the familiar sound of the metal baton hitting the padded dummy rang throughout the room as he felt the  night slowly turn into dawn the mission he had kept him awake most of the night he stopped taking s deep breath   walking to the lone water bottle on the bench taking it in his free hand he raised the bottle to his lips as he took several gulps as he made his way out of the training room stopping at a set of battered green lockers opening it he placed the baton inside as he took the holster attaching it to his belt  before grabbing a fleece as he headed towards the manor entrance 

the morning air was cool like it was every year he existed  [lacing on the fleece Edward made his way down the path slowly making his way onto the busy streets of Evermore walking down the familiar street he often took as he's done his morning run he stopped at the coffee stand as he eyes over the variety of coffee before deciding” latte please “he took the cash out of his pocket as they exchanged the items before  he continued on stopping further down the  street on a bench as he took  out his cellphone and looked at his reports  there were problems over the city, but one took his attention a missing civilian last seen near a sewer entrance t taking a large gulp of his coffee he set his maps on his cell phone for the river banks as he rose to his feet   a cab was pulling up to let a passenger out Edward moved quickly holding the door for the elderly lady getting in   shortly after she had excited" to the   river bank please " the cabby nodded as Edward closed the door taking a seat as the vehicle began to move 

being inside a vehicle and nor driving made the tike feel and move so slow as he watched everyone pass by  concerned in their daily affairs Edward glanced  to the mirror as he could see the driver wanted to speak, but  he had to focus     he returned to looking quietly out of the windows as he sighed as the journey came to its end reading the meter \Edward handed over the cash as he got out he was near, but he wanted to walk in like anyone else stopping at the end on the street he looked around he could see a photographer plying her craft as he waked slowly along the river back   he stopped as he admired the view it reminded him of the lake district back home he sighed as he noted the drain pipe  from his report  he  looked round as  he moved to the bench near some trees  waiting in the shadows 

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Rhaenyra had finally settled into town taking in the sights and sounds, things were much different than they were when she was still human. She walked to the river bank to see if she could get some good pictures to add to her Gallery. Taking the pictures she happened to see someone she thought she would never see again, her Edward, he was alive and well, unless he was like she was now. 

She watched him carefully as she continued to take her pictures she looked at her camera keeping up the act of not knowing what was going on around her. She carefully snagged a picture of him to be a hundred percent sure that it was him but she was entirely too curious for her own good. She managed to slip out of sight and followed behind him to find out what he was truly doing there. She had her Silver hair pulled up into a high ponytail so it was out of her face and she could see properly. 

'What are you doing Edward?' She wandered to herself in her thoughts before she stepped on a nearby branch she cursed in her native tongue before trying to hide before he could see her. She wasn't sure how she would react if it were truly her first love. 

Edward rose to his feet  as he pulled out his cellphone as he  looked over at the next location   quickly looking up as he  heard a noise he looked  around  it was nothing out of place people were living their daily lives nothing that would ward  hos concern before looking back down at his cell  he ticked off the  site before sliding  his phone back in his pocket  before turning on his left heel  and began to walk in the route of his next location  the detective and the girl was still missing  it had been nearly a year since the first site he had investigated   since then one other had been  located  Edward hoped it was  another site at the end of this trail.

The day had begun to  warm  the cool breeze  still whistled around the  street as Edward walked   his next location was  a notorious  hot spot for the homeless and  people with addiction when he first arric=ved in evermore this was a sort of place he  found ideal but after being recruited by the guard  his  life changed   he had  a purpose again as the streets became more desolate the smell of unwashed skin and  graffiti  became noticeable  coming across a man pushing a trolley full of cans  he walked over “Excuse me“ he looked to the man” have you noticed  anything out of the ordinary  or people that are there one day gone the next “he watched as the man looked at two separate corners “Levi and Andrei 3  days ago“  Edward nodded as he smiled” thank you “he pulled out some cash  handing it over to the homeless man” Edward began to walk on stopping the edge of the street with  distinct  feeling he was being watched.

 Walk back out of the Street Edward pulled out his cell phone adding additional reports to his brief before looking back at his phone  looking at the next location he placed  his cell phone  in his pocket  as he  began making hos way  through the street  stopping the distinct feeling of being watched never fled moving with a crowd moving  going into the   nearest coffee shop   Edward  ordered another latte and a Chelsea  bun`1   watching the  crowds that went by  to see if the feeling he had faded   taking his items he moved to a seat   in front of the window and waited 

The minute he left the area she followed at a distance watching Edward she closed her eyes avoiding the sunlight as much as she was able. She watched him taking notes on his phone before moving on stopping a homeless guy asking him about people being here one day and gone the next. Tilting her head confused wondering what he was doing, was he secretly a cop or something now in this world. 

