“Maybe it's worth a try” she murmured to herself and bit her bottom lip apprehensively while her thumb hovered on the screen of her phone, it was as if the name Arcadia written in a neat font was slowly calling her out. Maybe she’s free… maybe she’s not free. Astraea knew the elder Aurazin was volunteering at Evermore General, so with all the logical explanations considered, she should be busy. She probably should’ve thought twice before accepting the task given to her earlier today instead of thinking she could handle it when she may not have the capacity to hold her own. It’s been a little over two months since she’s worked at the cafe as a part-time waitress. Somehow, they employed her after seeing her work ethic for the past month. She’s been working for dinner shifts mostly since she would visit the tea shop in the mornings to help the old lady who owned it. 

Mrs. Evans is a very nice woman around her late eighties who owned the shop and from what she gathered, people often ventured there to buy her tea sachets. Surprisingly, she was still so healthy and it didn’t take the Aurazin long to develop an attachment towards the kind old lady who taught her how to brew tea. Today is one of those silent days, it wasn’t that busy when the clock struck 5 pm. Not that she was complaining, she could get some rest then. It wasn’t until she was greeted by the news that the cafe will be closed at 6, a few hours earlier than usual. Astraea was used to closing up at 10 pm the earliest after cleaning up so it was news to her. Apparently, someone reserved the place to hold an event tomorrow, and it was both good news and bad news for the staff. 

Good news, some of the employees would not be needed for tomorrow because it was going to be a private event and they will only pick a few to stay, and those who are selected to work for tomorrow would be paid twice the amount by the hour. Bad news, they will need to have the entire place prepped and done in less than 22 hours. 21 hours now, after she cleaned up and sat by the kitchen, staring at the phone in her hand with a skeptic look. Time was running out and she was told to decorate the cafe and make it ‘presentable’ by 4 pm tomorrow. By presentable, she had a feeling it needed to look close to perfect for a private gathering, judging from the looks her co-workers gave her. The Aurazin was fine with doing anything. 

One big problem. 

She does not know anything about event planning, not the slightest.It was why she has been scrolling down Google for the past 35 minutes trying to wrap her head around it. She really needs help, she decided, and pressed on the name before pressing her phone against her ear, “Please… please, pick up” she mumbled and when the call was finally connected, she almost cheered loudly. “Arcadia! Hey… it’s me, Astraea. Do you think you could come over to Wanderlust? I need a big favor” she was trying her best to drag it out politely but it was clear from her tone, that time was running out. Leaning against the counter near the cash registry, Astraea started telling her what happened and why she called her. It was almost 8 pm by the time she finished cleaning every table and every surface. She wasn’t sure if they were trying to test her or bully her, because being left alone to decorate the spacious room in less than 20 hours was definitely not how she envisioned things happening. Positive thoughts, Astraea.

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She chuckled under her breath giving a slightly guilty expression when Astraea pointed out that they all took on people’s problems “True, though I’m not sure it’s healthy for us to keep taking on everyone’s problems time and time again” she nodded slightly, she knew their role was to support people and comfort them but the whole point of cutting ties afterward is to avoid attachment. It was hard not to feel personally involved as an empath though. “Life is different huh?” she nodded slightly, she was trying to see it as an opportunity rather than an awful thing but it did become difficult to keep being positive when they still had no idea what had happened to their home and seemed no closer to figuring it out.

She nodded in an understanding manner when Astraea pointed out that it made the anxious knowing they couldn’t return home “Especially you shepherds huh...you never wanted to be out in the world in the first place” some of the aurazin chose to not return to earth and just served for those souls that needed help guiding their way through. “I get it...there is so much here and it’s hard to separate yourself” Arcadia probably wouldn’t have chosen to be an empath if she hadn’t discovered she was really good at it. That spurred her on more because she wanted to make people feel better, she wanted to assure people they would be okay. Sure it was hard for her but the balance was worth it to the empath. “Well whether we like it or not, this is our reality for now, all we can do is blend in, live our lives and keep searching for how to get home” seemed bleak but what else could they do when the door to the veil had disappeared.

She nodded slightly “Well we can’t...be what we are and not believe in destiny right?” he responded to the younger aurazin’s worries and the shrugged her shoulder “Maybe this is just another twist in our story that we have to figure out” they were supposed to be dead and yet they weren’t and now they were here back where they started. She laughed under her breath when Astraea teased about how she could own the whole mad hatter concept “You’d pull it off no doubt, I swear you could wear the craziest outfits and still somehow make it work” she laughed and wrinkled her nose playfully.

