passion however. Mirae still cared for the older Niveis a lot, but with Ha-joon in her life, she had happily moved on, and found herself head over hills for the human who shined a bright light into Mirae's dark world. "The stronger the better" she smirked, and once he finished making it, Mirae fixed herself a cup and seated herself right beside of him.

"Soo.. it would appear that we have a ton of shit to talk about. As for this one though.. I won't read it. I'm guessing you have moved on too though, how is things going with Olivia?" she asked, only knowing what she was saying, because he had a file on her too.

Rhydian stopped as he looked up to see Mirae with his files looking down as she continued to talk. Before handing her a coffee, " I keep " he paused as he thought about his reply " the data are only what people do so I know people are safe that. No one is in danger * Rhydian walked over to a seat as Mirae touched his arm as he froze, but his body relaxed as he watched her.

When I was a phoenix, I don't remember much when the rage came, but I was 11 when I joined Romans gang as a pic pocket first time I went out I went around and got the biggest swag Roman was impressed, and I very very quickly grew in the gang till I became Romans right hand and his best friend. Still, I saw him like a brother I never had " Rhydian took a seat as he looked down " When Roman got with Esmeralda everything changed he became jealous, suspicious anger always convinced someone was going to steal her, so she was placed under my care we done everything even had to go on vacation with her " Rhydian sighed as he closed his eyes " we fell in love it was hard as Romans guys were everywhere and we couldn't be seen on the night we decided to run I was met by my friends who tried to kill me and my phenix energy took over I don't remember much till I saw Esmeralda dead at Romans feet she told she was leaving after that I awoke by the lake with cement shoes then it went blank till I found myself in Russia.

Rhydian rose to his feet as he walked over to his whiskey pouring several shots in his coffee as he calmed his self from hearing his name

When I met you, I had not slept since that night its why I meditate I can control my thoughts, but your energy I find you very calming and " Rhydian looked up to Mirae " Every time I closed my eyes when I'm not in control I see you die in front of me, so I had to let you go as anyone that is connected to me ends up being killed " Rhydian took a sip of his coffee " so I ended up following you making sure you are safe when I'm not doing my job but I'm glad you found the boy " Rhydian returned to the seat as he chuckled " so you're trying to say you're charging me nurse rates

She couldn't lie, The Niveis was completely enraged by these findings in Rhydian's apartment. But how could she show anger towards him, when she had been guilty of snooping through his personal belongings? If her curiosity hadn't played a factor in visiting him today, this would have never happened. Maybe it's good that she knew however. She just feared that it would change things between her and a man she trusted with her life. Mirae was caught off guard when he started speaking again, or more so explaining, and jumped slightly to the sound of his voice.

"So, you have a file on me, just to know what i'm up to, so you know that i'm safe?" she asked, to confirm his reason. Though deep down, the Niveis felt that he wouldn't have a good enough reason, and a part of her even wondered if their hook ups in the past were more than that in Rhydian's mind, and this file was a way for him to hold on? Either way, she was sure she'd find out now.

Rhydian began speaking of the man named Roman that Mirae had read about in his file specifically, and softened her features some, realizing he'd had a pretty shitty go of it. Mirae frowned when Rhydian spoke of how his life had been just fine until Roman got with a woman that he'd became so jealous of, that Rhydian himself had been put in charge of watching after her. Reaching over, Mirae placed her hand on his knee, and continued to let him talk, hoping to be of some comfort as he went further. "So you spent the same kind of time with her, that technically Roman should have been spending with her. After you guys went on vaation and started doing everything together, what should he have expected? Rhy, this wasn't something you could have saw coming, or controlled. It sounds like it was completely out of your hands."

If the shoe had been on Mirae's foot, she would have likely fell for the person too. So, she understood why that had happened to Rhydian. The younger Niveis swallowed harshly to hear that Rhydian say that he and Esmeralda tried to run, only to be met by his friends, where his Phoenix energy then took over, and Esmeralda was seen dead at Roman's feet. "he-he killed her?" she stuttered out, with widened eyes, and her heart sinking with each word Rhydian spoke.

Mirae's hand rose from his leg, when Rhydian stood to walk over to his stash of booze. The younger Niveis took that time to quickly wipe her own tears away. She was sure Rhydian felt emotional enough to be opening up to her like this, so her own emotions wouldn't help matters none. Since he helped her with her training and self worth, she wanted to help him this time, however that may be. As he returned, and began speaking again, Mirae found herself unable to control the tears she tried so desperately not to shed in front of him. Rising her hand to his cheek, the younger Niveis caressed the side of his face for a brief second, and smiled faintly at him, even through a broken heart, she wanted to show him she appreacited his honesty.

