It was a calm night over Evermore City, when the Venetian creature found herself walking through the Diviner part of the city. It wasn't too far from the penthouse she'd once loaned to her eldest brother, her temporary home. It did bug her that she was constantly drawn to this side of town, as the river brought her a sense of calm she'd never felt before. However, tonight's walk wasn't for no reason--the Niveis woman had discovered that someone from her past happened to be working in the area. Leo had a history of finding pleasure in irritating this individual in her past life, and she figured she'd feel better after pestering them once more. At least, that was the reason she told herself for her visit, not that subconsciously she ached to reunite with someone from her past, with a familiar face. She hadn't found the person she'd come back to Evermore to find in the first place, and loneliness started to creep through the icy walls around her heart.

Reaching out, Leona pressed her fingered against the cool surface of the door and pushed, her lithe form slipping through the entrance of the bar.  For a moment, she stood by the door frame, fingers tugging at the sleeves of her black leather jacket as olive green irises scanned her surroundings for the person she was looking for. Finally, she spotted her: standing behind the arm, attention flashing between one customer and the next. She was still as beautiful as Leo remembered with the same glossy chestnut waves and bright, captivating blue eyes. A smirk tugged at the corners of the Niveis's full ruby lips as she sauntered towards an empty barstool, the heels of her platform Chelsea boots clicking rhythmically against the floor as she moved. 

"A gin and tonic, and keep it coming," she called to the woman as Leo slid unto the stool, crossing her ankles beneath her as she propped her elbows unto the counter. Blood red nails toyed with her mahogany locks as she narrowed her eyes at the Instar Diviner, suppressing the chuckle that threatened to slip past her lips. Her death had resulted in one final rebirth; one final body. The woman wouldn't be able to recognise her almost-sister-in-law, at least at first--in that span of time, Leo decided to have a little fun, for old time's sake. "Say, weren't you the Instar Diviner ambassador that one time?" she remarked in a low tone when Aaliyah would pass her the glass, raising an eyebrow as if in observation. "How did a woman like you end up in a place like this?"

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The day had started off the same as most of them had since Aaliyah had returned to Evermore. Her days were almost dull compared to what they had once been. She still ensured she was studying and researching, always attempting to better her magical skills and record things for future Diviner leaders when she passed her studies on someday. For now though, she was happy to keep much of what she learned and taught herself to herself. Keeping to her pretty standard routine, the brunette had gone for her run first thing in the morning before returning home to clean and research. 

The afternoon flew by and before Aaliyah knew it she was in her truck on her way to the Riverfront, the small local bar she worked her weekend evenings at. The money was irrelevant for the ex-ambassador but she liked the opportunity to get out and be busy as well as social. The regulars a the bar were fun to chat to and they had quickly gotten to know the new girl and helped her settle in quickly. Bright sapphire eyes shone brightly as she pulled up and strolled into the bar. Refusing to accept that summer was over and fall had begun, Aaliyah wore denim shorts and her standard white tank with a black jacket overtop. She would miss the warm weather but was also excited for the colours of fall.

The bar filled quickly that night and soon the regulars were gone and the more rowdy crowd had the bar filled to the brim. The music was loud and excitement filled the air as Aaliyah made drink after drink and chatted up the folks that surrounded her at the bar. The door opened and closed so much, the brunette didn't even notice it when new patrons entered and only took notice when they sat in her section. The happened and her ocean eyes flashed to meet those of another brunette with rich mocha orbs who sat before her. Something about the girl screamed supernatural to Aaliyah but she smiled as she poured a drink. "What'll it be hon?" she asked, nodding as the woman ordered.

It was a simple drink order but there was something about the woman's voice, the way  she carried and held herself as she sat at the bar that was so familiar to Aaliyah although the Diviner couldn't put her finger on it. As she slid the woman her gin and tonic, her fine brows knit together at the question thrown at her. More so than the question, it was the tone and the way it was asked that had Aaliyah on edge. Pausing, she offered a cool smile, her lips curled but no emotion reaching her eyes. "I went adventuring since I didn't get out much when I was younger," she purred politically. "Sorry love, I didn't get your name?" she asked, allowing her vibrant gaze to drop and resuming her work. 

