Want to know how to make a scroll box? Want to know how to edit your banners and backgrounds?

Everyone can post thier codes and questions about code here.

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I figured this would be a little helpfful to those who don't know how to put a song on their profile and have it auto-play, as ive helped several people now, I figured just sharing it here would be easier. 

But, anywhoooo xP

This site shows you how to code a youtube song to autoplay on your profile 


Your favorite broody Aspect 


A lot of people have asked me for the code that extends the middle column to the right column, so here it is below:

display: none;

width: 1050px;
margin-left: -10px;

width: 805px;

.xg_3col {
width: 1050px

.xg_2col .xg_reset img {
max-width: 840px !important

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