Svetlana's head was spinning, nd time had ceased to exist. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months, and before the Nephilim knew it, they were after her again. The Russian Nephilim hadn't even allowed herself to enjoy the very shortly lived break she'd been given by the elder's of the rogue pack who wanted her dead. Svet's last encounter with the rogues, had been with Dom, where the two of them had fought a long, bloody battle that night, surprisingly coming out of it alive, along with the rest of the Therian's who'd shown their loyalty.

The battle ended with the elders of that rogue clan showing their faces, telling Svetlana she could have her life back, as long as they could track her every move. Since she'd been lucky enough to live that night, and didn't want to risk Dom and the others lives any longer, the Nephilim had agreed, but with much hesitancy. Even though Dom was totally against iit, for the time being, it was the only way she knew to keep them safe, along with herself. 

But, since she knew they had been tracking her, Svetlana hadn't enjoyed any of her 'freedom'. It was as if they were there with her no matter where she went, no matter what she was doing. So, she hadn't even given any of the guys a chance who'd crossed her path, wanting to step in, and be her saving grace. From age 14 (when she was captured) to age 18 (when she escaped), Svetlana had only ever known how to do one thing. Survive. The art of living was something she never got accustomed to. Never once, had Svetlana recalled ever doing anything normal. And now that the rogues were back in her life, reminding hr that her life wasn't her own, she'd began to worry about living alone. 

Packing her bags, and gathering all her personal items, Svetlana caught a cab, making her way to a particular motel. It was a haunted Inn, ran by a Valkyr. One of the very kind who were after the Nephilim, except, he wasn't a blood thirsty, derranged rogue like the rest, so that's where Svetlana had found her sights set upon. The ride from her house to the Inn was an emotional one as she left behind the only thing that she could truly call hers; her home. She'd bought the house with her fathers money, and it was really the only thing she had to remind her of him, except for the ring she wore on a necklace. The ring had belonged toher father, one she grabbed off his finger the day they drug him in, in front of her, burning him alive before her very eyes. 

Tears pooled in the Nephilim's eyes, causing her to miss the fact that she'd already arrived to the Inn. Arching a brow as she stepped out, the Nephilim took it all in. This would be her new residence. At least for alittle while. While she wouldn't tell the male who owned this place her real reasons for staying, she'd at least have him around to keep anyone from attacking her. He just had no idea who she was, or that he was about to become her body guard. It's just that she felt safer knowing someone would always be around.  Even if the owner didn't reside here, someone would always be working the front desk to book people. Svetlana's only fear was that he wouldn't rent a room out to her by-monthly. But, she had her wits about her, and had a plan, once he agreed. 

After wheeling her suitcases in two at a time until all her belongings sat in the lobby, Svetlana approached the desk. Taken aback by his appearance, the Nephilim couldn't restrain the smirk that now graced her features. "Well, this is truly a bonus" she joked, before clearing her throat, "Hi, I'm Svetlana. I'm looking for a room" she started off, and would eventually ease into the fact that she was gonna need it for quite a long time. 

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Thaddeus came into Evermore lost on the verge of losing himself to the blood that he favored over everything. It took Gideon stepping in to help him break his habits. After managing to get clean from his habit he found himself coming into money. It was money he had left behind to his coven all those years ago. After getting the money he wasn’t sure what to do with his life. After all how does one as destructive as he was go from nothing to everything in the blink of an eye. Most would have indulged the money in the finer things. Not Thaddeus.

Thaddeus bought the rundown Inn on the edge of the town, taking all the money not only to buy it and restore it but allow him to have enough to keep the doors open for a year. It was the best chance he had to bring Evermore it's very first Haunted Inn. With it being Evermore there were plenty of murders in homes or deaths so bring a lore of why the Inn was haunted was rather easy. It wasn’t something he had to think overly hard on. So he found that business did well. Well enough that he was able to staff the building with a few Valkyrs, a few therians and a human or two.

