Mirae sighed as she looked into her tall standup mirror at the foot of her bed. It hadn't been long ago that the Niveis had finished off her training sessions with Rhydian. Still, she found herself lost. She thought training with someone as rough as Rhydian would help her find whatever it was she'd been looking for. Nothing seemed to do however, no matter what lengths Mirae went to, she simply felt incomplete. Ha-joon had been the only exception to the hollow heart that no longer beat inside of her chest. 

Mirae took control of her life after not having one for years, but she still couldn't close her eyes without seeing that sword thrust through her brothers chest. She suffered from severe PTSD, and Coldren would now rest beyond his grave forever. It was unfair, she thought. That he was at rest, and she would forever walk the earth with memories of what he'd done to her and her brother. The one thing Mirae knew she had was the fact that she and Daehyun had moved on, and they had done so together, and didn't love one another any less. 

Ha-joon stayed on her mind heavily as of lately. She was conflicted about most things in her life, and never once felt sure of anything. But, the second she met the human, he became a beacon in her dark world, and she was finally sure of at least one thing. She knew she was falling head over hills. But, she was simply too afraid to admit that, to him, or to herself. The Niveis wiped the tears from her eyes that'd formed earlier when she got to thinking too hard about Dae, and the possibility of him leaving the city again. She would always cry it out though, because she'd made this sacrifice once beofre, to tell him goodbye so he could live the life he desired and deserved. Coldren took that from him the last time. Now that there was no one to stand in the way, except for maybe a blonde Valkyr that they both favored, she feared he'd leave soon enough. 

The mirror had iced over before Mirae realized her emotions had gotten to her. With that, she stood and walked to the window. She smiled as she noticed the snow had began falling, covering the ground in  abright white blanket. She couldn't help but feel the urge to go see how her personal traineer had been. The last encounter she and Rhydian had was enough for her to know he had been burying a lot of grief and sorrow. She decided to turn the tables, it was her turn to help him. From past history between them, Mirae knew Rhydian wouldn't simply just open up to her, and he would likely try pushing her away the second she called him out on his sorrows, but that didn't meaan she wouldn't try even harder. 

After dressing in a red sweater with the number 7 on it, and Stormwind printed on the back, Mirae slipped  a pair of black leggings on, black snow boots, and her black and red jacket with grey fur around the hood. After leaving a note for Dae, Mirae went outside and stood at the end of their driveway, catching a cab to Rhydian's residence. Her arrival was a hesitant one. After climbing out of the cab, the Niveis posessed second thoughts about approaching him. She wasn't sure she was ready to hear him say he had moved on with his life. She could remember a point in time where she was head over hills for the older male, but that had been long past now, and she'd moved on to Ha-joon, who made her utterly happy, she had to admit. With that in mind, she took a deep breath, smiling as she made her way to Rhydian's door, giving it a loud knock. 

"It's Mirae! open up, I know you're in there!" she called out, stepping back to wait on him to answer. 

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Rhydian raised his eyebrow as  he got into his jeep as he closed the door with a thump as he looked  at mirae as he raised an eyebrow  as  the music was changed and a comment he never thought he would hear from Mirae of all people as he smirked “ you do not know shit about driving but you  know how to start one and put one  into gear  now let’s get going  nice and slow    and  not to write  off this one like Autumn did my other truck “ Rhydian  ears burned as he  heard his tires screech to life  before   setting off quickly  out of the driveway  it was different for Rhydian  he rarely  sat a passenger since he turned   as it reminded him too much  of driving to a fight  a hit  or  escaping  a rival gang  as  Mirae  drove wildly “ cop”    Rhydian thought was to change the number plate “ crossing “ Rhydian was  just relieved it was quiet as his jeep pulled up outside Miraes  apartment “  

“Scare me Mirae  actually brought back memories  if you were around  when I was in Romans gang you would be a hell of a getaway driver “ he  got out the truck to inspect for any damage  as he chuckled a little as he  changed  the number plates   of the truck and showing a  green p  to show a learner was driving  as he chuckled a little “   you seen my place scotch en all   so it is nice to see   where  a pupil  lives “ Rhydian followed quietly behind  Mirae as he did with  people he protected in the old days 

