It was a dark night when Rosabelle got off work when she decided to meet the Alpha of Alphas. Rosabelle wasn’t used to meeting new people but since he was her alpha, she needed to meet him. While making her way over, Rosabelle made sure she looked presentable as she wanted to make sure she was presentable for her alpha. Once she got to Lachlan’s house, she knocked and waited as she kept her senses up due to her past. Dom had told her that she was safe in Evermore but Rosabelle was still nervous and scared that the men might come after her.

Rosabelle straightened her jacket and held her bag closed before she heard the door open. She was startled alittle as she looked at him. Her eyes examined him as he looked tired and overwhelmed. “H-Hi, umm I am Rosabelle Grey? I just wanted to meet you since you are the Alpha.” She said softly before she looked down at the ground in nervousness. “W-Would you like some help?” She asked as she glanced at him for a moment, “You look tired and look like you need help.” She said nervously as Rosabelle didn’t want to offend the Alpha.

The Ailuranthrope looked at her alpha to see if he would like her help, even thought she wanted to help her alpha to get some rest and not feel overwhelmed. “I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make it sound like that.” She said nervously as she looked down at the ground again as she kept standing there nervously. “I can leave if you want me to.” She said as she looked at him for a moment before looking back down.

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✧ Lending a Helping Hand✧
Lachlan when he first joined and became the alpha of the Ailuranthrope under Orion's request, he wasn’t the easiest of Alpha to reach as his life became consumed by his task force. Now that he had taken on the title Alpha of Alpha’s he had been making himself more available to live up to the shoes he had to fill. He had a flow of people in and out of his door for meetings and such on. So tonight when the knock came upon his door he moved over to it smelling a fellow Ailuranthrope. He gave an easy smile but he was a larger man this made him understand that others could fear him just for that.

“Hello.” He said to her, taking in the young Therian, “Questioning your own name?” He teased her slightly, “Nice you Rosabella, Names Lachlan Remington.” He said his name never assuming that the pack members remembered him or his name. He knew the connections were often primal. Looking over his shoulder to the dinner he had pulled out and contemplating on cooking. He had thought about eating it raw but knew that it was best to cook a meal properly. “If you wouldn’t mind helping me get dinner ready and going it would be nice to have some company.” He gave an easy smile trying to help her relax around him.

“Hey, you don’t have to be nervous.” He said as he reached out resting his hand on her shoulder lightly because he wasn’t sure how to place his hand on the shoulder without it hurting because of his own genetic faults. “Please don’t leave, come join me for dinner, I would love to get to know you Rosabella, you are part of the pack so there for you are family.” He opened his door wider for her to come in.

Rosabella looked at him with his teasing before she smiled alittle as he spoke his name to her. "Lachlan? That's an interesting name." She said softly. Her nose caught the scent of food as she watched him look back behind him before looking back at her. "I wouldnt mind at all helping." She siad softly before she looked at him. Her nerves were getting the best of her as she could tell he was trying to get her to relax around him. "I havent cooked in a while... but I can try and help." She said before she flinched at his hand when he rested on her shoulder when he told her to not be nervous. "O-Ok." she said nervously when he asked her to stay. When he moved, Rosabella walked into the home slowly as she took in the room and all the smells of his home. 

As she got to the living room, Rosabella placed her bag gently on the floor by the couch and turned as she kept looking as she even made escape routes incase she needed them, but in her heart she could tell that she can trust him. Rosabella turned to look at him and smiled alittle nervously as she then noticed the kitchen. She slowed made her way over into the kitchen and saw what he had out for dinner. To be honest, Rosabella felt her mouth water alittle at the raw meat that was sat out. Her eyes soon when back to Lachlan and then looked down. "S-Sorry I am just not used being around nice people." She said softly as she then kept looking around the kitchen. "Um what were you planning on cooking for dinner, Mr. Remington?" she asked nervously as she kind of keep her distance alittle from him. 

The young Ailuranthrope knew she would be nervous around anyone especially the Alphas of Alphas. So she went to be formal and polite as she didn't want to make him angry. She also knew that she would have to tell him about her past so they could start building a bond which Rosabella wasn't used to went it came to people except for Dom. Dom was the only person she could really trust after what happened but she knew that she needed more people in her life and also be a part of the pack for her own saftey.

✧ Lending a Helping Hand✧
“It is, I guess my dad wanted to be a locksmith or something but chose to be a cop instead.” He chuckled at the throw back to how he got the name. “Wonderful! I am such a tornado in the kitchen half the time barely making anything edible. “I am sure together we can figure it all out.” He offered with a gentle smile hoping it would calm her nerves some. Closing the door once she made her way into the room. The older male made his way over towards the kitchen that could be seen from the living room. He didn’t know much about her, her actions showed that she suffered some kind of traumatic event, looking for exits and always having a way out when needed.