So that Evening it was a rare one he was the only one working. He didn’t mind it though as people checked in early and he wasn’t overly expecting anyone else to roll through the door. He placed on the coffee pot and let the music play from his room which was just through his office. Bobbing his head as he worked on cleaning up the front desk before he was going to begin scaring guest in the Inn. He saw the headlights roll through the windows and found himself wondering who could be arriving this late. Looking down to the list again to confirm he wasn’t expecting anyone.

Still he watched the short haired, tattooed covered woman as she rolled her things in, in a few trips. He could tell how the rim of her eyes had been red that she had been crying or almost cried. He looked over how many suitcases where there and it was clear she was looking for a place for longer than a night. He leaned against the desk that place space between the pair offering a chuckle as she called his looks a bonus. “Well I would say that you are not so bad yourself but that comes off a little creepy being the owner of this place.” He took a deep whiff of the air catching the angelic scent that came off her. Knowing she was a Nephilim off the bat.

Thad eyes dropped down to the calendar not seeing a Svetlana on it for that day or the next few days. He pressed his lips together for a moment before looking to her bags and back to her. “I’m sorry Miss Svetlana the Inn is always booked, we take reservations out to a year in advance and we didn’t have any cancelations.” He said as he stood up and made two cups of coffee from the coffee pot. He moved to a small table that sat with two high wingback chairs and sat down in one of them and sat the mug down on the table. “You seem to be running from something though. I would rather not send you back on the streets for the night.” He said as he thought taking a long sip from his mug.

The idea hit him, and while it was unconventional maybe he could help in some small way. “I have a room here, through my office, it's more like an apartment then a room.” He waved his hand as he looked to her. “Maybe you can stay there for a night or two and I can help you find somewhere more permanent?” He looked back to the bags for a moment. “What has a nephilim on the run? With your scary minds I thought you could do anything.”

Svetlana peered up at the Valkyr through her dark lashes, giving him the hint of a playful smirk. "I definitely wouldn't call it creepy. We are standing in a haunted Inn after all. Besides, i'd be offended if you hadn't said something flirtacious back to me anyways" she stated, grinning from ear to ear. Svet noted the way he seemed to catch her immortal status, just by inhaling. She'd always thought Valkyr's had the upper hand, and it was things like that, that'd made her life a living hell. She knew they were always somewhere sniffing her out, no matter where she went. But, the difference between them and this man, was that they were rogues, who followed no ones rules, and didn't have an ambassador to guide them, because they had abanadoned being part of any faction in specific. They were their own faction, a much more dangerous, ruthless one at that. 

The Nephilim sighed when he looked from the sign in sheet and back to her with a saddened look on his face. It was when he said sorry that she turned on her heels, ready to walk away, and flee the city all together. When he spoke up, Svet looked to him from over her shoulder, clutching her necklace. It had been around her fathers neck the day they burnt him alive at her feet. And, even though the necklace was nothing but rust now, Svet wore it every day of her life to keep him close. 

Svetlana moved to the table to join him, happily grabbing one of the cups of coffee he'd made, and glanced at him as she took a sip. "I would rather not go back out there. But, I don't wanna make things difficult for you. If you don't have any available rooms, I understand" she expressed, but the tone of her voice, anyone sitting near her could tell she was broken. Her eyes sported dark circles as if she hadn't slept in a year, and the way she carried herself, well that seemed to match how broken she was as well, a girl who looked over her shoulder every five seconds, and twitched at sudden movements. 

Svetlana's eyes widened, and thankfully she had just swallowed the drink of coffee she'd taken when he said he had a room through his office. His room. "That?" she asked suddenly, "I mean, your room?" she added, her gaze narrowing in on him, wondering what his motives were. "Why?" she then asked, unable to grasp the fact that this was an act of kindness, not an act of violence. Svetlana sighed, and took a deep breath before looking to him once more. "I'm sorry. Maybe i'm acting ungrateful, because that is definitely really nice of you.. but you would share your room with a girl on the run? I could be dangerous, you never know" she added, giving him a playful wink. 