The blonde bit her lip when she pointed out how hard it must be for her “It’s near impossible” she spoke softly, she had been breaking rules all these years but the knowledge of needing to go back to the veil always assured she kept her distance but this time the only thing holding her back was her knowledge that eventually she would need to go back. Her fears of hurting Ce were too great. She widened her eyes when Astraea said to go see her “That’s a stupid idea” she responded as she continued placing up decorations around the room “It’s crazy right...that’s I’m even thinking about risking it...knowing what they’ll expect me to do at the end” she sighed, keeping her gaze down as she focused on the ribbon.

Arcadia had a point, there was only so much one could handle and even they had a breaking point. Astraea knew hers, she reached that part some time ago. Almost, anyway. It doesn't make it any easier to just stop on your habits though. Unlike the blonde, Astraea is more likely to follow her heart more than her head sometimes. "It is. I'm not sure if I'm thrilled to see the change or if I'm… more scared or intimidated by it. My decision seems to be in the limbo, weighing from this side to that side because I'm unsure." This world feels a bit weird and different but she's slowly getting used to it. She had to. And then there's the situation back home, if they even have a home anymore. Nobody knows what happened so it's hard to come to a conclusion. Yes, she never wanted to be out, in the first place. That's why she returned to being a shepherd and living her life like a recluse person, fearing the outside world as if it would burn her. 

"Most of us don't even know what to do right now… some are trying to find work because we need to fend for ourselves and try to adapt but it's hard to find us going into the empath road" It wasn't a change that can be done overnight, even for a former empath like her. "Do you think it's still there? Our home? What do you think it would be like to return somewhere… you don't recognize?" The last question sounded more to this state, this earth they're currently walking on. Perhaps it was because she hasn't been here in a while so the changes were very apparent. The brunette huffed and leaned against the table, her hands undoing the knots around the ropes as she stared at the blonde with a pout, "How many twists can we take, gosh it's like we're working at the customer service center" In a way, it does feel that way. Their workplace is pretty much a limbo. Her cheeks were slightly flushed when Arcadia pointed out that she would still make it work despite donning something so frivolous and eccentric.

"I can work a puffy skirt, maybe that's why" she giggled, even her hair is quite floofy and curly. "But not thank you, I don't think I'd appreciate people looking at me like I'm a Grade S crazy girl who just escaped from a sanatorium." She has always been obedient, she followed the rules and almost never strayed far from it, with the few exceptions when she befriended the people she was supposed to help even though she couldn't handle cutting off their ties after she had finished. So she wasn't surprised to hear that the older aurazin would find a loophole in between the lines, especially for someone who she loved so dearly. From the looks of it, it seems like she still loves her. Until today. It made her feel a bit jealous, if she was being honest. 

Will she ever have something like that in her life? The feeling of loving someone irrevocably like that and being loved back? "Most good ideaa are usually the stupid ones, Cadia… besides, when else are you going to get this opportunity?" She purposely placed a heart shaped card that was pasted on the decorations in her palm and patted it gently, "Isn't love supposed to make you do crazy things? That's what I've heard."

Arcadia raised her brow curiously, having been an empath for so long she was used to the human world but she felt like aurazin like Astraea must feel pretty disconnected from the world “It’s not so bad though...sure we have to eat and sleep and avoid sugar like the plague but don’t you feel like things are more...real here” the veil was a life but it felt like being in a constant state of waiting for the next job to come along, here people had their own interests and lives. She glanced over at the younger female and nodded her head slightly “Keeping busy is a good plan, we’re here so we may as well use the time to...check off a few boxes” with any luck it wouldn’t be long until they were back home where they belonged.

Arcadia paused for a moment when Astraea asked her about the fate of their home “I feel like we would know...if it was gone” she spoke it in a quiet voice because she wasn’t exactly sure, she could definitely feel that the connection to the veil was disconnected right now, whether it was still there on the other side of the bridge was impossible to know for sure. “There’s so much we don’t know huh” she commented with a slightly sad smile, she wanted to stay positive but it was harder with every passing day of silence. She laughed under her breath when Astraea complained about too many twists and knots “Well that wouldn’t be much different to the veil...not like we really had time for a life there” souls were getting lost all the time after all.