As Mirae  let him in  he stepped in closing the door behind him as his eyes scanned the room  the items and  colours  chosen suited Mirae  perfectly “ nice place  you have Mirae   his mind thought about a hut for her   at the mountains if she wanted time away    as his mind went back to what Dae had told him as his mind snapped back into the moment “ of course  we can leave once your ready   and do not worry the jeep has had more   knocks then i remember  but   being careful will be good    not to attract the peelers “ he chuckled 

Mirae couldn't help but snort when Rhydian made a very fair, and valid point. She chuckled at how he said it, finding his expression amusing. Rhydian was always serious. But, when he was in a light hearted mood, Mirae enjoyed his 'seriousness'. "Well, maybe I left that out.. but I seriously don't drive" regardless,she pulled out and done so a little too quickly as she whipped the vehicle out into the street, but she quickly got it steady, and began cruising down the road, slowly, like he said. 

Mirae occasionally looked over to Rhydian, and even though he was holding himself together, she could tell she had surprised him, enough to have startled the hell out of him. Sitting outside her apartment, she grinned slightly, shaking her head in amusement about his comment. "Well, Ill take that as a compliment Rhydian. I would have gladly been your get away driver back then though, all jokes aside" she knew he had been through some tough shit with Roman and the gang activity back then was unreal. 

Mirae turned and smiled at him as he followed behind her. She rarely brought people to her house, but Rhydian was an exception to that. Rhydian definitely made her feel safe, even if he hadn't meant to. The way he followed closely behind her just gave the Niveis a sense of security. Mirae opened her door, and stood to the side so he could walk on in. "Fair enough. Im happy I finally get to show you where I live anyways.. I mean, after all this time.. you should have done been over" she teased a  little before quickly sliding into her bedroom, after pouring Rhydian a glass of Scotch. Mirae quickly changed into something more appropriate for the evenings occasion, and rejoined Rhydian. 

"So.. I know you're not digging the dance club idea, I promise we can leave if you want to.. but we have to go give it a try at least" she grinned playfully and poked her tongue out. "I don't get out enough, and I know you don't live enough Rhydian.. you're always so serious, and even if I fail my mission tonight, the point is to just show you a lighter side of life" she smiled more genuinely now as she made eye contact with him. "Honestly, when was the last time you did anything fun?" she asked curiously, assuming Rhydian was all work and no play and knowing that hadn't changed over the years. 

Rhydian stepped aside as Mirae closed the door behind him as his eyes scanned the room  the decoration was very much her taste “Beautiful home Mirae  thank you “ he nodded as he was handed a glass of scotch  before watching Mirae  head to  the bedroom as he  looked around the lounge  his eyes recognising a few items Mirae asked him to search  for  he smirked a little as he recognised the first item he had got for Mirae “I see you still have the  Apache  shaman  medicine bowel “  he smirked a little to himself as he turned hearing  Mirae come back  into the room 

“ digging the dance club? “ Rhydian smirked a little as  he knew exactly what she meant “I never knew  you  dig at clubs “ he finished his scotch placing the glass on the desk “ just be grateful it is you   im willing to give it a try “ he folded his arms behind his back like he normally did   before walking over to  Mirae’s coat rack  choosing a jacket suitable  for dancing  “I know we don’t feel the cold  but we have to look normal for the mundanes 

Rhydian opened the front door as he let Mirae lead the way “ do you know any local clubs or do we need some of those car things uber’s? As they passed the jeep  Rhydian raised his hand “ two seconds “ Rhydian moved around to the driver’s seat as  he put an old fashioned steering hook  on  as he looked around to make sure  no one was watching as  his wrist turned  icey blue freezing the steering wheel in place  then quickly the pedals   before closing the door  he walked around to  the pavement  offering Mirae  his arm “  only Nivels and Phoenixes can break into my car”  he chuckled “

Mirae took only the time needed to change. She didn't want to be rude by leaving Rhydian in the living room alone. The younger Stormwind grinned as Rhydian happily spoke of how she still had the first gift he'd ever given her. "I'm a little sentimental I guess" she said in response as she re-entered the living room, taking a seat beside of him. "And thank you.. it's not much, but at least it's mine I guess" she added, referring to her home that Rhydian had just called beautiful. 

