“Well this is interesting.” Anivia said aloud as she looked over to Rhydian before letting her eyes rest back on Ilyas as he was just brought back to the small village they had set up high in the mountains of Evermore. “You said he still thinks he is a Phoenix? But how?” she asked as she leaned her head to the side watching the man from afar as he walked around the tribe members eyeing them as if they were foreign to what he has known. “I mean I knew he was difficult to find after all being locked away so deep in the jungle was hard for our people to find him but still he had to know he was different.” She mused aloud as she watched him closely. The male was large and very much a brute which reminded her of  her brother Quilo who had died so long ago.

Maybe it was the way he reminded her of someone that had passed on that gave her the urge to help him as much as she could. Clearing her throat she moved from Rhydian side though she could hear his protest about her handling this on her own. She closed the space between her and the larger male before she leaned her head to the side looking up to him “How about we have a talk Ilyas.” She said as she placed a hand on his arm and motioned with her free one to her cabin that sat in the village. “I know you have many questions and I myself have plenty of questions. I think we could help each other out.” She offered a faint smile to him before moving towards her cabin.

As she open the cabin door her dark hues held his as he walked passed her inside, she moved to the living room area and then looked to the kitchen “are you hungry? Or would you like something to drink?” she asked as she moved sitting on the arm of her chair just in case he said he was. For a moment she watched him and then cleared her throat. “Well have a seat.” she said and waited for him to sit down before folding her hands together, her eyes studying him for a long moment. “My name is Anivia, I am like you, we are called Niveis a deviation of phoenix and initia alike.” She moved rolling up her sleeves showing him the tribal markings that swirled along her flesh. “I was born a Niveis but many in the tribe were turned into Niveis due to dying in ice, or water.” she watched him with her watchful gaze “How did you become a Niveis?” she asked softly. Some Niveis didn’t like sharing how they became what they were now.

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Despite originally arriving in Evermore to find answers to what happened after his last murder and last rebirth; part of him was now apprehensive, even reluctant - his mind continued to race back to his family when he was not distracted by the modern civilisation. Frequently he wondered about his baby sisters, and how one would have definitely had their child by now; after all, it had months since he left camp to find food to never return. More often than not, his fingers would curl roughly into the palms of his hands as his mind reenacted his kidnapping to his deaths. Ilyas knew that the other men in his own tribe were more than capable to protect his sisters and if born, his baby neice or nephew. It was these thoughts than distracted him and Rhydian guided him up and through to the mountains to where there were more people that were like him, and he supposed there would be many answers there; yet he doubt that any of them spoke Turkish and could speak English perfectly - unlike himself. Ilyas followed silently after Rhydian as they walked towards the tribe; he noted that the man did not live with them which made him curious but he bit his tongue. The landscape before him was completely different to the environment that he was used to, not so much by the masses of trees but the temperature and the weather. He knew it was winter here, but nevertheless, the cold air was not familiar to him.

Yet, the Turk couldn't deny that he now felt somewhat comfortable and at ease in the chillier weather; he was so used to the sun of Turkey and the warm sands of the Caribbean. In fact, the cold hair that engulfed him reminded him of the ice like plague which filtered through his bloodstream on a frequent basis. Ilyas heard Rhydian's order to stay put, but the fellow brute was stupid enough to believe that Ilyas would follow such orders; following another's order came incredibly difficult to him. Ilyas took the opportunity to walk around camp which resided deep within the mountain top; he watched silently the different members of the tribe before going on to take note of the different buildings and structures they had built to defend them against the elements. Given these people had more tools than his own people, but he knew he could take some ideas from them for his own home; that was when the dark thought of stealing some supplies came to him. Eventually, he found himself leaning against the wooden fencing which secured some farm animals; who he watched peacefully despite feeling multiple of eyes, human and animal on him. After a few moments of eyeing a goat, Ilyas finally heard the soft footsteps of the woman that Rhydian had been speaking to; the large male eventually turned round to face the petite woman.