She laughed and smiled as she watched Astraea, she was pretty, small with mousey features and a pout she was sure would make all the boys swoon “Well they might believe that before they believe you left a magical rainbow world where you guide souls who are lost after death?” she offered and laughed, it really did sound insane when you said it out loud that was for sure. Arcadia bit her lip when Astraea pointed out most of the best ideas began stupid, she sighed under her breath wondering if Astraea was right and she should take the chance to be with Ce “What if she hates me when I have to leave again?” that was the part she found the hardest, Ce held onto the things she cared for and she knew how long it had taken her to be able to move forward the first time.

“She does make me crazy though” she grumbled as she looked down to the heart-shaped card and placed it into her pocket before getting back to decorating, the place was staring to shape up now and thankfully it didn’t look completely jumbled up “Who even plans a party this late anyway” she commented as she affixed some balloons to one of the pillars.

She still couldn't get used to how different things were, the last time she had been on earth was over a century ago and plenty of things have changed since then. "Eating… sleeping… I even made a notice to set alarms for that everyday. I still couldn't get used to it but I'm sure in time, it'll get easier" at least that's what she would like to tell herself. Besides, eating or sleeping are basic needs for a lot of living beings, and it was certainly the least of her worries right now. "At least the world had plenty to show so I'm not as bored" that was one of the good things she noticed ever since they set foot in this realm. "It's not gone…" But she was saying it as though she was trying to convince herself more than Arcadia herself. "Have you felt any significant change ever since we got here?I mean, I assumed empaths wouldn't feel as disconnected since you're here more often than the rest of us but I'm not sure if the discomfort I feel sometimes were due to the sudden change in my environment or it was from the disconnected synchronisation with the veil that used to be the bridge between them the entire time."

Weird, indeed. "It feels so different" she grumbled under her breath, there were times when it would make Astraea feel antsy. "I'm just thinking about the poor souls trapped in the Void without us to help guide them to their rightful places. We're not there to help fend them off the voidlings either… I wonder what would be of them." If she was being truthfully honest, she was worried that the innocent ones would end up being devoured by the merciless creatures. "It's like leaving the front gate unprotected or unguarded during such perilous times… when your enemy is just across the other side. If we were doors blocking the voidlings from getting to them, now the door is gone." Was there anything stopping them from launching an attack there without their presence? "That does sound more believable" she chuckled, their existence are too complex for some people to understand. Not even supernaturals themselves could comprehend their existence, much less humans. 

She didn't have any experience with love so the aurazin could only offer her a small smile in response, placing a reassuring hold over her shoulders, "That's inevitable, Cadia. It's hard to determine how long we'll be here… but I don't want you to miss out the opportunity to be happy with your love" After all, the blonde has been keeping a careful eye on the Valkyr all these years, what was stopping her from meeting her now? "She won't hate you because you'll be doing something you have no control over" she reassured. The dark haired aurazin chuckled when she said she makes her crazy, "Crazy love, huh. I imagine it must feel good though." Astraea leaned against the pillar briefly before climbing up to check the lights, "Just some colleagues wanting to celebrate someone's promotions at their workplace I'm guessing. They're even hiring babysitters for their kids…" Poor kids, she could only imagine how bored they would be to be in the same space as their parents at a party like that. 

She chuckled under her breath “I’ve gotten used to the habits because I’m often the one visiting earth but it still feels foreign compared to the veil” and having to eat but avoid sugar was more of a nightmare than anyone would realize, it was crazy how many different foods and drinks you could find that contained it. “Being in it is certainly more entertaining than watching it from a distance” she agreed with a slight nod, everything was so lively here and everyone was lost in their own realities, it was honestly pretty fascinating to her. “I can definitely feel something is wrong but...I have to believe our powers are tethered to the veil and therefore if we still have powers, the veil is still there somewhere” she nodded slightly, god knows how much trouble they would have if they lost their powers and were regular humans.

Her expression softened when Astra pointed out that there might be people lost in the void and unable to make it out “Well we don’t know what happened to those in the veil, if they’re still there, they might be able to reach the void” she hoped they could because she remembered being lost in the void and it wasn’t a pleasant experience and she wouldn’t wish it on anyone. “But right now there is nothing we can do and torturing ourselves with what ifs doesn’t help those people any further” she nodded slightly, it was their job to guide them but if they couldn’t be there, she was sure the universe would find some way to balance it. She hoped so anyway.