Mirae arched a brow. She often forgot to blend in with humans, because other than the fact that she was cold to the touch, there normally wasn't much to remind her of what she was. But with Rhydian saying they should blend, especially in cold weather, Mirae went ahead and grabbed a coat too."Yeah, you're right. I guess it'd look weird if we walked in there half dressed with how cold it probably feels to humans outside right now" The only time Mirae was effected by weather change, was when summer time hit, because it was way too hot. 

Mirae slipped out the door as Rhydian held it open to her "a gentleman as always" she grinned as she walked past him, leading the way like he had implied for her to. Mirae watched in amusement as Rhydian basically froze himself a car into place, chuckling as he held out an arm for her. "That's a good thing though. Not that ive seen very many break ins yet, but you never know. I guess it's better to be safe rather than sorry" she smiled gently before climbing in, waiting on Rhydian to drive them to their destination. Mirae was excited simply because she had talked Rhydian into something he never ever did with anyone else. 

"It won't be too bad. At the very least, we'll have a few drinks, dance a little, and leave. No drama, no danger.. hopefully" the last bit of that sentence, she couldn't be sure of, simply because a night club always had those very things. Drama and danger. But, the two of them together had a pretty good chance of staying safe, and danger free. Reaching over, Mirae turned the nob on the radio, smiling as a slow song started playing Dive - Ed Sheeran. "Do you like music?" she asked curiously. Rhydian was just an old schooler, and she wasn't sure if he had evolved much over the years. Tonight would tell everything she guessed. 

Rhydian signalled into the street as he turned  to look at Mirae “ at times  depends on my mood  still prefer  orchestra and i like some of todays music  but I can’t stand at all  that  Rap crap it is like someone is just talking in time to music  like a fast pace  conversation “ Rhydian smirked “ you going to tell me which club we are  going to  as you have said and there is like 136 in the city “  the traffic  became heavy and slow  he thought about the main street there were several clubs there as he turned off the main street  taking back streets  where the normal  dive bars and crooks  drank  very much reminding Rhydian of  home  as he  rejoined the main street  the lights from the arcades and  clubs came it viw as helooked to Mirae “ Any signs of trouble we are out of there  ok “ Rhydian  turned back to lookat the road he  didnt means to sound harsh but he was very protective of <Mirae and didnt want her hurt  he pulled into the nearest parking spot  taking his usualsteps of freezing hiss steering wheel  before  getting out and walking around  to Miraes door opening it for her .

Rhydian offered his arm to Mirae as he took a few steps into the street as he began to observe the surroundings he was walking in the had walked the street many times on his own but this time he had company “  where would you recommend  Mirae “ he turned his head as he gave an ill have fun but im still gonna do my job smile his mind shot back t o a night  Romans gang went to a club to conduct business but as normal his job was to keep Esmeralda happy and busy  Mirae was very much like Esmeralda she could talk him into doing things he would not normally and she brought out a side only Mirae and two others since Roman betrayed him as they joined a line leading into a club.

As they reached the entrance he was met by a  voice he recalled from his previous visit “no trouble tonight Rhydian “ Rhydian raised his eyebrow as he walked in with Mirae the familiar noise of a club began to irritate his ears but chose to stay calm and enjoy himself as Mirae asked he leant into Mirae speaking loudly “were first “  he chuckled knowing Mirae would probably want to dance first as he looked towards the crowds on the dance floor. For the  first time since childhood Rhydian backtracked “I think before  we dance  a  few shots are in order 


Rhydian's explanation of rap music was quite comical. Mirae listened intently however, chuckling a little at how he called it "rap crap". Mirae herself loved all types of music, she had found. With her freedom here in the city,and no Coldren, she had more options to do what she wanted, than what the Niveis could actually handle. "Well, be prepared then. I imagine a night club plays lots of rap" she grinned devilishly, because ultimately, Rhydian was only here because Mirae always got her way. 