"I suppose that's a deal I can't resist though. My next option was to flee the city all together, I guess we can say you were my last option" she bit her lip gently, and ran a hand through her hair, sighing softly. Svet couldn't help but chuckle when he asked what it was that had a Nephilim on the run, seemingly shocked that a being like her was even afraid of anything. "Oh we can do a whole lot. But me by myself.. not nearly enough compared to what they can do, and will do eventually" she frowned. She truly hated the idea of putting him in danger, or in the crossfire of her lifestyle, but Thaddeus didn't seem like a man to be messed with, which was a relief to Svetlana. 

"It all started when I was 15, and woke up in a compound full of different species. I didn't know that at first of course, but when the days began to pass, and they used their abilities on me, like for instance, one of them manipulated fire to make me think I was swallowing it.." Svet swallowed harshly, reliving that painful moment all over again but glanced up at him with tear filled eyes, hoping not to cry in front of someone she'd only just met

"That's how I came to learn about different species, but anyways.. they tortured me until I was 18, which was when they finally found my father, who dedicated himself to a branch in the Russian military, specifically designed to protect Nephilim's from rogues who were torturing them, and they wanted him dead for ending an organization of people like them. So when they rebuilt, and regrouped, they found me.. and when tthey found him, they burnt him alive in front of me. It's what activated my Nephilim abilities, and allowed me to finally break free of the chains that had bound me to that stone slab for three years.." 

With the wave of her hand, Svetlana swallowed roughly. "Can we pause for now? I think the rest of this story will go better after a shower and maybe a drink or two" she added, giving him a gentle smile. "Sorry for dropping that all on you. It's a messy story.. and there's plenty more to say, I'm sure we can get through the rest later" she stated, before peering over the counter and to the room again. "Wanna show me the room?" she asked, and let go of her necklace, not realizing it'd been making an imprint in the palm of her hand all this time. 

Thaddeus gave a gentle chuckle from his lips as she gave it back to him. What could the Valkyr really say he liked spunkness. “Well then I guess I should step my flirt game up then.” he chuckled noting how she seemed uneasy. It caused him to want to ask questions and yet he knew that she was a stranger to him most likely there to just see the haunted inn itself. Though with the uneasiness coming from he in good conscious couldn’t let her walk out the doors of the inn. As the pair moved to the table and sitting area he watched her take the mug eagerly “Careful not to burn your mouth.” he muttered to her as he sipped his own.

His dark eyes rested heavy on her as she spoke. “You wouldn’t be putting me out, I tend to sleep during the day so at night it's a free bed. And if there is some crossover I could always sleep on the couch or what not.” he smiled gently to her taking in her worn down appearance in. It was clear to him she was in some kind of trouble as she nervously looked around every now and then and she wasn’t scared of the inn but something more real. As he spoke of his room and how she could stay in it he watched her fill with pure panic. “Well mainly my room because its the only room I have to offer for the next week, and well you look like you need help. You are looking over your shoulder every five minutes and are so tense I think you could break a statue with your shoulders.” He pointed out as he watched her seeming to process his words.

As she seemed to calm down and mix a joke in he leaned back into the high wing back seat and took a long sip from his mug. “I can handle danger better than you may think.” he said with a wink. “Well I can tell you from experience that fleeing doesn't really solve issues only prolongs them. Though maybe when you are up to it you can explain what has you wanting to run.” He listen to her talk about not being able to fight what it was on her own. “And your faction won’t help you?” he frowned at the thought knowing he had called on other valkyrs when he needed some help. “Shame that would be the case. I could only imagine what more than one of you could do together.” he chuckled trying to lighten the mood.

Though lightening the mood would have to wait as Svetlana spoke of why she was on the run. His eyes darkened as he watched her push through the horrible memory of her past. Thaddeus hand came to rest upon her shoulder lightly as she spoke of the rogues and he then gave her a soft look. “I’m sorry my kind placed this upon you and hurt you so. I have a feeling I understand better what is going on. You don’t have to talk about it all tonight. Let's get you settled in.” He said as he took the last sip from his mug standing up from his seat as he lead her through his office. He opened to a large apartment that was through the door of his office. There was a living area and a kitchen. There were two more doors that branched off. He walked to the bathroom which was a blue door. “Bathroom.” he opened it and then went to the door on the wall next to it that was red. “Bedroom.” 