"I wish I had knew back then Rhydian. Do you realize what kind of hell you put me through when you let me go like that?" she asked before continuing, and lowering her hand, clasping both hands together, and resting them in her lap as he looked down "At that time, you were literally all I had" during her punishment from Coldren, many came and went, but Rhydian had been a constant, and he had been the one to make sure Mirae never lost her self worth. "Look at me" she then said, and bit her lower lip as she gazed into his eyes, "I'm right here, and very much alive. I'm so mad at you for letting me go without telling me back then, but you won't lose me Rhy" she promised, and while she couldn't be sure of that, she was sure that she wasn't in any danger, and she was immortal, so unless someone killed her, then Mirae would be around for a long time still yet.

"That explains the files.." she added, and held both hers and Olivia's out to him "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been looking through your stuff. But I knew there had to be a reason as to why you're so detached and cold all the time, no pun intended" she chuckled playfully, referring to how she'd called him cold, since a Niveis skin were frigid to the touch. Mirae cleared her throat, because he kinda dodged her question about Olivia so she wouldn't press him right now. "You've been holding a lot back. Why don't we get out of here and do something?" she asked, giving him puppy eyes, in hopes of swaying him to go have some fun for once. "So the whole Roman thing.. is he still alive, or?" she asked curiously, she couldn't help be wonder if Rhydian was in any kind of danger.

Yes, I do " Rhydian sighed as he ran his hands through his hair ", but if it is not for that file you would have been in trouble, do you? Remember the day I asked you to meet me away from your shop, and I was late you were followed by a group of guys " He sighed and its for me to know your safe after Vasili and Esmeralda I could not risk it again ".

Rhydian nodded as he heard her mention Roman killing Esmeralda " yes in front of me when I saw her on the ground I lost everything, and I woke up beside the river wearing cement shoes " Rhydian closed his eyes as he tried to control his anger surging through his body hearing Romans name as his marking turned icey blue ice ran up his arms.

Rhydian was taking back as Mirae gently caressed his cheek quickly her energy. Like always calmed her down as he sighed " If I had told you what would you have done gone after they put your self in unnecessary danger I could not let it happen nothing has changed Mirae if it had I would of. visited every day to know your safe and be there for whatever you needed " Rhydian chuckled as he thought back to the dilemma with the water sprinklers." and I am happy to have you here your one of the first people I made friends when I came to the tribe " Rhydian smiled as he watched Mirae "I know and will train you for every type of situation

Rhydian grabbed his jacket as Mirae mentioned getting out of here " Sure as long as we don't go to those places humans call dance clubs there not like my day " his mind went back to a night he had followed a Nivels. into a club " the last time I went to one they all looked like they were having fits

Mirae could see how troubled Rhydian was, and that he had more on his mind than what he was saying right now. After she calmed her breathing from a technique Rhydian himself had taught her, the Niveis averted her gaze, glancing at him nervously when he began explaining more in depth. She hadn't even known about the group of guys following her, though she'd always felt the need to look over her shoulder lately. Now she knew why. "Who were they? Why me?" the questions rolled off her tongue all at once, almost in a panic. 

Thankfully Mirae's touch had been enough to calm Rhydian down as she caressed his cheek. Seeing his tribal markings turn an ict blue, she just knew he was on the verge of snapping, and that Roman's name had everything to do with Rhydian's temper. "Hey.. he's not here. It's just you and I, i'm safe, you're safe. Just breathe okay?" her tone softened as she looked into the fellow Niveis eyes, seeing how burdened by pain he was, was almost painful for Mirae herself. Mirae hated seeing anyone she cared for in pain like this, and she knew there wasn't much she could do to take it away, but at the very least, she hoped to ease it. 

Mirae hung her head low as he spoke of how nothing had changed, and if it had been necessary he would have made sure to visit her every day to know she was safe. "And my brother?" she then asked, "Do these guys know of him too?" She was completely taken aback by even knowing she had followers, people who could possibly end her life if they wanted, and had no idea what the reason behind it was. "Well, I'm happy to be here Rhydian. We were much more than friends back then" she gave a playful wink, and hoped those memories would distract him from Roman, or anything concerning Rhydian's tragic past with Esmeralda. "Thank you for that by the way. If not for your training, I would have probably already found myself in heaps of danger" she admitted, because of her very open-minded personality, Mirae found it easy to trust literally everyone, and for that, she knew she'd crossed paths with a few people with bad intentions towards her well-being. With Rhydian's training, she'd become much more aware of bad people. 