Cadia never fell in love in the veil or really allowed herself to have any kind of a life there, it was work consistently that kept her busy and out of trouble. She knew of other aurazin who had relationships and found happiness in the afterlife there but there was always a part of her that knew she wasn’t going to be able to get past Ce and honestly, she didn’t want to. She was happy to watch her from a distance and know she loved her deeply “Being happy is such a relative term when you know it has an expiry date” she spoke softly and let out a long breath “I’d be pretty mad if someone came back into my life knowing I’d inevitably lose them again” after all the pain of heartbreak was agonizing “It’s intense” she spoke softly in admission when Astraea asked if it was good “But the highs are incredibly high” she let a small smile cross her lips and nodded as though to affirm it.

Arcadia moved to support the ladder Astraea was climbing to ensure it stayed steady “Sounds like an excuse to get drunk if I ever heard one” she commented a little snarkily and shook her head slightly “Well it’s definitely looking nicer in here at least, though next time you should really make your boss deal with his bad decisions himself...say you got a date or something” he teased softly.

She pouted slightly because in truth, she does miss earth, she is a social butterfly, she practically befriends every living being possible. But at some point, it got too much for her and she needed to take a break hence why she sat at the other bench for about a century now so when they had to adapt to living here, it felt… overwhelming and surreal to the aurazin. "I miss earth… but you're right, it feels so foreign, like I've missed a lot, a century couldn't change that much right? But it seems like it did." War was still there but it's all about technology rather than manpower now, which was honestly terrifying. "We have to believe the Veil is still up because of our abilities, but the question is… how long will it stay up? Will they have enough defending it from god knows what's going on…" Worrying would be an understatement, Astraea hasn't been able to sit down without thinking of the what if's every 5 minutes. 

There was so much uncertainty in what's currently happening and she hated to stay out of the loop. "I hate being uninformed and wandering around in the dark blind… it's unnerving to say the least." She hopes that they would be able to find at least some sort of clue that could lead them to a bigger picture. "I'm guessing I should go back to being an empath now that we're here but… it's so hard to go back to being one, is that weird?" She never told Arcadia the full story of why she stopped abruptly one day, only that she had to take a break from the constant environment, which could only mean one thing; heartbreak. The brunette frowned when she heard the blonde said that, "The expiry date is everywhere on everything, Cadia. But it never stopped anyone from going through it… love is supposed to prevail right?" Or was she so naive to believe such love still exists? "Am I being too oblivious and naive for thinking that?" 

For someone who has never been in love, she sure doesn't have the clearest idea of what it realistically entails. "The heartbreak may not be worth it but… it's been more than a thousand years, Cadia… I'm sure she misses you." If she could still love her after all those years, she would salute them forever. That was the definition of everlasting love. Astraea couldn't help but laugh at her suggestion, "If I tell him that, watch the next day my colleagues bombard me with questions regarding my date. Like who are they? Tall? Short? Sassy? I swear they'd be in my business before I could even come near" she was uncomfortable by the constant hogging but Astraea would never be able to find herself saying excuse me. "But you're right, maybe I should find some excuse next time." Once she was done organizing it, she climbed down from the ladder and started folding the napkins. "Am I the only one who is shocked by the amount of sugar in everything these days? Like… what kind of food doesn't have sugar?"

“I think more than anything I miss what I remember earth to be...not earth itself” after all, being here it honestly felt like they were strangers, aliens even, everything was new and different, the technology brought everything to a different level than the world she remembered. “Development has become rapid in the past 10 years, it honestly seems so different to the world we used to know” it was probably for the better, change came in the format of development but also social change, it was okay to love whoever you wanted freely now and that said a lot. “The veil is stronger than we think, plus the other Aurazin aren’t just going to give up on our home, we just need to keep looking for answers” Arcadia didn’t want to fall down the slippery slope of doubt.

“Me too...but if we don’t start thinking positive then all we’re going to be left with is doubt and that’s not healthy” she nodded a few times, she didn’t want to dwell on the bad because honestly, that seemed dangerous. “I get it” she empathized with Astraea’s situation, being an empath wasn’t an easy thing to do “Before it was easier to find separation because you would leave after a mission...now it feels harder not to be move...involved” and getting involved meant making attachments to people and they both knew how dangerous they were. “If love prevailed then I wouldn’t have died before I got the chance to really experience it” she whined the words softly because she wanted to believe in love but how could she when she also knew how hard it was to lose it.