With a quick move of her hand, Leo caught the glass slid towards with a casual sense of elegance, a smirk toying at her lips as she tilted her drink towards the woman in thanks. Taking a long sip, she leaned forward once more, swirling the cup in her hand as her listened intently to the woman. The cool smile and knowing that she put the Diviner on edge threatened to bring forth another chuckle---the expression was one she'd seen multiple the Diviner wear multiple times in their long history. It brought a sense of nostalgia, for some odd reason, but the Venetian gave her head an unnoticeable shake of her head as if to clear the thought.

Leona couldn't the smirk tugging on her lips at Aaliyah's remark about not getting out much when she was young, so she brought her glass up nonchalantly to shield the widening smile. "I don't doubt that," she murmured ever so quietly under her breath. She then let her brow crease slightly, cocking her head to her side, her hair tickling the side of her neck as she moved. "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, amare," she mused, her lips moulding into what she knew would appear to be a sympathetic smile. She let the woman have a little hint to her identity, however, using a pet name she'd used often before--though she doubted that Aaliyah would remember just a little. "Well, in that case, we're lucky there's no age limit for gallivanting around the world and back." When the bartender asked for her name, to that, Leona allowed her features to mould into the mischievous demeanour it ached to return to. "I didn't give it," she purred, wagging her eyebrows before letting the cool glass in her grasp meet her lips, and took a long swig of the refreshing spirit.

The glass was empty when she set it down, and with a eerily swift motion, she slid it back towards the woman. "Another, if you please," she requested, the faint undertones of a Venetian accent subconsciously lacing her words. "So what pulled you back here?" she questioned, gesturing aimlessly around the area. "It can't be for the scenery and the warmth of the people?"

Ocean blue optics were narrowed as she served the woman her drink  before letting a small smile caress her lips at the other brunettes silent thanks. She nodded before turning to some of her other orders and quickly completed them, placing drinks at the bar for the servers to grab while also serving her own customers. Aaliyah ran a hand through long brunette curls, wiping her brow and letting out a sigh  before pouring herself a small whisky and enjoying the moment of calm as all orders were filled. Her gaze sharpened as the woman quietly responded to her. While should couldn't hear her response completely she was certain she detected a note of dry sarcasm.

"Yes, we are. Who knows how long it will be before I take off again on another adventure," she answered, leaning again the counter a moment, her mind thinking of Everson before she shook her head, taking a sip of her drink before  returning her cool gaze. "Amare?" she asked, her brows knitting together at the faintly familiar word. Her gaze reveiwed the stranger again, her lips pursing as she refused to provide her name despite Aaliyah trying to get it. "Have you done much travelling  yourself?" she asked, sipping her whisky again before setting it down.

There was something about her newest customer that Aaliyah simply did not like. While they were both cordial to each other the woman's mannerism made her feel like she was being toyed with and she knew the stranger could feel her distrust and the edge in her tone. As the empty glass slid back towards the Necromancer she swiftly caught it without breaking her gaze from the other womans. As she set to work making another drink she shrugged in answer to the strangers questions. "I couldn't tell you. I don't really know myself to be honest," she answered, her tone growing dry and frustrated for a moment before settling again.

"And you? You're a new face for all that I feel like I know you. What brought you here?" she asked quietly before sliding the drink back towards the newcomer.

The corners of the Venetian's lips twitched into a coy smirk as the Diviner spoke, a sly glint in her eyes as she noticed the shift in her demeanour. She certainly was getting under the younger of the Cole's skin, which amused her to a certain extent. She nodded slowly as the woman spoke about travelling, and she tilted her head ever so slightly to a side. "Where would you go next?" she asked, her fingers still holding the glass with the clear spirit by her lip, an eyebrow arched in question.

When Aaliyah would repeat the Italian term of endearment, a low chuckle sounded from the former-Phoenix. "Aye, it's not a curse, don't worry," she mused almost-teasingly, her almond-shaped hues narrowing as she took a sip of her drink, feeling the familiar burn of alcohol flow down her throat. A flicker of disappointment flashed in her eyes, seeing the woman simply brush it off and not managing to put two and two together. No matter, though, she thought to herself. What's a few more minutes of toying with her?

