Willow was one of many Celestials who were haunted by memories of their past. The lost years. Ones that you could get never get back even how much you wish you could. Just the way things work. To either accept and move on or try to stay stuck in the past. Willow tried her best to make up for the years that she missed after being locked up. Whether it be reading up all that's happened in the last decade. Updating her style or clothing or keeping up with technology. All different things she could do to try to fit in at least. A coping mechanism in a way. Willow thought she was all alone, with her brother Elias bailing on her first chance he could. Leaving her alone with her suffering. Till she made a decision to do something about it rather than waiting for anyone to save her by herself. Looking up and finding different places there were in the city with group meetings. Ones that were there for people looking for support with strangers. With how she couldn’t exactly look for medicine assistance in that type of way, being supernatural and all. During her months of going to support groups she had found friendship with one person. Emily. A kind and caring person. Who wasn’t concerned into talking about their own deep down problems after the meeting is finished. They didn’t look at anyone differently.

A couple months after meeting Willow was the first to know about the mysterious man who Emily was seeing. A doctor but one who now was based down in the morgue than with medical emergencies. It wasn't too long for Willow to figure out who it was, a fellow Celestial Rashesh. They didn’t know each other too well coming from the same group of Celestials who were locked up but knew of each other. Willow wasn’t one to judge or tell others of people’s secret. That wasn’t who she was, knowing that it's supernatural number one rule not to expose themselves to humans. To let him tell Emily when he’s ready. Back then Willow found herself tagging along like a third wheel with them at times but not letting it on that her and Rashesh knew each other. Willow could see how they were happy with each other and that was all that mattered. When Emily disappeared, Willow was devastated one of her only friends was gone. It was all mysterious, all of Emily things and belongings were still there. Yet she was gone, like she disappeared without a trace. Both her and Rashesh spent two full days searching the city high and low for Emily in hopes to find her but it is no use. She was gone. 

After a while with Emily gone she stopped going to the meetings for them not to turn into ones to make sure she was okay with Emily’s disappearance. Trying to move on with her life. Finding something else to keep herself busy. In a way her job job at the bookshop helped to save herself. Both from insanity and from herself. Willow was surprised to hear rumors of Rashesh seeing someone else. Apparently from the rumor mill floating around it was an Ailward Aspect. Practically seeing the enemy. It hurt Willow to think that he was moving on too quickly from Emily and it to be someone who played a part in their locking up. All messed up. Willow decided to go and see if it was all true. Straight from the horse's mouth as the saying goes. Deciding to go to Rashesh’s apartment, hoping it was one of his days off. Not knowing if he was or not working. Still remembering which apartment was his as he was one of the Celestials who decided they didn’t want to live in Castle together wanting their own space. For her she felt that she was safer surrounded by others. Finding herself outside of Rashesh’s apartment knocking at his door all ready with questions looking for answers. Even if she was the only one who was still thinking about Emily these days.

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Rashesh remembered the day they gained the freedom back. He remembered watching his sisters not even bat a lash before going off into different corners of the world. Leaving Rashesh more alone then he felt being locked away with his fellow celestials. He got a job easily thanks to his background and the city he was in. When he met Emily his life had only gotten brighter. The pair where a loving couple, she a high power lawyer and he a Doctor. They spent any free time they had together. Forming a friend group with a celestial he knew well Willow. He felt like he had a place after losing so much. Rashesh had never been in love and wanted to ask her to marry him. 

Yet the night he was going to she was just gone. Willow was his first call, and after the 24 hours waiting period past the pair got to looking. Yet nothing. No trace of her even being real except all of her things she left behind. Time passed, and Rashesh stopped reaching out to Willow to really anyone as he buried himself in work. A year passed and then he found himself walking home and being followed. That was the night he met Cora again and even to his shock the pair clicked somehow. What was to just be fun, and dirty turned slowly into more than he had expected. He had been quiet about Cora not only because she was part of the people who held his species captive but because Emily had only been gone a year. 

At least once a month a body showed up in the morgue that looked like Emily. He felt like it was a clue on where she was but he couldn’t confirm it not yet. That day he was off and was looking at the few files that matched Emily that he had brought home from work. When he heard the knock he got up and moved to the door and pulled it open his eyes looked down to the red haired woman that stood there. “Willow?” he had a slight questioning tone before opening the door more. “Is everything okay back at the castle?” He asked as he invited her into his apartment. All of his photos with Emily had been taken down the apartment was much more nerdy then it had been before.

She didn’t want to believe that Emily was gone and forgotten forever with more time passing the more like it was that she was just a distant memory. That she was never real. It’s like everybody has forgotten about her apart from her. Willow wasn’t ready to close the door on their friendship not believing that she was dead that she couldn’t be. Hoping that maybe there was a reason to why Emily left. The only hope she was still holding on. Emily was the first real person who she found friendship and trust in after coming to and starting a new life in a new world. Where Willow didn’t need to worry about her past and problems being brought up because it was something that was never spoken about. How Emily was always a breath of fresh air reason why they became friends so quickly. She even supported the relationship when a fellow Celestial starting dating her human friend instead of being the jealous friend who would try to split the couple up at all costs. That was the type of person and friend that Willow was. Always supporting other people even when she may not agree or think that is a good idea. Not one to hold grudges against people apart from the Ailwards who were responsible for her and her people being locked up. When Willow first heard rumors about Rashesh already moving on and forgotten about Emily too quickly. That he’s already given up hope whilst she’s not given up just yet. 