She cursed in her native tongue as he stopped looking around like he knew she was watching him before he ducked into a building. She sighed softly before smiling as she walked calmly looking at the photos from the river banks she had taken earlier as she walked into the coffee shop. 

"Hi! Can I get a mocha latte with whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top please. Oh the name for the order is Rhaenrya" She said saying her name was loud enough to be heard before she turned around to find a place to sit down. She found a seat in the corner away from the window as she pulls out her camera to look at her photos.  

Edwards' ears pricked as he heard the name  it wasn't common now days “he shook his head a little as he doubted himself  if anyone  had a long name now days they would have shortened it to Rhae not keep it as it was” Edward pulled  out his cell as he activated the camera as he angled it  towards the table she was set  the smell of berries began to fill his nostrils” in all the places why Evermore “he sighed as he took a deep breath as he took a sip of his coffee as he looked back out of the window as he thought about his next move  one of them was leaving the shop there and then, but also he would have questioned himself  why didn't he check.

Edward grabbed his coffee up as  he rose to his feet  walking towards the  counter to ask for hot water and  more coffee in his drink as the bar staff sorted it he looked  in the direction   of the girl that called her self Rhaenyra” her  hair matched the colour of the woman he used to love, but he had to make sure as he grabbed his drink he acknowledged the  staff thanking them as he walked towards the table noticing the girl looking at a digital camera  sitting in the seat opposite  her,  he remained silent for a few minutes  realizing it was her or some form of  reincarnation  he had not seen Rhaenyra  since the night  he left“ please do not tell me that banshee  followed you to Evermore “Edward thought if it was her  she would know exactly who he was ob about  as  he had been alone with Esmé before  Rhaenyra was turned, and  she had spent time alone with her and their creator was very controlling   

She wasn’t not paying any attention around her even though she could hear and smell everything. She heard footsteps approaching her before the voice she hadn’t heard in over four hundred years spoke to her. Nearly dropping her camera she looked up seeing her beloved standing at her table looking at her. “No I left her ten years after you left. I wanted so many things and she didn’t.” She said after a minute to compose herself.

She stood up hearing her name being called for her coffee. She smiled going to retrieve it before she stopped looking back at him. “It was great to finally see you after all these years.” She said a small tear fell from her eyes before she blinked new ones that threatened to fall away. 

“She has no idea where I am. I had no idea you were here or alive.” She said a small strain to her voice. “I…I have to go.” She said before she fled the coffee shop heading back to the river bank to watch the sunset from the safety of the shadows. In her haste to get away from the painful memories she dropped her coffee. 

Edward sighed as she left knowing it was Rhaenyra was following him as he got to his feet  as he made his way through the crowds to return to the counter “what the lady ordered please” he pointed to Rhaenyra as he left  paying for the drink as he waited  for it to be made a few minutes passed before Edward received the drink as he made his way out of the shop as he looked around at the directions Rhaenyra could have gone as he began to retrace his steps  as he continued to look for clues that he was looking for as the workers began to spill out on to the street with businesses opening and closing as he sighed as he replayed his voice recordings.

Making his way back towards the water line Edward began to scan the environment he sighed a little in frustration as he feels his tip off was a false errand, or he was in fact being watched as he began to walk along the path as he took in the scents as the sun began to set his cell [hoe began to  ring as he answered he listened to the messages that his voicemail had collected as a  contact  he had  made in the local PD made him aware of another body before  he redialled the cellphone number “yea its Edward give me the details send by text” he stopped as he saw a figure in a distance“I'll be there as soon as possible“

Edward crept up behind the figure before sitting beside her placed the  coffee  between them “you were always clumsy when in a hurry” he smirked as he looked at the sunset “you always loved sunset to” he turned his head towards her “I remember what you asked me  all those years ago before I left “he looked out to the Horizon” the reason was I couldn't live without you   watching you  become ill was distressing, but Esmé kept me from  interfering till I begged her when you were on the floor dying” he took a deep breath “then the first year after  you were turned even though you never showed it I heard you cry  after every time we fed, and it made me feel bad and that  you were feeling like this” he stopped as his cellphone began to ring he pulled out his cell “yea OK  ill make my way over” he put away his cell  he pulled out his mote book scribbling out a number and an address” if you want to talk”  he tore out the paper and placed it by the coffee before he made his way towards the exit .

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