At the young woman's question about the Niveis's travels, Leona chuckled once more, a sense of nostalgia washing over her mind at the very though. "I have," she mused, olive green hues flickering down to her glass before meeting the wide ocean eyes of the Diviner. "I was born in the Venetian Republic, and I travelled around till I made my home here." There was another hint thrown her way, and she wondered whether that would be enough to tip her off to her identity, or maybe give her an inkling on who she was serving.

Aaliyah's answer to what drew her back to Evermore satisfied the Venetian woman somewhat. She too couldn't understand the pull of the city--what made her come back all the time. The last time she'd lost the people she loved, she simply hunted their killers and left the city without a look back. However, even after all the grief this city had put her through, she still was drawn back. "I can understand that," she agreed softly, her voice barely a gentle hum.

The question would then be turned back to herself, causing her to arch her eyebrow even higher. "You mean to this city?" she asked, then letting a low chuckle part her lips. "That is simple--I came back to deliver justice those who've wronged me," she said in a matter-of-fact tone, rolling her toned shoulders into a shrug. "If you to this bar, however..." she trailed off, taking a long sip of her drink before turning her attention back to the woman. "Have you heard of the kind of people who don't always where the same face?" she inquired coyly, a mischievous glint sparkling in her vibrant hues. "Those who only wear their faces for a generation before turning to another?" Chuckling once more, she shook her head, setting her glass back on to the bar-top. "To answer your question, I came to this bar to see you, Aaliyah." Leo leaned forward, knowing now that she would have connected the dots. "Hello again, little witch."

Working at a bar was something Aaliyah had neve seen herself doing. After her freedom a few years ago after a life of imprisonment she had been thrown into leadership nearly right away but she had quickly discovered she was made for it. Her life had seem to be on the right track at that time. She had been in a relationship that while, difficult and intense, she knew he was the person she was meant to spend her life with. Then when he left suddenly everything seemed to spiral. While her work as Ambassador remained the same and was still fulfilling everything else seemed to  be crumbling.

Suddenly Roxy was gone as well and any other relationships were purely for passions sake and Aaliyah struggled to form meaningful relationships. While subtle, Aaliyah began to spiral and she knew it was time. She needed to step away and find herself again. She chose her successor and the Diviner left Evermore entirely. Over the course of the year Aaliyah travelled, experienced cultures she had never even heard of before, and studied Necromancer and Fae  magic.

Eventually she had known returning to Evermore was what she was meant to do. She had no idea what to do when she got back but Evermore was her home somehow. Once home her research on her abilities continued as always but without the responsibility of leading her faction she wasn't out and about as much so she elected to get a job as a bartender to at least have a chance to get out and see people again.

The brunette before her now was making her regret this choice and the more she spoke the more Aaliyah knew that she knew the woman and only one person stirred this kind of negative emotion in the Diviner. "I think I'd just take a drinking vacation next. Beach, tequila, relaxation," she answered the woman as she wiped down glasses and kept herself busy while still maintaining polite conversation despite her dislike. She offered a ghost of a smile and a nod as the women confirmed it wasn't a curse but it was then that it clicked where she had heard it before and her blood ran cold with rage. She didn't falter in her wiping and cleaning but she was nearly sure on who the woman was despite her appearance being different.

The brunette simply nodded as the woman discussed her travel and her origin, confirming the diviners suspicions. Her hands shook slightly as she dusted some glasses, allowing her gaze to drift over the slowly emptying bar as the night grew later. Suddenly the conversation turned and Aaliyah couldn't brush off the woman any longer. Sipping her drink her eyes found the venetians and she could only smirk coldly in response. The phoenix species once had the ability to be reborn with new appearances. The phoenix were no longer though and had been reborn into once final form as Niveis.

Aaliyah's eyes flashed into her magic using shade of bright amber as Leona finally confirmed her suspicions. Her hatred of the woman ran so deep and despite being engaged to Leona's brother and often having to work closely with her previously in their roles of Ambassadors, nothing had changed that. How could anyone ever forgive someone that had kept them prisoner for 50ish years. Downing the last of her tequila, Aaliyah chuckled dryly. "Just went I thought I was finally free of you. What the hell do you want Leona?" the brunette hissed venomously.