He moved from the doors and towards the door that lead to the office. “You are safe here and under my protection. So feel free to stay till you feel safe. Oh and name is Thaddeus, or Thad if you wish.” He smiled softly to her. “I will be at the front desk if you need anything.” He said as he moved through the door closing it behind him to give her privacy. Moving back to the front desk he settled in for the long night with a gentle yawn.

The Nephilim looked up at him through her lashes, grinning a little brighter when he said he needed to step his flirt game up. "I'd say you're doing just fine. Most guys don't hold my attention past the word "hello / hey" she admitted, chuckling slightly, and swallowing harshly. "Yeah, I guess I dove for that a little too happily huh?" she asked, and found herself turning a rosy red color, blushing slightly. She definitely couldn't contain herself around him, as far as checking him out went. And his smile seemed to wash away all her worries, even if only for a short second. Svet held her hand up to protest. It wouldn't have felt right to see him sleeping on a couch, in his own motel. "No no.. i'm sure we'll make it work" she said, and gave him a simple nod, but her smile seemed to brighten a little. 

"Fine. Point taken" she agreed with him, she just hated that someone could visible see how messed up she was from the trouble she was in. When you're able to simply glance at a person, and know that they're in trouble, that really spoke in volumes. "I guess a shower is where my starting point should be" she frowned, and shook her head. "Im always on the run, so I always look pretty worn down. Im sure after a full night of rest ill look a little more human" she laughed jokingly, and she was genuinely grateful for him and his offer. "Your room is fine, and yeah.. I guess I would feel much safer if you were in it at night, when it's time for sleep, or whatever" she blushed, and found herself a little flustered. Damn it. She cursed herself silently over and over again. she was sure he could see how she continued getting all worked up in his presence. But, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing either. 

"But breaking a statue with my shoulder, that's pretty tense. Maybe I need a massage too" she grinned playfully, but truly hadn't realized just how tensed up she looked all the time until having it pointed out to her. Somehow, she found his next statement attractive, that he could handle more danger than she'd ever know. "Well, that's definitely good to know, considering all things.." she stated, referring to her situation with the rogues "but, i'm not dangerous at all, it's just my past that has made my life a dangerous path to be on, and for anyone else who gets tangled up with me too" she sighed softly. She hated pulling people down with her, and she hated putting lives at risk, epsecially people she loved and cared for. She swore Dom would be the last person she ever allowed to do anything for her, and while she still had him as an active part of her life, the guilt of what he'd been through to help keep her safe, was often overpowering for the Nephilim. 

Svetlana sighed, but nodded when he said he'd like to hear what was going on, what had her wanting to run after telling her that fleeing only prolonged issues. "You're right.. I just didn't know what else to do. It's gottne to the point that they even stalk outside of my home, so I can't stay there anymore, especially not alone.." she knew she'd been beating around the bush, which was kind of unfair to someone who'd just taken her in, willingly wanting to keep her safe, and not even having a clue what she was running from. "It's not that they won't help me. None of them have a clue i'm being hunted down, if I involve them, i'm afraid i'd bring war to two factions, and this city would be turned upside down, even more than it is right now" Svetlana had felt something dark going on in this city for a while now, it wasn't just the rogues chasing her, it was something even bigger than that, there was no way she was okay with adding more issues. 

"Yeah, i mean as a whole, we'd tear some shit up" she grinned, chuckling back as she finished off her coffee. Svet was just ready to explain further.. when his hand rested on her shoulder. On any other given day, Svet would have jumped, or swatted his hand away, but something about him soothed her, and his touch, even more so. Svet placed her own hand on top of his, and just for a second, she closed her eyes, allowing herself to feel completely safe with him, and it felt nice. After he said she could talk about it more later, and that it would be best to get her settled in, the Nephilim let her hand fall back to her side, as she looked to him with eyes full of happiness, for once in her life. "Thank you. I don't know how i'll repay you for this" she stated, and followed behind him, grinning as he gave her a tour of his room. 

