Winter. One of the Celestial’s favorite time of the year. There was always something about the colder weather that made Artemitra, want to snuggle up with a hot cocoa, near the fire-place or enjoy having fun in the snow. With the snow storms, finally calming down for a while. Artemis had decided to venture up to the mountains for a little wintery adventure. She could use a little time up in the mountains, to try and clear her head. Plus, she always wanted to venture up there in the winter-time, to take some stunning shots for her photography collection.

It took her a few moments to dress up warmly, warm jeans, leg warmers, boots, long sleeved t-shirt, with a jumper, winter coat, accompanied with a hat, gloves and a scarf. In her bag, she packed a few snacks, her camera, and a spare battery for her camera. Just in case, her camera would be running low whilst on her exploring adventure. It was something she always did, when taking her camera with her. Better to be safe than sorry, with her battery dying out on assignments. After she was ready. The Brunette left the Celestial Castle, before heading out to her car. It was a long walk to the mountains, so she decided to drive nearer to the territory, as it was safer; than getting lost in the city during the process. The drive there was quite nice.Seeing the city covered in snow.

When the Celestial got closer to the mountains, she found a parking spot at the base of the mountains. It seemed like other people parked there often, as she saw recent tire tracks, near her spot. Getting out of the car. The Celestial made sure, it was properly locked.Her bag slung over her shoulder...before she began to treck up the mountain in the snow. Her boots crunching against the snowy ground.

The air was crisp and fresh, the higher up she got. But everything looked so peaceful, so beautiful. But luckily, she was dressed warmly; so she couldn’t complain about the cold temperature. Taking her camera out of her bag. The Celestial started it up. Without really noticing, her extra camera battery was tangled up in the camera strap, as she was fiddling with her technology...the camera dropped somewhere into the snow, without her knowing. The Celestial soon started to take photos of the wonderful views and natural beauty, in the wintery environment. The young Celestial heard light grumbling near-by. She wondered what the sound was. Looking through the thickness of some trees...she saw two young bear cubs playing in a clearing a few metres away from her. Her heart melting at the adorable scene. Being quiet as possible...the Celestial got a little bit closer to the tree line. Taking a few photos of the bears. Capturing the shots, in it’s beauty. It was one of those rare moments, she had to take photos off.

Luckily the bears were distracted enough that they didn’t notice her. After she was done taking photos. She ventured further upwards.

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