Previous working relationship had required a level of tolerance but Aal had zero need for that any longer. The bar manager had caught Aaliyah's change in tone and watched the pair cautiously. "Why don't you take the rest of the night Aal. The bar is slow," he said cautiously. Not even waiting for Leona to answer, the brunette nodded to her boss and grabbed her jacket, leaving the back of the bar. Her booted heels clicked aggressively as Aaliyah made her way towards the door.

There is was: the flash of recognition flashing across the Diviner's optics that the Venetian creature was waiting for. A malicious smirk pulled at the corners of her red lips, a sly glint in her olive hues at Aaliyah's venomous words. "So nasty, little witch," Leona slurred, a low chuckle rumbling from her chest. "Where are your manners?" Now that Leon' was gone, the matriarch of the d'Fierro family had no reason to show any civility towards her former captive. Even as an ambassador, she wouldn't afford the Diviner the same politeness that came with being the love interest of her brother once upon a time. Every time she looked into the blue optics of the Cole siblings, she was reminded of the atrocities their father committed against her flock all those years ago, slaughtering the closest thing Leona had to a son. She'd eventually grown to not blame the sins of the father on those unfortunate enough to be sired by him, and so she had no hatred for the witch---only the urge to toy with her, and make her life a little more...interesting.

A man's voice broke through the tension, telling Aaliyah to take the rest of the night off. "Perfect," the Niveis purred, not breaking eye contact with her former captive as she pulled out some cash from her purse. "Keep the change," she then said, finally looking towards the man, nodding before raising to her feet, slipping the strap of her purse over her lithe form before following after the Diviner, the clunky heels of her boots clicking rhythmically against the wooden door. She sensed that the man, probably Aaliyah's boss from the way he carried himself, was going to say something to stop her, but with a menacing look, the man was quiet and turned around. Smirking to herself, Leona turned her attention back to the Diviner who walked away from her, following her through the door and into the outside world, lit eerire by the light of the half moon.

"What do I want?" Leo called after the Diviner, in reference to her earlier question. "My my, Aaliyah," she chuckled, the sound laced with malice, "can't I just come by after all these years to say 'hello?' You attended my wedding, after all--I thought it was all water under the bridge." Long strides carried her close to the Diviner, arrogance oozing from every move the Niveis made: her chin remained high, a cruel sneer etched upon her face. "Relax, cara mia---I'm not here to capture you again," she half-assured in a mocking tone. "I just figured I'd tell you myself that I was back, and save you an awkward encounter in the future." A shrug rolled off her shoulders, the Venetian shooting an amused look towards Aaliyah. "See? I can play nice." Another cruel chuckle sounded from her, followed by a roll of her eyes. "You need to relax, you're acting as if I'm about to burn you and everything you love to the ground. Which, as you may have figured, isn't exactly a possibility as of recent events," she mused, moving her fingers in an airy motion as she willed water from a nearby puddle to float around the palm of her hand.

“Manners?” Aaliyah hissed. Pure anger was all the svelte brunette felt as she exited the bar. Also fear. If one d’Fierro was back what did that mean? Aaliyah bit down on her lip before running a hand through her hair, brushing away her anxiety. She didn’t give a damn about the family as a whole and she could certainly handle Leona now, not that they would do much more than their usual cat fighting. The awkward past of Leona and the Coles spanned decades and stemmed from the sire of the younger Coles.

Aaliyah hated her father just like Leona did. While Aaliyah was sure her dislike would never compare to Leona’s she had no words for her father or the crimes he had committed that caused his families suffering while he disappeared into the sunset. But Aaliyah would also never forgive Leona for punishing the innocent to cause the father pain. Aaliyah and her brother had nothing to do with their fathers crimes but were made to suffer because of it. That was something the Diviner would never forgive the previous phoenix for no matter what her reasons were.

It was only a few short moments before Aal heard to telltale click of Leona’s heels following close behind her. Letting out another long sigh, her breathe steamed in the cold winter air. The streets were silent and covered in a light coating of snow, the streetlights making everything seem to glow warmly. The cold kept any foot traffic at bay and most people were home for the night at the late hour. Crossing the road, Aaliyah finally stopped as Leona responded to her previous question and she rolled her sapphire hues at the Niveis cold taunting tone.