"Damn, I wouldn't have figured it'd be so nice. I mean by all means, you have a beautiful hotel here, just never seen one with a room this fancy" she chuckled, and smirked at him. Svet made a mental note of where the bathroom and bedroom was, and sat her bags down in the bedroom, before pulling out her night clothes as he told her she was safe here with him. Svet walked over to the Valkyr, and gave him a hug, but released quickly after to avoid taking his personal space for too long. Some people wasn't okay with that. "Thats a really unique name, Thad it is" she grinned, but she really did love his name. It definitely fit him.  The Nephilim took her shower, and quickly got out and dressed in pajamas, which consisted of a tank top, shorts that were way too short, and a silk floral house robe, with slippers. She was bored, and decided to pull her laptop from her bag, realizing she had no idea what the wifi password was. After walking out into the office, Svet joined him and placed her laptop on the desk in front of her. "Can I have the password for the wifi?" she asked, and yawned slightly herself. 

"I don't know much about how running this place goes, but if you're sleepy, I can listen for guests to arrive so you can rest" she offered, it was the least she could do for now, for how generous he'd been. Svet was a curious female, so she decided to ask questions now that she was cleaned up and feeling a tad better. "Hope you don't mind" she then said, and opened a bottle of whiskey. "It's mainly for sleep purposes, but I wouldn't mind feeling a little better either" she chuckled, she knew if a guest arrived, she'd have to hide the bottle. But, for now, she felt pretty comfortable with it being just the two of them. Stretching her legs out in front of her, Svet propped her feet on the desk, her robe only coming down just barely past her thighs, but she also had shorts on, so she didn't assume she was showing too much, and had a feeling that if she was, he didn't mind it. 

"Have you always wanted to own a place like this?" she asked, curious if he'd always been into business, or if it had been a spur of the moment kinda thing. "And what on earth is someone as sweet and gorgeous as you single for?" she added, and took a long sip from the bottle. "I hope that wasn't too blunt of a question" she stated, blushing a little. But, it was rarely ever that she saw men like him single. He had a lot to offer, including a gentle nature and a good heart. Maybe.. just maybe, this could be the start of something much bigger than Svetlana would have ever planned for. She couldn't help but admit, that the thought of him noticing her the way she had him, kind of thrilled her. 

Thaddeus gave a gentle chuckle to the nephilim as she spoke of how most guys didn’t hold her attention. If he was being honest himself most people had never held his attention but that was largely due to his need to not hurt anyone. He didn’t feel he was good enough for another so he kept to himself. Yet the light blush on her cheeks made him pause as such an action tended to only make him want more blood and yet not that moment. “I’m sure we will figure it out.” He nodded in agreement with her as he flashed a smile back to her.  Giving a soft reassuring look as she seemed to understand where he was coming from in his want to help. “Well a shower and maybe a hot cup of tea and I am sure the nights rest will come to you.” He shook his head. “AS of looking more human, I think you look good. Its just clear you need some rest as your body screams how tense you are.” he said softly hoping he didn’t come off as rude. “Well I will be right outside the room if you need anything and what not. Though don’t be scared of the bumps in the night being a haunted inn and all.” he watched her blush again for a moment before looking down to his mug.

“Well maybe avoid breaking statues with your shoulder then.” he laughed softly and smirked towards her. “Well ah I could offer to massage it out but I am not sure how that comes off.” he chuckled and gave a gentle nod as she seemed to understand that he could handle things if it came to a dangerous situation. “We are all the echoes of past actions whether we committed them or they were thrusted upon us. You are not to blame in the dangerous path but now maybe with some help you can have better control over your future echoes.” Her wasn’t one to judge after all he had a complicated past himself. “I understand the hesitation of dragging someone into it. Coming from the standpoint as new roomies I am glad you told me so I know what to expect and can be of help.”

