It was a dark night when Rosabelle got off work when she decided to meet the Alpha of Alphas. Rosabelle wasn’t used to meeting new people but since he was her alpha, she needed to meet him. While making her way over, Rosabelle made sure she looked presentable as she wanted to make sure she was presentable for her alpha. Once she got to Lachlan’s house, she knocked and waited as she kept her senses up due to her past. Dom had told her that she was safe in Evermore but Rosabelle was still nervous and scared that the men might come after her.

Rosabelle straightened her jacket and held her bag closed before she heard the door open. She was startled alittle as she looked at him. Her eyes examined him as he looked tired and overwhelmed. “H-Hi, umm I am Rosabelle Grey? I just wanted to meet you since you are the Alpha.” She said softly before she looked down at the ground in nervousness. “W-Would you like some help?” She asked as she glanced at him for a moment, “You look tired and look like you need help.” She said nervously as Rosabelle didn’t want to offend the Alpha.

The Ailuranthrope looked at her alpha to see if he would like her help, even thought she wanted to help her alpha to get some rest and not feel overwhelmed. “I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make it sound like that.” She said nervously as she looked down at the ground again as she kept standing there nervously. “I can leave if you want me to.” She said as she looked at him for a moment before looking back down.

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✧ Lending a Helping Hand✧

Lachlan smiled warmly at Rosabelle, appreciating her eagerness to integrate into their world despite her past struggles. He listened attentively, nodding along as she shared her experiences with the firefighters and her interactions with Dominic and now him.

"Rosabelle," he began gently, his voice steady and reassuring, "it's completely understandable that you're still adjusting. You've been through a lot, and finding your footing again takes time. But you're among friends now, among those who understand."

He glanced at her with genuine empathy as she mentioned her unfamiliarity with concepts like family and modern technology. "Sapphire is indeed a wonderful person. She cares deeply for those around her, and she'll be a great friend to you," he assured her, glad that Rosabelle was beginning to find connections within their community.

"As for a potluck," Lachlan continued thoughtfully, "that's a fantastic idea. It'll give you a chance to meet more of our pack members in a relaxed setting. We can plan it together whenever you feel ready."

He reached across the table briefly, placing a reassuring hand on hers. "And if there's anything else you need, whether it's understanding our ways or simply someone to talk to, I'm here for you, Rosabelle. We all are."

Lachlan's expression softened with a smile as he saw her relax in his presence. He was determined to help her feel at home among them, to rebuild a sense of belonging that she so rightfully deserved.

Rosabelle looked at him when he spoke her name. She sighed, "L-Lachlan I don't think everyone would know what I went through...But I don't want them to know...The only ones that know are Dom and you.." She said as she looked down at the table. "Sapphire only knows alittle but she has been a big help with getting me caught up with everything I missed." She said as she looked at him and smiled softly when he spoke about how Sapphire was a caring person. "Yea its nice to have woman to talk to about things...It would be weird to talk to Dominic about things.." She said with a slight chuckle. 

When he mentioned the potluck, Rosabelle's eyes lit up. "Yea I would love that." She said softly as she then felt him move his hand to hers to reassure her about if she needed anything. "Thanks Lachlan, I really appreciate it. I am glad I have people I can go to and make me feel better while I am here. I-I still have nightmares though.." She said as her eyes dulled and made her smile fade a bit. When she felt more relaxed when he could tell her body was feeling good about being around Lachlan.

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