“I know she misses me” she spoke in a small voice, she really wanted to give in and just reveal who she was to Ce, she was sure the valkyr would be happy, relieved even to see her but she imagined that the valkyr would be crushed when she realized it couldn’t be forever. “And I miss her more than anything...if I haven’t pictured 1000 times how she would react to seeing me…” she pursed her lips and sighed, she wanted it so badly, her heart still raced every time she saw her, even from a distance. “Well at least it would keep them busy...freaking out about a fake date” she scoffed slightly shaking her head slightly “I’m sure you can find a less gossip-worthy excuse though, it’s not like they can really question you” Astraea was just used to being taken advantage of she supposed.

Arcadia continued work on the decorating and glanced over at Astraea when she whined about sugar “Tell me about it, did you know they even put sugar in pickles now?” she rolled her eyes, it was difficult to stay hidden when their disguises could be picked apart by one bad menu choice “It’s almost like they know our weakness” she grumbled as she finished tying balloons around the arch and set a few tables.

She could understand why Arcadia felt that way, she also remembered feeling the same and for someone who hasn't stepped on earth for over a century, things were even much more different than she remembered to be. "Culture shock?" She quipped humorously, that would be an understatement. The technology keeps on evolving she wasn't sure if they could even match the pace it's growing at. "The last time I was on earth was during the American civil war… that was what? 1865?" It's been a while for her who decided to become a full time Shepherd instead of an Empath. That 'career' choice never made sense to others but nobody questioned her because it was clear something happened. "We'll keep on finding the answers… and hope that it will lead us somewhere" she nodded, they had to be optimistic about this. If they won't be positive about this then who would? 

"God attachments are so dangerous but you just can't help to form them… even if it wasn't intentional…" she couldn't even stop herself from fostering a good relationship between that kind grandmother from the flower shop. They were close enough for her to call the aurazin with a nickname. Upon hearing Arcadia whine, Astraea moved closer and pinched both her cheeks, enough to make her stop whatever she was doing but not enough to make it actually hurt, "You're gonna find epic love again I imagine. If not with someone else, maybe with her" she even highlighted that part with a knowing look. "Shouldn't you take the chance of us staying here for longer than usual to… bask in whatever happiness you could get?" Initially, Astraea would tell her off on visiting Cecilia but how could she do that now? They're in the same city and the still ever loving look in her eyes is there, it makes her feel like a villain if she keeps saying no. 

"Help me make a list of excuses and we'll check off which one would help me get away. I don't think it's the excuses part that gets me busted though, it's just that I'm a generally bad liar. Most people could see through me…" It doesn't help that her ears turn red when she's lying and her eyes even tremble sometimes. Her eyes widened as soon as she heard the words sugar and pickles together, "Seriously? Aren't they supposed to be sour? Why would you put sugar in pickles? They're supposed to be fermented…" it was an offense if she was going by it. "We could also only drink… plain water. No soda no nothing… everything is filled with sugar. I work at a cafe… it's hard not to get anything with sugar here. Except pure black coffee and espresso I guess… no creamer no sugar…" She couldn't help but pull a face at the idea of that which made her shudder, "Is there any food we can consume that doesn't have any sugar? Aside from the greens…"

She nodded slightly in agreement, Astraea was right, it felt like a culture shock of sorts “I always thought myself to be pretty with the times” she commented and gave a dry laugh “Then I tried to live here” she was figuring things out of course and she picked them up pretty fast but that didn’t mean she didn’t miss some of the simpler things sometimes. “You really kept your distance huh?” she commented, looking down for a moment, she understood why the other aurazin made that call, it wasn’t exactly easy being around people but only being a temporary figure in their lives that they would forget in time “I don’t think I could see myself as anything other than an empath” she enjoyed helping others and she found purpose in the second chance she had been given.