Tucking her hands into the pocket of her denim jacket she scoffed as Leona mentioned her wedding to Alexander. “How is ol’ Alexander anyways?” the brunette quipped with a cold smirk dancing on her lips. Nothing was under any bridges when it came to the pair of them. Aaliyah’s gaze was cool and hard as Leona spoke again. She actually laughed when Leona mentioned not being there to capture her before she fell silent and smiled.

“What do you want a gold star? Well consider me aware. Now feel free to piss off,” she growled in response to Leona ‘playing nice’. The day the d’Fierro’s played nice would be the day that Aaliyah stopped using her magic forever. Her blue eyes brightened with interest as she watched her arch nemesis manipulate and control the water. Aaliyah was always going to be a nerd in the way she loved learning and researching all things supernatural. The Niveis were new and something she was still learning things about. “Well thank goodness for small blessings,” the Necromancer purred venomously. Leona had truly loved and embodied the phoenix species and now that they were gone she knew that had to be hard for the other woman but Aal wouldn’t allow herself to feel any sympathy.

At the Diviner's query concerning her husband, it took all Leona had to withhold any reaction towards it. Despite the tight leash she held herself on, she couldn't help the slightly twitch of the smirk, nor the slight tightening of her lips. "Alexander is probably dead, but thanks for asking," she replied sourly, her tone as cold as the ice she now wielded. The thought at admitting the Nephilim man she loved probably no longer existed on this earth pained her in ways words simply could not express, but now was definitely not the time to let her true emotions show. "Didn't you ever wonder why the both of us left for so long, with not even a word to my brother?" she added, in reference to Leonardo. She knew that the two continued their relationship for at least a while after Alex and her were kidnapped, though she scoffed a moment after. "Although you'd probably have reveled in my absence, allowing you to fully embrace whatever manner of Stockholm's syndrome you were obviously suffering from. Good on you for finally growing out of that." It was no secret that Leo had disapproved of her elder brother's choice in a fiancée, but all that was in the past.

A malicious chuckle parted the Venetian's red lips at the Diviner's quip, a demeaning shake of her head following. "Really, Aaliyah," she tutted, a condensing undertone lacing her accented words as she took a step closer to the Diviner. "I taught you basic politeness all those many, many years we lived together." Her smirk tugged once more at the corners of her lips. "Don't act like it was all torture in there--I treated both you and Caiden like I would any guest. You had the finest foods and services right at your fingertips.A loose shrug rolled off her shoulders, her tongue dragging across her lips before she continued. "Sure, you weren't allow to leave a luxurious villa--how terrible." She rolled her olive hues, shaking her head once more, this time in mock-disappointment. "Someone should teach you a thing or two about gratefulness, cara mia."

Leo noticed the glimmer that shone through the younger Cole's bright blue optics at her revelation, knowing now that she'd caught at her interest. She fully expected the cruel remark from the Diviner, to which she responded with her own menacing chuckle. Out of everyone who remained in Evermore, Aaliyah probably was the only one who truly knew the extent of Leo's grief upon losing her fiery nature. Still, she was determined not to show any weakness to her former captive, and simply took her hatred in stride. "A blessing indeed," she purred back in response, almond-shaped hues flickering to the water the danced about her long fingers. "I won't deny that it doesn't have its perks, but that is a different matter altogether. My point is, I'm not planning on hurting you, physically at least." Another loose shrug rolled over her shoulders, the Niveis cocking her head slightly to a side. "Is it a crime to just want to see how my favourite plaything is fairing?" she asked, her signature smirk etched upon her chiseled features.

She had had enough of this discussion and of being reunited with Leona. Truly, as well as she kept her emotions hidden, it was hard to be in the presence of the previous leader of the Phoenix. Seeing Leona, even as she wore a different skin now, only reminded Aaliyah of Leonardo. The Diviner had spent what felt like forever pushing the memories, plans, and dreams she had with Leonardo aside. Now his sibling was thrown back in her face and all she could do was think of her runaway ex-fiancé. Even through the wave of memories that were now assaulting her, the brunette frowned at Leona's words.