Each day she’d look through the papers to see if there was any information, mentions or connections about her missing friend. For something to come up so that she would know what has happened to give her peace of mind. Way of moving forward even when others are already doing so. Willow distanced herself from Rashesh but it wasn’t hard to since she knew he prefered to live his life away from their people whilst she preferred to stay in the middle of it. Right at home where she feels safe rather than putting herself in danger that others have done trying to seek revenge against those who hurt her. She would find herself being the one to stop people from doing something stupid and that they would regret. Maybe going over to Rashesh’s she could talk some sense to him, wanting to know why he’s given up already. Almost in a way she wanted to let anger and frustration out even if that person was to him. Willow could see how surprised he was to see her at her door that his first thought was something was the matter back at the castle. “Rashesh” She greeted with half a smile as she looked to him waiting to be invited in. “Oh everything is fine back there you know the usual chaos” Almost letting him know that wasn’t the reason why she was here. Looking around his apartment she could see how it was different from a year ago. The framed photos and bits and pieces of Emily’s things were not up anymore like they were never there. Like she never existed. That she was right in what she heard. “It's been a while, hasn’t it?” Emphasising a little to how they lost touch when it should of been when they should of been looking for Emily together instead of alone. 

Rashesh wasn’t like many of the celestials. The celestials often banned in the castle. He preferred living on his own, especially with the job he had. Made it easier then explain to others that he cut open dead people daily. He also lead a very different life before he was chained up with the others. He also blamed the whole event equally on both sides of the fence, though he was considered younger among most of the others. So it was rare for him to connect to many people that were of the living world. Only a few had managed to break that barrier.

It was almost as if he could feel the red head’s anger through the door before he opened it to look to her as she stood there looking to him. As she entered the apartment and he closed the door he looked her over to make sure she wasn’t hurt before moving past her to the scream of a teapot. “I was just about to have some tea care to join me?” he offered as he placed the two mugs on the tray and the pot before moving to the kitchen table with it and sat it down. “Yeah that reminds me why I don’t live among the chaos.” he chuckled and then sighed as he sat down in his seat. “Though not like I live a life of no chaos.” He said as he filled the mugs with the warm water.

He watched her look around as she made her way closer and he sighed softly for a moment. “If you are looking for her things, I have them packed up.” He said as he moved his tea bag around for a moment before looking to her for a moment. “Between work, trying to find leads and moving on with my life. It has.” He said simply as he then raised the mug to his lips to take a sip. “I’m no closer than the day she went missing.” He said softly as he thought about the bodies that had shown up in his morgue all similar to Emily as if someone was trying to send a message. It caused a pain in his chest again to be thinking of it in that moment.

Willow was one of the many people who chose to stay and live with the other Celestials in the castle. Feeling that it was the safer place to be around people who were all like her. Been in the same boat, sharing the same experiences. There were some who chose to run like her own brother Elias, Willow knew that it was the same for Rashesh with his sisters leaving too. Back then she was happy that he chose to stay in the city still understanding that he wanted space away from all the others. With how there were many celestials who chose to leave meaning that they were low in numbers feeling part of their family was missing. Willow felt a little bit betrayed finding out from someone else that Rashesh already has moved on more quickly than she thought it would. Thinking that he would tell her before that's why she was here on his doorstep. Willow could notice how he was already trying to distract her by offering her tea that it’s something he does when he tries to avoid the subject. “Yeah sure why not” Thinking that they would take over a cup of tea following the celestial through to the kitchen. “It does get quite crazy sometimes, a lot of day drinking too” Laughing softly, finding herself trying to avoid the craziness. Willow mostly spent time in her room reading or working in the book shop. “Hmm what chaos may that be?” Looking over to him trying to pry the information from him. 

She wanted to know if he kept any of Emily’s things, wanting to know if he was trying to move past and forget all about her. Whilst Willow always made sure to keep people's memories alive, wanting to keep something to remember her by. Seeing how he’s read her mind knowing she was here for Emily’s things. “Did you want me to keep them?” Thinking he probably didn’t want to keep Emily’s things around anymore. Willow wanted to see if there was anything she wanted to keep or send it to Emily’s parents. “You still working in the morgue?” Willow always found that job of his creepy thinking why work in a morgue whilst you have all doctor degrees and qualifications. “I’m always looking online trying to see if I can see anything but there’s nothing” It was all strange how she did disappear without a trace but Willow knew people didn’t disappear like there. That there must be something somewhere that could give any clues but there was nothing. “Do you have any biscuits?” Looking to see that they were missing how Rashesh was losing track on his hosting skills.


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