He had just started cooking so the meat was in the pan and the water started to roar to a boil. He noticed she looked like she was hungry, hungry enough to eat the meat raw something Therians could do but not overly necessary. “I’m sorry to hear you are not used to being around nice people, if you ever want to talk about it, I am here to listen.” He said in a gentle tone as he started to toss the raw meat into the pan and gave an easy chuckle. “Nothing fancy, just Spaghetti I tend to make enough so I can take it as lunch for a few days but it seems I have enough for the two of us. So feel free to eat as much as you want.” He said as he turned on the oven to preheat the garlic bread.

“I can tell you are an Ailuranthrope. So am I, a black lion. What is your animal form?” It was a curious question for him, finding that the Ailuranthropes often had the most when it came to different types of forms. He hadn’t come across another Lion in his travels which made him a little sad because he wondered if the genetic issue he had was related to that or not. “I like to ask because Ailuranthropes seem to come in all different forms. I find it interesting to know what each of us are.” He said as he threw the noodles in to boil.

Rosabella helped him as she placed her things down and started to salt the boiling water to prevent the noodles from sticking and also adding some flavor to the noodles. Hearing him apologizing for not having many nice people around made Rosabella glance at him for a moment as she showed a small smile. "Thank you. It might take a while for me to talk about it but.... I rather keep it to myself for a while longer." She said softly as she helped make the garlic bread as she listened to him talk. "A-Are you sure?" She asked as she was surprised that he was inviting her to dinner. "I-I dont want to appose on you." She said as she grew nervous again as she didnt want to make him upset. Rosabella used this as a defensive way to be submissive to any man as that was what she was trained to be when she was with the men. 

She kept quiet after that as she helped make the garlic bread and also stirred the noodles while he could work on the meat. Hearing him ask what her animal form was made her jump at his voice for a second. "A Black lion? I have heard those are rare." She said softly as she glanced at him. "I-I am a snow leopard. I have been told there isnt many snow leopards around." She said as she looked at the noodles once more as her lips frowned. Cooking with her Alpha made her think about her family and how she would cook with her mother after she got back to her real family. Rosabella grew quiet again as she made sure the noodles where cooked and the garlic bread ready to be cooked as she glanced at Lachlan. "I have heard about others but never really met any other Ailuranthropes." she said softly. 

✧ Lending a Helping Hand✧
Since Lachlan had been on the police force for a long time he knew what it was like for victims. They shouldn’t be forced to talk about their past, but should know someone was there for them when they wish to open up about their past. “I understand fully. Just know I am here for you not only as an alpha but as a friend.” He smiled softly to her to show his softer side. A side not many people get to see. “Yes I am sure, I often make too much as is. So having someone help me not have a fridge full of leftovers.” He joked slightly and then shook his head. “You are not opposing at all. I invited you.” He said with a soft tone.

He gave a gentle chuckle trying not to scare her with his voice but in the end he had a male voice and that could be deep and scary. “I blame the melanin in my skin for the rareness.” It was a joke he made a handful of times being a man of color but he did wonder if it had a factor. “A snow leopard, now that must be a beautiful form. I believe there is only one other one in the pack?” He really should make his rounds and figure out what everyone was in his pack. It was a little embarrassing that he didn’t know. He noticed the frown on her face while cooking.

“You okay? Not a fan of spaghetti?” He was worried that maybe he picked the wrong meal to share with her. “Well I think we are the Therianthropes that are not vast in numbers. The Lycanthropes tend to outnumber us two to one. Which means we are the rare and special ones all around.” He gave a chuckle before finishing off the meat and adding the sauce in. With everything almost done he stepped away to set the small table that was in the corner of the kitchen.

Rosabelle looked at him as she listened to him talk about how he wasn't just an  alpha but a friend. Her eyes soon shifted to the food as she listened and helped him cook. She was glad that he was showing a softer side since she wasn't used to it from anyone else besides Dominic. A smile came across her lips as she let out a quiet chuckle when Lachlan mentioned that he didn't want to keep leftovers in his fridge after he cooks a huge meal. "W-Well I am glad I can help with making sure you don't have leftovers." She said softly as she smiled alittle at him while helping him out with the food. Her mind was slightly at ease as he told her that she wasn't opposing as he did invite her to his home.