"Dead?" she asked, her voice was nearly silent and emotionless as she spoke. How could Alexander be dead? He had been one of the most powerful of the angel children she had met. While their relationship had not been easy, she had counted him among one of her close friends much to Leona's disdain. She knew it was probably too little, too late but she had to say it anyways, for Alex. "I- I can see what my people can find, if anything," she said, her voice still barely a whisper. The Necromancer's eyes narrowed with slight disdain at Leona's dig at Stockholm Syndrome but, running a hand through her Mocha locks, Aaliyah  brushed it aside.

Falling into silence for a moment furious anger filled Aaliyah as Leona droned on and, of course, did not hold back. "Grateful?" the ex-ambassador hissed, her electric blue eyes shifting and burning a bright amber. Her furious hues bore into Leona's for a moment before she let out her breathe, laughing and ignoring all the other words Leona continued to say. Her boots clicked angrily against the concrete as she walked furiously away from the other brunette. A crude snort of laughter bubbled from her lips as Leona promised she wasn't there to 'physically hurt the Diviner'. "As if you could," she growled under her breathe as she continued to attempt an exit from the conversation.

She finally, stopped again, turning to face Leona. "Y'know Leona, it should be because me and my life are no concern of yours as much as your sick mind seems to think so!" she finally said, her voice finally raised. "Considering your shitty personality has gotten you nowhere but alone after hundred of years you'd think you would realize you might be the problem!" Her chest rose and fell rapidly for a moment as her eyes never left Leona's. "Christ, you take so much pleasure in everyone else's misery and stirring the pot you don't even see the only reason you're in the position you are is because of you," her lips fell closed suddenly and she just shook her head again, her eyes darting to her feet for a second before finding the dark Mocha hues of the d'Fierro.

"Just leave me alone Leona," she finally said, breathless, before she turned away again and continued at her rapid pace before stopping suddenly. Refusing to meet Leona's eyes this time, the Diviner spoke. "He's not coming back. Is he?" she asked quietly.....

"Dead?" Something about the Diviner's tone triggered something in the ice wielder, and it showed with a falter in her expression. For a moment, she was reminded of how her life had been before it'd turned for the worst. She remembered that the Diviner too did care for her husband once upon a time---of course, speaking of Alexander's supposed fate would garner such a reaction. Leona's gaze dropped for a second, her lips pressed into a thin line as her walls went back up. At her next words, Leo left a harsh breath part her lips. What could she even say to that? She cleared her throat, and then coldly said, "i would appreciate that." Deep in her heart, she knew that Aaliyah couldn't help---if she herself, despite her years, her power, skills, and connections, couldn't track down Alexander, the chance of the Diviner, who spent most of her life locked in a villa, was slim to none.

Finally, that weird moment between them was over, and they were back to throwing verbal abuse to each other. "Yes, grateful," Leona repeated, rolling her olive-green hues. "You really act like I had you in a cage and fed you nothing. You were treated the same way as anyone else in the house, and you know damn well why I couldn't let you out. Your father needed to pay for his crimes. For taking way one of ours, he had to know the pain of losing those most precious." Her tone was cool, yet somewhat menacing. The Cole siblings were simply just casualties of war, and probably the luckiest ones to date. When the Diviner chipped it about the Niveis not being able to take her, a smirk pulled upon her lips. "Oh, little witch---has my absence really made you forget the extent of my powers?" She clucked her tongue in mock-disappointment, shaking her head as a soft chuckle sounded from her. "But, again, I come in peace."

She maintained her cool, collected demeanour as the Diviner spoke, making assumptions about how Leona ended up where she was now. The Venetian ice wielder simply roll her eyes, a bored expression settling upon her face. "Nowhere but alone?" she repeated, letting out a long exhalation before she continued. "You seem to forget that I've never been alone in my life, until now. And make no mistake, it was not an enemy of mine who did this to me---I was killed as a punishment for my husband. So why don't you say that at his wake, hmm?" She wouldn't say anything more addressing the topic: Aaliyah was completely off, and she was determined not even to give her the satisfaction of appearing to consider her words. So she simply shrugged her shoulders, and wings of blue fire arose from their marked state. "I can try to," she slurred, in response to Aaliyah's final request, "but you know how this city is. It likes to bring us together no matter what." 