She bit her lip and nodded, admittedly the elder aurazin was well-practiced by now in her empath duties but that still didn’t make it easy to let people go once she got to know them a little. She liked to treat her work as an empath like she was playing a role, something other than herself but that was harder to do when you were living on earth and would encounter people naturally, even more so when there was someone who knew here face here “No matter how hard we try...they’re inevitable” she commented in a soft voice. Cadia laughed when Astraea pinched her cheeks, pulling a face and pouting her lips “I’m not sure if epic love is in the cards for our kind” she confessed but smiled slightly “Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like it through” they were all short-changed after all “I just don’t know if I have the strength for watching the aftermath” she commented with a sad expression.

There was nothing she wanted more than to be with Ce again, but it wasn’t as if she could just run away and build a new life here, she still had a home back in the veil and a purpose she was supposed to continue on fulfilling “Girls night with your favorite blonde?” she offered as the first entry for the excuse list and grinned slightly “That one doesn’t even have to be a lie” considering Arcadia had shown up the moment Astraea called today, it was pretty evident she didn’t have much of a life of her own here in Evermore. “I guess?” she shrugged, sugar was added to most things so you had to be careful about what you bought, especially if it was processed “They have those zero sugar drinks, they’re not great but at least it’s some variety?” she sighed under her breath, it was definitely a challenge “Well most meals you can get away with taking sugary ingredients out if you cook...I’ve been practicing” she actually enjoyed it.

By now the room was looking pretty well decorated for the party, which was impressive considering they didn’t even have anything a few hours before now “Your manager is going to reimburse me for these right?” not that she cared that much but if he was going to throw something like this on Astraea the least they could do was pay for the supplies. “Next time call me with some fake plan I can drag you away to” she nodded slightly “And I don’t like being stood up” she teased and winked.

"I feel like technology has advanced more in the past 50 years than they have back in the 1800s…" it was crazy but also fascinating. She has her reason to keep her distance but the more she thought about it, the more painful her heart felt. "I didn't think I'd do well as a shepherd either at first to be honest… I know I also grew up with a sword in my hands but the whole purpose of being an aurazin and me taking up a new name was to have a new identity that is dissociated from my previous past. But… I guess some things are just too painful to forget about it. I'll probably return to empathing soon enough though, I'm just taking a break for who knows… a century or two more." 

Just until her heart heals again. Being on earth has certainly taught her to embrace it more. "Inevitable things are always the worst… you know to predict it but you can't help but do it anyway." You are basically steering it that way because to you, it was worth it. A whine escaped the aurazin when Arcadia said epic love was unlikely to be in the cards for the likes of them, "Why can't we have those" she grumbled and huffed, pressing her head against the table with her arm placed next to it. "Don't we aurazin deserve the love we desired too?" She mumbled. "It does make me wonder if it will ever be possible for us to find love… with others, I will not count the others in the equation because most are practically our brothers and sisters…" She understood what Cadia meant by not having the strength to see the aftermath through. 

Astraea's eyes lit up almost instantly when she suggested a girl's night, "You're the only blonde in my contact list which is also not that many" she retorted sassily but giggled afterwards, "I would love to have one. I've seen those in movies… they look fun. If it was just the two of us, I think we can afford to go with some sweets." It wouldn't be that bad, right? And what's a girl's night without good snacks  ? She scrunched her nose up when she heard about the zero sugar drinks, "I tried it once… they have it here and I think my taste buds were numb for the next hour… I may as well drink plain water." Then there's that; cooking. "I haven't gotten around cooking just yet… they have better equipments now it's really savvy. I think I'll get the chance once I study the recipes down…" It doesn't mean she'll be great at it. "But that is such an effort, you can't even order takeout without being cautious…" 

She stared at the newly decorated space and hummed in response, "He promised to pay me plenty for this service. Which is a separated pay to the supplies being bought too. I guess it's important people having something at a smaller and secluded place because he said do whatever I want. It's one of the reasons why I even said yes… I mean I can't say no anyway but the pay did help." She held her finger up to cross her chest and nodded, "Cross my heart. How could I ever attempt to even stand you up. Do you want anything? Coffee, maybe?"

“I guess now that they’re on the path of discovery, things are only going to keep moving more rapidly” she commented thinking about how about 40 years ago it was basically unheard of for the average person to have a computer and now they were integral to society and everyone had a small portable one in their pocket. “Take your time, empathing isn’t easy, we all know that” it could be rewarding for sure but you had to adopt and keep a certain frame of mind and it wasn’t good or healthy for every Aurazin, some found it too hard to put the past in the past and focus on the duties. Arcadia couldn’t see herself as anything but that though, she enjoyed the process of helping others.