Chocolate hues roamed over her, analysing her as he did so - she must be the boss lady that he had heard of so often; both from Rhydian and Valeria. Naturally, his head tilted somewhat to process the English words - he was slowly getting better at this second language but not enough to for him to speak at all fluently. Yet from his understanding, she would have most of the answers - but what she wanted from him in return was unknown. Ilyas nodded once and glanced down at her hand upon arm before he followed her to the cabin; it reminded him a little of home, just more advanced. “Ale” Ilyas grunted as he finally took a seat, and if she didn't have any he would simply suffer until he got back into the city - if he was not at Valeria's he was certainly causing trouble at the bar. Ilyas leaned back casually as she informed him of what she was, and what she was; which couldn't stop an amused, husky chuckle to vibrate in his chest. “Me? Phoenix!” He responded, despite knowing in his heart something had changed, the fire was now ice cold. He glanced at her tattoos and nodded in approval, he had a few himself which his crew had imprinted on him. Upon hearing her question, flashbacks appeared in the forefront of his mind; the constant torture, tainting and death. “I, murdered in sea” Ilyas muttered, his eyes darkening at the thought of someday getting his revenge for himself and for his Father. “Korsan Kadri” In that moment he had to stand, and began to rummage her cabin for alcohol.

Anivia had to admit Ilyas was something new to her, every Niveis outside of her village had been adapted to the new world. Her tribe had been thankful to have the help of the outsiders that wish to help the tribe. She looked to him as he asked for Ale, the one thing that ties many people together, the love of alcohol. Alcohol offered a burn that many of the turn niveis claim to remind them of the time before. She looked over the large male, he was much larger than most in their tribe. While Rhydian was rather tall he was not as tank like as Ilyas. Anivia had found herself staring far to long for her own good, studying his features as she tried to put together how he could have even died, he was strong and sturdy. It was becoming clear by the way he used short words to get his point across he didn’t speak english very well. Though Anivia was skilled in many languages from the outsiders that had come to the Island, she was not sure if she spoke his langage. “You are Niveis.”she simply stated again though she could tell deep down he knew he was no longer a phoenix.

“A the sea be a harsh mistress that has caused many phoenix to turn into a niveis.” She said as she followed behind him and opened a bottle of rum that had been gifted to her and poured him a glass sitting it in front of him before moving around the counter “Korsan Kadri? Is that the name of the man that murdered you at sea?” She tried her best to speak clearly giving long pauses for him to think about the words she said and give her an answer  “I feel so rude.” she said as it dawned on her “My name is Anivia.” she said softly and then held her hand out to him “May I ask what is your name?” she said softly as she leaned her head to the side, she could tell he was no one that that trusted easy. She closed her eyes and when she opened them again they burned a bright icy blue as she opened her psychic link she had been blessed with some how to the other Niveis. She leaned her head to the side as she read the swirl of emotions and a slight grin came to her face as she closed her eyes again letting the link disconnect.

“You care deeply for your family, you are unsure how to get back to them I can tell.” she said as she poured herself a glass of rum. “Though if you want something from the tribe I would prefer you ask for what you need, after all you are one of us. We help our own.” She said as she picked up the glass and raised it to her lips taking a sip from the glass and then answered his unasked question. “I am not sure it is being the chief our because I was the first pure born Niveis.” she gave a shrug her dark hues resting on the stone counter she had placed into her home, leaning on it softly “I can feel everyone of our kind and if I open myself to it I feel them and what affects them emotionally, what drives them.” She looked up to him with a slight admiration in her eyes. “For someone in a foreign land you would think you would be driven by fear and yet, you seem to leak an appreciation for the adventure while wishing to return home to see your family.” touching his glass frosting it along with her own “Is there any way I can help you?”

Ilyas knew that he would need more than one pint of ale for the memories of what Kadri had done to him to disappear; of course, not many would assume that a brute like himself could ever be traumatised, but when he sat alone at night, he could not stop the memories from triggering uncontrollable fear. This fear was not necessarily for what could’ve happened to him, nor the idea that Kadri could have been successful in killing him, no - Ilyas was more afraid that Kadri now had possible access to finding Ilyas’s family and crew; if they were still alive. That was what scared him the most, and more often than not, Ilyas grew angry with himself that he chose to get answers regarding the cold fire which now lived within his blood rather than going straight to his family; they needed him more than he needed answers. After all, he was sure they could have travelled together to Evermore, even if his Sister had given birth; his family were well adapted and well travelled - they had traveled in worse conditions than having a baby on board. Nevertheless, alcohol solved any thought processing he became victim to. Ilyas could sense that she was following him towards the kitchen and she reiterated that he was now this Niveis, he couldn't help but mimic her. “You are Niveis” He copied, but a grin found his lips as a alcoholic looking bottle appeared.