Hearing his chuckle was a rarity for her as she rarely heard anyone chuckle, Rosabelle was surprised that she didn't flinch at his chuckle when he joked about the melanin in his skin. A blush came across her face when he mentioned that her form was very beautiful which she wasn't used to compliments, the blush soon disappeared when he mentioned about another snow leopard in the pack but she could tell he wasn't sure. Rosabelle noticed that he noticed her frown as she helped him continue cooking. When he spoked about not like spaghetti, Rosabell shook her head quickly. "N-No I just never had it, that's all." She quickly said as she didn't want to make him upset for choosing the meal. 

Rosabelle listened to him talk about how Therianthropes are not vast in numbers even though the Lycanthropes have outnumbered the other types of Therianthropes. Her head turned to him as the meal was about to be done as she followed him to the table. "W-wait there are other species besides Lycanthropes and Ailuranthropes?" She asked as she didn't know much about the other types of species in Evermore. Rosabelle soon put her head down alittle as she was embarrassed that she didn't know much about the supernatural species around this lovely city. "I-Im sorry I shouldn't of asked that....I just recently found out a few things like the guards and finding more Therians..." She said as she blushed in embarrassment. 

✧ Lending a Helping Hand✧

Lachlan understood she had been through some shit, so he wanted her to feel safe in the pack. After all they were a family formed out of a bond not blood. He believed in them being a safe place for one another. She gave a chuckle at her words, “I am happy to have you over most nights if you are ever hungry. I have no control nor know how to cook for a single person.” He gave her an easy smile as the food was coming together.

His gaze managed to catch the soft blush on her skin giving her a gentle smile in that moment but didn’t point it out. Keeping it as a memory for himself though her mood shifted quickly, he was sure that was common, especially if she had spent most of her youth having to cater to others emotions. Finally being able to feel her own may cause quick reactions. “Never had spaghetti? Well if you don’t like it I am sure we could make something else for you.” He said as he winked towards her. “There is never a shortage of food in my fridge and freezer, I like to eat. Though it's hard for me because I can’t feel when I am full.” He said with a shrug of his shoulder as his body was going numb from his genetics, the likelihood he was going to stuff himself to death was low.

He wondered at that moment how little she knew of the world of their kind in that moment but he didn’t ask “Yes there is a third group called Kitsunes. They are fox shifters.” He said hoping that made sense but he was sure she probably hadn’t come across them before. “They are heavy in numbers across the pond so they say.” He said with a smile. “You are more than welcome to ask questions. How else are you going to learn about things and find your way around if you don’t? I would gladly answer any questions you have. I have been around a while so I have learned a thing or two.” He chuckled as he moved to finish off the food making them each a plate and sat his down at the table in the kitchen. “Care to eat at the table with me? Or would you prefer space while eating?” He asked holding her plate out towards her, giving her the option.

As he spoke, Rosabelle looked at him. Her eyes kept details as she was always making sure she took details in after she was kidnapped the second time since she was only a baby when she was taken the first time. "T-Thank you for inviting me for dinner. But I do tend to work a lot during the nights sometimes. My first job and I kind of don't want to mess it up." She said as she smiled alittle before he mentioned how she never had spaghetti. When he talked about making something else if she didn't like it made her quickly shake her head. "N-no you don't have to do that. I will practically eat anything really." She said quickly as she held her hands up alittle to show her that she didn't want to cause him anymore of a burden as she already thought she was in the back of her head. 

"I don't have much at my little apartment since I haven't got the money to really buy things for it. But I don't mind if we don't eat it all, I can take some home. If that is ok with you, Lachlan." She said softly as she quickly felt that she was showing off that she was unable to afford food, which she couldn't at the time due to her rent being a lot. Once it was done, Rosabelle looked at it as she listened to him talk about the Kitsunes and a few other things. When he offered to answer any questions, Rosabella was ready to ask a million questions but nodded. "Thank you, and if I do have questions you will the first person I ask." She said as she watched him get the plates ready for the two of them. 

Watching him sit down at the table made Rosabelle slightly tilt her head as she remembered only being able to eat on the floor which she shook off the memory as she then heard him speak. "I-I can eat with you at the table." She said softly as she gently took her plate from his hands as she smiled little before making her way to the table in a quick manner. Her mind kept going to being stuck in the basement of the biker gang which she placed her plate and shook her head slightly as to shake the memory and remind herself she wasn't there anymore, in a safe place. Rosabelle soon sat down at the table and smiled alittle before looking at the food. Her mouth instantly watered as she couldn't remember the last time she ate today. "It looks amazing." She said as she looked at Lachlan.

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