All of her frustration that had been building up through out the week was released when she focused all her energy on running faster, lifting heavier. People had been calling her a beast because of her hard work out programs that could match the ones of any pro athlete going for the olympics. Cassandra had always been pushing her body hard. Liking the way her muscles worked and knowing it’s limits a requirement to hold up to the standards for a fire fighter. She was smaller than most of the others and had to compensate by having more endurance and acting smarter. The blonde was ambitious and when there had been announced that another captain position was open she had been pushing herself harder. In her word failure was not an option, she worked for a goal until she reached it. A very black and white way to see the world.

It took a while for her pounding heart and elevated breath to calm down to a normal rhythm and meanwhile the thoughts that had been causing her tensions caught up to her. The celestial was usually good at living in the moment and leaving tomorrows worries outside her bubble but lately the constant threat that the aspects and their guards posed had been nagging on her. Not knowing if they would go to war or not was draining. Cass wasn’t afraid for herself being locked up hadn’t been the end of the world but she knew that may of the other celestials where still scared by it and she wouldn’t let the people she saw as her family go through that again.

For her self the years on the island was nothing but a blur. She remembered a vague conversation with their leader but nothing more and before they had gotten anywhere Ophelia had rescued them. She had managed to block most of it out to not go crazy. To not go out for vengeance for the guards killing her fiancé when capturing her. Cass tried and mostly succeeded but at times it was hard not to hold a grudge and remember that the aspects surely had a reason for acting the way they had. Hadn’t she done the same if she believed their species posed a threat to hers? She wanted to think not to think that she would try to reason first and not act out of fear but her work at with the F.D had taught her better. People acted unpredictable under the influence of fear.

After a quick shower the celestial left the gym and tried not to take the thoughts of the future with her. She didn’t have any plans this evening, her next shift weren’t for a couple of days and she hadn’t anything spontaneous and adrenaline rushing planned. Going home to the castle and hang out with the other fallen stars was always an option but she felt too anxious to do so. As she wandered the streets the blonde noticed a big male she recognised sitting alone in a bar. It was a face she’d recognise anywhere a man that had been haunting her dreams the past 3 years since she’d been freed.

Before she knew it her feet had start moving and she entered the bar. How foolish of him to be there all alone, without a single one of his guards, with the number of enemies he had in town it wasn’t a wise choice. Cassandra wasn’t there to wound him, even tho she knew many of the other celestials wouldn’t be so merciful if they had the chance. She just wanted to understand why and then go from there. To not be aware of the turbulent aspects escapades with both women and booze was an achievement in it self and she of course was well informed.

”Is this really a place for someone your position Aspect?” She asked with a raised brow waiting for him to counter.

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It was true that Erythreus could drink his way through every bar in town, and lacked a good reputation because of the booze and bad decisions. It had never mattered until now. With becoming the Aspects ambassador, the Aspect of Death felt the need to change a few things for the better. Ery knew however, that old habits truly do die hard. Hoarding himself in his room, brooding, drinking, and failing at relationships would be things he could never change. If the right woman came along, then maybe.. but so far each woman he had decided to fall helplessly for, had broken him into pieces. He now lacked patience for those who had anything but his best intentions in mind. If nothing came from the night he'd hung out with Octavia, a valuable lesson did. She'd spoke words of wisdom about his damaged love life, and he needed to hear them. 

Erythreus glanced over to Cassandra, her words putting a crooked smile on his face. She was right though. "To be honest, I don't think anyone has ever liked anything Ive ever said" he chuckled, shaking his head in an amused manner. Life was too short to care though,or at least that's what the Aspect had learned over the years. Erythreus used to care a lot about what people thought of him. Not to say that he didn't still care about certain people's feelings and opinions of him, because the Aspects and what they thought, now that mattered very much, and always would. 