Ilyas allowed her to take the bottle from him to pour themselves a glass; he was quick to down the first, before silently demanding another. “Sea is mistress. Me, Pirate… Sea, home” He commented as he leaned against the wooden counter, his fingers naturally wrapped around the bottle - he knew he would drink quicker than her and thus, would fill her up when required. “Korsan, errr is Turkish for pirate” He replied. “Kadri, Ilyas enemy” His words were laced with a growl until he managed to finally process her words. “Aye, and crew. In turns” Ilyas downed another drink and decided to slide the glass away and move on to drinking from the bottle itself. With his free hand, his fingers grasped Anivia's and shook her hand firmly. “Ilyas, hi” Knowing he had come across slightly aggressive, he offered her a somewhat more warm and welcoming smile. His chocolate hues narrowed suspiciously as hers reopened, only to be tinted with an ice blue; in fact, his head tilted a little - but he recognised the blue from his own. Ilyas furrowed his brows at the concentration on her face and only took a step or two back just in case she turned on him.

Ilyas was completely baffled as she continued to inform him of his current and overwhelming emotion of worrying about his family. His lips parted ever so slightly in confusion as he tried to comprehend how she knew those things; after all, only Valeria knew of his circumstances and she knew all too well that it was not her place to tell others. Just as he was about to voice his concerns, as if she read his mind, she answered his non-vocalised question. Ilyas widened his eyes and considered how awkward that psychic could be at times and suddenly turned to down more rum; what was this society like, good lord. “Witchcraft” He simply muttered and figured it was for the best he didn't ask anyone on the voodoo aspect. Ilyas was not sure what he wanted from her tribe, if he wanted anything at all; he originally wanted answers and Anivia was able to give him that but to have a larger crew and men who were loyal would certainly help him seek his revenge on Kadri and would certainly get his own family back to him in one piece. “I do not scare… Quickly” He knew the words did not flow but he hoped she would understand; at times he forgot others could not use magic to understand another language like the Dhampirs did. “My family, still phoenix. I want them safe, I want them here” He knew having them here would be safer, particularly for his baby niece or nephew. “And to learn, ice magic” Ilyas closed his eyes to focus on the freezing feeling beneath his skin.

Anivia could feel the internal struggle the young looking man in front of her was having, though she doubt it was all due to what he had become in his final rebirth. She couldn’t help the small smile that played on her lips as he repeated back to her what she had said to him. “You know I have a feeling you will pick up on English in to time.” She gave him the glass only to find him wanting more rather quickly which she gave though limiting herself to one glass as she knew that there was already a language barrier. “How is your bond with the sea now that you are Niveis?” She tried to speak clearly even clasped her hands together as a motion for bond. Waving her hand as a no for more than the one drink she had already poured and was nursing. “Korsan.” she repeat the word that he spoke for Pirate. Her eyes watching as he explained how he was turned into a Niveis. “So Kadri your enemy and his crew, placed you in the sea till you rebirthed?” She tried to ask back slowly in hopes that she was making sense to him. She knew in that moment she was going to have to learn Turkish in order to keep up with the larger male in front of him.

She felt his larger hand take hold of hers as she smiled softly “Ilyas is a beautiful name.” She watched him take a step back from her she wondered if it was in slight fear that took over his welcoming smile as she showed that she was like him just a tad different because she had yet to run into another Niveis that could connect with the others psychically like she had. Yet his gaze stayed upon her face as he seem to be taking in the display she showed in hopes it would help him trust her a little more. She stood perfectly still as she let him watch her closely, as if to say she understood he needed that moment, hell she could feel the waves of emotions he was letting off even if he didn’t know it himself. Though maybe bringing up that she could feel it was to much for the large male in front of him. As he just looked shocked as she spoke of knowing he missed them. As he muttered out that her extra skill was witchcraft she only chuckled at him. “You know humans would say that about you also Ilyas. After all not everyone can wield Ice, nor your former element Fire.”