When Rhydian asked what club, reminding her how she'd told him there were tons in the city, the younger Niveis pointed out 'Sinister Sounds'. A club she'd heard of, but had never bothered entering until tonight. Mirae nodded at Rhydian. He definitely was protective and she couldn't nor wouldn't try to change that. It's one of the things she enjoyed about him honestly. "If there's any sign of trouble, we'll leave.. I just wanted to show you a night of fun. You're always so serious Rhyd, but everyone deserves a moment to themselves" 

Mirae's eyes flashed with many colors after departing Rhydian's vehicle, and entering the club with ease. The bouncer made them of course show their ID's, which made Mirae chuckle after being allowed in. They were immortal, and the silliest thing she'd done since coming to Evermore, was having to have an ID made, mostly to blend in, but people actually ID'd her all the time because of how young she actually looks. If only they knew ..

Mirae kept quiet but recalled the comment that the bouncer had made to him on their way in, only side eyeing him until they reach the bar as Rhydian requested a few shots before hitting the dance floor. Mirae took the seat next towhere Rhydian stood, and gestured for him to sit next to her at the bar. She browsed the menu for what seemed like too long until she finally picked herself a drink called "Barbie Girl" it was a pink drink, mixed with several different alcohol's. She guessed you couldn't go wrong with that. Mirae looked over to Rhydian as she waited for her drink "So, you've been here before huh? And caused some trouble apparently" she gave him a pointed look, but chuckled slightly. 

"So what happened?" she asked curiously, and reach out for her drink as the bartender slid it to her, giving the girl a gracious smile."Thank you!" she said cheerfully before hesitantly taking a drink of something that could have very well been terrible to her tastebuds. The MUSIC roared into both the Niveis ears, and seemingly made the experience a lot more real. Mirae hadn't been to a night club yet, but she wasn't going to tell Rhydian that, and freak him out in thinking she wouldn't be able to handle herself in such a place. Watching the people on the dance floor scream as the lights danced with the music, and tons of fog released onto the floor, excited the Niveis more than she cared to admit. Her eyes lit up as much as her smile did. She simply couldn't wait to go out there, and sipped at the relatively tasty drink as she waited for Rhydian to answer her questions and work up the nerve to actually dance.

“ Rhydian took a  seat as he shrugged as he looked at Mirae” I was tracking a possible new Nivels and a few people got in my was “ he raised a hand knowing what Mirae response would be “ I did ask nicely first but they responded with their fists “he looked around at the areas where he had fought last time seeing it was repaired fine “ they repaired the place if I gave it full pelt the place wouldn't be standing “ he teased” he had a shot as he looked at Mirae”  have you met the new tribe leader yet “ he changed the subject.

Rhydian was one to keep his feelings to his self and since Anivia left he had felt uneasy it reminded him too much of when Roman took over new territory he never kept the  Hierarchy the same unless they were truly loyal he had not met Freyja yet he didn't know what he made of her and her of him but since the leader that welcomed him to the tribe and made her second he promised he would keep the tribe safe even if it was no longer his responsibility he hadn't realised he had slipped into thoughts he snapped out quickly as he had another shot.

Rhydian looked around before turning back to Mirae” so are you going to teach me to dance or let me  continue to grandad dance “ he teased many  dances had changed since he last attends the waltz was the big thing in his day” but   another day I will take you to a  dinner and dance “ his eyes  had picked up a  man  who had been watching them since  he had walked in” and no Gangnam style if you do that I would rather dad dance “ he laughed   the music wasn't his favourite  but  he was putting  up with it for Mirae 

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