She nodded and pressed her lips together “So there’s no real point in fighting it…might as well just make the best of what you have” in a certain way it made the situation easier to manage because there was a guaranteed ending, you just needed to figure out the path you took along the way. Arcadia couldn’t help but laugh as Astraea whined about the fact she thought it was unfair for an Aurazin to be able to have epic love “I mean we’re for all senses of the word…ghosts” she mused softly “Just because we cheated the path to move on doesn’t make us any less…dead” she commented and sighed “Maybe love is meant for the living” though honestly it didn’t stop her pining for it either.

She laughed softly “Well then you’ll have to settle for me” she teased and nodded slightly, it would be a lot of fun for the two of them to just spend an evening together and forget about their worries for a little while “You’re bold” she giggled when Astraea suggested they get sweets “We’ll have to lock the door and hide the key so we don’t try and get out of the house” she commented and laughed, it had been a while since she’d actually given in and had some sugar. “Cooking is pretty fun nowadays, things have come a long way since the days of bread and broth” though she did really like the taste of bread.

She grinned slightly when Astraea explained the situation with her manager “Every penny helps huh?” she offered a small smile, it had definitely been a challenge to adjust to society here when they began with basically nothing. “Coffee would be amazing” she responded and perked up slightly “And then I’ll drive you home” honestly Cadia didn’t like the idea of Astraea walking the city alone.

She knew she should be grateful when she had Arcadia who always took care of her, but sometimes it can be so hard to just push away those thoughts when she used to be in those shoes, a while ago. “I missed doing it for sure…” Unfortunately, the trauma and sadness were still apparent, enough to push the younger aurazin back on the track that she will need to take some time to adjust to. It was almost 160 years later but it felt fresh in her mind. “You’re so strong…” they had to have a strong mind to go through it and Astraea thought she’d last longer but obviously, that’s not what happened. It got unhealthy for her and she knew she had to put a stop to it before it takes a toll on her well-being.

Her pout was clearly shown, especially after hearing that they were indeed ghosts, “I know… I know we’re basically that, only spirits who run around being cute guardians and helping people who needed them, but the longer I stayed here, the more I wonder if we couldn’t be given a free pass that we could possibly use for other things. “I mean there are movies and novels on love for the undead, aren’t valkyr considered the undead too? Considering how they actually become one after their death? Or the phoenixes… who were reborn… niveis too? How come they don’t write stories about us… the closest there is to us is a bunch of unicorns. Children’s bedtime stories…” Not that she took offense to it because, in reality, they glow rainbow and empaths are pretty much the unicorn guardians that were told in stories. Shepherds are the ones who work behind the scenes because those tales aren’t supposed to be 13+.

The idea of them hiding the key so they won’t find it and get out sounded like it could very well happen. “What’s the worst that could happen? It’s just one day, Cadia… come on” she tugged on his sleeves cutely and batted her eyelashes at the female, attempting to get her on her side. “Besides… I could do well away from all the work… All work and no play is not fun. It’s not as if I have any voidlings to chase off either…” It was meticulous work, obviously, but it didn’t stop Astraea from finding the fun in things even when she’s hunting down a malevolent spirit in the Void. Often, it was like playing superheroes. “I saw the licorice by the store and it was so tempting… or those chewing gum, I have no idea what those are but they look tasty…” She may as well be drooling just thinking about it. “Cooking? I haven’t given any thoughts about it but I’ve been wanting to bake what people call brownies, they look very cute.” The food today is definitely better by tenfold, they have come a long way since the bland days.

Admittedly, where she came from, there were plenty of spices, but it wasn’t as advanced as today. “We have to make do” she nodded softly as she excused herself to make Cadia coffee, one for the aurazin and another for her too. “I’m a bigger fan of teas if you haven’t noticed,” she chuckled from behind the counter and turned on the machine, “but coffee these days is doable.” She spared her a sheepish grin when she offered to take her home, “Admittedly, the streets can be pretty shady late at night so thanks… I can’t believe humans are scarier than voidlings.” She has faced literal ghouls yet humans will always scare her the most. Because sometimes they are humane yet so horrid. Once she finished their coffees and placed them into a cup to go, she switched everything off and beckoned for the blonde to follow her after grabbing her bag.

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