Thaddeus knew the look of hopelessness, he himself had carried that look in his own eyes for a long time.  He reached out and took her hand gently into his and squeezed it gently. “I want you to understand that there is hope for you to get out of this still.” he gave an understanding nod to why she hadn’t brought in her faction. “Well I don’t think it would result in a war. As our king prefers to remove rogues who are such ways. Their ways bring Valkyr to the fall of vampirism which is something most valkyr never want to touch. Becoming a mindless blood driven beast that tend to be out of their mind.” It was a beast that Thaddeus himself had almost reached with his blood addiction. “Maybe speaking to the King could lead to the rogues being handled.” Thad spoke gently before letting go of her hand. “Hopefully you will allow me to help you out and all.”

He chuckled softly as she pointed that nephilims could tear some shit up. There was no point in denying it. After all they were touched by the angels of old. “No need to thank me or repay me.” he said to her as they toured the room. Thaddeus chuckled at her comment about the room and how it was. The real perk of the rebuild. I knew I would have to live here so I figured why not make it more of a forever home. I am always here if someone needs something and the commute to work is great.” He watched her sit her bags down before returning towards him and giving him a hug. He gave her a hug in return before the quick release and he smiled softly towards her, “Oh yeah? I have heard that its an uncommon name means courageous heart.” he gave a soft chuckle “Svetlana is an uncommon name also around here. He gave a gentle wave as he moved back out the door to his place.

He had zoned out as he finished his cup of blood from earlier and washed it out. His eyes focused back in catching the scent of his soap lingering along with her angelic scent. He chuckled and looked to the computer in front of her. “Yeah connect to the office one, the password is Booooooo3.” he wrote it out and sat it in front of her so she knew how many o it was to have. “It's faster than the guest wifi.”

“I’m good just had a long day and well I kinda have to stay awake to keep the haunt around.” The Valkyr offered a teasing smile as he reached up and pinched the bridge of his nose commanding the shadows in the hall to stir awake before looking to her as she opened the bottle of whiskey. “Fell free.” He said as he reached behind him and grabbed a foam cup handing it to her to make herself a drink. The valkyr gave a soft humm as he thought about how to answer the question. “I don’t think I really ever knew what I wanted from life except to keep my coven safe, prior to my turn to a valkyr.” he said with a shrug. “But when I got clean from my blood addiction habit I wanted something more. I found the inn and found my passion along the way.” 

Thad gave a gentle nervous chuckle as he leaned back into his seat looking her over for a moment. “Well I am obsessed with work for starters. I also don’t get out much. I also personally not sure if I would make a good boyfriend. I have my own baggage and worry I will hurt someone. If I ever slipped back into blood addiction I could become no better then the beast that hunt you.” He gave a soft sigh as he ran his fingers against the desk for a moment. “Then again, though no one has tried to change my mind also before.” he said as his eyes rested on her for a moment taking her in. “What about you? Single for a reason?”

A set of widened eyes gazed back over at him again as he spoke of her not getting scared of small bumps and noises through out the night because of the fact that she was in a haunted INN. She couldn't contain her curiosity any longer after he made that statement "So, it's an actual haunted INN?" she questioned curiously "I mean, I figured it was just a rumor that had been spread because of how big this place is, and how old fashioned it looks. It's beautiful, but I thought the haunted part was just a myth" she admitted, but it didn't sway her decision to stay. In fact, being in an INN with a bunch of ghosts would be the most normal thing Svet would live through she guessed. "Thanks for the warning though. I'm sure ill be fine. It's hard to fall asleep the first few nights any time you're in a new place, around a new person" she expressed. But, that was just her opinion, perhaps not everyone had that issue.