Mirae snorted when Rhydian said he didn't wanna go to those places humans called dance clubs "that's tempting now" she grinned playfully, having the adventurous personality that she did, she thought that'd be the perfect place to take him. "Let's go, it'll be fun. I promise" she gave him the whole 'puppy eyes' expression and poked her bottom lip out as if she were frowning / pouting, hoping it would win him over to the idea of going to a dance club. "What better way to get out of our own elements?" she asked, remembering the last night she had went to a club with Yeon, where she found herself completely consumed by the music, her company, and just dancing the night away no matter who was looking. She missed the blonde Valkyr a lot, and hoped to see him again soon, but for now, she wouldn't take no for an answer, and was adamant about getting Rhydian to a dance club. "I'll protect you, and I know you'll protect me. What do we have to lose?" was her final words and last attempt to get him to say yes. 

She knew she'd need to go by her house real quick to change, hopefully she could bring Rhydian along for a night out. They both needed it. 

" from the answers, I got from them you were an opportunity it was wrong to place wrong time sort of issue " Rhydian slide on his jacket as he turned to Mirae " as per your wishes they were not hurt ....much " he walked over to his table. Picking up his car keys " do you have a license Mirae " Rhydian chucked her the keys as he walked over to the safe he knelt as he began to mutter 20 to the left. Four to the right 15 to the left as he did that a loud click hit his ears as he opened the door removing some cash before closing it again " ready? " Rhydian walked down the steps as he opened the door to Mirae.

A few minutes passed as Rhydian began to follow mirae " take a left into the garage the. Jeep is our vehicle for the night " as he walked up to the jeep pulling the slide over panel revealing a green L as he got into the passenger's side " and as far as I know your brother is fine if I cant track him anyone else has no chance bow " Rhydian. raised an eyebrow " where are you taking us " Rhydian sat back in his seat knowing mirae would take him somewhere he would usually never goas he turned to see Mirae was doing her puppy-eyed expression as he chuckled "okay, but ill choose the next venue

When Rhydian explained that Mirae had just been in the wrong place, at the wrong time, the Niveis huffed slightly. Mirae wasn't sure why it irritated her even more to know that, but it did. It wasn't like there was a legit reason, it was literally because she'd been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and she hated the  irony in those situations. 

Truth be told, Mirae had probably evolved with everything in this city except driving. She couldn't help but chuckle back at Rhydian and give a playful nod of her head though, when he asked if she could drive. Mirae figured this was her chance to have some 'reckless Stormwind fun'. She'd lied to Rhydian obviously, as she didn't know a thing about driving.. except for starting the car and putting it in the right gear. Rhydian didn't have to know that though, and what's the worse she could do? Wreck two immortal Niveis.. yeah maybe this was a bad idea even if they were immortal. 

As the pair of them walked down the steps and out the door, Mirae had a sinister grin adorning her features. Mirae had that Stormwind flare that Daehyun had reminded her of during their time spent together, and at times, she didn't mind getting a little reckless. 

The younger Niveis climbed in on the drivers side and slid the key into the ignition, turning it until the roaring of the engine signaled that she'd started the car. Mirae jolted slightly to the sound of music as the car's radio blasted an upbeat tune into her eardrums. The Niveis chuckled before she looked over to Rhydian, almost feeling guilty for what she was about to do and kind of hoped he wouldn't be too mad at her for it. Mirae wanted to show Rhydian a side of fun, and perhaps this was a bad way of doing so, but here they were.. 

After putting the car in the right gear, and changing the 'song' to one she could drive to. Mirae looked over to Rhydian before pulling the gear shifter back, "Ever rode with someone that don't know shit about driving?" she asked before peeling out of the driveway, causing the tires to screech as she did so. Mirae usually wasn't this wild and reckless, but perhaps it'd been a build up where she hadn't got to do much lately. It was definitely a story to tell Dae later on. Due to her reckless driving and lack of know how, Mirae hit a couple of the curves a little too hard, and truly hoped she hadn't messed anything up on the car, but her laughter never ceased for a second. "I'm sorry.." she breathed out when she finally pulled them into the parking lot where her apartment was. "Besides, I kinda felt like I owed you a little bit of a scare... imagine my surprise when I found the file you had on me.." Mirae wasn't mad at Rhydian after he had explained why he had the file on her in the first place, but still.. she felt like a lesson was due for him not telling her before he had. "Do you wanna wait here, or you're welcome to come up with me.." she said with a small amount of hesitency in her tone. Mirae never invited people into her home, but Rhydian, a fellow Niveis and her trainer, she didn't see the harm. 

"When im finished changing and we go to leave again, i'll be more careful." Mirae was always a self teacher, and she knew she'd be the same with driving. It hadn't been that hard to get from point A to point B. But by no means had she drove them here flawlessly and she knew she could use some time to practice and learn better. 

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