She tilted her head to the side letting her hair roll to the side as she hummed softly, “Just because you don’t understand what something is or a skill one has that you don’t doesn’t make it witchcraft. Well, unless you run into a Instar Diviner cause they are Witches of sorts.” She reached out and took his hand in hers placing her hand over his gently as she looked to how small her hand was in his “I do not wish to scare you easily.” she gave him the word she knew she was looking for. “I want to help you.” It was almost like it was ingrained in her to want to help those her where of her species, she felt like she was the only one who should be unhappy and lonely. “Then I shall do everything in my power to bring your family here to be with you Ilyas.” She said as she smiled at his expression that he wanted to learn Ice Magic. “And I will teach you everything I know but I do ask for one thing.” she let a snowflake form between their hands before pulling her hand back from his leaving the snowflake there. “Teach me Turkish and I will teach you English so I can better understand you. I speak many languages already I should be able to pick it up rather easily.” She smiled to him “Anlaştık mı? (deal?)”

Upon hearing her words of assurance about him learning English in no time caused him to briefly exhale a soft laugh, a smile finding his lips as he shook his head. “English, long time ago” He confided somewhat. “But no use after death of person” Ilyas admitted, although even when Eleanor was around, his English wasn’t perfect but it certainly was better than it was now - yet, she was too, very smart and picked up Turkish very quickly; but when she died, he no longer had any use for the foreign language. He had no intention to visit the country, nor did he need to speak it with his family who only spoke Turkish themselves, although, now that he had found himself in such a predicament, he partially regretted not demanding more English lessons from Eleanor. Ilyas was grateful for the next comment that Anivia had thrown his way about his relationship with the sea as Eleanor was not a comforting subject for himself, despite no one else knowing about her in this world; thus he could only blame himself for allowing some aspects and subjects triggering such memories. Ilyas glanced down at the liquid in his glass as the topic of his other love was brought up. “Not seen, long time” He shook his head. “But always drawn to water” The brief smile returned, despite being in Evermore for a few weeks now, he had just to venture to the docks where the other boats and ships resided. “Maybe a trip soon”

His hold upon the glass tightened, there were too many emotions coming and going for him to truly comprehend how to cope with them; he was such a contradiction - he was a being who felt nothing but also everything at once and at times, it became unbearable where he would become physically violent to release them - thus it was no surprise that the pressure on the glass became too much, therefore, it shattered within his hand. The shattered glass fell to the floor, and the many tiny cuts to his palm caused blood to ooze from them; yet the alcohol gave the wounds a welcoming burn which caused him to hiss under his breath. Ilyas eventually looked up to Anivia and simply wiped his wounded hands on his trousers before replying to her. “He will die for what he did, Piç (bastard)” Ilyas took a steadying breath and eventually went to wash his hands from the blood under the tap, he had already got the sense that she would demand that looked after himself better. Ilyas glanced over his shoulder at her as she mentioned that humans too, would call what he could do witchcraft and he snorted in amusement and if he were honest with himself, he could not remember the last human he encountered, it had been that long ago. “Poor humans” He mused sarcastically as he returned to where he once stood.

Ilyas watched as she tilted her head, and how her hair cascaded gracefully over her shoulder as she contemplated her next few words - clearly she understood that certain words and topics triggered him. “Diviners, yes” He nodded. “Valeria told me stories” He chuckled somewhat, he was like a child in a new world, although the history of witches went as far back as he could remember, and he recalled one of his Father’s best men happened to be a witch, but they were not called Diviners then. He quirked a brow as she reached out to his wounded hand, and his gaze remained at their brief yet delicate touch for a small moment before he dragged his gaze back towards her. The words which drifted from her lips, were some that he could not easily understand, but from the tone of her voice and the simple act of taking his hand within her own, he understood that her intentions were pure and it created a warm and very forgotten feeling to return to him; it was unusual for someone other than Valeria to want to help him. “You help?” He quizzed, almost in disbelief - he never thought, for one moment that she would want to help him; in fact, he was sure she would hate him, see him as a threat to her Ambassador title as he too, was a leader of people.

Ilyas lifted his free hand to slowly touch the snowflake which appeared above their hands as he contemplated his response to her offer. “Anlaştık mı” He agreed to the terms of their alliance; and perhaps spending more time with her wouldn’t necessarily be the worst thing for him. “Even if they phoenix?” That was the first question he could think of, although he had a feeling they would need to rebirth to be welcomed to the city and that concerned him as he eyes finally met hers.

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