Svetlana shook hr head amused. She was enjoying how respectful he was, but she couldn't help but find it cute how he seemingly tip toed over some of the things he said, like the massage for instance "Don't worry about how it comes off. I haven't had that 'kind' of attention in a long time, so if you wanna offer a massage, I damn sure won't turn it down" she grinned playfully, and giggled. She listened intently, and gave him a nod of appreciation. It was refreshing that someone had hope about hr future, even if she didn't. "Thank you Thaddeus. It's my own fault, for going this long without seeking anymore help. The last person who helped me ended up losing several of his pack members." she swallowed harshly, because she hated reliving that night, but she knew she would for the rest of her life. "But, I do suppose that we all need someone in this life. So i'm very grateful to have met you" she added, sounding a little more hopeful and optimistic than usual.

When he called himself her roomie, she grinned. It did sound nice, knowing shed have someone with her now. "I thought it was only fair that you know what you're dealing with by putting me in your room" she started and locked eyes with him for a moment. "Plus, you being a Valkyr. Maybe they won't want to face off with one of their own. Although from what Ive learned, Valkyr are different than Vampires. Valkyr's protect people.. " she smiled, because she was more so just making a referrance to him and how he was protecting her now. The Nephilim had never broken eye contact, and found her face fliushing a little when she felt that feather light touch of his hand holding hers. His words were the kind a female like her would cling to, and she could tell he was genuine and real, so she heard his every word as gospel. "I sure hope so Thaddeus. Someday I want to actually live. Truth be told, I don't even know how to have fun. This is the most ive smiled in a long time now" she admitted, grimacing as her gaze dropped.

"So the species as a whole are Valkyr's, until they become addicted to blood, and then it results into Vampirisim and causes a being to completely lose who they are?" she asked, and gave him a pointed look without meaning too. "You sure know a lot about it. Did you once struggle with blood?" she questioned, and immediately cleared her throat "i'm sorry, that was probably out of line" she said apologetically, and bit her lower lip. "Maybe you do have a point about speaking to the king however" she said thoughtfully, but still, she felt fear-stricken just thinking about making this a matter for their ambassadors to handle. "I promise I will allow you to help me. I just hope i'm worth it in the end" she stated, her tone full of gloom she could imagine, because Svet had been waiting for her end for a long time now. Even though she was immortal, and so was Thaddeus, no one could promise that either of them would live an eternity under the circumstances she bestowed upon others every time she entered someones life.

"Seriously" she added to his comment about not having to repay him. Though she knew he wouldn't accept her repaying him, she would at least have his back, be there for him, and treat him good, because a man like him deserved at least that much and so much more. "Well, it seems that you've done well for yourself with this place. Sounds like you love your job here, and it seems to be a succesful place" she smiled, and gave a nod of admiration. She knew the hug she'd given him was too shortly lived, and for a second she had even hesitated in letting go. She may not have been human exactly, but she had some very human traits about her, and one of those traits, were the longing for intimacy, wondering what it felt like to be held, and looked at like you meant the world to someone, and touched like they couldn't ever bare to touch another. She wanted all of that, she just needed to slow her pace in assuming that's what she would get here.

When he told her what his name meant, her smile brightened "well, that certainly fits Thaddeus" she smiled warmly at him as she glanced around the room again, simply just trying to take it all in. "Yeah, it's not common. I'm from Russia, the last Vasilyev alive" she stated proudly, because that was one of the very few things she took a little pride in. She was like some kind of precious diamond to the rogues, and the fact that they spent their time obsessing over her, made her feel slightly as if she had the advantage. When she had finally emerged after he left the room, Svetlana typed in the password he had given her, "thank you. I know it's very cliche and mainstream to say, but I can't function without music. Co-owning a night club did that for me" she admitted with a soft chuckle, and sparked an idea. "Maybe I can show it to you?" she offered. She knew after the attack, that it was only ever open now, when her and Dom could both run it, and since he hadn't opened it in a while, that meant she could have the place all to herself and figured it would be a moment worth having with Thaddeus. It was out of his work element and would hopefully allow them to have some harmless fun.