The embrace would have been sort of a comfort zone for Erythreus, with any other woman. It's not exactly like he was new to this. But, with Cassandra, it'd almost threw him for a loop until seconds had passed, and he had loosened up a little from the stiff posture he'd taken at first. "Sorry, I normally don't act like a deer caught in headlights when a woman embraces me, or I her. I just never imagined a single second where you and I..." he chuckled a little, and shook his head at her. The smile on his face visibly growing brighter with the passing seconds. "It was nice though, I could only hope for more moments like this in the future.." and perhaps that came out wrong. What he meant, was that he could definitely see them forming some sort of bond with time of course. 

The awkward silence that fell between the two of them, caused Erythteus to grunt a little in annoyance. He coudln't take this home with him and torture himself. "Look." he started off, and cleared his throat. "I know that you have every reason to hate me Cassandra, and not one reason to ever treat me respectfully. I know my actions took away the best thing in your life, and for that ill always be sorry." the Aspect sighed, and never broke eye contact as he continued. "But, I would like to think,and even if it takes time, I would like to think you and I could move on, without going back to avoiding each other. But, to move on with our lives, and what happened in the past, with perhaps some sort of friendship at the very least. I'm no good at friendship, and I damn sure can't hold a relationship to save my life.. but after being the very man that took away the thing you loved most, I'd like to imagine a world where I could someday be a man that could protect you from things like that. As a Celestial, I fear you'll always be in some kind of danger.. " he wasn't sure how his proposal sounded to her, because it sounded absurd to him, especially the more he spoke. He almost felt like digging a hole and burying himself now. Erythreus usually was no good with words. He just hoped the ones he'd spoken on this crazy evening, wouldn't land him a slap in the face or a 'go to hell' kind of response. 

Cassandras life couldn’t be described as a dance on roses. Her first years she had to deal with a suppressing man only guarding his own interests fooling her that she was one of them while slowly breaking her down. And then followed 70 years in captivation. It would make anyone a tidy bit paranoid and over protective. However it had also made her strong. She knew drinking away ones sorrows or brooding because things didn’t turn out the way you wanted wouldn’t get you anywhere. You couldn’t control everything, something hard to grasp for a control freak of rang, but once accepted the world got a bit easier. All you could do was fight for what you wanted and the ones you loved.

”Thats not true” Cassandra opposed softly. It was true that most of what the aspect had said until recently had aggravated her. It was expected after finding out the person responsible for your own personal hell roamed free and threatened your newfound liberty. The celestial hadn’t always been so hostile towards Erythreus though. Once all she had wanted was to understand. Everyday she had kindly requested the same thing. An audience with the broody male who had demanded her captivation and lead to the death of a man she both loved and hated. She was ashamed that his death had came with habit relief. One day her wish came true, and the man she met wasn’t the monster the other celestials had painted in their minds. 

”The short audience we had, I didn’t mind what you said” the blonde said reminding him of a conversation between them just days before ophelia broke them out. Had she still hated him if she’d gotten more time to understand his side on isle of skye? Did it even matter? Some of the stars would call her traitor just for hearing him out now, and some of the aliward guards wouldn’t hesitate to kill her if they got the chance. Not because they where bad people but because they were scared.

Aside form her former fiancé Cassandra hadn’t cared much what people thought about her. She ran her own race. A woman among men. Of course she listened and took in criticism to grow and thrive from experience but she didn’t care if they thought she was crazy for thinking she’d make it as a woman in the fire department, or if they called her names behind her back she just brushed it off. But as the years progressed and her former fiancé got more and more under her skin saying it was important how people perceived you.

”Well I usually don’t throw myself at people I barely know so I think we are good” She said chuckling. It was far from an understatement to say that she didn’t expect the night to progress as it had. When she had seen him at the bar her blood had boiled but the hatred had faded. Which was such a relief hating wasn’t her. It was exhausting. 

”Wooo there cowboy” She exclaimed surprised with his offer. ”You’re really an all or nothing kind off guy huh?” The celestial herself was an all or nothing person. She always did everything wholeheartedly or not at all, so the behaviour shouldn’t be surprising. However it was. Had Erythreus proposed protection at the start of the evening it had caused her to laugh and a slap too is face. Now it only confused and amazed her.

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