A leering chuckle sounded from her then, and the woman bent her knees, wings then preparing to take off. However, Aaliyah's voice stopped her, the Venetian raising an eyebrow as she took a moment to comprehend what she was talking about. "Leon'?" she questioned to clarify, fiery blue wings still extended as her shoulders rolled into a shrug. "I can't answer that. He never said he'd never come back, but I was also held captive for the past three and a half years. I wouldn't get your hopes up---we're immortal, and he may take his time to ever come back. But, I will say that my family has a way of finding each other." Another shrug rolled off her shoulders, the woman taking in a deep breath. "This city is also somehow a supernatural magnet, so anything can happen, really." Another hesitation came from the Venetian, the next words for some odd reason hard to get out. "If I...hear anything from or about him, I can let you know, if you want." In her head, Leona explained the need to offer what she'd said solely because Aaliyah had offered to find out anything about Alex. She still thought Leon' could do so much better, but knowing her elder brother, he'd probably be off the wagon in some dingy bar halfway around the world. If Aaliyah helped him with his sobriety in anyway, her love for her brother surpasses her disdain for the little and whatever feelings shared between the two. An eyebrow still raised, she awaited Aaliyah's response.

Considering how late she was to the party on hearing what had actually happened to Leona and Alexander she knew even her people would struggle to find even a whisper, if anything. If he was in fact dead at this point it would be nearly impossible to find out. "I will let you know," she answered simply and quietly. Somehow, the civil conversations between the pair were harder that their feuds.

Aaliyah could only scoff and roll her eyes in disdain as Leona continued to justify her previous actions. "It's not about where we were forced to be," the brunette hissed. "It's the fact we had no choice, no freedom. But talking to you is talking to brick wall and I am done wasting my breath," she said, continuing her walk away from the Niveis. Aaliyah ignored the rest of the words that continued to fall from Leona's poisonous lips, her hear aching at the mention of Alexander again. "Well lets both just try our best to avoid each other," she grumbled before pausing and asking the question it hurt her to ask.

She turned and her sapphire optics found Leona's dark ones before they took in her wings with some awe. She nodded simply at Leona's answer. She understood completely. Leon was alive, she knew that now, so there was always a chance he would pop up at some point. There mere thought of seeing Leonardo again, no matter what face he wore only filled her with anger and sadness now. "Well thank you I suppose. I don't know if I want to know," she answered, vulnerable for a moment before her ex-captor. "I just don't know," she said again. Her heart was beating hard in her chest, her mind filled with all the memories and emotions of that relationship but now she could only focus on the anger she felt towards her ex-fiance and that meant she wanted nothing to do with him.

"Have a good night d'Fierro," she said finally, shaking her head before turning away and continue her rapid walk in the route of her home outside the city...

"The feeling is mutual," Leona hissed back at the Diviner at her remark concerning talking to a brick wall, yet a smirk still danced upon her lips. She then shrugged, a malicious glint still shimmering in her eyes. "I can try, but I can't promise I won't get bored, every now and then." There was something about irritating the youngest Cole that amused the Niveis, but for the first time, something held her back. Was it simply that she knew it would anger Leon', should he ever come back? She shook it off, choosing to cross that bridge whenever she'd come to it.

When Aaliyah asked about Leon', a part of Leona actually felt for the woman. She didn't approve of their engagement for sure, but what she disapproved more was how her brother chose to left things. She remained silent, simply nodding solemnly. The Venetian creature had to admit: if someone had done to her what Leon's had done to Aaliyah, she probably would be out for blood. The rage she felt radiating from Aal was very much warranted, and for the first time in her life, Leo took a step back, and didn't egg her former captive on. 

Instead, she simply nodded at the Diver's farewell. "And you too, little witch," she purred, olive green hues following Aaliyah's lithe figure as she turned, quickly walking away from where she'd just stood. A sadistic smirk then pulled along her lips: that was one happy reunion done. And with that, she took off from the ground, wings delivering powerful strokes to propel her through the air, carrying her back to the penthouse in the middle of the city.

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