Though admittedly, Sinister Sounds brought some horrific memories after she'd been attacked there. She could still feel the Vampire's hot breath against her neck, and the weight of his body crushing her own sometimes. It was something she relived over and over. She prayed that someday, she wouldn't be crippled by the rogue species. Svet didn't know much about Valkyr's. She just knew they were created from the shadows, so it all made sense to her when Thaddeus said he had to stay awake to keep the haunt going. "So it's you?" she asked, chuckling back at him, but truly impressed. "You have your shadows do your dirty work?" she teased, wondering if it were real shadows, or some kind of spirit. She was eager to learn about him, and what he was. The question she'd asked him earlier about being addicted to blood, was answered when he said he'd gotten clean from it.

Svet placed her hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze "Im happy you were able to get clean from that, and that ypu found your passion here" she smiled as she gazed around the INN.She could see how much he loved this place, and it was endearing to her. Svetlana could see how nervous he'd become when she asked the question about why he was single. It may have even been a little too bold, but surprisingly, he answered it. "Well, I think with beings like us.. there's always room for someone to get hurt. We're immortal, and that alone brings baggage, but I think you'd find some happiness in trying. I could very well practice what i'm preaching though" she admitted, and also gave a nervous chuckle. But, she enjoyed that the conversation was flowing the way that it was between them. When his eyes rested on her again, Svet couldn't help but squirm a little, his eyes were so expressive, and she couldn't help but feel transfixed under his penatrating gaze, and eventually gave a sly smirk.

To hear him say that no one had ever tried changing his mind, immediately made her want to rise to the challenge. Not because she were the type of female to prove a point, but because she found something in Thaddeus, that she'd never found in anyone for all of the time she had been out of captivity now, basically her whole life. Svet had been through a few different shortly lived flings. And one serious relationship, where it had ended with him vanishing after a threat came her way. She could only imagine he was dead. But, here she was again, moving forward with the rest of her life, and hopng the man beside her may become part of that. "Is that so? I find that pretty sad. Maybe it's intimidation .. I can't imagine why a woman wouldn't want to change your mind, but I'm here now" she shrugged a little confidently, hoping to lighten the mood with her boldness.

"I think you'd be worth the risk though Thaddeus. We're immortal beings, all we have is time" she added, and gazed to the floor when he returned the same question she had asked him. "For lots of reasons. I can't say I haven't tried to be with anyone before, I actually loved someone for a short while. But, i'm not sure that th word love meant the same thing to him. He left without a word.. and anyone outside of that, were flings." she added, figuring he too, had had plenty of those before. They may not have been human, but all beings had that desire. Everyone needed an intimate touch in their lives every once in a while. And right now, she couldn't deny how much she wanted his touch.  For right now, he was giving her a safe place to sleep at night, she hoped he would eventually share the same interests as her, or maybe he already did, but until it came up, she continued forcing herself to shut those thoughts off.

With Winter fast approaching, Svet was happy she'd have someone to cuddle up to. That was also new for her. She'd spent all of her holidays alone so far. She wondered what was on his mind when silence settled between them, and she had hoped she hadn't made him feel uncomfortable. Looking over at him, she sighed softly "So what happened when you were addicted to blood? You seem to steer clear of falling for someone because of your past.. Did you hurt someone you cared for?" she asked curiously, and decided to put some music on in the background, rather than stuffing her face in the screen to do her typical research. He had her full attention for now. Svet stood after shutting her laptop, holding out her hand and smiling  nervously "I'm sure the new girl (Hana) can handle things for a while" she stated, pressing her luck a little, but she was tired, and she wanted to finish this conversation, and she liked the idea of talking to him until she fell asleep, even if he didn't end up resting at all. "I promise I don't bite" she teased playfully, waiting for him to either accept or decline her offer, and either of those she would respect. She definitely didn't want him to think she was pushing herself on him, or trying to move in on his life, if he wasn't ready. But, after all she'd been throuh, she could safely say she was ready to be near someone like him, with hopes that it would be so much more in time. Getting to know him was just the first step, and she'd decided she wanted to do so in a more private setting.

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